What is Famous About France: 5 Things To Know

What is famous about France?
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Bonjour! Haven’t we all at some point in our lives longed for a romantic getaway, filled with magic and adventure? Well, we have got just the place for you. The place I’m talking about is none other than France. But what is famous about France?

It’s known for its amazing architecture, delish cuisines, and long and storied cultural history.

1. 2 Famous Historical Events in France

1.1 French Revolution

France has always played an essential role in creating the history of the world. Who doesn’t know about the important French Revolution, which transformed the entire lives of not only the French but people of the entire world?

The revolution brought not only social, and economic change but also political change globally. If it weren’t for the French Revolution, we would still be living in a world where France was ruled by monarchs.

1.2 Treaty of Versailles

The French Revolution is not the only historical event that had a life-changing effect on the world.

The Treaty of Versailles is another episode in the history of France, which marked the end of world war I. Moreover, It is also considered responsible for the rise of Adolf Hitler and the outbreak of world war II.

This shows that France has indeed played a pivotal role in shaping the history of the world.

2. 3 Famous Art Pieces of France

2.1 The Renaissance Masterpiece

Renaissance paintings
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France has a long and illustrious tradition of art and culture. Its cultural heritage is awe-inspiring and renowned all around the world.

I’m pretty sure we all are familiar with the famous Mona Lisa painting, which is a cultural icon and symbol of French art. Painted by the famous Italian artist, Leonardo da Vinci, the painting is currently housed in the Louvre Museum in Paris.

Viewers have been charmed by the painting’s subject, woman with a mysterious smile, for decades.

Moreover, It has been the focus of a lot of disputes. While some think the picture is part of bigger, hidden art collection, others think it includes hidden meanings.

Furthermore, the painting has also been once, stolen by an Italian man. He kept the painting hidden in his apartment for almost 2 years. Doesn’t it fascinate you?

2.2 Vincent Van Gogh

The next artwork by yet another well-known artist is the starry night by Vincent Van Gogh. He created this painting while he was a patient at an asylum in France after cutting off his ear.

The painting depicts the view from his window and has even inspired  Don McLean’s classic song, Vincent. The painting is so good that it too has been the target of several hives.

Well, I guess we can’t entirely fault the thief, as the painting’s captivating beauty is so alluring that it becomes almost irresistible to those who behold it.

2.3 Pablo Picasso

Paying homage to the realm of great artworks, it would be remiss not to mention the legendary Pablo Picasso.

He has contributed immensely to the French art culture and his work has had a profound influence on the art world.

One of his many greatest paintings worth mentioning is the famous “Les Demoiselles d’ Avignon“. Originally titledthe brothel of Avignon“, the painting depicted five nude women in a brothel.

What’s more is that due to its unconventional presentation and subject matterit was even seen as scandalous when it was initially aired.

However, the painting was finally purchased by the Museum of Modern Art in New York, where it is still a well-liked attraction today.

3. 5 Must-Visit Places in France

3.1 Château de Versailles 

What is famous about France?
Screenshot captured from https://www.chateauversailles.fr/decouvrir/domaine/chateau

How often have we wished to visit a palace-like place, just for once, to get to feel what the royals used to feel?

Well, the Palace of Versailles offers its visitors a glimpse into the lavish lifestyle of French royalty. The beautiful palace beckons with its magical gardens, featuring mountains, and perfectly manicured lawns.

Furthermore, the palace’s several rooms are waiting to be explored by guests. Additionally, it contains a hall of mirrors where you may see your 357 mirror images.

The expertise and crafts of the best artisans of the time are evident in their exceptionally flawless and gorgeous designs.

3.3 The Magnificent Eiffel Tower

What is famous about France?
Screenshot from https://www.toureiffel.paris/fr

Oh! And haven’t we all seen the magic of the breathtaking Eiffel Tower, a true masterpiece of architectural beauty?

Its detailed latticework and soaring height mesmerize all who gaze upon it, like innocent kids delighted by the sight of something unbelievably amazing.

Therefore, if you’re planning on visiting France, do not forget to check out this piece de resistance.

Particularly at night, when the tower is gorgeously lit up, it allows us to take in the brilliant light show that occurs every hour.

3.3 Paris Fashion Week

By John Cameron/ Unsplash

And how can we forget the city of fashion, Paris? France is known not only for its transformative history but also for its incredible fashion industry.

Its fashion world helps to beautify the world with its beautiful designs and trends. And if you’re a shopaholic like Rebecca Bloomwood in the movie Confessions of a Shopaholic, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

The allure of Dior dresses and Chanel bags is inescapable, their spellbinding beauty casts a powerful charm upon us.

And for a shopaholic like us, the Paris fashion week is a must. It’s Attended by buyers, designers, celebrities, as well as fashion editors.

People from all around the world come here to showcase their talents, giving us a glimpse of what to expect next in the fashion world.

3.4 The Enchanting Land of Magic

Remember when we were kids and our only dream was to escape into a world of magic, a world of princes and princesses?

A land where every turn would take us toward the unexpected. A world that could provide us with a chance of meeting our favourite Disney characters. Well, your childhood dream might finally come true.

Disneyland Paris in Marne la Valle offers an enchanting and unforgettable experience for visitors of all ages. With its vibrant shows and attractions, it certainly transfers its guests into a world of fantasy.

The park has different sections to provide visitors with a rich variety of experiences. Fantasyland is a place where visitors can lose themselves in the world of knights and fairies.

What we have next is a distinct area with a hint of adventure and thrill called Adventureland. It features attractions like Indiana Jones and Pirates of the Caribbean.

Furthermore, the Walt Disney Studios Park, which is close to Disneyland, allows us to see what happens when our favourite Disney characters aren’t on display.

3.5 Riviera of the Rising Sun

By Rhiannon Elliott/ Unsplash

If you’re someone who always chooses glistening waves over towering peaks, then Côte d’Azur is a must-visit for you.

It is a Mediterranean coastline in the south of France, also known as the French Riviera.

With its beautiful, stunning beaches and classy resorts, it offers its visitors a calm and serene experience.

The soothing sight of the pristine waters of the beach certainly fills our hearts with a sense of tranquillity.

Additionally, Cannes, one of the most famous cities on the Côte d’Azur, is also home to the worldwide famous Cannes Film Festival.

For all those who love getting sun-kissed,  côte d’Azur is just the perfect place for them. With more than 300 days of sunshine each year, it is a well-liked vacation spot for sun worshippers

Its never-ending sunrays undeniably provide its visitors with a delightful, true joie de vivre experience.

4. Cuisines à la France

And how can we forget the delicious  French cuisine? From simple french fries to croissants, the food industry of France has expanded its branches in the entire world.

Oh, and the French cheese! From soft and creamy to hard and nutty, the French folks have got it all.

Think about the miserable, depressing lives we would have been leading, if it weren’t for the savoury fries and the heavenly cheese.

French cuisine is not just limited to fries and cheese, the fine wine that the French have managed to produce is truly commendable.

With famous regions, such as burgundy and rhōne, French wine is known all around the world for its complexity and elegance.

It is exceptional because of its capacity to capture the distinctive qualities of the area in which it is made.

5. 3 Iconic French Novelists 

5.1 Victor Hugo

By action valet/Unsplashnsplash

For all the bookworms out there, who cherish the scent of a new book and yearn to lose themselves in the captivating realm of literature, France has got many esteemed literary figures, known for their laudable works.

Anyone who has watched the Disney animated movie, the hunchback of notre dame is very well familiar with the admirable work of Victor Hugo.

He was a famous French poet and novelist, known for his contributions to the Romantic literary movement.

Furthermore, His play, Les Miserables, was an instant hit and ran continuously for 87 years in the same theatre, making it the longest-running play in history.

5.2 Gustave Flaubert

The next remarkable novel worth mentioning is Madame Bovary, written by Gustave Flaubert.

The novel was initially condemned for obscenity and Flaubert was even put on trial for offending public morality.

Similarly, Simone De Beauvoir’s praise-worthy feminist work, the second sex, was initially banned for its provocative content. Doesn’t this add to the allure of the novel, making it even more fascinating, like a forbidden fruit?

5.3 Alexandre Dumas

Undoubtedly, most of us are familiar with the timeless tale of the three musketeers. The famous tale was written by yet another gifted French novelist, Alexandre Dumas.

He is known for his notable works in the literature world. For those who love the thrill of movies with characters seeking revenge, The Count of Monte Cristo is a must-read for you.

The novel depicts a true story of a shoemaker, who was betrayed by his friends. After being imprisoned for about seven years, he decides to seek revenge.

The novel has gained immense recognition, so much so that its story was brought to life on the big screen and shared with audiences worldwide.

6. 3 Famous Traditions of France

6.1 Mardi Gras

By Cayetano Gil /unsplash

France presents an exquisite experience to anyone who is a culture enthusiast and a heritage explorer.

Its famous traditions, which are celebrated across the country enhance the overall experience.

One of the many fun celebrations is the Mardi Gras, also known as Fat Tuesday. And no! it’s not a celebration of fat people.

The first day of Lent in the Christian calendar is the day before Ash Wednesday. Fat Tuesday was the day of feasting to get ready for the nearing period of abstinence during Lent, which was a time of fasting and giving up all luxuries.

Parades are held to mark the occasion. Moreover, People riding parade floats throw strings of vibrant plastic bead strings to the street crowds.

The festival-specific cake known as “King Cake” is now popular throughout the world.

6.2 Tour De France

By Howard Bouchevereau/Unsplash

The highly regarded Tour de France is yet another notable French heritage. With a distance of 3500 km over 21 days, it is a yearly bicycle race.

It’s regarded as one of the most famous and challenging bicycle races in the world. The individual who finishes the race in the fewest amount of time is the overall winner.

He also receives the recognizable yellow jersey. There are an estimated 1.3 billion people who watch the race, which is broadcast to more than 190 nations.

So if you’re a couch potato like me and hardly engage in any physical activity, you don’t have to worry about taking part in the race.

Just turn on that TV and watch other fit, active people running. Maybe watching them will eventually inspire us to leave our sweet and cozy couch and be a little more active.

6.3 Epiphany

Attention dessert lovers! It seems that France has gone above and beyond to cater to your sweet cravings.

One of the many beautiful traditions of France is the festival of Epiphany.

This festival involves eating a special cake called “galette des rois” that contains a hidden trinket. Whoever finds the trinket gets to become the kind or queen for the whole day.

So not only do you get to eat a tasty cake, but you also get to become the king! Sounds like an offer we can’t refuse.


So what is famous about France?

So to conclude, All the fascinating, spanning art with its abundant cultural wealth makes France a famous place worth visiting. Its magical places like Disneyland, and Versailles, and its delicious cuisines cast a spell on its visitors.

It would be a visit filled with romance, elegance, delicacy, and amazement and I don’t think anyone would want to miss out on that! Vive a la France!

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