What Is a Bohemian Style? 7 Crucial Things to Know About It

bohemian style
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Bohemian Style or the Boho-Chic style, has been around for a while. You can find people incorporating this style in their fashion, and decor into their lifestyle. Derived from the culture in the ’60s and ’70s, again, it’s making a comeback this year. It is never just a fashion trend. If you want to learn “What is a bohemian style,” go through the whole article.

We are covering, everything about the Bohemian Style – from its origin to its impact on modern fashion and how you can incorporate the style into your lifestyle.

While the Bohemian style is embraced in fashion, decor, and even writing, we’ll mainly cover Bohemian fashion.

1. What Is a Bohemian Style?

The Bohemian Style is a mode of aesthetics and way of life. Bohemian is derived from the French word “Bohemian”. However, the word refers to the Romani people who are believed to have immigrated from the Czech region of Bohemia.

This free-spirited, creative, and exotic style breathes uncommon colours and patterns and can bring good vibes to anything.

The Bohemian style is also carefree and eclectic. It is for those who appreciate patterns, textures, colours and motifs derived from nature.

Those who have adopted the Bohemian Lifestyle often live unconventionally, away from the established society, like the nomadic community. In the 21st century, Boho fashion is also popular.

Some of the leading features of this fashion style include flowy fabric, vibrant colours, and natural woven and crocheted materials.

Elements of this style also include patterns, embroidery, denim, circle skirts, vintage and peasant-style clothing and more.

2. History and Origin of Bohemian Style

The origin of the Bohemian Style is very difficult to trace but is inspired by the lifestyle and culture of Nomadic and Romani people in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. You must be shocked to know that it’s been around for more than 200 years.

2.1. 18th Century France

After the French Revolution, a group of travellers immigrated from the western region of the Czech Republic. Furthermore, this community started to be known as Bohemian and considered wanderers or vagabonds.

During this time, French artists such as painters, writers, musicians and others were plunged into a perpetual state of poverty as they were deprived of the royal patronage of French royalty and aristocrats.

Moreover, the economic conditions forced them to adopt a simple and minimalist life. This is when the Boho Fashion movement began in the streets of Paris by these artistic people.

They started to dress peculiarly and were often compared to the Bohemian nomads. In the 18th century, the term Bohemian was used in a degrading manner.

However, over the years, the term became synonymous with counter-culture, free-spirited expression and an unconventional style, that can disregard the mainstream social restraints.

Boho Girl
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2.2. Early 19th Century and the Romantics

Moreover, by the mid-19th century, the bohemian style met the Romantics, those who stressed the significance of aesthetics and emotions in art.

This resulted in the merging of their signature elements, which was completely different from the mainstream fashion of the time.

By the end of the year, the Aesthetic Movement brought emphasis upon free expression against social norms and materialism.

The Bohemians also participated in this movement and raised their voices against corsets and crinolines in favour of flowy dresses, original patterns, hand embroideries, and many more.

2.3. Hippie Culture of Post-1960s and Bohemian Style

The 1960s brought the Bohemian Movement or Hippie Movement, which came with a new perspective of fashion altogether. The Hippie Culture rejected the conventional and mainstream lifestyle and social norms.

Instead, they embraced the free-spirited Bohemian Style and began exploring their individuality. This led to the birth of Boho Fashion, which is still in fashion today.

3. Key Elements of the Bohemian Style

3.1. Color Palette

The Boho colour colour palette includes earthy and rich colours. These also include maroons, yellows, olive greens and neutral shades such as beige, white, brown or Pastels. Furthermore, colours that you should avoid are fluorescent and neon.

Moreover, using sister and cousin shades, in a Boho look is the key. Incorporating various shades of a particular colour can also help you create outfits, that look harmonious and matched.

For example, three shades of blue, like Turquoise, Steel, Sky blue and navy or three shades of brown, such as maroon, caramel and terracotta.

But at the same time, mixing and matching different colours according to your preference can also help you bring a personal touch to the Boho chic style.

Some favourite bohemian colour combinations are Terracotta and Green, Blue and Ivory, Mint Green and Black, Blue and Gold, etc.

3.2. Silhouette

Furthermore, Boho chic is all about going against societal norms and embracing your style, while feeling comfortable. The Boho includes loose, flared and free-flowing silhouettes.

Boho Chic
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Some key pieces of the Boho look can include maxi dresses, flare pants, skirts, and many more.

As mentioned before, the Boho style is also all about comfort. Hence, the garments are also usually made of soft and natural fabrics like Chiffon and Cotton.

Other popular fabric materials that also add some variation are Lace, Crochet, Leather, Denim, Suede, and so on. Materials like Wood, Turquoise, and Rattan are popular for accessories.

3.3. Patterns

Boho style mostly includes attractive and bold patterns. Some of the most important styles in the Boho style are Trellis, Ikat, Floral, Tribal, Kilim, Paisley, Lattice, and many more.

Macrame, Tie-Dye, Distressed, Patchwork, and more are other popular elements of the Bohemian Look.

4. Boho-Chic Fashion

Time and again, Boho has proved that it will never be out of style. However, Boho has never gone out of fashion because it doesn’t have a fixed style and elements.

This is why it is called free-spirited. But here is everything you need to know to get started with the Boho look.

4.1. Clothes and Silhouettes Inspired by Bohemian Style

In upperwear and tops, you should look for loose and relaxed fits. Bell sleeves, half-length and three-quarter-length sleeves, v-necks, off-shoulders, mixed prints, embroideries, etc. are other elements to look for.

For bottoms, flared, flowy and flouncy silhouettes are mostly opted. Furthermore, you should look for flared jeans, skirts, distressed denim shorts, and harem pants to embrace the classic boho look.

Dresses with bell, trumpet and bishop-style sleeves with loose relaxed fits are ideal. You can also opt for a-line cuts, off-shoulders, eyelet dresses, embroideries etc.

Outerwear is also a key to putting together a boho outfit. Denim jackets, kimono, and coats are some pieces you should opt for.

Other elements you should look for are distressed, oversized, cozy garments, decorative fringes, and trims.

For footwear, go for something comfortable and easy, like Gladiators, Clogs, Ankle Boots, Cowboy boots, Platform Heels, etc. Natural and warm colours like brown, beige and greys go with everything.

Other required elements are also wood accents, embroideries, and more. Accessories are the final and most important touch to Boho fashion.

Easy pieces like sunglasses or a statement necklace can immediately elevate your outfit.

A printed scarf, fringe earrings, belt, bag, large hoops and more are other options to add a pop of colour to your look.

Other elements in accessories to look out for are fringe, tassels, print designs, bucket style, antique pieces, perforated and braid details, rattan bags and belts, fedora hats, leather belts, sling bags, etc.

4.2. Bohemian Style Hair and Makeup

Achieving that natural and effortlessly bohemian look means going for flowy and natural hair as well as glowing make-up. For hair, beach waves, braids, and messy updos are popular choices.

Low-maintenance and easy styles mixed with your personal touch are the keys to achieving that laid-back boho hair look.

Moreover, accessories like floral and pearl hairpins, headbands, floral crowns, bandanas, hair wraps etc. are always welcome.

In addition, things you should avoid are tight, rigid, and structured hairdos. Bohemian hair has more movement and flow in contrast to high-maintenance, polished, and conservative hairstyles.

Emphasizing your natural skin is also key to the Boho style. Hydrated, naturally glowing, and hydrated skin, which is not necessarily flawless is what you need for a relevant boho makeup look.

Instead of a full-coverage foundation, consider something light which lets your skin breathe. Bronzer is essential for having that sun-kissed look.

Furthermore, highlighters and soft rosy and beach-hued blush are key to achieving that gorgeous and dewy finish.

Moreover, when you want to go a little crazy, opt for gemstones, glitter, temporary tattoos, etc. and let your creativity shine.

5. Bohemian Style Capsule Wardrobe Essentials

If you want to get started with the Bohemian style, we have listed essential pieces. Even, if you’re a minimalist looking to build a Bohemian capsule wardrobe, this section is added for you.

5.1. Flowy Dress

Every Bohemian closet should have at least one flowy maxi dress. You can choose one dress that suits your body type, and you’ll find numerous ways to style it.

Don’t hesitate to explore bohemian-themed colours and styles. Moreover, you can also go for floral patterned ones.

what is a bohemian style
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5.2. Maxi Skirts

Flowy, floral patterned, ankle-length maxi skirts with an earthy vibe can go with almost anything. It is an essential for a boho capsule wardrobe.

5.3. Tops

A crop top with exciting cuts, loose fit, a variety of styles and motifs, etc., might be the basic piece of clothing in a boho capsule wardrobe.

Blouses and shirts are also an option for getting a feminine flair to your style. Light-coloured loose blouse or shirt can be worn in many ways.

 5.4. Outerwear

Kimono, oversized jackets, and outerwear are great choices for adding variety to your outfits. Just throwing one on can also change your look. One of these neutral-coloured, flowy kimono or jackets is a must-have in your bohemian wardrobe.

Furthermore, Cardigans might just be the best way to elevate your outfit and stay warm in winter. You should look for an earthy-toned colour with a flowy pattern and a soft texture.

5.5. Pants

A pair of jeans is an obvious piece of clothing, in any wardrobe, and you’ll be glad to know that it is also essential for a bohemian wardrobe. Any kind would work if you feel comfortable with it.

A distressed pair of shorts is also a great addition to a bohemian wardrobe, and you can wear it with many pieces of clothing.

5.6. Shoes

A pair of flats is another essential for your bohemian-inspired wardrobe. Along with being very comfortable, these can also go with any bohemian outfit.

A pair of cowboy boots is also something, you’ll like to add to your wardrobe and can add some wildness to your outfits.

5.7. Accessories

Hats are great for accessorizing Bohemian outfits, and at the same time, they can protect your skin from the sun as well.

A scarf or bandana can add a pop of colour to your outfits, and you can style it in so many different ways.

From headbands to hair accessories or just throwing it around your neck is a very underrated clothing piece.

Clothes aren’t the only way to get that bohemian look. Collect distinct necklaces, bracelets, feather earrings or other jewellery, and have fun accessorizing.

6. Tips and Tricks to Rock the Bohemian-Chic Style

Bohemian Style
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6.1. Create Your Personalized Color Palette

Colours and patterns play an important role in bohemian styling. A tip is to create a personalized colour palette according to your taste. This way, you can easily put together outfits in no time.

6.2. Avoid Looking Neat

The bohemian style means going against the conservative clothing style and societal norms.

Clean-cut silhouettes don’t fit the bohemian aesthetic. Opt for free, flowy and comfortable pieces of clothing and choose comfort over structure.

6.3. Add Layers

Layers are a thing in boho that makes it look more attractive. Go overboard, with layering, and it doesn’t have to make any sense.

6.4. Get Creative with Bohemian Style

The basis of the boho style is that it allows the person to freely express themselves. You don’t have to follow others, but instead, get creative and create outfits that make you feel confident and comfortable.

7. Influencers and Icons of the Bohemian Style

While adding your personal touch is everything, here we have provided names of influencers and icons who have rocked the boho fashion, so that you can find ideas and inspirations.

French actress and singer Juliette Greco was the icon of Bohemian fashion in the 1950s when the hippie culture first began to rise. Her quirky dressing sense made her a huge boho influence worldwide.

The 60s Hollywood actress and socialite Talitha Getty was an icon of the boho style. She personified the artistic Boho hippie aesthetics with her iconic dresses, vibrant hats, colourful kaftans, knee-length boots and more.

This American singer and songwriter in the 70s was another huge inspiration for boho-chic style and popularized long-beaded necklaces, bracelets, headwear, sunglasses and more.

Among the modern celebrities, you should check out Kate Moss, Sienna Miller, Rachel Zoe, Nicole Ritchie, Vanessa Hudgens, Zoe Kravitz, etc.

Other than this, you can check out anyone who has ever attended Coachella. You can head out to find inspiration from these celebrities to easily elevate your bohemian style.

The event has also become famous worldwide for its representation of today’s boho-chic style. From Victoria’s Secret models to social media influencers to even music lovers, Coachella has become a unique culture and lifestyle.

8. FAQs

8.1. Is Boho Distinct than Bohemian?

Yes, Boho is the modern short form of Bohemian, and both mean the same. The term referred to a community of people who moved to France from the Czech region of Bohemia.

8.2. When Did the Bohemian Style Originate?

Bohemian culture took birth in 18th century France, which developed into the Bohemian fashion or style we know today. Economic conditions of that time inspired people to go against societal norms and express themselves freely.

In addition, the technique was later popularized in mainstream society in the 1960s with the rise of hippie culture.

8.3. What Is Boho-Style Furniture?

The Bohemian style is also a popular style of home decor. The standard and popular elements of these types of furniture are eclectic, vintage, and made from materials that are rich but comfortable at the same time.

These include butterfly chairs, lounges, hanging chairs, daybeds, etc. The colours mainly include earthy, neutral and warm tones.

8.4. What Are the Critical Features of the Bohemian Style?

The critical elements of the boho style are flowy, comfortable silhouettes with earthy and neutral tones, eye-catching patterns and motifs, and natural and soft fabrics.


That was our take on the Bohemian style. While the style is incorporated in many things, including decor and writing, we have mainly focused on the fashion aspect.

Though the guide can provide you with information and inspiration. Therefore, don’t forget that the style mainly relies on our creativity.

Furthermore, don’t hesitate to try out new things in the boho style. Think out of the box to enjoy this style to the fullest. Mix and match, and play around with your clothes, and you’ll find your personalized bohemian style.

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