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University in Falmouth

The best university in Falmouth is the University of Falmouth. It is the largest public university in the town and offers several opportunities with its wide range of courses. 

Falmouth is a town on the south coast of Cornwall, England, United Kingdom. It is well known for its profound connection to the sea with modern innovation and its heritage to maritime.

Falmouth is a vibrant town with strong traditional and cultural values. This place has a beautiful history. It continues to be one of the most famous tourist destinations. It has a rich culture, stunning beaches, and delightful countryside.

And when it comes to higher education, Falmouth has a few universities that offer varied courses and programs for its students.

1. About Falmouth University

The University of Falmouth was established nearly 120 years ago with a vision to harness creative industries for the future. Starting as a School of Art in 1902 and eventually gaining University Status in 2013, it has come a long way.

The university college Falmouth has an incredible creative community and top-notch facilities. This university has made itself stand out from the rest with its expert professional lecturers and prominent location.

The university has made an impact with its industry connections. It has focused on an approach that is led by challenge and action. 

University in Falmouth

Falmouth is a center for artists, intellectuals, and creative individuals. To instill creativity and technology among its students, the university has empowered individuals from diverse backgrounds and places.

It has been able to provide something for everyone. One of its goals is to shape higher education in a way that will be effective in delivering research and knowledge exchange.

2. Ranked Among the Top 100 Universities (in the UK)

Falmouth University has been known for its innovative techniques of teaching and learning. It has been a guiding force for its students.

This university has a passion for bringing positive change and building smart and innovative individuals. It wishes to build individuals who are problem-solvers. It has provided its students with a sense of individuality and creativity.

According to the Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide 2023, Falmouth University is the number one Arts University in the UK. It also is one of the top five universities for graduate start-ups in the United Kingdom.

3. Student Life

The student life at Falmouth is exciting and lively. The university is located on the beautiful coast of Cornwall. It gives students opportunities to explore. At the same time, have fun.

Falmouth College has a good student population, impressive professional standard facilities, and a lively creative community.

It has sports facilities, an inclusive community, and an attractive interior design. Moreover, it has two libraries.

The students at Falmouth get a chance to meet people from all across the world. Falmouth has stood out as a school because of its diversity and acceptance of the community.

University in Falmouth
By Falmouth

3.1 University Campus

The University of Falmouth is known for offering multiple courses across different fields. For the same purposes, it has two incredible campuses spread across the two neighbouring towns.

These campuses are Falmouth and Penryn. Each campus has its uniqueness. Both Falmouth and Penryn are located in beautiful locations. They have splendid views along the coastline. 

Both campuses are furnished with extensive standard facilities and equipment. They have a faculty of expert professionals.

At the same time, you can connect and commute to both campuses easily. Due to this connectivity, students can get to various shops, restaurants, and cafes.

The program and course you select to study will decide which campus you spend most of your time at. 

University in Falmouth

3.2  Falmouth Campus

The Falmouth Campus is the center of activity for a diverse and vibrant community. It is located on the seafront and has some amazing views. Three departments are taught at this campus. 

  • Falmouth School of Art 
  • School of Communication 
  • School of Architecture, Design & Interiors

A range of liberal arts subjects are offered at this campus. The Falmouth campus stands out for its beautiful and innovatively made building.

Besides the department buildings, the campus has a well-prepared library full of resources and materials. This will help you build relevant skills for your career.

Moreover, the campus also has a cafe called the Fox Cafe. You can grab a snack and coffee on your way to the class full of fresh knowledge.

This cafe is one of the most attractive spaces on the campus with its bright, vibrant, and comfortable space. The peaceful and comforting subtropical garden holds a special place in the hearts of the students.

Its wide range of trees and plants makes it a relaxing spot for many. There is yet another spot called the Falmouth Campus Art Shop. It contains a different range of art materials and equipment. These include materials such as paint, brushes, notebooks, pens, and so much more!

University in Falmouth

3.3 Penryn Campus

Another campus of Falmouth University is the Penryn Campus. It is located in the neighbouring town of Penryn. It is known for its facilities and experienced staff. The following are the schools located on this campus. 

  • Academy of Music & Theatre Arts 
  • Cornwall Business School 
  • Fashion & Textiles Institute 
  • Games Academy 
  • Institute of Photography 
  • School of Film & Television


The campus provides a varied range of facilities. It has a Sports Campus with a well-prepared gym and many courts for sports. Sports like badminton, football, and tennis are played. The library is fully equipped with resources, both digital and manual.

The Games Academy has professional studios and room for showing craft. There are also the Media Equipment Facilities which have facilities that help in production and practicing film and animation.

One can also find facilities for artists with a talent for art, drama, and music!

The campus also has cafes such as Sustainability Cafe, which is proud of itself for using sustainable and ethical methods for making aware choices. The cafe is built using sustainable materials and runs completely on renewable sources of energy.

Another cafe is the Stannary Cafe, which is the go-to place for students. They even have options like vegan and gluten-free food.

The famous pizza cafe on this campus is Koofi. It is one of the famous points for students to eat on campus.

4. Programs Offered at Falmouth University

The University of Falmouth has a range of programs and courses that it offers to its students. It offers on-campus courses prepared with fully sourced resources and materials.

It also keeps in mind the add-on skills that an individual might need to flourish in their career.

Falmouth University offers a different range of online courses. These courses can be completed from any corner of the world or the comfort of your home.

Since the university has two campuses, namely Falmouth and Penryn, the different schools of programs are divided between them.

There is great scope with undergraduate and postgraduate degrees offered by the university.

A few of the courses offered are:

  • Firstly, you can find a Bachelor of Art in Acting, Animation, Architecture, and more, and a Bachelor of Science in Architectural Design and Technology.
  • Secondly, the courses also include Business and Digital Marketing and Business Management for students interested in business. 
  • Thirdly, the university also offers a Master’s or MA in Creative Advertising, Film and Television, Education, and many more courses!

To check the full list of courses for undergraduates, post-graduation, online and research offered, or further information, check out their Study section in the drop-down main menu!

5. Research at University College Falmouth

The Falmouth School has strongly focused on research. It offers various opportunities to students. Falmouth University believes that working toward a better future requires innovation, human-focused design, and technology.

At the same time, it also gives importance to the traditional ways and the local community.

6. Accommodation

Both university and private housing provide accommodation facilities. The university accommodation is owned and run completely by the university. The university takes total responsibility.

You can choose from different halls, rooms with locations, and prices. To apply for accommodation, you need to have an acceptance letter from the university. The process works based on a ballot.

All the accommodations and housing are also provided by private landlords. There are more details available on their Student Accommodation page.

University in Falmouth

7. Fee Structure

The fees fully depend upon the course that you wish to study. There are also differences in the fees for students from the UK and International students.

Go through the course you want to pursue for the correct fee structure. Check out the fee outline for the same on their website. 

8. Scholarships

Falmouth University continues to try to make dreams come true. It works for individuals who have the potential to achieve their dream professions. The university offers a number of scholarships, bursaries, and awards to students.

These are based on academic merit, financial requirements, and co-curricular activities. The university wishes to provide financial funding to students who are in need.

There are separate ways for local, UK students, and International students, which you can check on this page.

9. Why Should You Choose Falmouth University?

You should choose to study at the university college of Falmouth for various reasons. These are:

9.1 Incredible Professional Standard Facilities

The university offers very impressive and standard facilities. This place has a good infrastructure. It has studios, labs, and workshop areas for students. This is to make sure that they achieve better practical experiences.

It also provides its students with both university and private accommodation.

Falmouth University has sports facilities such as a gym and courts for other sports. It has useful libraries at both campuses.

9.2 Excellent and Experienced Faculty

The Falmouth university college has experts in their fields of study. These experienced staff help make students learn about the courses they teach. They also prove to have an impact on their lives.

The experience that the students receive from their professors helps them to achieve real-life lessons.

9.3 Resourceful and Packed Libraries

Both campuses of Falmouth University, Falmouth Campus and Penryn Campus, have a library that is very useful for the students. The libraries provide several resources, such as digital material, magazines, and journals.

The library at Penryn is a 24/7 open library. All the students can benefit and give their time to their studies.

9.4 Various Courses for Under-graduation and Post-graduation

The university offers a number of courses and programs. These include a bachelor’s in arts to a bachelor’s in science. There are also several master’s courses offered.

All courses offered are designed to give students a learning experience of one-of-a-kind.

Along with the aspect of learning, the courses also focus on providing practical experiences that enhance the students’ creativity.

9.5 An Excellent Space for Research and Knowledge

 The university provides outstanding results in research and knowledge. Falmouth has made important contributions to developing infrastructure for research.

One of the major focuses of the university has been research. It continues to try to provide better facilities for students to work toward their goals.

9.6 It Also Offers Courses to Study Online

The university offers many courses and programs that one can study online. These courses are beneficial for when students wish to learn from their homes.

9.7 Beautiful Locations

The College of Falmouth is located on the seafront and is one of the most attractive locations. It is one of the popular tourist destinations.

The town is surrounded by beautiful sceneries, including cliffs, beaches, and pleasing countryside.

9.8 A Room for Practical Learning

 A lot of attention is given to practical knowledge for students. Apart from following the regular teaching curriculum, the staff ensures the students gain hands-on experience to put the knowledge in real-life situations.

From all the courses of bachelor’s and master’s to conducting research, the university’s focus is to provide its students with the best possible ways of teaching.

9.9 A Great Place to Showcase One’s Creativity

The major focus of Falmouth has been its attention on creativity. The university encourages students to showcase their creativity and prepares them for future innovation.

Another focus is combining both traditional methods and staying connected to one’s roots. 

10. Conclusion

If you want to learn skills to develop your career in arts, design, or creative industries, Falmouth University is the right choice.

It has a strong reputation, outstanding staff and facilities, a stunning location, good industry connections, and an accepting and supportive community.

For the purpose of seeking admission, visit the website here.

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