Top 6 Best Waterparks in Barcelona To Visit

waterparks in barcelona
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In Barcelona, there are many water parks. Therefore, here in this article, we will tell you about the top 6 waterparks in Barcelona.

The cold water of the water parks gives you great relief from the hot temperature. During the time of summer, many locals and tourists come to visit the water parks.

You will also find amusement parks, picnic areas, and more in these parks in Barcelona amusement parks, picnic areas and more.

1. The Top 6 Water Parks in Barcelona

As there are many water parks in Barcelona, choosing the best one might be a little confusing. So, let’s talk about the best 6 water parks in Barcelona

1.1 Aqualeon

Whenever you go to Barcelona and ask someone to suggest the best water park in the city, surely they will tell you Aqualeno. This water park is situated in Tarragona.

The distance from Tarragona to Barcelona is, choosing the best one might be a little confusing 80 kilometres.

It is divided into two parts. One side of it is a water park, while the other side is a safari tour. You can also find some beautiful rides, games to play, etc.

In this water park, you can do water activities such as water roller coasters, free fall rides, water slides, beautiful swimming pools to swim and much more. When you are done with the water park activities, come to the safari tour.

 waterparks in barcelona
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The safari tour is also a very exciting place to visit. On the safari tour, you can see different animals like watch lions, bears, jaguars and other animals.

The Aqualeon water park is open from June to September of every year. So, go and enjoy the fun of this beautiful water park.

The address of Aqualeon water park is Finca les Basses, s/n, 43716, T, in Spain. You can also visit their official website for more information.

1.2 Portaventura Park

Another beautiful water park in Barcelona is Portaventura Park. This water park Barcelona in Spain, is situated at Salou, Tarragon, in the south of the city.

The park is also divided into two parts like Aqualeon. On one side of PortAventura Park you will see an amusement park and on the other is the water park.

The Portaventure Park is also known as Caribe Aquatic Park. This water park includes near about 20 attractions in it. It is a theme park in Barcelona.


 waterparks in barcelona
Screenshot from PortAventura World

The most attractive feature of the park is a 31-meter-long free-fall slide. This slide is also regarded as the biggest slide in Europe.

Other things you can do here are play water games, swimming pools that offer waves to surf, a beautiful beach to unroll, a great indoor water park for children, as well as a fake stream known as lethargically.

The location of the water park is Avinguda del Batlle, Pere Molas, km 2, 43840 Vila-Seca, Tarragona in Spain. Visit their official website for more details.

1.3 Illa Fantasia

Illa Fantasia is also a beautiful water park in Barcelona. The water park is situated at Finca Mas Brassó. This water park is also the closest and offers 18 types of rides.

Here you can also find 7 swimming pools. This place is situated just 30 kilometres away from Barcelona. 

This big wave pool is one of the best attractive things in Illa Fantasia. Besides this wave, you can also do things such as two water slides Espirotub and Espiral, the Megatous, the Torpedo, the Zigzag, and much more.

 waterparks in barcelona
Screenshot from Illa Fantasia

In Illa Fantasia, you see some great picnic areas, and many shops and restaurants also. Every year the park opens on the 1st of June and closes on September.

The address of Illa Fantasia is Finca Mas Brassó, s/n, 08339 V class de Dalt, Barcelona, Spain. For more details, you can visit their official website

1.4 Portaventura Costa Caribe Aquatic Park

Another water park that belongs under Port Aventura is PortAventura Caribe, Aquatic Park. This park also offers great fun like Port Aventura.

Due to the many attractive things of PortAventura Costa Caribe Aquatic Park, it is one of the most famous water parks in Barcelona.

This popular water park gifts a great fun day with your loved ones. You can lie down in the huge swimming pool or you can sunbathe in the shade of palm trees.

 waterparks in barcelona
Screenshot from PortAventura World

This beautiful place provides a rock and roll feel. These things attract visitors to visit the PortAventura Costa Caribe Aquatic Park.

The location of PortAventura Costa Caribe Aquatic Park is Avingud de I’Alcade, Avingud a del Batlle Pere Molas, km 2, 43480 Vila-Seca, T, in Spain. The official website of caribe aquatic park is

1.5 Aquopolis

The Aquopolis water park is situated in Costa Dora da. The water park is 100 kilometres away from the south of Barcelona.

This park is divided into two parts. One part of the park consists of the water park, while another part consists of Dolphinarium.

Aquopolis is one of the famous parks in Barcelona. The water park offers surfing along with froth or fibreboard, colossal water slides in obscurity, vertical drops with gathering or alone, and much more.

 waterparks in barcelona
Screenshot from Aquopolis

The water park provides small rides, water games, and more for children. In the Dolphinarium you can watch dolphins and seals.

You along with your friends or family can play with dolphins under the guidance of a mentor.

Aquopolis Water is situated at Passeig de Pau Casals, 65, 434 80 Platja de la Pineda, Tarragona in Spain. For any kind of information visit the

1.6 Water World

A very popular water park in Barcelona is Water World. Water World is situated at Lloret del Mar. Costa Brava contains the largest water coaster in Barcelona.

This water coaster is known as water mountain. It is situated at a distance of 80 kilometres from Barcelona.

Here, you will find a 250-meter ride into the dark. In the recreation centre, you will find more rides such as the fastest Kamicaces slide that runs at a speed of 60 kilometres per hour.

 waterparks in barcelona
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Except for this slide, if you are looking for an individual thing to loosen up yourself then can go to different pools, counterfeit lakes, a tidal pond even a jacuzzi and much more.

The location of this water park is Ctra.Vidreres, km. 1, 2, 17310 Llor et de Mar, at Girona in Barcelona. The official website to visit is

2. Other Best Water Parks in Barcelona

Besides these 6 best water parks, Barcelona also has some other great water parks. Some of them are listed below

2.1 Tibidabo Park

The Tobidabo Park is situated on Tibidabo Hill. This water park is a 100-year-old park in Barcelona. Here in the park, you will see 25 varieties of exciting rides.

However, this park is mainly popular with children, despite that young people can also have fun at this park.

Young people can hang through the park and spend time with their loved ones. The basic interesting thing is Cami Del Ciel or the Sky Walk.

 waterparks in barcelona
Screenshot from Tibidabo. cat

From the Cami Del Ciel, you can get a thrilling view of the entire Barcelona city. At the recreation centre, you may discover beautiful cafes, regions for cookouts and exhibition halls.

At Tibidao Park the atmosphere is warm and pleasant. The location of Tibidao Park is Parc d’Atraccions, Tibidabo in Spain. Their official website help you to get more details.

2.2 Marineland

A beautiful water park situated close to Barcelona. Marineland water park is situated at a distance of 70 kilometres from Barcelona. The park is popular for the appearance of dolphins and the marine zoo.

In the marine zoo, you will see sea lions, penguins and other sea animals. In the water park, you will enjoy some rides such as Boomerang. This ride is a 15-meter Halfpipe ride, the Hydrotube a 60-meter tube, that wind up into a broad bowl.

 waterparks in barcelona
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You can also enjoy a 12-meter vertical dim slide known as a Black Hole and also pools for young persons and children. While the recreation centre of the park is open twice a year from May to September and July to August.

The address of Marineland water park is Ctra. Malgrat, 08389 Palafolls Barcelona, in Spain. By visiting the official website you can get more details.


Barcelona is home to some of the most beautiful water parks in the country. 

In these water parks, you can see marine animals, and some water parks also offer pools for your kids.

These water parks are great places to cool and refresh yourself during the hot summer. They are also a very nice place to spend a good time with your family or friends.

From the official websites, you can get more information and also be able to book tickets from there.

For details click here.


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