Top 15 Beautiful Places To Visit In Derbyshire: Must Visit

places to visit in Derbyshire
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Derbyshire is almost a heaven for tourists. The landscapes here are mostly of green rolling valleys or bare hilltops. Most of the area falls in the Peak District National Park, which holds several national parks.

You will find a lot of places to visit in Derbyshire. You will be greatly intimated by the great outdoors of this East Midlands county.

Derbyshire countryside is not only proud of its natural beauty but also upholds other artificial beauty. Are you interested in the Industrial revolution? Then you should know that the world’s first factories were in Derwent River Valley during the late-1700s.

While you are in Derbyshire, England, you can walk the moors and tors of the District and try the delicious tart and mineral water. Also, it has many historic villages, with some fine state homes, quaint teahouses, and some unique traditional pubs. Stopping to see the market towns Bakewell and Buxton are some of the great things you can do in Derbyshire.

Places To Visit In Derbyshire

Listed below are some of the amazing places to visit in Derbyshire, England. If you plan a trip to Derbyshire, keep all these places mentioned below on your list.

1. Derby

The Derby Museum and Derby Art Gallery are the first places you should visit. You can find amazing works by Joseph Wright of Derby in these places.

Derby is the right place for you if you are an ale fan. You will find more ales in Derbyshire’s pubs than anywhere else.

Get your friends along and make your Derbyshire days memorable.

2. Buxton

Buxton is one of the major tourist attractions of this town. The spa town of Buxton was founded by the Romans hundreds of years ago. But this place gained popularity in the 1780s after the glorious projects that the Fifth Duke made of Devonshire.

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Among the famous showpieces is the magnificent Cresent, which Georgian architect James Carr designed. The spring water that emerges from the grounds is one of the fascinating parts of this place. People from all over the world visit Buxton to participate in this amazing phenomenon.

You can also witness the unusual geology of Buxton at Poole’s Cavern.

3. Chesterfield

This town’s strange-looking spire makes it one of the unique attractions in Derbyshire. It is the largest market town in Derbyshire and has the largest twisted and slanting church.

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Apart from that, this place has other attractions like the Hardwick hall, which represents Elizabethan England, Queens Park, and Chesterfield Museum.

4. Peak District

Peak District national park is the most popular destination in Derbyshire. It has vast and varied landforms like the unpopulated sandstone moors in the north and the grassy limestone valleys south of Derbyshire.

Apart from that, you can also see some of the best natural sights like the mineral-rich caves and sheer cliffs with epic escarpments.

Many writers like Wordsworth, Jane Austen and Charlotte Bronte wrote amazing pieces by getting inspired by Peak District’s great natural splendours.

5. Bakewell

You will be able to find grand canyons and big stone buildings in the market town of Bakewell. The bridge over the Wye is one of the oldest monuments in town.

The Monsal trail is a favourite place for families. Here you can enjoy yourself with your entire family without having a second thought.

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In addition to the amazing things this place provides, there are two more places you cannot miss. First on the list is the Chatsworth house, and second is the Haddon Hall. These are the most popular stately homes in Britain.

6. Wirksworth

Wirksworth is a famous place in the Peak District as it is home to a lead-mining factory. To date, this place has thousands of mines.

The place has a lot of attractions like tea rooms, pubs, Georgian inns and galleries. All these places make it an ideal place to visit in Derbyshire.

You can choose to spend time either with your family or with your friends in this fantastic place.

7. Ashbourne

Ashbourne is considered one of the closest towns to the paradise of the Peak District. One of the eye-catching spots of Ashbourne is Dovedale. It is a steep wooded valley where you can have an amazing walk and provides a background for some speechless photos.

You cannot miss the iconic stepping stones right across the water at this place. People from everywhere visit this place to make their Derbyshire days memorable.

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Apart from that, Ashbourne is also home to some of the best pubs and inns. After spending some time admiring the beauty of this place, you can indulge in doing some fun things with your friends in the pubs at night.

8. Matlock

After you have visited the places mentioned above, you can visit this place in Derbyshire to add more experience to your life.

The awe-struck landscapes of this country town will leave you speechless. It also has a very famous Matlock Bath, which is one of the major attractions of this place.

You can also roam around the Heights of Abraham near the river gorge in a cable car.

9. Belper

In this place, you can see the first pieces of evidence of the Industrial Revolution to Belper. It originally belonged to the Derwent Valley Mills, a world heritage site.

Another fascinating fact about this place is that the first water power was built here by Jedediah Strutt, an industrialist and innovator. He used the water of river Derwent to build this water power plant in the 1770s.

The Strutt’s North Mill is another unique feature of this place. It was burnt down by the fire and was rebuilt in 1803. Since then, it has been known as the first building to have a fireproof iron frame.

10. Glossop

Located at the northern foothills of the Peak District, this cotton-mining town is one of the major tourist attractions. It has a layer of dark sandstone beneath the soil; therefore, this park is known as the Dark Peak.

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All the beautiful cottages of Glossop are built using this sandstone found beneath the soil. It is the perfect place for spending a vacation with your kids and creating a memory for life.

It is also the ideal place for experiencing the rural airs as people from all over Manchester have been seen inhabiting this place to enjoy a rural lifestyle.

11. Castleton

The outstanding village of Castleton is located between the Dark Peak and the White Peak.

The Treak Cliff and Blue John Cavern are one of the most visited spots in this village. It is a mine that has Blue John.

Blue John is a favourite processed to make bowls and various decorative items. It is also the only mine in the world that has the presence of this flourite. You can see some of the items made from Blue John in the visitor centre.

Some other tourist attractions of this place are Mam Tor and the Peveril Castle.

12. Swadlincote

During the 18th and 19th centuries, this place was known for its fantastic pottery industry. It had everything: bricks, toilets, buildings, and expensive ceramics made with clay and mud.

To learn more about this town’s history, you should visit the Sharpe’s Pottery Museum. You will get all the insights and history of this beautiful town there.

The authorities of this town have taken the initiative to turn the open lands into a National Forest. They have planted millions of trees like oak, pine, and ash. Now this place is modernized into a proper town.

13. Edale

If you love trekking, then this is the place for you. The very popular Pennine Way trek starts its journey from Edale.

If you have plans to stay in this place for the weekends, then make sure to visit the Moorland Centre. You can enjoy hiking and walking in this place. If you plan to take on The National Trail challenge, you must keep yourself free for at least 3 weeks. It is because the path of this trail is one of the most challenging in the world.

14. Hathersage

It is a very famous village in the Peak District as it is used as a base for entering the Hope Valley.

One of the distinct attractions of this place is the church of St Michael. It is said that the grave of Little John, Robin Hood’s Lieutenant is present in this church.

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Some of the famous places of this village, like North Lees Hall, have been depicted frictionally in the book. It is also home to the very famous writer Charlotte Bronte. She stayed in this village while she was writing Jane Eyre.

15. Bolsover

The town of Bolsover is located northeast of Derbyshire. It is a lovely town with much historical significance, like ancient buildings and sculptures.

One of the very popular places in Bolsover is the Bolsover Castle. Earlier it was a Norman fortress which is preserved today.

If you want to see the historical cave painting of this place, then head over to Cresswell Crags, located in the northmost of Europe and at a distance of 10 minutes from Bolsover.


Apart from these, there are other amazing places to visit in Derbyshire, but these are a must-visit. You will not regret any minute staying here. Derbyshire is full of life, light and colours.

Make sure to spend enough time with your family and loved ones in this amazing place.

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