Things to Do in Gozo, Malta: Top 18 Places You Must Visit

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Gozo Island has a population of around 31,232, and its inhabitants are Gozitans. This is more rural and underdeveloped than the island of Malta.

Gozo has been occupied since 5000 BC, once farmers from close to Sicily crossed the ocean to the island.

Gozo was a significant site for the growth of the culture. The Neolithic period saw the construction of the Gantija temples, among the world’s earliest free-standing and spiritual monuments.

Due to a narrative in Maltese and Gozitan folklore that giants created the temples, the temple name is Maltese for “Belonging to The Giants.”

If you plan a vacation to Gozo, you should know this tiny island has a lot of attractions

Here are some of the activities you can consider doing in Gozo, Malta

1. Top 18 Places to Visit in Gozo Malta

Some of the Best Places to Visit in Gozo Malta are mentioned in the article written here. 

1.1. Marsaxlokk Harbour

Visiting Marsaxlokk Harbour is one of the best things you can consider doing in this place.

It is situated in the south of Malta and is also a very quick gateway for visiting a charming fishing community. 

It’s a great area to visit in the late morning or early evening when most harbour veils sell their catches of the day for a spot of fare.

Later, stroll along the harborfront before stopping for a quick dive in St. Peter’s Pool, a 10-minute drive away.

1.2. Blue Grotto

Straddled on the southeast shore of Malta, Blue Grotto is a unique combination of marine caverns frequently built in this region of Malta.

On your drive to Ta Sciota Tower, there’s a truly great view of the Blue Grotto cave scheme.

Before leaving the main road, there is a little closure point that is impossible to miss. On the right, as you descend to the boats, which will transport you to the caves.

If you wish to discover the natural landmarks of this place, then visiting Blue Grotto is one of the best things you can consider doing. In some cases, it has similarities with Gozo’s Azure Window. 

It will take around 25 minutes to get there by vehicle, approximately 15 minutes from the airport and Valetta, but it will be well worth the quick trip.

1.3. Ta Pinu Basilica

Ta’ Pinu is a great basilica and shrine that is rather close to the town of Garb. It is one of the most well-known in Gozo, and unquestionably one of the most pleasant things to do in Malta

Jump inside, and you will see everything from arm crews, pieces of clothes, and toys that all tell a tale from each soul.

Courtesy – Ta Pinu

There are numerous things that make Ta’ Pinu so outstanding; the fact that it’s rooted in the glorious countryside makes it so committing and completely eye-catching, but also the statements inside by tourists that have claimed to be cured by divine intervention.

Be sure to keep an eye out for the magnificent mosaics that also depict Jesus’ life.

1.4. A Hike in Gozo

Gozo is an enormous spot to hike. There are various paths along the beach, approximately all around the island. There are lovely easy hiking trails, totally reasonable for beginners.

Always be cautious since some areas, especially those along the cliffs, might be a little dangerous.

Remember to wear appropriate hiking shoes for walking, as you may encounter rocky terrain.

From fall to spring, if the cliffs are lush and the flowers are in bloom, is the finest time to go hiking. 

1.5. Ggantija Temple

Ggantija Temple
by packshot/DepositPhotos

East of Victoria, near Xaghra, is the location of the Ggantija Megalithic Temple Complex.

Older than Stonehenge and the Egyptian Pyramids is this Unesco World Heritage Site.

In Maltese, the word “ggantija” means “giant”. Gozitan civilization was convinced that such massive boulders could only have been supported and assembled by giants. 

Even today, no one comprehends how the boulders got there, so I’m willing to believe the giant’s theory; it’s the best!

On the site, the South and North temples were built. Both form a massive 40 meters long, and 6 meters elevated complex.

It’s the largest megalithic complex you will find in Malta.

Additional details regarding the location and the objects discovered there are also provided in a short gallery.

1.6. Rotunda of Xewkija

Huddled on the island of Gozo, another large and impressive church in the town of Xewkija is the Rotunda.

Situated in the town of Gozo, this place is the third largest dome present in the world which also competes with the Mosta Dome, Malta. 

While you’re here, explore the church and look from the dome’s top.

1.7. Comino

From Gozo Ferry, you should also move to Comino, Malta’s tiniest populated island, with only four all-year-long citizens.

The Blue Lagoon is Comino’s primary source of temptation. This gorgeous turquoise water lagoon is an excellent place to swim.

Nonetheless, it’s bunched during summertime.

Santa Maria bay, a more tranquil stretch of sand beachfront, is a little farther away from the Blue Lagoon. You can find a rare food truck for your lunch, municipal bathrooms, and one lodging there.

Everything on the island is accessible on foot due to its tiny size. For instance, you can visit Saint Mary’s building and admire the view.

1.8. Blue Hole

If you want a good swim or dip, Blue Hole is the nicest and most enjoyable thing to do in Malta and Gozo.

Straddled on the beaches of Gozo, the Azure Window diminished in the Blue Hole after a severe storm, but don’t let it stop you from going there.

Photo by Ray Ziak on Unsplash

Once here, walk over to the Blue Hole and dive into this different spot.

The car parking here is free.

9. Victoria and the Citadella

The Citadella is certainly the main interest in Victoria. This fortified town was recently completely refurbished and offered a great 360° view over the encompassing you, villages, the sea, and Malta.

Without a doubt, the ramparts’ vantage point is worthwhile.

You can freely wander the streets of Citadella without paying admission fees. 

The Citadella is home to several museums, including:

  • A fine display of religious objects used by the church, such as crucifixes and chalices, is on display at the Cathedral Museum.

  • You may get to travel back in time when at the Museum of Archeology. You’ll get to experience the historical civilizations that inhabited Gozo up until the time of the Order of Malta.

  • The Folklore Museum, to understand more about the regional lifestyle and beliefs.

  • The Nature Museum features local wildlife and nature.

  • Visit the Old Prison to see the former prison cells.

After touring the Citadella, stop by Independence Square to walk through the stock market and take off to St. George’s Basilica.

It’s also worth looking inside, with some incredible portraits on the ceiling. As the exterior is completely wrapped in marble, The Marble Basilica was the name given to it.

Formerly you are done, take a step into the city centre’s narrow parkways. You will find many gift stores, coffee shops, and diners.

If you are glimpsing for additional shopping alternatives, go the Republic Street, the city’s major street. There you can discover the two shopping malls on the island!

You will possibly need a pause after all this shopping. The best spot for this is the Villa Rundle public Park.

Enjoy one of the few shaded locations in Gozo by sitting down and unwinding.

10. Mosta Dome

One of the nicest things to do in Malta is to look at the Mosta Dome, which is dedicated to the Assumption of Mary and is the fourth-largest dome in the world.

Now, you will expect to pay an access fee. Therefore, be sure to bring some cash. They do not approve cards.

Once inside, you may explore the enormous dome, witness the WWII bomb hidden inside the cathedral but never detonated, and take in the incredible wall-to-wall artwork.

It is a glorious spot to watch.

11. Marsalforn Salt Pans

It is one of those areas that are great to stop by in the late morning or the early dusk when for a spot of edibles, with most harbour semblances selling their hitches of the day.

Some are available for purchase from vendors on the side at the season’s peak.

12. Diving in Gozo Ferry

Gozo Malta is a well-known island for scuba diving.

With many diving alternatives, Gozo is tremendous both for beginners and skilled divers.

Diving constraints are optimal all year, with a normally quiet sea and crystal clear and warm water.

The best diving locations in Gozo Island:

  • Wreck of The Mv Karwela: This ferry terminal was plunged for diving purposes.

  • San Dimitri Point: Good opportunities for glimpsing huge shoals of fish there.

  • Inland Sea: A submerged underpass 80 metres long.

  • Double Arch Reef: A gravel cut into two arches, where you can catch a glimpse of cuttlefish, octopus, and sea urchins.

  • Crocodile Rock: Home to plenty of fish species such as barracudas, tuna, and groupers.

  • Fungus Rock: Not much ocean life there, but it is a stunning landscape with a den, gullys, and good fences. It is appropriate for all levels of diving.

  • Reqqa Point: The shelter of the reef is home to scorpion fish, groupers, and Shrimps Caveis. This too is convenient for all levels.

  • Blue Hole: Go in-depth underwater via a central vertical chimney and arrive at the sea by enacting under an arch. There is also an enormous cave. It is eligible for all levels.

  • Wied Il Gashri: The best spot to catch sight of seahorses.

  • Feed Rock: Ideal for deep-sea diving.

13. Mdina

The historic capital of Malta is Mdina, which has been inhabited for more than four thousand years and earned the moniker “noble city” throughout the Middle Ages.

Mdina resembles a fortified city and, in certain ways, supervises the northern portion of the western borders of Malta, offering good views of Mdina Proper. 

The city as a whole is so incredible and extraordinary.

Photo by Spruce on Unsplash

Ahead of time, pass via the Main Gateway of Mdina, and examine the aerial pictures of the Metropolitan Cathedral and the St. Paul’s Cathedral Museum.

Although Mdina might look moderately small, described to other cities, it’s a place you can easily whisk away a cloudless afternoon.

Go to the Bacchus Restaurant for a Maltese Platter loaded with everything from savoury bigilla aljoli dip, sun-dried tomatoes, and olives handmade bread kunserva if you’re looking for something a little more savoury.

If you want to stay in Mdina, check into the spectacular Xara Palace, which we are confident you will love.

14. Dwejra and the Azure Window

Dwejra, is situated on the northwestern part of Gozo Island.

Here is an index of other natural amazement to catch a glimpse of in the area:

The Blue Hole is a well-known diving location in Gozo. You plunge into the hole and then catch up with the sea through the 7 meters underwater.

The Fungus Rock is found at the Dwejra Bay Entrance. The mythology says Knights of the Hospitaller found a unique fungus on this gravel. Believed to have excellent medicinal properties, only patricians could profit from the fungus.

It was sounded off to heal diseases, dysentery, ulcers, and more. Access to the rock was restricted, and a guard was even present because such a priceless plant needed to be protected.

Later on, modern therapy demonstrated that the plant was not that incredible.

The Inland Seattle is a seawater lagoon connected to the sea and an 80 meters lengthy underpass going under elevated cliffs.

It’s the ideal spot to go swimming with youngsters, as the water is steady and warmer than in other locations.

15. Ramla Bay

Few people assume it is the best shore in Malta! No need to say it’s relatively packed during summer.

The seaside furthermore has different amenities: a diner, a coffee shop, ice cream sellers, and public restrooms. You can even let out sunbeds and umbrellas.

It is manageable. You may use the free parking along the beach to get there.

In addition, the water’s deepness is very incremental and protected, making it the ideal seaside if you have children.

Nevertheless, if you are looking for less touristy choices, here are three beaches in Gozo:

  • Dahlet Qorrot: Also close to Nadur, Dahlet Qorrot is on a gravel coast, famous among residents.
  • Hondoq Ir Rummien: A tiny shore in front of Comino. It is accessible from the settlement of Qala.

  • San Blas Bay: A tiny bay discovered near Nadur Village. It is a lovely place with ocher sand and big stones. The water is clean and shallow. It’s only accessible on foot. Please beware of the way around; it isn’t easy!

16. Ta’Cenc Cliffs

Ta’cenc Cliffs stand encountered South of Victoria, in Sannat. As it is not mightily manageable to get at, the ideal route to take is as follows:

  • First, drive to Sannat Square.

  • Then, go after the signs to Ta’Cenc Hotel.

  • To reach the Edge of Ta’cenc Cliffs from there, follow the path to the left of the doorway.

You will uncover on the right a pleasant walking path along with the cliffs, 130 meters above ocean level.

It is fairly outstanding! Certainly, one of the best locations to visit in Gozo during your vacations.

17. Valletta

by Annems/DepositPhotos

Valletta is Gozo’s capital as well as one of the capital cities in Europe. Forthrightly, it is one of the good things to do in Malta

Once in the capital, make sure to shell out a sunny afternoon roaming the cobbled streets and historical centres.

When you arrive, see the Grandmaster’s Palace, which is still utilized for state celebrations.

The Valletta Waterfront, Upper Barrakka Gardens, and St. John Co-Cathedral are incredible in the evening.

For some tasty treats and grub, head to Peppino’s, which maintains some of the most delicious lamb dishes in all of Malta.

Review the stylish Casa Ellul, located right in the city’s heart, if you want to stay a few nights.

18. Popeye Village

It is the leftover portion of Robin Williams’ Popeye Movie. It was filmed back in the 1980s.

Nowadays, it is a stunning little location to see on the beaches of northwest Malta.

Photo by Anastasiya Dalenka on Unsplash

You will now have to pay an entrance charge to enter the town movie set.

But if that is not what you like, drive up to the top of the gulf and take in Popeye Village’s amazing view for free.

2. Best Restaurants in Gozo

There is a ton of wonderful food to try out all around the island with free wifi.

Here is a separate index of suggestions to get the best food in Gozo for filing your appetite:

2.1. Casa Vostra:

It is a great small Italian restaurant in town that attends to natural food in a great environment.

Helpful staff guide the customers.

Head off to this restaurant after a long day tour.

2.2. Maxokk Bakery:

In Nadur, it is another must-go-to place.

Here you will taste a unique variety of pizza with the same dough used to make Maltese bread. Toppings are especially unique too.

The bakery does not have seats. You take your pizza and feast it in a quiet place.

2.3. Tmun:

It is an excellent option for fine dining, specializing in some of the reenergized fish available in Gozo

2.4. Cafe Jubilee:

Looking for a quick lunch or informal dinner alternative? Head over to Cafe Jubilee at the central courtyard in Victoria.

Please select a table across the road on the enclosure itself or take hold of a bite inside.

There is a mix of Mediterranean dishes and regional food in the proposal, and they are never unsatisfactory. 

2.5. Xlendi Bay:

If you love seafood, you must reimburse for a visit to Xlendi Bay.

Here you will find an assortment of restaurants overlooking the bay, all serving amazing food in an incredible setting, for example, at Ta’ Karolina Restaurant.

2.6. Ta’ Karolina:

On hot summer sunsets, it is great to dine outside and then go for a calm after-dinner walk along with the promenade.

2.7. One80:

It is a great place for fine dining near the beach at Mġarr Harbour. Their outdoor sundeck offers nice sceneries out of the peace and promenade.


The Island of Gozo is a wonderful place to visit.

Filled with surprises, like plenty of options for diving to choose from, lots of restaurants to dine with family and friends, a day trip, a boat trip in the Mediterranean sea, red sand, high cliffs, beautiful sea beaches, a large cave, and many more.

This is a perfect location for the holidays!

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