The Top 3 Famous National Parks in Wales

national parks in Wales
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We love to go on trips to mountains, valleys, cliffs, lakes, rivers, etc. although if you want all of the things together at a time, then you must visit national parks in Wales.

Wales is a nation that comes under the United Kingdom. The country is surrounded by England in the east, Ireland towards the north and west, the Celtic Sea towards the southwest, and in the south Bristol Channel.

The Top Three National Parks in Wales

You will find a lot of landscapes along the three most beautiful national parks in Wales. Securing stunning gardens, coastlines, rivers, and mountain ranges is the primary goal of these national parks in Wales.

Despite this, there are some notable heritage sites like small and beautiful villages, habitats, and much more. In fact, nearly 20% of the nation is covered by these big three.

Besides these national parks in Wales, there are some other great and lovely places that are also there in the country and are best for a day out with your family or friends.

1. Snowdonia National Park in Wales

The scenery and nature of these three parks are beautiful. Especially, Snowdonia National Park is popular for hiking and trekking. If you love to do hiking and tracking then, this is a big chance for you to enjoy.

The national park, today known as Eryri National Park, was founded in 1951. The park covers nearly an area of 2130 square kilometres.

national parks in Wales
Screenshot from Eryri National Park

Inside the national parks in Wales, you will see nine mountain ranges as well as 23 miles of coastline.

1.1. Things to do in Snowdonia National Park in Wales

You will find the historical Tryfan mountain which is situated extending far down into the heart of Ogwen Valley and you can enjoy and experience a great tacking here.

However, tracking on this mountain is not easy and not healthy for faint-hearted persons, as it includes high risk.

A very interesting fact about this mountain is that Edmund Hillary and company practised hiking on this mountain before climbing the world’s largest mountain Mount Everest.

If you are a daring person and love to experience risky things then there is a superb Cader Idris far away towards the south which is located around a glacial lake.

Another beautiful mountain is Mount Snowdon. The mountain is the highest peak in Wales, and climbing the mountain is one of the best things to experience if you miss the chance you will surely regret it later.

national parks in Wales
Screenshot from Eryri National Park

The mountain is famous because of the challenges provided by it. From the mountain, you can witness a great natural view and a pleasant atmosphere. You can also see the Isle of Man island if the weather is clear, and need to be lucky as well.

Snowdon Mountain Railway service is also there for those who don’t want to make the seven hours long hike. Although, by the Snowdon Mountain Railway you can experience the great views as well.

Every year almost 140,000 visitors travel by train. Some beautiful cafes are there too to enjoy food as well as the visitor centre Hafod Eryri.

Besides lakes and mountains, you will find some great castles of the world such as Conwy Caernarfon, Harlech as well as Beaumaris. All these castles are a comes under the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

A middle-aged castle named Conwy Castle is also there for visitors to visit. Here, also the views are too good. The castle was built in 1283 for King Edward.

1.2 How to Visit, Ticket Price, and Best Time to Visit the National Park in Wales

For just walking in the mountains of Snowdon you don’t need to buy a ticket, while for riding the train, visiting the castle or doing anything else you have to buy a ticket. The ticket prices vary according to age.

Therefore there are two ways to climb the mountain, you go either by climbing the mountain or by train from the railway stations.

The two railway stations are Bnagor and Betws Y-coed. June to August is the perfect time to witness the actual beauty of the national park and to feel the great atmosphere.

2. Pembrokeshire Coast National Park in Wales

The one and only coastal national park of England is a paradise for water lovers and is loaded with uncountable estuaries like lily ponds and beaches.

national parks in Wales
Screenshot from Pembrokeshire Coast National Park

One of the country’s first national parks, with a total area of 629 square kilometers and a founding year of 1952.

2.1 Things to do at Pembrokeshire Coast National Park in Wales

Pembrokeshire Coast National Park is a complex ribbon of beady rock pools, secret coves, shining sandy beaches, and weather-worn cliffs.

Therefore, the national park also comes into the list of top 10 beaches to visit in the globe.

However, the park is not only perfect for water or beach lovers, due to the great castles, cathedrals, as well as heritage locations it is also perfect for history buffs.

The two most notable historical places are Henllys Castell and ancient Pentre Ifan.

You can also visit the Strumble. It is a very beautiful place to go. The lighthouse is best for having a long walk with your partner.

In fact, if you are lucky enough you will also get a chance to witness the grey seals playing beside the water or lying on the rocks.

national parks in Wales
Screenshot from Pembrokeshire Coast National Park

Go for a visit to St. David’s city. A very small but beautiful city located in Pembrokeshire. Like Snowdonia here also you can enjoy a castle called The Pembroke Castle.

The castle is best for history lovers. During the time of Christmas the castle you will see the castle in new attire. Therefore, every year the castle was decorated in the best possible way.

Blue Lagoon of Pembrokeshire is a popular place for visitors. Just have a walk on the coast path and closely feel the beauty of the National Park.

Once the Blue Lagoon was a quarry. With its help of it, people of that time transported slate by tram to the nearby harbour named Porthgain.

The Blue Lagoon was built when a channel that was connected with the sea was blasted and because of that the seawater flooded in.

2.2 Other Things to Do in Pembrokeshire Coast National Parks in Wales

While another must-try thing is the coasteering along the Pembrokeshire coast. But to enjoy coasteering you have to buy tickets. Coasteering is a very unique activity and you must try this.

You can also take a trip to Ramsey Island, one of the most visited places. On the island, you can enjoy a 5.6-kilometre-long walk into the natural trail, during the walk you can listen to the songs of birds and will find yourself very close to nature.

A lifeboat station is also present there where you can see their collection of lovely boats rescued by them. One time in a year they also provide boat trips, on those boats. To park your car in the St. Justinians Car parking lot you need to pay a small fee.

national parks in Wales
Screenshot from Pembrokeshire Coast National Park

In the Oriel y Parc visitor centre, you will find great cafes and galleries to visit. This visitors centre is the perfect place for you to take a rest for some time.

The parking charge of the parking lot depends on how long you parked your car, and they charge a fee on an hourly basis.

To stay in the park there are some great hotels available. The top 3 hotels are Ocean Haze, City Inn, and The Grove Hotel.

2.3 How to Visit, Ticket Price, and Best Time to Visit National Park in Wales

To visit you can go by bus, train or by car. All types of public transportation are available. Although, just to visit the park you don’t need to pay any charge. However, for boating, car parking, coasteering, etc you need to pay a minimum amount.

The best time to visit the park and take advantage of its natural attractions is from July to September.

3. Brecon Beacons National Park in Wales

The national park was established as the country’s first-ever international dark-sky reserve. The Brecon Beacons community at the reserves works on decreasing light pollution.

national parks in Wales
Screenshot from Brecon Beacons

The park covers an area of 1,344 kilometres and was established in 1957.

3.1 Things to do in Brecon Beacons National Park in Wales

The large area allows people to see a long way into space during the night when the sky is clear. The park is popular for hosting many great events.

At these events, you can witness the Milky Way, meteor showers, and nebulas from a very close distance.

You can also do thrilling and entertaining activities and can see beautiful landmarks. A great offering of the national park is that you can have a long 160 kilometres of walking trails across the nation.

national parks in Wales
Screenshot from Brecon Beacons

Some best things to do in the park are walking, horse riding, and cycling. While some other things include watching stars in the sky because the region is an International Dark Sky Reserve.

Luckily, if the sky is clear then you can also watch the Milky Way, great constellations, lightening nebulas, and rarely the meteor showers.

Despite all these caving and water sports are two big things to do in the park.

3.2. How to visit, Ticket Price, and Best Time to Visit the National Park in Wales

Like the other national parks in Wales, you can reach the Brecon Beacons National Park by car or bus. No entry fee is required to pay to visit the park.

Starting from May to August is the best time to visit the national park. As the chances of having a clear sky during this period are high.

Therefore, you can watch the Milky Way, great constellations, lightning nebulas, and more at this time.


The national parks in Wales are loaded with great excitement and enjoyment. A lot of things are there in the parks to spend a great day out, and you should try once.

Every park in the country offers you some unique things. However, the common thing you will find in all the parks is the pleasant long walks.

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