The Most Instagrammable Restaurants In London: 10 Places

The Most Instagrammable restaurants in London
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Hello Instagrammers! Want to spice up your Instagram handle with aesthetic stories, reels, and posts? No worries! London has got you covered. The city offers a plethora of the most Instagrammable restaurants in London, where you can not only satisfy your taste buds and admire the ambience. Still, it can create unique content and get fame, too.

These are the prettiest and the most photogenic restaurants where you can take your friends, family, and loved ones, enjoy cuisines from all over the world and take fantastic snaps. Share these beautiful photos on your account and give your Instagram feed a boost.

Some Options for The Most Instagrammable Restaurants In London

In some of these fun, Instagrammable restaurants, you can have delicious food or get afternoon teas alongside making viral reels for your Instagram handle. So let’s get started and look at these Instagram-worthy restaurants and learn some more about these beautiful spaces.

1. Sketch

A sketch is not just a restaurant; it’s a piece of artwork. The floor, the walls, the stairs, the ceilings, the stairs, the bathrooms, and the food itself. The sketch is a collection of four magnificent restaurants; The Parlour, The Lecture Room And Library, The Gallery, and The Glade.

Photo by Yui Kanda on Unsplash

“Not quite easy on the wallet” restaurant, Sketch has recently redesigned one of its restaurants, The Gallery. The work is done by famous British-Nigerian artist, Yinka Shonibare, showcasing African culture.

With the best egg-shaped ultra-modern loos, even the toilets in the restaurant are aesthetic, making it the most Instagrammable restaurant.

2. Amazonico

Amazonico is a lush, green rain-forest-themed restaurant with dense foliage extended from the ceiling with hanging lights that gives one an eye-soothing glimpse of the Amazon River. It is also known for its myriad flavours of Brazilian, Asian, and Mediterranean delicacies.

With its six-seater sushi bar and hypnotic in-house band, Amazonico is located in front of Berkeley Square House.

3. Sexy Fish

An Asian restaurant perfect for a date night that provides one of the best Japanese foods in the city and a late bar. Sexy fish also features a private dining room known as “The Coral Reef Room”, with the two most giant coral reef tanks and an integral bar that gives the best “dining room” Instagram experience. It can be considered one of the best private dining rooms in London.

4. The Coral room

This place provides the best menu for your afternoon tea and snacks on the side. It has one of the grandest and most classic ambiences and is the best place to enjoy afternoon tea and some sweets or pastries. One of the prettiest restaurants, it is an ideal place to bombard one’s fan following with an avalanche of food and décor clicks.

5. Sushisamba

Sushisamba, as the name suggests, is a blend of Japanese, Brazilian and Peruvian cuisines located in Covent garden. It is housed on the 38th and 39th floors of Heron tower, showcasing the spectacular views of an overgrown jungle.

Photo by Shivani Radway on Unsplash

With its exquisite sushi bar, royal blue bar stools, and beautiful ceiling garden featuring the most unique South American and Japanese plants, Sushibama is one of the most Instagrammable restaurants in London.

6. Coppa Club

With its perfect pods under beautiful palm trees and beautiful bougainvillaea tunnels, it draws a perfect picture alongside The Tower bridge that serves as the perfect backdrop.

Photo by Manny NB on Unsplash

Being able to bag the perfect location, this restaurant provides its guest with gorgeous views of the city and ample natural light, making it one of the most Instagrammable restaurants in London.

7. Circolo Popolare

After its first extremely successful venture, “Gloria“, the big mamma group has exceeded expectations by launching a sister restaurant, Circolo Popolare. It is a rustic Italian joint with a view of twinkling fairy lights and 20,000 booze bottles stocked up on the walls. These fantastic views give Circolo Popolare a hashtag for the most Insta-friendly restaurants in London.

8. Linnaean, Nine Elms

Linnaean, designed by Swedish naturalist, Carl Linnaeus, is a combination of excellent food and wellness, offering its customers holistic, nutritious meals and serene, picturesque views begging to be Instagrammed. Do not forget to take a stroll to another featurette from Embassy Gardens, named Floating Sky Pool, and get clicks that would rejuvenate you and your Instagram feed.

9. Bar Douro

This joint is heaven for Port lovers, and a cosy, lit-up, beautiful space gives away the perfect Portuguese vibe. One can enjoy their services at two perfect locations, the City of London and London Bridge. Reasonably economic on the wallet, its octopus with sweet potato and grilled quail is to die for.

With elegant furnishings and blue-painted classic tiles, the bar is not only Insta-friendly but also the best place to spend a quiet evening, admiring its simplicity and elegance.

10. Dalloway Terrace

With its newly installed floral arrangements, the balcony of Bloomsbury hotel, Dalloway Terrace, is practically reaching out to be Instagrammed. Transformed by award-winning florists, Early Hours, Dalloway Terrace, and all the pastel colours extend English spring vibes.

This rooftop garden terrace with outdoor heaters to keep winter chills away is a personal favourite of many people, making it an Insta-paradise.

In addition, one can also capture the beauty of these options as well.

Photo by Joseph Hwang on Unsplash
  • Lina Stores

Located at several stores in London, This place makes a good stop for both Italian food and photoes.

  • Mimi Mei Fair

Housed in a Georgian townhouse, with its antiques and floral wallpaper, the restaurant is a combination of both great Chinese delicacies and Instagrammable views.

  • Berners Tavern

Situated in The London Edition in West end London is known for European décor and cuisine made with fresh British ingredients.

  • Juno Rooms

Perfect for both professional and personal settings, this place can be the best example of the most Instagrammable restaurants.

  • Ivy Chelsea Garden

With stunning outdoors including lush foliage, the café is the best option for Instagrammers to hang out.

  • Winter Garden

Conveniently located in the Landmark London, its beautiful sky-reaching palm trees and marble galore makes this joint more Instagrammable.

  • Sky Garden

This public place is the highest extremely photogenic garden in London and offers a bar, a brasserie, and a restaurant to visit during opening hours.


Instagram handles thrive on popular trends and aesthetics of the background. Though London is quite Instagrammable with the views of the River Thames, Tower Bridge, Central London, and Oxford Street, the city also is a hub of the most Instagrammable restaurants in London. One can easily visit any of these mentioned restaurants in London and fire up their Instagram feed.

One can check out Corner Room, Feya (Famous for its marble tabletops, pastel colours, and floral ceiling), The Town Hall Hotel, The Collins Room, Gloria by The Big Mamma Group, and Bob Bob Ricard (Popular for its champagne button).

All these hotels and hubs not only serve mouth-watering delicious food but are an experience in themselves and note down the list of the most Instagrammable restaurants in London.

Perplexed with the whole lot of options for Instagramming? Stop wondering and start exploring!

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