Cheapest Countries in Europe

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European countries have a name for being luxurious but that is not the case for entire Europe. Truth be told, a few nations of Eastern Europe are incredibly cheap and are wonderful to resign abroad.

Affordable places, medical care, security, amusement, and delicious food are the most significant fragments of budget travelers, particularly assuming that they are attempting to save money.

Europe all in all has 50 nations and the European Union has 28. Europe is frequently connected with its significant cost of living and simply visit in Europe, particularly Western Europe and the Nordic nations.

This is not always the situation, however, as certain European countries are over the top expensive while others are affordable countries. A few are significantly cheaper compared to the US.

Europe offers a lot of tourist attractions for all preferences and interests, from blue shores with sandy beaches to natural beauty to picturesque cities and rich history that date back more than 1,000 years.

Sadly, a significant number of these European countries, particularly popular tourist destination nations like France, Germany, and the Netherlands will likewise extend your basic costs to the maximum.

If you are searching for cheap European countries to live or to visit, you would need to think differently and travel to affordable European countries, which are equally engulfed with natural beauty.

From the list below you can choose from the cheapest countries in Europe to live in or to visit.

Cheapest European Countries


Bulgaria is one of Europe’s cheapest countries for travelers and ex-pats situated in Eastern Europe. Bulgaria has both history-rich major cities and lovely scenes, including beautiful beaches along the Black Sea for the summers and mountains for skiing with ski resorts in the winters.

 cheapest countries in Europe
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Hotels in Bulgaria are especially modest outside of the summer season, and many incorporate completely free breakfast as well as free transport.

An individual’s monthly budget for living in this Balkan country begins as low as $600. Transportation is inconceivably modest in Bulgaria with train tickets beginning at $5 and supper with a beverage will cost under $10.

Bulgaria is definitely not a famous place for migrants, so it is somewhat simple to remain in the nation legitimately assuming that you are not an EU citizen.

Bulgaria is the cheapest country, which is a part of the EU. In any case, it has work to do in its advancement of infrastructure, defilement, and cost of living.


Romania is one more beautiful country with delightful scenes, colourful urban communities, and a truly reasonable way of life.

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From the stunning perspective on Transylvania to wonderful UNESCO heritage sites, historical places, and castles, Romania won’t ever frustrate you.

The monthly budget for Romania begins at around 600 Euros to live in the northern parts of the country.

The typical cost of living is the most expensive in the nation’s capital city, Bucharest.

Eating out in Romania is extremely modest, including food prices for $4 and inns, lodgings, apartments, and other cheap places to stay, beginning at $7 per individual for those hoping to visit.

It is moderately simple to a residence permit in Romania regardless of whether you are an EU citizen.

Romania’s typical cost of living can remain so inexpensive compared to other European countries despite the fact that it is a part of the EU, it doesn’t utilize the Euro.


Hungary’s average cost of living is on the higher end at around 900 Euros being the monthly budget and about 1,400 Euros monthly to live in the country’s capital Budapest.

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Hungary is strategically located in Central Europe, with admittance to the Adriatic Sea and other countries to visit, like Austria. Hungary’s countryside is excellent and inconceivably reasonable.

Street food and travel facilities are generally modest too. When you leave Budapest, head out to Lake Balaton. It’s a genuinely well-known tourist destination acclaimed for its stunning beaches.

Hungary is additionally home to numerous thermal spa resorts like the one in Morohalom and Héviz Lake. With regards to local food, Hungarian cooking is good and delicious.

Like a soup dish with beef and veggies called goulash, there are numerous scrumptious food sources to test while visiting Hungary.

Hungary is especially one of the most affordable European countries and you will not be spending an excessive amount of money here. A meal at a mid-range diner cost $15 per individual, while a set dinner in a local restaurant will set you around $7.

Sadly, dissimilar to the cheapest European countries, Hungarians speak a non-Indo-European language, so it will be harder for ex-pats to get a comprehension of it.


While more costly than other nations, Portugal is a cheap country in Europe. At a monthly budget of around 1200 Euros, Portugal offers a warm environment, admittance to the sea, and is a safe country.

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A part of Portugal’s most intriguing destinations is free to explore. The Faro District in the south of the nation is a famous location for its delicate golden sands, precipices, and lighthouses, while guests to Madeira’s head there for the rough volcanic climbing trails, the wonderful harbor, and the incredible scuba diving.

The cost of living in Portugal is around one-half or even 33% of other Western European countries, assuming you are not thinking of settling down in Lisbon.

Despite the fact that Portugal is a cheap country, it is acquiring fame lately, particularly among retired folks, so the living expenses are expected to rise.

Czech Republic

Away from its capital city, Prague, the countryside of the Czech Republic has both delightful landscapes and land deals.

Czech Republic
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It is one of the safest countries to live in Europe. It is modern, protected, agreeable, and friendly. Czech individuals greet global explorers wholeheartedly.

Expats are drawn to the Czech Republic for many reasons, which incorporate the minimal cost of living, fantastic medical services, delightful forests, and cool notable architectural structures.

The monthly budget for living in the Czech Republic is around 950 Euros, which is a little higher.

Many individuals like to live in Prague, which will raise the cost of living too. The Czech Republic is situated in Central Europe, considering easy travel to other countries like Austria and Germany.

The way of life in the Czech Republic is about equivalent to Germany yet it costs about half. One can track down local food as modest as $3 to $5 and those hoping to visit can pay around $15 for a night at an inn.


One of the less famous European destinations is Georgia, where the monthly budget is around 600 Euros. Besides an economic way of life, getting a residency permit in Georgia is somewhat simple regardless of whether you are a European Union citizen.

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Georgia is moderately a long way from the remainder of Europe, so travelling to other countries won’t be easy as it would have been if you are located in Central Europe.


Montenegro, which is viewed as probably one of the cheap countries to live in Europe, has an expected monthly budget of only 700 Euros for each individual.

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This financial plan covers monthly rent, medical care, food, and entertainment. There are many other ways to save money here.

Montenegro is known for its wonderful scenes and friendly individuals, and tremendous countryside where land can be dealt.

With its dark blue waters encompassed by transcending mountains, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is one of the most staggering spots in the Balkan Peninsula.

The average cost of living can increment as you draw nearer to the Adriatic sea. The cons of Montenegro are the absence of infrastructure and the absence of cheap flights.


Ukraine is an interesting and lively country, wealthy in nature’s beauty and overflowing with opportunities for ex-pats.

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Regardless of whether you want to live in the capital city or disregard a sun-washed oceanside in the west, you’ll track down current, top-notch housing at low costs.

Lodging costs don’t differ much over time, particularly in large cities. The resort town of Odesa on the northwestern shore of the Black Sea and Kyiv are somewhat less expensive in the off time of year, however, the remainder of the nation stays entirely reasonable the entire year.

Early spring, fall, and winter are likewise less expensive times to make a trip to the Black Sea coastline, as most travellers visit in summer to partake in the seashores and warm climate.

Ukraine is appealing to rookies for the friendliness of its people, the moderate environment, the minimal cost of living, modern comforts, and medical administrations, and the rich and energetic native culture.

It is additionally an ideal place to retire for those wanting to live in Europe.

The city of Kyiv is unquestionably not one of the cheapest cities to live in Europe, but rather it won’t break your bank.

Assuming that you intend to spend the remainder of your life in Ukraine, be prepared to pay around $800 each month. It is cheaper assuming you stay outside of the capital city.


Poland flaunts diverse top areas with adequate work opportunities for ex-pats, particularly in worldwide businesses. Warsaw, in Poland, is a beguiling city and is viewed as probably one of the cheapest places to live in Europe.

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Poland is likewise notable for its national parks, like Ojcowski National Park, which is home to pleasant palaces and dazzling caverns.

Visit the old town and nearby local market in Gdansk, go climbing in the Tatra Mountains, or head out to the capital of Warsaw where you will find endless lodgings and budget amicable inns that propose room for $15 each night.

The cost of living in Poland isn’t simply costly. From one-bedroom apartment to dining, service charges, internet, everything is really reasonable in Poland. You can hope to live here for under $1100 each month.


Slovakia is a secure and also one of the cheap countries available to live in Europe and it has begun to draw in more ex-pats and global explorers as of late.

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The High Tatras, Slovakia’s tallest mountains and a huge national park, has many kilometers of climbing trails.

In winter, a considerable lot of them become extraordinary spots for snowshoeing, as well as downhill and cross-country skiing. All national parks are free in Slovakia.

Slovakia is additionally home to numerous UNESCO World Heritage Sites, palaces, commemorations, and landmarks, all free or extremely modest to explore.

Slovakia isn’t generally so cheap as other countries like, Bulgaria or Hungary, however, offers better qualities in the way of life, medical care, and education.

Here you can eat well, drink well and visit a lot of vacation destinations for a portion of the expense of the western European countries.

With around $900 each month, you will actually be able to cover every one of your fundamental expenses in Slovakia.


Latvia is an excellent and modest spot for retired folks to experience their golden years. Everything is reasonable here whether it’s lodging, medical care, or food.

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It is perhaps the least expensive spot to live in Europe for English speakers as 27 % of Latvian individuals communicate in English and it makes Latvia a honeypot country for digital travelers and ex-pats.

A one-bedroom apartment in enormous urban areas rents for an average of $1200 and outside the city center you can get it less expensive.


Belarus generally gets featured as one of the cheapest European countries. The nation offers occupants extraordinary personal satisfaction with natural attractions and energetic cultural spots.

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Any place you go in Belarus, individuals will beguile you, the fabulous scenic beauty will tempt you, and the amazingly reasonable expense of living will captivate you to remain in the country.

Belarus is one of the cheapest countries which is a part of the European Union. It also remains unexplored.

Food, accommodation, and transport are really modest. You can live here serenely at around $1000 each month.

Slovenia (Cheapest country in Eastern Europe)

Slovenia is not like any other country. It is a sloping nation shrouded in the forest.

In any case, most tourists show up here for the coastline, sitting against the Adriatic Sea, Slovenia offers a lot of reasonable sandy beaches and bunches of sun.

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While the summer season implies more costly facilities along the coast, the beaches are largely open and free, so it’s feasible to downplay the expenses even during the high season.

Away from the coast, Lake Bled is maybe the most popular spot. Found only 35 kilometres from the city of Ljubljana, the lake is a reasonable spot and one of the most staggering sights in this least expensive country.

Other budget-friendly destinations incorporate old town Piran, the village of Štanjel, and Triglav National Park, where you can climb to the highest point of Mount Triglav in two days with a night halt at a mountain hut.


Italy is one of the least expensive nations in Western Europe to visit. Public transportation in Italy is astonishing.

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All things considered, if you’re attempting to cover everything from Milan to Pompeii in one visit, you’ll wind up burning through bunches of cash on fast trains, simply pick one area and stick to it, so you can utilize local trains and transports to move around.

The equivalent is valid with regards to the nation’s significant attractions, the greater ones, like, the Colosseum or the Vatican, all have entry fees, so pick only a couple of top choices and spend the remaining of your trip visiting modest or free attractions, like, free walking tours around the Villa Borghese Gardens or flipping a coin into the Trevi Fountain.


Albania is one of the cheapest European countries to live or to travel to. Its main mountain range, significantly known as the Accursed Mountains, is an inexorably perceived area for hiking.

Cultural features incorporate the beautiful towns of Gjirokastër and Berat, attributable to their Ottoman impacts and UNESCO World Heritage Status.

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Albania has a wild and pristine Mediterranean coast.

To point out, a cot in a modern inn in Tirana costs around $8 each night, while a room in a hotel can be reserved for $15-$20. You can spend just $5 for a meal in an average Albanian café.

Despite the fact that Albania is among the cheapest countries in all of Europe, it is extremely secure. Its infrastructure has additionally further developed, which makes going there now much more straightforward.


There are many astounding European cities and islands in Greece that you can visit without burning through every last penny.

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The island of Lefkada is likewise home to reasonable inns, easygoing tavernas, and a lot of attractions.

Greece turns out to be a lot less expensive if you keep away from the pinnacle month of August. Airbnb’s that cost 60 to 90 Eur a night in August will handily drop to €30 – 40 in September.

You might be shocked by how Greece really can be one of the cheapest countries.


Many individuals probably won’t know much with regards to this country by any stretch of the imagination, or they actually refer to it just with the conflict that seethed there during the 1990s.

However, this country is really a secret pearl. If you’re an inquisitive explorer, you will see such a great amount to cherish in this tiny country.

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One feature is the old town of Mostar. It was a critical stop on the Silk Road exchanging routes among Venice and Constantinople.

Another astounding feature is the capital, Sarajevo, which is Europe’s one of most underestimated capital cities.

Costs are entirely sensible as well, with rooms not costing considerably more than €20 each night, and suppers routinely in the €5-€8 range.


Estonia’s scenes are suggestive of Finland, with its many pine forests and peatlands, while its people are correspondingly fixated on saunas and cross-country skiing.

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Try not to miss the entrancing KGB Museum at the Viru Hotel in Tallinn, climbing the Soomaa National Park, or remaining in the university city of Tartu.

The tourist center in the capital of Tallinn is generally costly, on par with Western European standards now and again, however, this is just valid for a little 2 square kilometer region where the cruise ship travelers go.

The remainder of Estonia is superbly budget cordial, with $10 lodgings, $20-30 inns, and $5-10 meals simple to find.

North Macedonia

With its tasty food varieties, vivacious culture, and very charming modest communities, North Macedonia makes an ideal spot for a budget-friendly escape.

North Macedonia
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The capital city is called Skopje and has endless sculptures, museums, and other social attractions.

Nonetheless, a most loved destination is the pleasant Ohrid Lake, one of Europe’s most seasoned and most profound lakes.

In the town of Ohrid, there are endless chapels worth visiting and the food is tasty and incredibly modest ($4-$6 for a dinner in a café). Other prominent spots of interest are Marko’s Pinnacles for Prilep and the beautiful town of Bitola.

Concerning the accommodation, hope to pay $25 each night for a one-bedroom apartment in the centre point of Skopje. In Ohrid, the cost for rooms ranges from $15 to $30 every night.

No visit to North Macedonia is finished without attempting the local food sources like pita (stuffed pie), sarma (cabbage rolls), tavce na gravce (beans cooked in a skillet), and Pastrmajlija (seared batter pie).


Serbia is an incredible and one of the cheapest places in Europe to visit while going on a budget plan.

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From the city of Belgrade and its lively nightlife and the northern area of Vojvodina where life is peaceful toward the south where other cities like Nis and Leskovac offer an interesting gastronomic encounter, there is most certainly no lack of astounding activities in Serbia.

Your next stop should be the old town of Novi Sad which is renowned for its archaic forts, the delightful stream promenade, and many energetic clubs and bars.

You will not need to spend a ton while visiting Serbia. An Airbnb apartment in Novi sad is around $20-$30 each night, while a bed in an inn costs $10.

All that is left to say is that Europe is not necessarily expensive. To sum up, there are some places in Europe that are as cheap as Southeast Asian destinations. You just have to go to the right place. You can learn more about Europe here.



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