23 Best Spain Beaches

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Spain has all the ingredients for a great beach vacation: lovely weather, a happy culture, and an almost infinite variety of beach settings. It has two coastlines thanks to its peninsular location in Europe: one along the Atlantic and one along the Mediterranean.

The popular beaches of the Balearic Island, particularly those on Ibiza and Mallorca, as well as locations like Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands, are some of the best in the world outside of those two coastlines and outside of mainland Spain. These island groups are a part of Spain as well.

Spain Beaches
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Spanish beaches exist in a variety of sizes and shapes, from vast, popular areas lined with lots of restaurants and resorts to little, deserted coves bordered by pine-covered cliffs. Some of them are tropical beaches with fine white sand and clear, turquoise waters that are bordered by trees.

23 Best Spain Beaches

With our ranking of the top 23 Spain beaches, you can discover the best coastal areas of the nation.

1. Cala Llombards

Cala Llombards beach is ideal for a fantasy vacation in Mallorca because it is only a ten-minute walk from Cala del Moro, another of Spain’s finest beaches. This beach’s lovely water beckons you to swim there, and its soft white sand welcomes you to lay out and relax.

There is parking close as well as a small beach restaurant. It is one of the best Spain beaches.

Cala Llombards
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The distance between this beach and Palma de Mallorca, the island’s city, is 45 minutes by car. Book your travel to Palma de Mallorca and lodging at the lowest rate; we can recommend hundreds of hotels, apartments, and villas close to this lovely extensive coastline.

2. Playa Del Cristo: Finest Family-Friendly Spain Beaches

Playa del Cristo is one of the best beaches in Spain for families because of its abundance of eateries, cafés, and sun loungers.

Since it contains a playground and an easily accessible parking lot, it is a blue flag beach that has been recognized for cleanliness. It is also a great site for families with children because it is clean and has a playground.

playa del cristo
Image by lapping from Pixabay

The months of April through September are ideal for travel. It is one of the best Spain beaches.

Venue: 29680 Estepona, Málaga, Spain, Av. del Carmen, s/n.

3. La Concha Beach

This tiny beach in the Basque Country has vistas of lovely islands and white boats bobbing on the calm seas, and it is surrounded by lush mountains.

La Concha Beach is located in a quaint hamlet with magnificent Belle Epoque-style buildings and an abundance of top-notch dining establishments. The restaurants of San Sebastian are renowned for their excellence.

Even though it is hidden away in a protected harbour, the beach has been dubbed the most beautiful city beach in all of Europe.

La Concha, which is shielded by the mountainous terrain and measures a massive 1350 meters in length and is subject to tides, has more than enough space for everyone to take in its beauty.

La Concha
Image by Anne and Saturnino Miranda from Pixabay

Because of the capacity, there is also plenty of area in the calm water for swimming and paddling; you could even want to attempt kayaking to the island.

San Sebastian Bay is a tranquil place where locals, tourists, kids, and grandparents may interact or simply stroll along the beach. It is one of the best Spain beaches.

To fully experience the charming and wonderful old town of San Sebastian, book your flights to San Sebastian, your accommodations at the lowest price guaranteed, and your tours and activities like a “Gourmet Pintxo tour” are available in San Sebastian.

4. Playa del Ingles, Canary Islands

The Canary Islands’ beaches must be included on any list of Spanish beaches. These islands, another Spanish possession, are located around 60 miles (95 kilometers) off the African coast in the Atlantic Ocean. There are two major islands: Gran Canaria and Tenerife.

Gran Canaria
Image by Marcin from Pixabay

On the island of Gran Canaria, Playa del Ingles is a nearly seven-mile-long (11-kilometre) wide sandy beach that gradually gives way to lovely dunes. In the 1960s, it was a favourite hippy hangout; today, it is home to upscale boutique hotels and upscale eateries.

The golden brown beach gently slopes towards the water. There are numerous beach clubs with their own small fenced-off areas where patrons can hire beach chairs and umbrellas. It is one of the best Spain beaches.

5. Maspalomas Beach

Maspalomas beach, located in the southern portion of Gran Canaria, is upscale and fashionable and is known for its fine sand. Maspalomas is a huge 6-kilometre strip of golden sand that, at times, is astonishingly 100 meters wide.

It is surrounded by a desert scene of enormous sand dunes that will give you the impression that you are lounging in the Saharan desert rather than along a Spanish shoreline.

Image by Monica Volpin from Pixabay

A beautiful sight is created by the gold of the dunes contrasted with the brilliant blue of the water; further along, beachgoers snooze on sun loungers while eateries serve snacks and soft drinks.

There is space for everyone at this beach, making it a fantastic place for families to spend time together. If spending all day in the sun isn’t your thing, you may alternatively rent a jet ski or a pedalo and go on an adventure at sea. It is one of the best Spain beaches.

6. El Playazo

Cabo de Gata, a natural park in the southeast of the Iberian Peninsula that has been designated a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve since 1997, is one of the few sites in Europe that is still as wild and undeveloped as it once was.

A mixture of isolated rocky coves, craggy rocky cliffs, and white sandy beaches make up its untamed, dry scenery. Although the name Cabo de Gata technically translates to “cove or cape of the cat,” it is more likely to have come from the local agate rock that was once mined.

El Playazo
Photo by Victor Poblete on Unsplash

Since it provides a wide variety of environmentally friendly outdoor activities, including diving and boat excursions, as well as animal photography and bird watching, Cabo de Gata is especially well-liked by eco-conscious international tourists.

This 400-meter stretch of fine white sand, which is close to the little community of Rodalquilar, features a moderate gentle slope and great swimming conditions.

Playazo is a superlative form of the word playa, or beach; it is a fitting name for these flawless, unspoiled sands. It is one of the best Spain beaches.

7. Playa del Silencio

The 330-meter-long and 32-meter-wide (smaller during high tide) Playa del Silencio is a boulder- and gravel-filled beach. There isn’t any sand here; instead, the water contains a few concealed rocks.

Playa del Silencio
Image by Ramon Perucho from Pixabay

The Playa del Silencio is a naturist beach, though not exclusively so. Children love swimming there since the waves aren’t too big, but watch out for rocks that “hide” in the sea during high tide.

The beach is popular among those who enjoy practicing diving, and the rocks on its western side make for excellent fishing grounds. It is one of the best Spain beaches.

7. Playa de Torimbia

On the Atlantic coast and located in northern Spain is the region of Asturias. Most of the beaches in this area are rocky cliff-enclosed, white, and sand-covered.

West of Bilbao, close to the port of Llanes, is the breathtaking, undeveloped beach known as Playa de Torimbia. It’s a barren, undeveloped beach with no restaurants or shops, but there are lifeguards on duty on weekends during the summer, and there are showers accessible.

Playa de Torimbia
Photo by Paolo Chiabrando on Unsplash

Although parking at this Spanish beach can be challenging in the summer, it is nonetheless accessible by automobile.

From Niembro, the village, you may walk here (park here). Asturias is a fantastic place for sightseeing in addition to its beaches because it played a significant role in both medieval and Moorish Spain. It is one of the best Spain beaches.

8. Playa Monsul

Even if this is your first time walking on the sand, the beach in the Cabo de Gata Nijar nature reserve might seem familiar to you.

Many television shows, commercials, and movies have featured Playa Monsul, including The Wind and the Lion and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. A large boulder sits in the midst of the beach, which follows the shoreline of volcanic rock formations.

Playa Monsul
Image by Enrique from Pixabay

This beach is well-liked by families that visit for the day and caters to everyone, including those who prefer to forego their swimwear and go completely nude.

If you intend to stay more than a few hours, bring snacks and a lunch because there aren’t any bars or restaurants around, which adds to the beauty of the place. It is one of the best Spain beaches.

9. Playa de Ses Illetes

Playa de Ses Illetes on the Balearic island of Formentera is the only pink-sand beach in Spain (which is next to Ibiza).

The fine sand in this area has a faint pink tint from small coral fragments that have been swept up by the sea. Where you can spend hours lying in paradise, Crystalline waters seas lap into fine, white sand.

Playa de Ses Illetes
Photo by Miquel Gelabert on Unsplash

There are several little islands in the harbour across from the beach, hence the name “beach of the small islands.” Since the bay is almost entirely surrounded by land, it resembles a massive swimming pool. You can stroll quite a distance out into the bay because the water is shallow.

Beyond the shore, Formentera is regarded as the most free-spirited of the Balearic Islands; nonetheless, opulent resorts and holiday homes are quickly displacing this way of life.

It’s highly recommended and has a rather carefree Caribbean feel. It is one of the best Spain beaches.

10. La Playa de la Victoria

In the 16th and 17th centuries, when Spain was the world’s leading maritime power, Cadiz, an old city in southwest Spain, served as a major port.

Cadiz, one of Spain’s most ancient cities, offers breathtaking sightseeing as well as miles of expansive beaches. The Costa de la Luz is the name given to the coastal area in Andalusia that includes Cadiz.

La Playa de la Victoria
Photo by Quino Al on Unsplash

The most well-known beach in the area is La Playa de la Victoria. It has a length of roughly a mile (2.5 kilometers) and a width of a few hundred yards. Swimming and wading are both good activities because of the gentle surf and lack of rocky shorelines.

The beach is separated from a row of shops and restaurants by a short street. The renowned beach has a lively atmosphere that makes it a wonderful spot to visit even though it can get fairly busy during the summer. It is one of the best Spain beaches.

11. Tossa de Mar, Costa Brava

Northeastern Spain’s Costa Brava region, whose name literally translates to “hard coast,” offers untamed beauty and a number of tranquil beaches bordered by towering cliffs. In addition to its beaches, this region of Spain is wonderful for touring because of its extensive history and vibrant culture.

Tossa de Mar
Image by Manuel Blasco Martinez from Pixabay

A historic village, Tossa de Mar, Costa Brava is located halfway between Barcelona and the French border. With the added benefit of a sizable castle on the hill beyond the shore, it boasts a lovely, curving beach.

There is a sizable portion of the bay that has been roped off for swimming, and the sand is gritty and dark golden brown.

Along with the lovely coastline, the area is home to various wildlife areas and Roman remains. It is one of the best Spain beaches.

12. Almunecar

Go to Costa Tropical, which is the next section of the coastline, instead of the congested Costa del Sol resorts. There is a far better balance between development and the preservation of the environment.

Almunecar, which is the main tourist destination, has the air of a French beautiful coastal town. There is a lengthy, curved beach that is surrounded by a busy promenade and a boulevard that is home to hotels, restaurants, and stores. Along the actual beach is a row of most restaurants.

Image by Arunas from Pixabay

The water at the beach is warm, particularly in the summer, and the sand is a lovely white colour. There are numerous locations with fenced-off private beach club areas where you can rent beach chairs and umbrellas.

Families and others who wish to enjoy the ocean should go to this beach. In the summer, swimming areas are cordoned off and manned by lifeguards. It is one of the best Spain beaches.

13. Burriana Beach, Nerja

This 800-meter-long beach, which is surrounded by a lengthy promenade lined with stores, well-liked eateries, and bars, is a favourite of many locals.

As a result, a wide variety of people can be found who enjoy interacting with others and spending time with friends and family.

Image by 42spain from Pixabay

The sand might be a touch rough, but that doesn’t take away from its natural beauty. You can hire sunbeds so you don’t have to lay on the coarse sand at one of Nerja’s most beautiful beaches.

Nerja is a town on Spain’s resort-filled Costa del Sol and a bastion of history, with Roman ruins and prehistoric cave paintings at Nerja Caves.

Burriana is a fantastic vacation destination for families with young children since it offers really great services like showers, kid-friendly playgrounds, restrooms, and a lifeguard. It is one of the best Spain beaches.

14. Es Pujols, Formentera

Ibiza’s sister island, Formentera, is much more picturesque and serene than Ibiza, which is located in Spain’s Balearic Islands region. The 30-minute ferry voyage between the islands allows for back-and-forth travel.

Bright, white sand and entrancing blue-green water can be seen at main beaches like Es Pujols. There are restaurants and cafés lining the walk that leads to the beach, and beyond the beach is a bustling little town, so it is not a barren island.

Es Pujols
Image by LorenaEditora from Pixabay

The beach in Es Pujols is just a short walk from the Castavi Apartments. There is an outdoor swimming pool and the flats are spacious with full kitchens. It is one of the best Spain beaches.

15. Playa de Albir, Costa Blanca

Along the Costa Blanca, in the community of Alfaz del Pi, between Calpe and Benidorm, is the urban beach known as Playa de Albir.

This is a pebble beach, which is perfect if you enjoy being near the water but dislike sand, especially when the wind sweeps sand everywhere.

Costa Blanca
Image by Alexander Gresbek from Pixabay

If the little rocks are too unpleasant, you can hire lounge chairs. There are many locations to rent equipment whether you want to windsurf, paddleboard, snorkel, or kayak. It is one of the best Spain beaches.

16. Carboneras, Almeria

Located on the Mediterranean Sea, Almeria lies in southeast Spain. A Moorish fortress that towers above the city from a nearby hilltop.

The resort community of Carboneras, which is close to Almeria, is well-known for its stunning beaches, which are encircled by a sizable nature reserve.

Carboneras Spain beaches
Image by Enrique from Pixabay

The region is renowned for its cuisine, particularly its fresh seafood. The bay, which juts very far into the land, is surrounded by a few beaches.

Rentals for beach chairs and umbrellas are available at the beaches in front of the hotel, but a short stroll along the sand will bring you to a more natural setting.

The sand in this area is tan and slopes down to the water’s edge. The water is warm. Palm trees and elevated dunes surround the beach, which is topped by a beachside promenade. It is one of the best Spain beaches.

17. Bogatell

Bogatell is the beach of choice for savvy locals even though Barceloneta is the most well-known of Barcelona’s best city beaches. It is also cleaner and less frequented by local pickpockets than tourist-heavy Barceloneta, in addition to being less congested.

Bogatell Spain beaches
Photo by Linus Ekenstam on Unsplash

The drawback is that getting there from the city center takes a little longer. Bogatell is an additional 15 minutes walk from La Rambla and Barcelona’s Old Port, compared to Barceloneta’s simple 20-minute journey (or five in a cab).

But once there, the improved amenities, fresher water, and far more space make the inconvenience worthwhile. It is one of the best Spain beaches.

18. Es Trenc

Few visitors get to experience the largest of the Balearic Islands’ lesser-known and significantly more elegant side. Es Trenc, one of the island’s few lengthy beaches that have escaped resort development, offers a sight. The silky white sand is still fresh and untainted, and the sea is clear.

Es Trenc
Image by lapping from Pixabay

Despite being only 30 minutes from Playa de Palma and S’Arenal’s tourist nightmare and less than an hour south of Palma de Mallorca, Es Trenc evokes a calmer, simpler era.

Although the beach is not connected to a hotel, it is well-equipped with amenities like rental loungers and umbrellas, lifeguards, restrooms, accessibility ramps, and a selection of restaurants and beautiful beach bars.

If you’re into that sort of thing, Es Trenc, a favourite among nudists and day-trippers, is the perfect place to let it all hang out. It is one of the best Spain beaches.

19. Playa Los Lances

A little more than four miles long, Playa Los Lances is renowned for its crystal-clear, albeit chilly, Atlantic seas. You’re likely to see a lot of bright kites dancing in the sky because this location gets a lot of wind and is a well-liked destination for people who enjoy windsurfing and kitesurfing.

You’ll want to sit in and unwind on this gorgeous beach on days with no breeze. You can always seek refuge at one of the beach bars if the wind does suddenly pick up. It is one of the best Spain beaches.

20. Playa de Las Teresitas

One of the most picturesque beaches on the island, this golden sand beach is ideal for families since the water is quiet and transparent, and, interestingly, the sand is golden, which is unusual for Tenerife.

Playa de Las Teresitas
Image by mikezwei from Pixabay

Sand from the Sahara was put out on this beach (found near San Andrés) to increase its allure to tourists. The outcome is really convincing, and Las Teresitas beach is actually a great place to spend a lazy afternoon with loved ones, friends, or family.

From the heart of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Las Teresitas Beach is a 10-minute drive away. It is one of the best Spain beaches.

21. Playa De Gulpiyuri

A beach without a sea has you wondering. Yes, Playa de Gulpiyuri is a beach like this that doesn’t have a sea. One of the nicest beaches in Spain, it will entice the naturalist in you to discover how such a beach came to be.

Photo by juanignaciomoronta@gmail.com from Depositphotos

In essence, it is made up of a network of tunnels that link to the Bay of Biscay’s natural sinkhole. It is located in Asturias, Northern Spain. It is one of the best Spain beaches.

22. Playa De Las Canteras

Playa de las Canteras, one of the most well-liked beach resorts in southern Spain, is recognised as one of the best urban beaches in all of Europe. This beach, which is in the middle of the city, is well-known for its abundant natural resources and brilliant golden sand.

Playa De Las Canteras
Image by Frode from Pixabay

Due to the lava reef that guards the area’s sand and aquatic life from the sea’s enormous waves, it is also the ideal location for diving and snorkeling. It is one of the best Spain beaches.

23. Puerto Banus

330 days a year of sunlight, fine golden sand, and warm, tranquil water may all be found on the Costa del Sol. You have everything you need for a perfect getaway at Puerto Banus, Spain’s most stunning beach.

Puerto Banus
Image by M. Pilar Fernández from Pixabay

The marina and the neighbouring homes were built by José Banus, who also had an excellent idea to get in touch with the architect who had created and built Beverly Hills in order to preserve this coast of exceptional beauty, giving rise to the name of this wonderful beach southwest of Marbella.

Together, they constructed this coastal community in the manner of an Andalusian community. This is the hippest location in the Mediterranean region for leisurely days, romantic meals, or group shopping.

Celebrities from all over the world have made Marbella their preferred coastal resort in Europe, including Lenny Kravitz, Michelle Obama, and Antonio Banderas, who resides there with his wife Melanie Griffith. It is one of the best Spain beaches.

Final Remark

In conclusion, the best Spain beaches are the perfect place to enjoy the sun, sand, and surf.

Everyone can find something they like because of the abundance of possibilities. From the world-famous to the hidden gems, these beaches are sure to please. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your towel and head to the Mediterranean.


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