Pork Steak Recipes : 5 Best Pork Steak Recipes You Must Try

Pork Steak Recipes
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Pork is the best option when looking for a meal to serve your family. The pork recipes are usually easy and can be cooked within no time. The recipes tend to become tastier when the meat is tender.

One can find various pork steak recipes on the recipe card or even online. Some of the dishes are explained here for your convenience.

Some Of the Best Pork Steak Recipes

How to cook pork steaks is a common question asked by many people. Here are some of the ways.

1. Slow Cooker BBQ Pork Steaks

The pork steaks are slowly cooked in a homemade barbeque sauce in this recipe. You will be able to get the exact taste of BBQ pork without even grilling it.

Ingredients Required

The ingredients that will be required are:

  • pork steaks
  • oil (one tablespoon)
  • salt
  • pepper (according to taste)
  • ketchup (one cup)
  • large onions (two)
  • vinegar (half cup)
  • Worcestershire sauce (half cup)
  • chilly powder
  • water (one cup)


The pork steaks will have to be coated with oil initially. Then the pork steaks need to be placed in the bottom of the crockpot, where you will need to sprinkle pepper, salt and paprika.

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Thinly sliced onions need to be placed on top of the steaks. Make a paste of water, Worcestershire sauce, ketchup, vinegar and chili powder and pour the mixture on top of the pork steaks.

Cover and cook for up to 8-9 hours or wait until you get tender pork steaks. 

2. Baked Pork Steaks and Rice

Oven-baked pork is one of the easiest ways of cooking it. It can be served with steaming hot rice as a side dish.

Ingredient Required

  • Pork shoulder steaks (six pieces)
  • oil (two tablespoons), salt (one and a half tablespoons)
  • black pepper (one-fourth tablespoons)
  • white rice uncooked (one cup)
  • chicken stock or chicken broth (three and a half tablespoons)
  • poultry seasoning (half tablespoon)
  • diced green onions (half cup)


Preheat a skillet with oil over a medium-high flame. Put the pork steaks into the skillet and cook pork shoulder steaks till it turns brown on both sides.

It is now time to remove the pork from the skillet. After removing the pork, you will have to season the oil with pepper and salt. Keep the skillet warm and remove the excess fat.

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You can add the uncooked rice and cook it until it gets slightly toasted. Pour the stock or the broth, the onions, and the poultry seasoning into the skillet and keep stirring.

Now pour the rice mixture into a baking dish and place the pork steaks above the mixture. Cover the dish with foil and put it into the oven. Set the prep-time for 1 hour at 350 degrees. Take it out after the rice and the meat gets tender and serve it hot.

3. Cast Iron Skillet Pork Steaks

It is a great recipe for pork and is one of the tastiest.

Ingredients Required

  • Pork chops or pork steaks (two pieces)
  • salt, pepper
  • Cajun seasoning
  • oil (two tablespoons)
  • chopped onion (one)
  • sweet potatoes (one, medium, sliced)
  • carrots (two, sliced)
  • small potatoes (two)
  • large mushrooms (two sliced)
  • chicken broth (one cup)
  • white wine (half cup)


Preheating the oven is the most crucial step. Place a hot iron skillet over the flame and heat it with oil. After the skillet is heated up, put the steaks into it and wait till they turn brown. The pork steaks need to be seasoned with Cajun seasoning, salt and pepper.

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Take out the steaks from the skillet and add vegetables to the oil. Cook the vegetables till it turns brown and wilted.

Do not forget to scrape the bottom of the skillet to remove the remaining brown particles. Now add wine to the skillet and simmer for three minutes. Then put the steaks back into the pan. For more liquid, add the chicken broth to the dish.

You can now remove the pan and cover it with foil paper. Place the complete mixture into the oven for about 40 minutes at 350 degrees. When the juice turns clear while cutting the pork steak, serve it hot.

4. Honey Garlic Pork Chops

It is a simple recipe that home cooks highly prefer. It is one of the most family-loved dishes of pork chops. It is also a 5-stars grilled recipe of pork chops.

Ingredients Required

  • For cooking grilled honey garlic pork chops
  • you will require Cloves of garlic (two)
  • garlic powder
  • honey (one tablespoon)
  • onion (finely chopped, two)
  • soy sauce (two tablespoons)
  • pork blade steaks (two and a half pounds)
  • lemon juice (two tablespoons).


In the honey garlic pork chops recipe, you can use both boneless chops or bone-in chops.

Everyone should remember the most crucial part: you will have to season the pork chops before cooking. Cook nicely on both sides until the pork chops turn brown.

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Cook it well and make the pork chops soft and tender. King the pork chops in the hot skillet to ensure that the juice of the pork is released into the pan. When this juice is mixed with the sauce, more flavor gets added to the recipe.

For delicious honey garlic pork chops, you’ll have to melt butter in the same skillet so that the juice can mix with the sauce and all the other ingredients. Put the pork pieces into the pan and cook it for about 1-2 minutes. Add the sauce and keep cooking until the sauce reduces and thickens. 

Remember not to cook the sauce for too long. Dry the honey up. To avoid drying up, add enough honey to the mixture. And your delicious recipe of honey garlic pork chops is ready to be served.

Enjoy hot with fried rice or any other recipe of your choice.

5. Smothered Pork Steak

One of the best pork chops recipes is served in a creamy sauce along with onions and mushrooms. In this recipe, juicy pork shoulder steaks are used. But one can also use pork chops.

Ingredients Required

  • White wine vinegar
  • pork steaks
  • garlic
  • fresh parsley
  • salt
  • pepper
  • tomato puree
  • stock
  • oil
  • onion
  • flour
  • cream
  • mushrooms.


You’ll have to season the pork before throwing them into the pan. Put oil into a pan and fry the pork pieces until they turn golden. Take out the pork from the pan and fry the onion, mushrooms and garlic in the same pan.

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Sprinkle some flour on the onion and stir it to coat them well. It is now time to pour in the stock. Keep stirring the complete mixture until you gain a smooth sauce. Then add the tomato puree, cream and white vinegar into the pan.

Mix all the ingredients well, and then put back the pork steaks. It will have the perfect balance of flavors. Simmer for about 10 minutes, and your delicious, perfectly cooked, smothered pork steaks will be ready.

Tips For Cooking Soft, Juicy and Tender Pork Chops

Sometimes, the pork chops turn out to be tight and tasteless. Here are some tips that will be useful. 

1. Do Not Cook Pork Steaks Cold

After taking them out of the refrigerator, cooking pork chops is a big no. It would help if you took out the pork chops thirty minutes before cooking. In this way, you will get a perfectly tender pork chop.

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It helps in bringing the pork meat back to room temperature. The same technique should be followed when cooking pork loin or pork steaks.

2. Season the Pork Pieces Before Cooking

g the pork with salt and pepper before cooking. Then add more flavors when they are cooked, making the recipe delicious. Makes them soft and tender.

3. Keep It is one of the most critical steps, and most people tend to ignore it. The Cooked Pork Chops at Rest

After you finish cooking, keep the pork steaks or pork chops at rest. Transfer the cooked meal to a clean plate and cover it with foil paper. It will allow the flavors to be equally distributed among the pork and the sauce.

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Some of the side dishes that go very well with all the pork recipes are mashed potatoes, mashed cauliflower, lemon garlic cabbage, colorful coleslaw, roasted asparagus, steamed rice, cranberry pecan salad, homemade apple sauce in apple cider vinegar, and roasted vegetables.

You will get amazing recipes if you bake the pork steaks or cook them in a piping hot pan. These side dishes add delicious flavors to the existing recipe making it mouth-watering. The nutrition calories present in pork are about 200 calories.


Pork steak recipes come in handy when looking for the best dinner for your family. You can also serve pork chops to the guests when they come over.

You can always experiment with pork meat and invent a new recipe. Experiments with this meat can never go wrong! A little effort is required to achieve the desired recipe, and it is going to be loved by everyone. 


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