Maltby Street Market & 8 Best Food Heavens—You Must Explore

Maltby street market
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Maltby Street Market—is a smaller version of London’s Borough Market that comes up with healthy and delicious street food stalls, a fantastic location, and a less crowdy environment.

Yes, Maltby Street Market is one of the unique food markets in London and a hotspot for all the foodies located in Bermondsey, in a small alley called Ropewalk.

Exploring this food heaven is like treating your tastebuds to some home-brewed foods and drinks. Discovering small food stalls and restaurants—located near Victorian railway arches just behind the Tower Bridge—will offer you some freshly prepared items that you will find nowhere else.

So, plan your trip on the weekend to explore the tastiest and most affordable dishes on Maltby Street Market. But before that, check out this article so that you would not miss the must-try places of this food market.

Why Should We Visit Maltby Street Market?

If shopping is your first love and you are looking for the best bargains in a friendly atmosphere, you should visit some smaller markets, like Maltby Street Market.

Maltby Street market
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Featuring a myriad of fabulous vendors and are less crowdy than any shopping centres or markets in London, this food market is a type of market where you find Londoners rather the tourists.

Busy with their shopping or eating some mouthwatering foods, including grilled meat, seafood, cakes, pastries. And not to mention its offering of pop-up bars, restaurants, and eateries.

This market is new in comparison to other food markets in London. But it is a must-visit place if you go for lunch or want to grab some tasty snacks—a short walk from the London bridge.

8 Best Food Heavens Near Maltby Street Market

So, let’s take a closer look at the places you should not miss while planning your trip to this market.

Maltby street market
Photo by ElenaChaykinaPhotography, on Shutterstock, Copyright 2022

1. Bangers

Do you love sausages? Ok, great, Bangers will treat your tastebuds with truly exceptional egg sausages, mash, and classic sausage sarnie—a new venture located at the heart of Maltby street market.

And if you are a vegetarian, don’t miss out on their offering of three types of ‘Bangers’ stuffed with spinach and cheese. They also have a guest sausage every week.

2. La Pepiá

How about getting a taste of Venezuelan street food in your Maltby street market? Yes, it is a snack made from fried pitta bread and corn, known as Arepas, brought by La Pepiá’s stall owner Joel Ferrer in the UK.

To get the London touch, try its rainbow Arepas which contain white corn and natural extracts of spinach, carrot, and beetroot. This little food stall comes with plenty of options.

From the unique combinations of black beans, avocado, and chorizo to the signature cheese blanket—all are just hidden gems that you can’t miss while visiting this place.

3. Gyoza Guys

There is a rule for the Gyoza Guys‘ fried Japanese dumplings—you can’t share them. Yes, these delicious dumplings also come with stuffing like chicken, pork belly, shrimp, crab, cabbage, and corn that taste divine when you pair with sauces and side dishes.

Or, if you are not in the mood for Gyoza, go with bibimbap, pho, or bun cha salad. It is a must-go food stall in Maltby street market, which has been included in Timeout UK’s list of top 25 street foods.

4. Finest Fayre

Maltby street market
Photo by ElenaChaykinaPhotography, on Shutterstock, Copyright 2022

If you are searching for the best British culinary icon, don’t forget to try scotch egg in Finest Fayre. Scotch eggs are hard-boiled eggs wrapped in meat and coated in bread crumbs before being baked or deep-fried.

So, the Finest Fayre in the Maltby Street market is the right place to taste this British classic that has been served for years. You can also try salads or breakfast muffins.

5. The Cheese Food Trucks

The best street food award goes to the cheese truck in Maltby street market for offering some of the most delicious cheese sandwiches in the sandwich food scene in London since 2014.

On Sundays, they offer four different types of sandwiches—from Chorizo to Queso Chihuahua, these tasty and spicy toasties are the can’t miss things here.

What’s more? This Cheese truck is a true legend in the London street food scene, started to gain popularity in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

6. African Volcano

What can be better than some freshly cooked beef patties with the toppings of treacle-cured bacon and the coating of Grant Hawthrone’s peri-peri sauce, right?

Yes, African Volcano serves you some juicy and spicy hamburgers and grilled sandwiches—taste fantastic with the award-winning peri-peri sauce.

I will highly recommend you pick up a sandwich or burger with your favourite craft beer, or you can shop for sauce or marinades while visiting the Maltby street market.

7. Beanbag Coffee

As the name suggests, the Beanbag Coffee shop delivers you freshly prepared Thai-inspired iced coffee in bags—perfect for a drink on the go or resealed to be drunk later.

Gary Kirby, the owner of this coffee stall, proudly sells both hot and iced coffee made from Asian beans, using Thai methods and muslin bags.

The unique thing about this coffee is you will get the flavour of whole food ingredients like real coconut milk, almond butter, banana, and avocado without affecting the aroma and texture of the coffee—a must-visit place in Maltby street market.

8. Maltby Street Market Eateries

Maltby street market
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40 Maltby Street

There is no recommendation for you as the menus here are always even-changing. It depends upon the availability of the ingredients they have. But I can assure you it would not disappoint your tastebuds. Being located in the warehouse of Gergovie Wines, you can have some beautifully crafted wines that pair deliciously with the food.

Bar Tozino

At Bar Tozino, you can enjoy some high-class wine and melt-in-the-mouth good Jamon—a dried ham famous in Spain. This little bar in south London near the Maltby street market is the perfect place to spend time with your intimates.


If you have an addiction to Japanese cuisine, make a stop at Omoide—a Japanese restaurant located nearby Maltby street market, famous for serving some finest quality Chirashi sushi bowls and dashi. The food here is reasonable. And each dish is influenced by the head chef Angelo Sato.


This Argentine restaurant is a carnivore’s delight—famous for serving some authentic family recipes over the years. They will steal your heart with the delicious steak, Parilla (Argentine BBQ), and a mixed meat platter. And don’t forget to get a taste of Malbec from Mendoza—a can’t miss drink while visiting this eatery.

How Can You Get to Maltby Street Market?

The best way to visit Maltby Street Market is by bus or Tube. The nearest stations are Bermondsey station (11 minutes walk) and London Bridge ( 11 minutes walk).

Address: Arch 46, Ropewalk, Maltby St, London SE1 3PA, UK

Opening Hours of Maltby Street Market

Maltby Street Market is open for traders on Saturday from 10 pm to 5 pm—a perfect time for your breakfast, lunch, or afternoon shopping. And on Sunday it is open from 11 am to 4 pm.

Best Time To Visit?

Mid-morning is the best time if you are up for shopping as in afternoons it gets a little busier. For more information, visit the website of Maltby Street Market.

Final Note 

Maltby Street Market is one of the hidden gems for all food lovers. It is not as big as London’s Borough Market, but its glorious foods, delectable restaurants, some of the city’s best street food vendors will make your tastebuds sing.

In this article, I have mentioned all the must-visit places for you to explore while visiting this food heaven. So, just make your plan on weekends to discover this magical place in London—and I am pretty sure you will not regret it.

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