6 Best Malls in Leeds – Everything You Need to Know!

Merrion Centre
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There are many different malls in Leeds, each with unique features. Leeds is a city in West Yorkshire, England. This City is said to be the center and the fastest-growing greenest city in the United Kingdom.

Leeds is blessed with many vital natural resources. Also, over the years, Leeds has gained more popularity because of the visitors to the malls listed below.

1. Trinity Leeds (One of the Best Malls in Leeds)

Trinity Leeds Mall was opened on the 21st of March, 2013, located along Albion Street, Leeds, LS1 5ER, in Leeds, UK. This Mall consists of a shopping and leisure center for its customers.

Most importantly, Trinity is one of the biggest modern shopping centers in Leeds, with three main buildings joined together by a pedestrian bridge.

Features of Trinity Leeds –

Firstly, talking about the best of the best malls in Leeds City, Trinity is generally regarded as the best after receiving an award as the best-designed Shopping center in the World from the ICSC’s Global RECON VIVA.

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1.1 Unique Services

One of the interesting things about Trinity Leeds is its unique services. Trinity Leeds has a way of attending to its customers in a very suitable manner when it comes to shops, boutiques, beauty care, fashion, electronics, home furnishings, and books. You can get as many things from their stores as you like.

1.2 Socio-economic Impact

Moreover, Trinity Leeds greatly impacted the socio-economic situation of the local area where it was located.

Secondly, due to its popularity around the globe, two million people were reported to have visited this city.

1.3 Leisure Centers

However, it is important to note that Trinity Leeds has more than just a mall; it has a resolute restaurant and a leisure center suitable for relaxation.

So, twenty percent of the floor space was preserved for the restaurant and Leisure centers among the three main buildings processed by Trinity Leeds.

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1.4 Popularity

Lastly, Trinity Leeds has brought much popularity to Leeds since its establishment in 2013. International people and brands have visited this city, Leeds, because of Trinity Leeds.

2. White Rose Shopping

Another great mall in Leeds is the White Rose Shopping Center, which is located in south Leeds. White Rose Shopping was officially opened on March 25, 1997. It was owned and controlled by Landsec.

Features Of White Rose Shopping –

Certain features make White Rose Shopping different from every other mall in Leeds. The following are the features of White Rose Shopping:

2.1 Elaborate Space:

This mall has a spacious parking lot for over 5,000 cars. The White Rose Shopping Building is very large, such that the walking distance from one end to another can take up to half a mile.

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2.2 Solar Installation

White Rose Shopping solved the issue of electricity as they provided the largest solar panel installations.

2.3 Radio Station:

White Rose Shopping Center has a radio station where live session programs are being held. During these live session programs, they make announcements about certain updates about the shopping center.

2.4 Extension:

In this center, customers have unlimited access to choose their preferences, as White Rose Shopping makes provision for retail options. They have over a hundred shops with many products that will match customers’ choices.

3. The Merrion Centre 

Merrion Centre can be found along Merrion Way, located on the northern side of Leeds city center, LS2, UK. It was officially opened in 1960. Since then, Merrion Centre has gained popularity both locally and internationally.

Features Of The Merrion Centre –

As a mall, Merrion Center has a lot of store buildings for different kinds of purposes. Some are meant for eateries, health clinics, beauty salons, and fitness centers. All these provisions are to satisfy its customer’s needs.

3.1 Restaurants:

The Merrion Center has different beautiful places for a quick meal for its customers. The restaurants include Konga Coffee, OBA Kitchen and Bar, Pizza Express, Fuji Hiro, Hama Korean BBQ, and many others.

Their services include the dishing of local delicacies and international cuisines. Customers can choose their meals from the variety of food provided there.

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3.2 Wellness Facilities:

This center provides an opportunity for the well-being of Its customers. Facilities like health clinics, beauty salons, fitness centers, and other necessary well-being services are made available for interested guests and customers.

3.3 Organization of Events:

Merrion Center engages in organizing yearly events, promotions, and activities for its target audience. Some of these events include periodic celebrations, live events, and family activities.

3.4 Entertainment Activities:

Merrion Center can be identified as a home of entertainment. It provides suitable means of entertainment for different ages.

There are cinema complexes where interested customers can enjoy the latest blockbuster with their families or loved ones. Entertainment centers like gaming, bowling alleys, or other leisure activities are available in the center.

3.5 Office Spaces:

This center made a provision for office centers where various business owners and commercial tenants could use them for a stipulated time. These office spaces are built mainly for business purposes and have a dynamic working environment.

3.6 Ease of Accessibility:

The center’s location in Leeds makes it easy for interested customers to access it. Tourists and visitors in Leeds can easily access Merrion Center because its location is nearly connected to the bus stops, center, and train stations.

With this huge opportunity, people from other parts of the country can easily find their way without roadmaps.

4. The Springs

This is another great mall in Leeds, UK. The Springs opened in October 2018. The Springs is a mixture of leisure and shopping centers in Leeds, UK. Thorpe Park is a residential community that was created for business park vendors.

It is important to note that “The Springs” is part of the Thorpe Park regeneration project. The Springs are made up of restaurants, shops, and a gym for leisure use.

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Features Of The Springs in Leeds –

Certain features are identified with the Springs. And these features showcase the reasons behind the establishment of The Springs as a plan for the regeneration project of Thorpe Park.

Here are the key features of The Springs:

4.1 Entertainment Center:

Apart from shopping, The Springs provides adequate room for entertainment for its customers.

There are certain entertainment facilities available in the Springs for entertainment purposes. Facilities like cinemas, leisure cafes, and other leisure activities

4.2 Retail Option:

There are several varieties of retail options provided by the Springs. These retail options include fashion stores, electronics selling centers, popular brands, and shops for hardware equipment.

4.3 Environment:

The environment of the Springs at Thorpe Park is well developed as it includes offices, residential areas, social amenities, and other functionalities that can make the environment dynamic and effective.

5. The Core

The Core is located at Headrow in Leeds. It is one of the shopping centers that provide comfortable services to customers. This shopping center has various shops like cafes, restaurants, and kiosks. All these shops are inside The Core Center.

Features Of The Core Leeds –

The Core offers different features ranging from retail options, entertainment, ease of accessibility, etc. Below are features of the Core as a shopping center.

5.1 Entertainment Features

The Core offers many entertainment features, like a monthly release of the latest blockbuster and popup circus, among many others. The movies are released and watched in the cinema center within the core of Leeds.

Also, there are daily news updates about entertainment news that are upcoming. This is to keep their customers updated about their entertainment affairs.

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5.2 Event Programs

There are certain programs organized by The Core Leeds in addition to their services as a shopping arena. Some special events like FOOTASYLUM WOMEN’S LAUNCH EVENT are created to attract more customers and create awareness about their latest product.

5.3 Food Court

This is a common feature of The Core as a shopping center. The food court provides their customers with the option of choosing their choice of meals ranging from normal fast food to other cuisines.

5.4 Retail Stores

The Core offers a variety of retail stores that include fashion, home goods, restaurants, electronics, and more. All these retail stores have different products and services made available for interested customers.

5.5 Other Amenities

Amenities like restrooms, seating areas, leisure centers, and other amenities. All these are to provide convenience for their customers and to give them better experiences.

6. Victoria Quarter 

Victoria Quarter is the second half of Victoria in West Yorkshire, Leeds. It is a modern shopping center established by Frank Matcham, and it is generally known as a popular arena for shopping centers.

As earlier stated, Victoria Quarter is from Victoria Leeds, located at the center of the Leeds city center. And that has over eight hundred car parking spaces which are very close to the bus and railway stations axis in the UK.

Features Of Victoria Quarter –

Certain features are peculiar to the Victoria Quarter, which helps to differentiate this shopping center from the second half of the Victoria Quarter (Victoria Gate). They are listed below:

6.1 Home of Quality and Luxury Stores

Victoria Quarter is one of the great shopping centers that serves as a home for sales of many quality and luxury fashion brand products.

Fashion brands like Paul Smith, Ted Baker, Louis Vuitton, and Jo Malone London have their portals in Victoria Quarter stores.

Any interested buyers can purchase any of the stocks at their convenience. Also, this shopping center helps to display exclusive jewelry products from fashion producers.

Malls in Leeds
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6.2 Dining Options

Another interesting thing about this shopping is its dining options. Several dining options are available for its guests. It includes different food cafes, restaurants, and refreshment centers where pleasure moments can be observed.

6.3 Victoria Arcade

The location of Victoria Quarter is around the center of Leeds City. Victoria Quarter is a Shopping building that includes many stores.

And at the heart of Victoria, the Quarter lies the Victoria Arcade. Victoria Arcade is known to be lined with a stunning glass roof.

Inside this arcade are many different shops and boutiques that offer great customer experiences.

6.4 Stunning Architecture

Victoria Quarter has a very stunning architecture as a shopping complex located in the center of Leeds City.

The Victoria Quarter building is built in a captivating manner. The building has marble features that add more beauty to the architectural setting of the Victoria Quarter.

6.5 Event Programs

Victoria Quarter does organize many events programs, most especially during festive periods. These events programs include special events, exhibitions events, fashion shows, and promotions.


Q1: What are the best malls in West Yorkshire, Leeds, in the UK?

A1: Some of the best malls in Leeds include Trinity Leeds, Merrion Centre, the Core, cross gates shopping center, the springs, Victoria Quarter, and White Rose Shopping Centre.

Q2: Which of the malls in Leeds was recognized as the best-designed shopping center?

A2: Trinity Leeds is generally regarded as the best after receiving an award as the best-designed Shopping center in the World from the ICSC’s Global RECON VIVA.

Q3: Which malls organized FOOTASYLUM WOMEN’S LAUNCH EVENT as an upcoming event program?

A3: The Core organized FOOTASYLUM WOMEN’S LAUNCH EVENT as their upcoming event program.

Conclusion – Malls in Leeds

Checking each shopping center’s ratings and features will show you their peculiarity as the best malls in West Yorkshire, Leeds.

All these malls have enough capability to provide pleasant and comfortable experiences for their customers.

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