Is Switzerland a Good Place to Live?- The Pros & Cons

is switzerland a good place to live
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Is Switzerland a good place to live? What do you think of it?

Switzerland, officially known as the Swiss Confederation, is one of the world’s wealthiest countries and is famed as a peaceful country. 

Cantons are the geographical divisions of Switzerland. Bern, Switzerland’s capital, and Zurich, its largest city, are located in the country’s German-speaking northern part.

The western portion of Switzerland is French-speaking, and it is here that the multicultural Geneva and picturesque Lausanne may be found. Lugano, where Italian is spoken, is located to the south. Although speaking the dialect is not required, taking courses can help you assimilate more readily with the people when you relocate. 

Switzerland is a little Alpine country in the heart of Europe. It is known for its beautiful green meadows, soaring snow-capped mountains, ice-melting glaciers, frozen lakes, skiing, Edelweiss, cheese, cows, clocks, chocolates, and, of course, money.

Switzerland has been a popular destination for wealthy ex-pats seeking an ex-pat life. The country is easily accessible from Europe and beyond, and it is a conservative and stable country that may appeal to individuals who value the finer things in life.

Because of its growing popularity among foreigners, it’s becoming a little less stuffy!

Switzerland, the world’s happiest country, is affluent, peaceful, and prosperous. In this article, we will mainly address the question – Is Switzerland an excellent place to live? Continue reading to learn why Switzerland is such a popular place to live and work.

8 Benefits of living in Switzerland:-

1 – Work Opportunities

If you want to advance in your career, Switzerland is a great place to go because earnings in similar work roles can double or even triple those in other European nations.

Genevans and Zurich residents have the world’s highest average salaries, owing to their positions in finance, banking, and insurance.

Many foreigners, particularly those with advanced degrees, find work in Switzerland, with foreigners accounting for nearly half of all executive positions. You’ll find great ambitious companies in Switzerland to join the international workforce.

Switzerland is an attractive destination to work in since the average Swiss salary, working environment, and standard of living are all relatively high.

2 – Education

Switzerland is known for providing world-class education and has one of the best educational systems in the world.

Switzerland’s well-developed education system is decentralized, concentrating on multilingual education.

Private schools, public, international, and multilingual swiss schools make up the educational system. From kindergarten to university, Switzerland provides almost free education.

Switzerland is home to some of Europe’s best universities, including world-renowned universities, HSG in St. Gallen, and the top technological university, EPF Lausanne and ETH Zurich.

Within the diverse locations of Switzerland, they have 12 swiss universities and 7 Higher Educational Institutions of Applied Sciences.

Several worldwide IT multinational companies and businesses are established and fast-growing in Switzerland due to the high quality of education and research from world-renowned universities.

3 – Great weather

Is Switzerland a good place to live? Yes, it is for all looking for great weather and an amazingly picturesque location. The climate in Switzerland varies, with lower temperatures in the north and mountains covered in snow for up to six months followed by chilly summers, while the climate in the south of the Alps is mainly the Mediterranean.

Switzerland’s beauty has a lot to offer to its visitors; it is known for its stunning mountains and tranquil lakes. Air conditioners are barely used in Switzerland.

Is switzerland a good place to live
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Summers are typically the Mediterranean, with temperatures reaching 30°C in July and August, with the coldest months being January and February.

4 – Safety

Safety is one of the most crucial factors when choosing a country to live and work in. Switzerland is a peaceful and serene country, ranked one of the safest places to live and work in Europe.

Switzerland has the world’s best social security system and the lowest crime rate. In Switzerland, the number to contact in an emergency is 117.

Switzerland has been a neutral and stable democracy since 1815. It is home to various international institutions like the United Nations in Europe, the World Trade Organization, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, and the Red Cross.

5 – Public Transportation

Switzerland is an excellent area to live for families and children since it has modern communications, advanced public transport, and an excellent power supply.

The country boasts a well-developed and efficient public transportation system that allows you to travel rapidly around the country, whether for work or pleasure.

Switzerland is nestled in the heart of Europe, between France, Germany, Italy, and Austria, making it ideal for getting about Europe swiftly and effortlessly.

Is Switzerland a good place to live
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The trains are all on schedule, and the intra-city and inter-city transit is excellent. Any remote destination can be pinpointed and reached exclusively by public transportation.

Despite not being a member of the European Union, Switzerland is a member of the Schengen Treaty. Citizens of visa-deprived countries (such as India and China) can travel freely inside the EU if they live or work in Switzerland.

6 – Diversity

With an estimated population of 8.5 million people, the country is a melting pot of people from many walks of life, races, and traditions. Switzerland is a very cosmopolitan, with roughly 30% of residents being foreigners and 70% being from the European Union.

Switzerland is a multinational country with a diverse culture that welcomes foreign employees; about 20% of the population comprises permanent and temporary foreign workers.

The country has four official languages: German, French, Italian, and English.

Because English is widely spoken, English-speaking professionals have numerous chances. However, it is always worthwhile to try to learn the local language to assist you in adjusting to your new life.

It is well-known for its UNESCO World Heritage Sites, medieval towns, delectable cuisine, and a wide range of recreational opportunities for people of all ages. It contains approximately 600 museums, making it an ideal destination for art lovers.

7 – High Quality of Life

Switzerland has consistently been voted one of the finest countries in the world in quality-of-life index polls.

People work to live here. The norm is that people work from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., and they do not work on weekends or evenings. This is true not only for people who go to the office, but also for people who work in general stores, shopping malls, and other places. On weekdays, the entire city of Zurich closes at 7 p.m. and only opens until 4 p.m. on Saturday.

8 – Healthcare

It is mandatory to obtain healthcare insurance within three months of relocating to Switzerland, but for the cost, you may anticipate good standards, lower wait times, and top-quality care.

Switzerland has a universal healthcare system, and insurance providers are non-profit and government-approved, providing affordable policies.

Individuals will benefit from the system since it is well-designed to keep expenses down.

5 Cons of Living in Switzerland

As you can see, there are numerous advantages to making Switzerland your new home.

The country is known across the world for its highest quality of living, so it’s no surprise that there are numerous advantages to relocating there!

However, where there are advantages, there must also be disadvantages. Switzerland has some drawbacks as well, which you should be aware of if you are considering relocating there.

1 – Expenses

Zurich and Geneva, the most popular Swiss destinations for ex-pats.

The Swiss are generally risk-averse, necessitating a plethora of insurances. As a result, they pay higher insurance premiums.

Groceries are another bill that may leave a sour taste in your mouth. All kind of beverages are find here, that are, among the 37 nations studied, according to Eurostat data.

2 – High Property Prices

Switzerland’s real estate is pricey, and the country cannot be described as inexpensive or even affordable on any level.

The majority of Swiss residents — over 60% of the entire population – rent their homes rather than own them, resulting in a highly crowded and competitive rental market.

Obtaining an apartment in the first place will also be costly. Many Swiss rent apartments and then stay for an extended period of time.

is switzerland a good place to live
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Even if you find the ideal apartment, there will almost certainly be competition. If you hire an agent, you’ll have a better chance of winning, but it will cost you money.

The cost of home living in Switzerland is extremely high. It actually depends on where you reside, however prices in cities are quite hefty.

People rent outside of cities, in rural areas, or in smaller cities connected to major hubs to save money. It is fairly common to live in a smaller location outside of Zürich or Geneva and then commute to work.

3 – Rigid Rules and Regulations

Switzerland is a strict country, and it’s best not to get involved in any monkey business here.

There have been numerous reports of people losing their work permits as a result of speeding on the highway.

If you are here on a work permit, you should avoid doing anything unlawful because your permit will be revoked immediately. You will not have any problems if you are a decent visitor.

However, do not be surprised if Swiss people ask you to follow their norms regarding waste disposal, apartment building behavior, and street behavior, among other things.

Everyone is subject to the rules, and everyone wants to live in a pleasant, friendly atmosphere. 

4 – High Cost of Living

Switzerland is an overpriced country to live in. Rents are comparable to those in London and New York City. Grocery stores and restaurants are also expensive.

Switzerland has several of the world’s most expensive cities, so coming there from a country like Canada could be a financial shock.

To make the most of life in Switzerland, you’ll need a high salary and solid budgeting skills, especially if you wish to live near the city center, where the excitement is.

5 – Getting a work permit is not easy

Switzerland has a somewhat tight immigration policy, which is a controversial subject in the country. Many referendums have been held to determine the future of immigration into the Alpine country, but the only straightforward method to receive a work permit right now is to get a job first and then come to Switzerland.

If you are an EU citizen, you can even apply for an L permit and work in Switzerland for six months. However, an L permit has some drawbacks: after three months, you’ll have to pay the insurance here (about 300 CHF per month), and renting a property with L permission is difficult.

If you find a job first, you’ll be given a B permit. The B permit permits you to live in Switzerland for 5 years (rent is cheaper), after which you can either extend it or apply for a C permit. The C permit is the final stage, and the only option now is to apply for citizenship.

If you are not a citizen of the European Union, things become much more complicated, and you will be unable to obtain an L permit.

Many people from non-EU countries come to Switzerland as partners of Swiss residents, allowing them to obtain a residence permit and subsequently hunt for work.

Is Switzerland a Good Place to Live?

It’s no surprise that this lovely country is one of the top choices for people who want to live and work in Europe, as it constantly ranks among the greatest countries to live in, thanks to its natural beauty, infrastructure, personal safety, and earning potential.

As you can see, Switzerland is a very desirable place to live and work. It has a lot of positive aspects, but some of the drawbacks are enough to drive you insane.

For someone seeking a career in this country, the country’s rising and strong economy provides numerous chances. So is Switzerland a good place to live? We would love to hear your opinion. 

I hope we have answered all your questions and doubts about whether Switzerland is a good place to live. Please share your thoughts in the comments box below!

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