How to Take Care of Weed Plants in 4 Easy Steps

how to take care of wed plants
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People these days love growing plants in their homes. There are a variety of plants including flowering and non-flowering plants that are available in everyone’s home. Weed plant is not an exception. But there are certain steps that need to be followed in order to plant a weed plant. How to take care of weed plants is therefore one of the most common questions asked by these people. To solve this query, we are here with this article. 

In this article, you will get to know a lot of things that are related to taking care of your weed plant. These include a lot of important information as well. Let us dive into this article without any further delay. 

1. How to Take Care of Weed Plants 

There are various steps involved in taking care of the weed plant. These steps ensure that you will have a healthy weed sapling at your home. 

Follow these tips to make sure your weed plant is healthy and evergreen. 

1.1. Water Regularly 

Watering is one of the most essential tips for growing a healthy weed plant, just like any other plant. An adequate amount of water will ensure the long life of your young weed sapling. The right amount of water will help the soil to be moist. This in turn ensures that the roots of the plant can soak water from the soil as and when required. 

Overwatering can spoil the quality of the soil resulting in poor condition of the plant. Excess watering of the plant will result in water logging. This will make the roots of the plant too moist to function. 

how to take care of weed plants
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Underwatering the plant is also harmful to the overall life span of the sapling. Making the soil less moist than usual will result in a deficiency of nutrients. The plant will not be able to grow properly due to the scarcity of nutrients in the soil. 

Therefore, the best way to keep your plant healthy is to water it regularly but just enough. Not more and not less. 

1.2. Provide the Right Amount of Light 

Exposure to light is another important factor for the growth of any plant. However, marijuana or weed plants require more light to grow. The more amount of light, the better it is for the weed plant. A weed plant requires around 18 hours of light during the peak season or the vegetative season. Exposing the weed plant to 18 hours of light during the vegetative season will keep the plant healthy. 

how to take care of weed plants
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The weed plant requires around 12 hours of light during the flowering season. Helping the plant get 12 hours of light daily will ensure proper functioning and flowering of the plant. 

There are some cases in which the plant might not get exposed to enough sunlight during the day. In that case, you can expose the plant to artificial lighting as well. Select a light source and keep the plant in front of the light for 12 to 18 hours in case sunlight is not available. 

Make sure to keep checking the level and intensity of light for better growth of the marijuana plant. 

1.3. Provide Porper Nutrients to the Plant 

The weed plant requires proper nutrition to grow. Make sure to give the plant enough nutrients even if it is getting a few from the soil. Adding some special nutrients will speed up the growing process of the plants. 

Nitrogen, Calcium, Phosphorus, and Potassium are some of the most important nutrients required for the proper growth of marijuana plants. Deficiency of any of these nutrients can lead to poor plant health. 

how to take care of weed plants
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You can either add these nutrients separately in the soil for your plant or you can also choose a fertilizer that has it all. There are a lot of fertilizers available in the market that consist of all these nutrients and even some more. Adding the fertilizer at once is better than adding these nutrients individually.

Another reason for using fertilizer is because of the ingredient ratio. Adding them individually might result in an imbalance ratio of nutrients. 

1.4. Prune the Weed Plant 

Pruning the plant is essential for its healthy growth. Every plant in general needs pruning to grow well. Trimming the branches at regular intervals of time makes the plant grow faster. 

It is the same in the case of hairs. The more you cut the ends, the faster it grows. Similarly, make sure to trim and prune the edges of the plant. This will boost the growing process. 

1.5. Keep the Weed Plant Away From Pests 

It is important to keep the plant away from pests. At times the pests are responsible for ruining the condition of the plants. Make sure to spray the weed plants with regular medicines. 

This will help in controlling the pest attack on the plants. 

2. Proper Humidity for Weed Growth

It is important to keep the humidity of the weed plants in check. The humidity is one of the fundamental aspects of keeping the plant healthy and growing at a fast rate. 

It is difficult to control the humidity outside but there are certain things that the plant parent should keep in mind. Weed plants are very resilient. They can easily adapt to the environment around them. It is therefore advised to not take the weed plant out if the weather is very humid. Keeping the humidity in control is one most essential factors for weed growth. 

It is easy to control the humidity when the plant is placed indoors. This will help you monitor the plant’s health closely and more effectively. Make sure that your plant is not over-humid. This will result in unwanted damage to the plant. Being less humid is also not good for the overall health of the plant. This will make the plant dehydrated. Being dehydrated will also make the plant less in nutrients. Lack of nutrients will make the plant’s health weak. 

3. Steps to Grow Weed Plants 

how to take care of weed plants
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There are various steps involved in growing a weed plant. A lot of steps are involved apart from taking care of the plant. The steps are mentioned here:

3.1. Choosing the Right Seed 

Choosing the right seed is one of the most important parts of growing a plant. There are a variety of weed plant seeds available. They range from marijuana to cannabis and a lot more. The seed determines the quality of the plant. 

3.2. Keep the Fundamentals in Mind 

There are a few weed plant fundamentals that need to be kept in mind while growing the weed plant. Some of them are discussed below: 

3.2.1. Light 

Light plays an important role in the growing of weed plants. The right amount of plants can make sure that your plant is healthy. It also makes sure that the plant is getting enough nutrients from the sunlight. 

The plant requires around 18 hours of sunlight during the healthy vegetation stage per day. Keep the plant outdoors if you want it to get sunlight directly from the sun. You can keep the plant under some artificial light if you are planning to provide light indoors. The only thing to keep in mind is to provide enough light for the plant to grow. 

3.2.2. Growing Medium 

The growing medium is another important aspect of growing a plant. The medium it grows in determines the quality and nature of the plant. A variety of soils are available for growing your plants. 

You need to choose the soil according to your plant requirements. Make sure to choose the right soil that can absorb all the nutrients for making your plant healthy. 

3.2.3. Air 

Air is another important aspect when it comes to growing your cannabis plant. Air is required for the adequate amount of change in gases and in all the cells of the plant. It is best to keep the plant outdoors if you want it to get proper air. Even if you keep it indoors, make sure to provide a proper supply of fresh air. 

Getting the plant exposed to stale or not-so-fresh air will make it unhealthy. And we surely don’t want our plants to be unhealthy. 

3.2.4. Temperature 

Most of the weed plants are resilient to the temperature. It is still advised to keep a check on the outside temperature. Do not expose your plants to overheating as it may damage the leaves and other parts of the plant. 

Keeping it in low-temperature conditions will also be harmful to the plant. This is because it will not be able to absorb all the required nutrients. 

The ideal temperature for growing a weed plant is 27 degrees Celcius. A few degrees up and down will not affect the overall growth of the plant. However, exposing it to adverse temperatures might affect the overall well-being. 

3.2.5. Nutrients

This also plays a major role while growing the weed plant. Adding proper nutrients or the plant will make sure that the plant is not deficient in any essential nutrients. This will not only ensure the proper growing of the plant. But will also make sure that it remains healthy for the future as well. 

Adding proper nutrients to the plant also makes sure that the plant has enough food for itself. Starving the plant will lead to further damage to the sapling. 

3.3. Germination and Weed Seedling 

how to take care of weed plants
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The germination of seeds determines the overall characteristics of the plant. All the seeds present at the top contain the necessary information for growth. Getting the proper care and conditions will help the seeds to germinate.

There are certain circumstances that are essential for the growth of a weed plant. Light, air and water are some of the most essential circumstances that need to be fulfilled. 

There are also certain ways that can help you in the germination of your seed. You can choose the one that suits you the best. 

Some of the ways are:

  • Straight into the medium – You can directly place the seeds into the medium you want them to grow. 
  • Paper towel – Placing the seeds in a moistened paper towel is also a good idea. This will also help in germinating your seed faster. 
  • In water – Placing the seeds in water is also a good idea. It will help the seed germinate faster. You can then place the seed in the medium of your choice. Make sure to follow all the other steps for growing a healthy weed plant. 


Weed is one of the most commonly used plants for various purposes. Growing weed the right way is therefore very important. The best way to do this is to plant a weed plant at home. This will even save you from all the hustle and bustle. 

It is important to know how to take care of weed plants in order to have a healthy sapling at home. 

We hope this article finds you well. 


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