How to Style Shoulder Length Hair

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Shoulder-length hairstyles always stay fashionable, no matter the time period, as they are the most versatile length. But are you bored of leaving your hair loose or just putting it in a basic bun after getting a shoulder-length haircut and want some cute and easy hairstyle ideas? Don’t worry. This article will provide you with useful ideas on how to style shoulder length hair .

No more surfing the whole internet for the perfect guide to hairstyles for shoulder-length hair. In this article, we’ll also be covering some medium-length hairstyles since shoulder-cut hair tends to grow quickly. We can find the right haircut for you, whether you have thick or thin hair.

People choose shoulder-length and medium-length hair, drawing inspiration from the styles of celebrities like Emma Stone, Lily Collins, and Mila Kunis. They give you hair length that looks good on everyone and is a very safe choice. This kind of hairstyle also provides an elegant and vibrant look, boosting your confidence and making you feel fully prepared to take on the world.

1. Shoulder Length Hairstyles 

Choosing appropriate hairstyles along with styling is necessary to bring everything together. The shoulder-length cut is similar to the mid-length cut because of its flexibility but differs from them because shoulder-length locks are more manageable.

1.1 Bob Cut 

A shoulder-length bob can be said to be a transformative haircut, as it can enhance your look regardless of your face shape and create the illusion of dense hair. A quick look at this shoulder-length hairstyle will make us realize that a bob seems to freshen up your spirits.

how to style shoulder length hair
Image by Engin Akyurt from Pixabay

As we breeze through some popular shoulder-length haircuts, we encounter the A-line bob and the classic bob haircut, which work best for round faces and fine hair. Take a break from your spiral curls with the help of a flat iron because free-falling, straight, shiny hair has its own fan base. If you have natural wavy hair, choose layered bobs because those curly locks will feel voluminous with the layers.

1.2 Bangs 

Bangs have held a top spot in hairstyle trends for a long time. The classic crowd favourites include curtain bangs, blunt bangs, long-side swept bangs, layered bangs, and wispy bangs. They beautifully complement various face shapes and enhance your natural features. Therefore, it’s important to make suitable choices when selecting them.

how to style shoulder length hair
Image by Irina Gromovataya from Pixabay

Curtain bangs are very popular nowadays. These bang styles work well not only with shoulder-length hair but also with mid-length hair as well as short hair.

1.3 V-Cut and U-Cut

The mid-length V-cut and U-cut bring thickness even to the finest hair. As you can make out from the names, these cuts resemble the letters V and U, respectively.

Both of them help add movement and dimension to the shoulder-length strands. Give the damp hair a blowout to create extra volume. The V cut is usually preferred for longer hair strands.

1.4 Face Framing Layers / Feathered Cut / Wolf Cut / Layered Shag  

The feathered cut and face-framing layers would do wonders for thicker hair owners and are perfect for medium-length curly hair. The shoulder-length wolf cut would do great work in enhancing the appearance of your hair. Layered Shag is also a great choice, as the choppy layers provide a volume-boosting effect.

These cuts work well as medium-length hairstyles too. Since we seem to have covered the most popular haircuts, let’s move on to shoulder-length hairstyles.

2. How to Style Shoulder Length Hair 

Let’s look at ways to style shoulder-length hair. This can also be considered as a guide to styling medium-length hair. Shoulder-length hair can be divided into two types based on their thickness: thin or fine hair and thick hair.

Firstly, we will dive in for some fine hair styling.

2.1 Styling Shoulder Length Thin Hair 

Thin hair has many advantages like easy manageability, less heat damage, less bulk, quick drying and many more. Many stylists opt for texturizing spray, root boost and hair oil for thin, flat hair.

This creates texture and adds shine to fine hair. The chosen parting also plays a great role in the overall appearance. Let’s jump into the styling ideas.

2.1.1 Open Hair 

Leaving the hair open will always be an option if it is not summer. Well, we don’t want your hair sticking to your face now, do we? Let’s look at some stylist-approved styling ideas for thin hair. These are foolproof medium-length hairstyles too.

Beachy waves made using a curling iron or straightener will always give a laid-back, fun, summery look and are the perfect casual hairstyle. The medium-length cut would also get its proper appreciation in this hairstyle.

how to style shoulder length hair
Image by Dimitar Veselinov from Pixabay

Red carpets see the Wet-Look style frequently these days. Zendaya is a hardcore fan of this styling. Get this style by air-drying your hair first. Secondly, use your favourite gel product for the wet hair effect and rock on.

Fancy occasion but want to leave the hair open? Bejewelled mermaid hair is the perfect solution. Add some pearls or rhinestones, and finish it off with a shine spray. These would look amazing on medium hair too.

Sleek straight hair will always give you a serious business vibe and is perfect for all hair textures. Blow dry your hair with a paddle brush for the perfect straight hair. Bonus points if you have blonde hair because it is a match made in heaven.

2.1.2 Half-Up Style 

Go grab your round brush, some thin bobby pins, and your favourite hair tie because we are trying on some cute shoulder-length hairstyles. In addition, to make your hair look beachy and wavy, use some sea salt spray, and voila, tousled waves appear. A half-up-half-down hairstyle is always the perfect option if you are looking for something fun yet effortless. Moreover, this is perfect for mid-length hair too.

The quickest one in this category of styling will surely be the half-top knot or the half-up beach wave. Just wrap the top half of your hair in a half-pulled ponytail, and we’re done. Make sure that you take just the right amount of hair for this. This can be your go-to beach hairstyle. Also, you can ditch the comb for a messy look.

2.1.3 Ponytails 

Have a bad hair day? Ponytails are your saviours. Just because you have thin hair does not mean that you should shy away from ponytails. In addition, it must be noted that these go with mid-length hair too.

The low pony and the high pony are among the most basic hairstyles. Nonetheless, the facelift given by high ponies is magical. However, you can add a twist and elevate your whole look further.

how to style shoulder length hair
Image by Steve Bidmead from Pixabay

Go for the adorable poofy pony by adding bumps in the crown portion of the hair. This will make your hair look voluminous. Bangs work well with this hairstyle.

Add a sophisticated look to your plain high ponytail by slicking it back. This gives a rich, polished look and can elevate your whole outfit. Use gel to secure the stray baby hairs.

Braided ponytails can be of great help if you are suffering from hair breakage. They can look good while protecting your hair at the same time.

2.2 Styling Shoulder Length Thick Hair 

Super thick hair usually comes with tangles and frizz, so be sure to use a tooth comb to untangle them. After this, move into the styling process.

2.2.1 Braids 

Braids can be perfect for these hair types, as the hair looks full and healthy. A wavy hairstyle would look so good paired with braids.

Boho-inspired braids are all-time favourites because the crown braid and the soft curls make you look chic. Besides, anyone can pull this off. The French braid can also be put under boho-inspired braids. In shorter hair, French braids can be a little challenging, but they sure can add character to your hair. Adding hair accessories or flowers is a great idea.

how to style shoulder length hair
Image by Pexels from Pixabay

The Milkmaid braid makes you feel carpet-ready, giving off a classy yet messy vibe. It is one of the easiest braids, perfect for shoulder-length style. Just braid your hair in two sections and pin them both up cleanly using some pins. And maybe leave some loose curls in the front.

Thick Dutch braids will also look great but don’t forget to add more volume by pulling them outward.

2.2.2 Updos 

Even though updos are for every hair, they do extremely well among the thicker ones. The natural texture of the hair need not be altered when doing updos, which does not damage the hair.

Finger-combing your hair for a messy bun on your natural curls is always a fun idea. Moreover, it looks great on any hair. It gives the illusion of thick and pretty hair, too.

If you have naturally wavy hair or are trying to pull off a curly style, a curly topknot can come to your rescue. If you’re in a transitional phase of hair growth, this hairstyle will be perfect. The stray strands can blow in the wind peacefully without bothering your overall look.

The low chignon is another option for you. It gives you an elegant look in a limited amount of time. Since claw clips are back in business, the 90s minimalist updo can add magic to your hair. Sculpted updos are another amazing idea where the hair sits sleekly. If you’re looking for a very feminine touch, a wrapped easy updo is the one for you. Ballerina buns, French-pinned buns, sleek topknots, and buns with defined edges can all be looked into.

3. Conclusion 

No hairstyle is confined to a particular hair texture or length. Have fun and try different hairstyles and haircuts to find what suits you the best. Hair has the power to break or boost your confidence. Ace the best hairstyle easily because we have already covered the ways how to style shoulder-length hair .

Be careful to use the right product for your hair, as taking care of it is of the same importance as styling it.


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