Hiking In London: 6 Best Hikes

Hiking in London
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Hiking in London is as beautiful and calming as one can expect, with stunning scenery from the top, fresh air, peace of mind, and much more. A day spent with nature is never wasted; good pair of shoes and a day away from the city is all that is needed to have a few of the best hikes of your life, and the best part about hiking in London is that it doesn’t require to walk kilometers away to find best scenic hikes.

Hiking is a great way to spend a reasonable amount of time with your loved ones, whether its a family day, spending time with friends or if its a date, hiking in London is the best escape, also if you want to spend some quality time with your partner then there are many romantic places to visit in London.

Below listed are a few adventurous as well as easy hikes with a total amount of time and distance from the central city. You can find the transportation for each below, so take your hiking boots, pack lunch and fill your water bottles because now the walk begins.

6 Best Spots for Hiking in London

1. The Chess Valley Walk

i. Total distance to be Covered

It takes a total distance of around 10 Miles which is around 16 Kilometers from London city to the Chess Valley Walk.

ii. Journey Time

It takes approximately 5 hours to reach, including the breaks and capturing photographs.

iii. About the Hike

The chess valley walk is one of the best hikes near London. The walk begins in the town, but the hiking trails are covered through the countryside. It’s one of the most adventurous hiking in London. One can count it as a great way to spend a day trip with loved ones.

The walk is not considered one of the most challenging paths for hiking. But there are a few steep hill areas, and hiking trails turn muddy during rainy weather, but other than most, the hiking trail is flat. 

There are signs and route markings to follow along the path. It is always advisable to take an offline map as one cannot depend on the internet during hiking trails.

It is always worth taking your map of the area as you never know when technology could let you down.

Passing through the picturesque Chiltern Hills, golden fields of wheat, valleys, and streams and capturing the beauty of River Chess, after a covering a short walk, hikers can wander through some scenic English villages.

The walk passes from Rickmansworth in Hertfordshire to Chesham in Buckinghamshire. The chess valley walk is easy to follow as there are signposts all along the route with the name of the walk, but still, hikers need to keep an eye on the route to reach the earliest.

It’s one of the most relaxing hiking escapes, and hikers can explore various aspects while climbing. There are different sections to explore:

  • The first section of the walk begins from Rickmansworth to Loudwater.
  • The second section of the walk begins from Loudwater to Sarratt Bottom.
  • After covering roughly half, the third section of the walk begins from Sarratt Bottom to Latimer.
  • The fourth section of the walk begins from Latimer to Chesham.

iv. How to Reach

There are two options to reach.

Take the Metropolitan Line from Baker Street or any other station at your convenience. The journey takes almost 38 minutes. Or one can head towards Marylebone Station and take the Chiltern Railways service to Aylesbury (via Amersham). This train just takes around 22 minutes.

While returning, take a Metropolitan Line tube from Chesham back to London. Trains run every 30 minutes, and it takes around 50 minutes from Chesham To London.

If arriving by car, park at the Rickmansworth Station and get a train from Chesham to Rickmansworth.

2. Seven Sisters Cliff Walk (From London Victoria to Eastbourne)

hiking in London
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i. Total Distance to be Covered

This distance from the main city to the seven sisters is 14 Miles- 22.5 Kilometers.

ii. Journey Time

It takes Approx. 7.5 hours to complete the hikes near London.

iii. About the Hike

The seven sisters is a series of white chalk cliffs at the edge of the coast of Sussex south downs national park, present in the south of London. The seven sisters’ walk is filled with stunning sea views, fresh air, and green grass. It’s considered one of the best day trips for hiking in London.

The Seven Sisters cliff Walk is magnificent and can also be considered a strenuous walk due to the frequent unleveled hiking trails; one with good physical fitness should only opt for this hike; other than that, it can cause problems ruining all the hiking fun.

It’s an excellent route for all those who enjoy watching coastlines, as the route is full of coastline areas.

Also, having an offline map with you about the SevenSisters cliff walk can be an advantage as one would be able to cover the route adequately and enjoy all the magical views of the hike.

It is one of the amazing walks near London to get the best of the views and is a must if you are planning to go hiking in London. The exquisite beauty of the seven sisters makes it a magnificent and unique hiking option. It’s one of the adventurous places for hiking in London.

The seven sisters’ walk begins from Seaford beach with stunning coastal views; this is one of the hiking trails, which is a big yay for all the beachy lovers out there.

  • From Seaford beach walk towards Hope Gap,
  • From Hope Gap, pass through the colorful beach and ice cream shops, then move towards Coastguard Cottages, and then towards Cuckmere Haven.
  • From Cuckmere Haven, move towards Cuckmere Inn, then move towards the hiking trails Seven Sisters Country Park, towards Birling Gap to Belle Tout Lighthouse.
  • From Beachy Head Lighthouse to Beachy Head Pub, then towards the Eastbourne Seaside Promenade, and finally reach the Eastbourne.

iv. How to Reach

There are frequent trains from London Victoria train station to Lewes where you have to change for Seaford, with a switch at Lewes. The journey takes almost exactly an hour and a half. The return train is a bit more convenient as it is the train from Eastbourne to London Victoria, which takes roughly an hour and a half.

3. Hassocks to Lewes Walk

i. Total Distance to be Covered

The distance from the main city is 11.2 Miles- 18 Kilometers. It’s one of the most beautiful hikes near London.

ii. Journey Time

It takes Approx. 6 Hours to complete the hike.

iii. About Hike

The hike begins from Hassocks, which is a large village in West Sussex; the hike starts from the steep hills to the Clayton Windmills.

The hiking trail consists of all the ups and downs in the South downs. As one proceeds on the hiking trails, there comes a tower mill, post mill, and the roundhouse of a former post mill, all of them are grade ii listed buildings. On the way up the route, the hikers pass through Butcher’s Wood and can visit a church in Clayton.

On the way to South Downs, hikers pass through Iron Age Fort and dew ponds. Before a final walk towards Lewes alongside the River Ouse, explore the Norman castle and the ancient High Street. This is an easy walk, with less number of ups and downs. It’s an easy hike and one of the best hikes near London.

iv. How to Reach

Take a train from London Victoria station to Lewes; also, hikers can take direct trains from London bridge. The journey almost takes 50 minutes and around 1 hour while returning.

Hikers traveling in the car can park them at Hassocks station, and while returning, they need to change the trains at Wivesfield station to get back to the car.

4. Lewes Via West Firle Circular Walk

i. Total Distance to be Covered

Distance from the main city is around 14.5 miles-23.3 Kilometers.

ii. Journey Time

It takes Approx. 6 Hours.

iii. About Hike

It’s among the most beautiful spots for hiking in London. It is considered a long and steep walk which is broken into three sections. The following are three sections

  • The first section starts from Lewes to Glynde.
  • The Second section starts from Glynde to Southease
  • The Third section starts from Southease and goes back to Lewes
  • Hikers can explore the magnificent towns of Lewes and castles.

Also, there is a beautiful valley surrounded by soft green grasses assembling the whole environment green. The primary walk begins in the historic village of Lewes, and the final distance is covered by returning to Lewes.

Due to low daylight, it is advised not to take the main walk during December and January.

iv. How to Reach

Take a direct train from London Victoria to Lewes; it would take about an hour; one can also take a train from London Bridge and change at East Croydon to take a train from London Victoria. People traveling by car can park at Lewes station.

5. Walk To The Box Hill

i. Distance to be Covered

9.2 Miles-14.8 Kilometers

ii. Journey Time

It takes Approx. 4 Hours to complete the hike.

iii. About Hike

Box hill is one of the most accessible spots for hiking in London. It’s a convenient plan for great outdoors day trips. A box hill is a perfect place for country walks near London; also, it makes up an area of north downs.
The Box hill route includes some woodland and Broadwood’s Tower, which have some stunning countryside views along the way. Also, there is a series of steep stones along the route.

The natural hiking trail at box hill is of surprise for children, such as one can make den and practice balancing, and it is an excellent place for toddlers to have some adventurous activities. But always keep a check on rain, because during the rainy weather the hiking trails become muddy and are a bit tough to walk.

Hikers can the pl37 Comments in moderationace in any way that delights them. One can also visit the mini roundabout and take a walk around Southover Church; after moving forwards, Anne of Cleves House can be seen. This house was given to Anne Henry VIII in their divorce compensation. Anne never lived there, but the rent of the place was helpful to her.

Box hills are present in the surrey areas and got to name from box woodlands. It is located at the approx. 30km southwest of London.
Around 8,00,000 people visit box hill every year, which is one of the famous routes for hiking in London during summers. On reaching box hill, one can take a bench, enjoy the beauty, and catch the planes taking off.

iv. How to Reach

One can take a train from London Victoria to Box Hill and Westhumble station, and those living in south London can take a train from Vauxhall.

6. Hike To Leith Hill

Leith Hill London
Ollie Craig/ Pexels

i. Distance to be Covered

2.5 Miles- 3.9 Kilometers

ii. Journey Time

Approx. 1.5 Hours

iii. About Hike

To feel on the top of the world, one can take this hike near London, it’s known as the second-highest point in South East England. After climbing 74 steps of spiral stairs to reach the Leith hill tower, check the London Eye and Wembley stadium arch through the telescope.

The beautiful Leith Hill tower displays a magnificent view from up above. London landmarks such as the English Channel in the south are also visible through the free telescopes present at the top. Large numbers of sandstone were used for constructing the wall.

The Leith hills are covered with several footpaths, which help the hikers explore the landscapes around.

It’s one of the easy walks hiking in London. Then move towards Leith hill’s circular walk, which is a 1.5-mile walk around the summit of Leith hill. The view everywhere around is stunning.

While passing the Leith hill tower, the hikers will dive towards the woodland and then walk towards Coldharbour; the hikers can notice the scenic views.

iv. How To Reach

Catch the train at South western railway station to Dorking, which is 5.6 miles from Leith hill, and it takes 2.5 miles from Holmwood station.
Those who prefer to take a bus can take Metrobus route 22, which is 2.5 miles from Leith hill.

Bonus Spots for Hiking in London

hiking in Londn
Josh Hild/ Pexels
  1. Ankerwycke Park Circular Walk

i. Trip Duration

30 Minutes

ii. How to Reach

Take a train from Waterloo station, then take a bus from Magna Cart Lane Station.

iii. About Hike

Ankerwycke Park walk is an excellent option for a Sunday afternoon with your loved ones; while strolling around, one can find yew trees halfway through the loop stands a 2,500 yew.

  1. North Downs Way, Kent

i. Trip Duration

2 hours 45 minutes

ii. How To Reach

Take a train from (London Victoria)Hollingbourne station to Charing Station.

iii.  About Hike

This place is among the most esteemed south England hiking routes. It is one of the best 2-3 hour easy walk routes for hiking in London. One of the hiking trails is from Leeds castle to charring, which route consists of beautiful golden fields, hills, and churches.

  1. Epping Forest

i. Trip Duration

3 to 4 hours

ii. How To Reach

Take the train to Theydon Bois station on the central line.

iii. About the hike

Epping forests are present at the edge of greater London. It is one of the amazing hiking trails and can be finished in a day. The trekkers pass through ancient woodlands, birches, and oak trail trees.

  1. Green Chain Circular Walk

i. Trip Duration

3-4 hours

ii. How To Reach

Take a train from Benchmark Place park situated at Benchmark Hill station towards Nunhead Cemetry.

iii. About Hike

The entire Green Chain Circular Walk is 50 miles. It is a hiking route from southeast London, linking the river Thames path towards the Chislehurst. The route runs across green plains, Beckenham place’s flower.

Things to Keep in Mind While Hiking

(i) Be Informative At All Times

While hiking, it’s essential to keep the necessary information with you; whether it’s about routes, places to eat, best places to capture pictures, it’s essential to keep information handy.

(ii) Choose a Hike Depending Upon Your Physical Ability

Always choose the hike depending on your physical abilities. Covering up a hike with a lot of distance and less physical abilities can be a danger to health.

(iii) Keep Your Essentials

While hiking, always keep your essentials with you, whether it’s a medicine, camera, hikers bag, map, information kit, or sunscreen, it’s always helpful to keep the essentials, and it helps keep the hike accessible.

(iv) Be Mindful

Always stay alert and active while hiking; any unusual circumstances can take place even after planning, so it’s always a better option to be mindful and have a proper plan.

Concluding Thoughts

It’s always better to put on your hiking boots and walk to the great outdoors of London. Next time when thinking about how to spend a holiday, get to the London Victoria train station and take a train to one of the stunning places mentioned above for hiking in London. Take your cameras and capture the beautiful countryside, amazing hiking trails, ancient woodland hills, Epping forest, and coastal areas and make memories for a lifetime.



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