13 Highest Mountain In Europe

highest mountain in europe
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The world’s miniature continent, Europe, holds numerous mountain ranges throughout its land. They vary from an astonishing height of 5000 meters to 1000 meters.

The Mountain Summits of the Caucasus run from the Black Sea to the Caspian sea, presenting awe-inspiring high mountain peaks in Europe. However, when one thinks about the highest mountains in Europe, the Alps, which separate Europe and Asia, come to mind. And the thought is justifiable because these mountain peaks attract many tourists from across the globe to admire the strength of their beauty and high rises. And many remain unaware of it.

If you happen to be an oenophile, check out these impressive Mountains in Europe.

Below are the top 15 highest mountain in Europe and their speciality to plan your hike.

Top 13 Highest Mountain In Europe

1) Mount Elbrus, Southern Russia- Highest Mountain in Europe


Mt Elbrus
Image by Kirill Skorobogatov/ Flicker/ Copyright 2022


Elbrus is one of the most symmetrically dormant volcanoes whose carter is covered- with ice. The Balkars called it Sobilus, which means pine cone in Latin, and also the shape of the mountain’s summit. The twin-peaked 5,642 meters tall mountain is a part of the Caucasus Range located in the southern European region.

Moreover, the view is a moment to behold during the Summer months- the warm and sunny atmosphere makes the journey upward less rigorous.

To climb this mountain, one would require a minimum of 3 days. Despite the climb being quite tricky, thousands of people chose to ascend the highest mountain in Europe every year.

Fact: Mt Elbrus is often Mingi Tau- resembling a thousand mountains. Greek Mythology also says that the mountain played an essential role in history as Zeus chained Prometheus to the peak for stealing his fire.

2) Dykh-Tau, Russia


Dykh- Tau
Image by Masa Sakano/ Flicker/ Copyright 2022


Diykh-Tau is the second-highest mountain in Europe. It is 5206 meters tall and is also a part of the Caucasus Mountains Alps.

The mountain- is located 5 kilometres north of two countries’ borders, Russia and Georgia, in Kabardino-Balkaria.

The climb to the top of this steep mountain is challenging as it is surrounded- by heavy snowfall. Experienced climbers take up to 12 days to ascend the summit.

Fact: Dykh-Tau means Jagged Mount in a Turkic language.

3) Mount Kazbek, Georgia


Mt Kazbek
Image by Max Benidze/ Flicker/ Copyright 2022


The second highest volcanic summit of the Caucasus is Mt. Kazbek (5054 meters), the sixth highest mountain in Europe. The difficulty level of ascending this mountain is relatively more manageable than the other 5000m+ peaks in the Alps. The climb takes about five to eight days.

Furthermore, the Trinity Church of the 14th century is placed- on the slope of Mt. Kazbek at 2200 meters, making it an attractive summit. The holy ground- is regarded as one of the most majestic places in Georgia.

Fact: Mt. Kazbek goes by many names in different languages- in Georgian, it’s called Mkinvartsveri, which means Glacier Peak.

4) Shkhara, Georgia


Image by Boris Kuznetsov/ Flicker/ Copyright 2022


The highest point of Georgia is Mount Shkhara. The 5193 m tall summit can be ascended using ten routes and may take 2-3 days. The Mountaineers may face technical difficulties and- are advised to have fitness and experience in rock climbing. Moreover, the mountain range experiences snow year round, making it a tough climb.

These mountains are 88km from the city of Kutaisi, which offers you a great medieval cathedral experience and has elaborate ceramics and manuscripts. After a tiring climb, an escape to this city is relaxing.

5) Tetnuldi, Georgia


Image by Carlos Montañés/ Flicker/ Copyright 2022


Located in the Central part of the Caucasus Range is the 3000-meter tall mountain Tetnuldi. The region provides convenient skiing bounds making it popular amount the locals. Tourists can avail the Tenuldi Ski Resort to enjoy the ski lifts. However, the road from Mestia can be a hard ride. Bad Weather can also be the enemy to ruin the trip; therefore, prior planning- is required.

6) Mont Blanc, France


Mt Blanc
Image by iggyshoot/ Flicker/ Copyright 2022


The timeless beauty of the famous mountain of the French territory is invaluable. The 4808 meters tall white mountain is located- on the border of French-Italian. It is one of the most prominent highest mountains in Europe and one of the world’s seven Summits. The ascend is a strenuous activity for novice climbers. However, training and equipment can make the climb less accident-prone. It also delivers the largest Alpine tourist facility that offers exciting winter sports.

Fact: The Italians call it Monte Bianco

 7) Mount Dzhimara or Jimara, Russia

highest mountain in Europe
Source: Depositphotos

Mount Dzhimara, located in Russia, is one of the highest mountain in Europe and the second-highest peak in Alania, North Ossetia. It is a part of the Caucasus Mountain Range in Southwestern Russia on the Georgian border.

Its two main peaks – are 4,780 meters and 4,250 meters tall.

When it comes to travelling, one wants to experience the most in his journey, and the climb up this mountain will surely not disappoint them. In addition, Jimara of the Russian Republic can be viewed- from Mount Kazbek, located about 9 kilometres away.

8) Ushba, Georgia


Image by Peyman Zehtab Fard/ Flicker/ Copyright 2022


One of the most notable peaks on the highest mountain in Europe list includes Ushba of the Caucasus Range. The name stands for– Ush – Terrible and Ba – Mountain; this concludes that climbing the hill is risking your life!

Ushba’s two peaks are almost identical South Peak (4,710 m) and North Peak (4,690 m). The ascend being treacherous, the successful climbers of this mountain are regarded- as a prominent triumph.

Fact: Locals refer to the Mount as the Hunting Goddess’s abode.

9) Mont Rosa, Switzerland


Mt Rosa
Image by Massimo Frasson/ Flicker/ Copyright 2022


The ice-covered ten peaked massifs are the highest Mount of the SwissAlps. Dufourspitze- 4634 meters is its highest elevation. The glacier-dominant rocky mount is a medium-level challenging climb requiring a trained guide, reasonable fitness and heavy gear. The southern ridge of Monte Rosa is a cone-shaped Colorado Springs skyline, which we can easily see from the tallest massif.

The inactive volcano on the pass towards Mt Rosa Summit is also a popular spot attracting many. Camping on the trail and watching the city lights dim is also a pleasant date spot.

10) Mount Ararat, Turkey


Mount Ararat
Image by Arthur Chapman/ Flicker/ Copyright 2022


The list of the Highest Mountain in Europe would be complete without mentioning Turkey’s highest peak- Mount Ararat. Its two Volcanic cones, Greater Ararat or Büyük Ağrı Dağı(5137 meters) and Little Ararat(3925 meters), dominate it. The challenging part of the mountain ascend- is its altitude. A six-day package and a trained guide on the summer days is prefered.

Fact: Their mounts are sacred to Armenians. The Book of Genesis calls it the resting place of Noah’s Ark.

11) Mount PICO, Portugal


Mt. Pico
Image by Jaume Escofet/ Flicker/ Copyright 2022


The mountain range PICO stratovolcano is located atop the Azores Island, with an altitude of 2351m, making it the highest Mount in Portugal. The last eruption, the Black Death, dated to 1720.

In the winters, the summits are covered- with snow.

The less rugged Montanha do Pico has stunning topography and is said to have a wine scent. Therefore, attracting many admirers from across the country to visit the conical-shaped eponymous volcano. The climb will require 4-5 hours with gear starting from the trail.

12) Kebnekaise, Sweden


Image by Isabell Schulz/ Flicker/ Copyright 2022


Kebnekaise belongs to the Scandinavian mountains and has two prominent peaks. It is part of a mountain range in Norrbotten in northern Sweden and is its highest mountain(2096 meters). The height of the Mount varies concerning its changing glacier volume.

Most people come here to experience white brown’s incredible scenery and enjoy the skiing tours. The wildlife consists of bears, reindeers and wolves. The harsh climate during the winters compels the climbers to ascend in the summers making it an established destination for winter alpinism. However, during the hike, a mosquito repellent is a must.

Fact: The mountain’s name, Kebnekaise, is a Sami word that means “Kettle Top”.

13) Zugspitze in Germany


Image by Sergei Gussev/ Flicker/ Copyright 2022


Lastly, on this list of highest mountain in Europe is another member of the Seven Summit, Zugspitze. It runs over the Austria-German Border and is Germany’s highest peak. The rocky Mount rewards its hikers with fascinating wildflowers, waterfall, and wildlife views.

A good weekend spent on the ascend is a promise made. A fit individual with gear might take 8-10 hours to hike the mountain using the easiest route. One can also use the cable car down. However, be sure about the weather as it can change on a dime.


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The European Union offers visitors much more than ancient architecture and delicious cuisine. The mighty walls of nature- the mountains greet all with their impressive views and challenging climb.

The highest mountain in Europe awaits your hike.



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