Wondering Which Are The Harry Potter Filming Locations? Explore It’s 8 Fascinating Locations

harry potter filming locations
photo by Stephen Luff/Flickr. copyright 2022

Remember the blue-eyed lad, the crush of every teenage girl, including me? Harry Potter, aka Daniel Radcliffe, grabbed trillions of eyeballs with his innocent face and witty deeds.

Those were the times when every single thing of the movie grabbed attention, may it be Harry Potter’s spectacles, may it be their voice modulation, their hand tricks, and of course their unimaginable magical realm. The backgrounds were to die for. But do the audience really imagine what circumstances do these actors go through while bringing out the best for their fans?

The place where any movie is shot becomes a tourist attraction for a lifetime. Even the tourists become enthusiastic about visiting the spot they once saw and admired on the big screen. And if we are talking about impeccable filming locations, then it goes without saying The Harry Potter movies bagged many awards for their filming locations. The whole number of series were shot all over the United Kingdom. So let’s find out about the amazing Harry Potter filming locations, which left everyone wondering.

Stunning Harry Potter Filming Locations

1) Alnwick Castle-Get Your Broomsticks Flying Lessons Here!

Located in Northumberland, this majestic Alnwick castle was used to shoot scenes for the series of Harry Potter, Philosopher’s Stone and the Chamber of Secrets. Alnwick Castle was portrayed like the magical Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the 2001 series of Philosopher’s Stone and the 2002 series of the Chamber of Secrets. It was first built in 1360.

In this series, Harry and his mates learned to fly broomsticks in the Outer Bailey from Madam Hooch. He also learned the Wizard sports Quidditch here from Oliver Wood. Do you want the broomstick flying lessons for yourself too? Grab the magical opportunity. The lesson is provided for about half an hour, which is sort of fun.

harry potter filming locations
Photo by David Taylor/Flickr.copyright 2022

On your tour around the castle, you would recall the courtyard where Harry and his friends would roam, the pathway paved the way to their classroom, and yes, Who doesn’t remember the funny scene where Ron crashed his father’s magical flying car in the Inner Bailey?

The courtyard pavement had the Lion Arch, which was the way to the Hagrid’s hut and the Forbidden forest. So see, innumerable scenes were filmed in and around the castle. Your trip to this grand castle would refresh your memories of your childhood and the craze that you had to see the series of Harry Potter on First Day, First Show. You can explore more about the castle on its official website alnwickcastle.com

2) Get The Insight Of Chapter House and Professor Minerva Mcgonagall’s Classroom At The Durham Cathedral

Located in the Durham Street of Uk, Durham cathedral had many scenes of Hogwarts Express in the movie, Philosopher’s stone and the Chamber of secrets. The Cloisters of the Church would remind you of the funny incidents when Harry blows up Hedwig in the snow or where Ron pukes out the Slugs in the Chamber of secrets.

You might remember the scene where Harry frees Dobby, the House Elf, was shot in the Cloister of the Cathedral. There are many scenes that were shot in this walkway. The most shot scene was that of Ron, Harry, and Hermoine walking in between the lessons.

The Cloister Garth was the area with the grass spread, which was filled with fake snow during winters. It’s here that Harry released his pet owl Hedwig to fly around Hogwarts Castle.


harry potter filming locations
photo by The National Churches Trust/ Flickr copyright 2022

As you move into the Cathedral Chapter house, you will be amazed to see the classroom of Professor Minerva McGonagall. It’s here where the attempts for the magical transformation of Goblet into rats or vice versa took place.

However, the place is not open to public visits as the staff uses it to prepare any events, ceremonies, or the Choir.

Visit Chapter House As A Museum Tour

The Chapter House is being presented as the Museum Tour. The guided tours would narrate the lifestyles of the monks who once resided here. You will get to know about the treasure of St. Cuthbert. The 90 minutes tour would have 1000 age-old stories to narrate, which had a deep connection with the cathedral.

How To Access The Museum

The way to the Museum is via a staircase leading to the Monk’s Dormitory from the Cloisters. Various Trained Dogs like Guided Dogs, hearing dogs, support dogs also get their entry to the Cathedral Museum. Exhibitions in various niches like books, music, perfumes are displayed.

Touch Tours and British Sign Language Tours are also available. But yes, prior bookings are needed.

Treasures Of St. Cuthbert

The relic remains of North England’s Greatest Saint St. Cuthbert have been placed inside the Durham Cathedral.

3) Millennium Bridge, London- The death eaters conspiracy

Located in the Thames Embankment in London, the whole setting of Millennium Bridge or the Wobbly Bridge or the Harry Potter Bridge was one of the Harry Potter Filming locations used to film the scenes of Half-blood prince. The attack on the muggle World launched in the Voldemort Returns, Death Eaters. Today this bridge is famous as terrific Death Eater attack. You will still see the real one on the Thames Embankment.

harry potter filming locations
photo by Jake Cook/ Flickr copyright 2022

In the Harry Potter series, this bridge was portrayed as the Brockdale Bridge, which was targeted by the death eaters to destroy with their attacks in the Muggle World. However, in Half-Blood Prince, the original Millennium Bridge was one of the Harry Potter filming locations displayed.

Nearby Places To Visit:

Amazing Fact About The Millennium Bridge

Tiny figurines are painted on the chewing gum and laid all over the pathways of the Millennium Bridge. Every day some millions of passers walk over the pieces.

4) London Zoo Reptile House-Its Here That Harry Realises About His Wizardy Powers

As mentioned in the very beginning, most of the scenes of the Harry Potter series were shot in and around the whole of the UK, so here’s another Harry Potter filming location of London which was of utter significance and received huge publicity.

It’s the 11th birthday of Dudley Dursley on 23rd June 1991, and they all visited the Reptile House. When Dudley saw the snake moving, he pressed himself against the show glass, which suddenly vanished. As he fell inside, the chaotic situation cropped all over the zoo. The visitors were running all over, screaming in fear. The whole sequence was funny, and the audience glared at the screen with the jaw dropped in amazement.

London Zoo has most of the scenes in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone. Let me cite some of the scenes for the sake of your excitement. It’s here when Harry realizes his wizarding powers and is seen talking to the snake. His visit with the Dursleys made a landmark for the spot where he trapped Dudley in place of the pythons he accidentally freed.

5) Leadenhall Market

Located in the vicinity of Gracechurch St. London, Leadenhall market was shot amidst the buzz of the sellers. The scene of Harry and Hagrid entering the Leaky cauldron through a blue door on their way to Diagon Alley, the magical shopping corner for the Wizards, was shot for the Philosopher’s stone. After the remarkable shot, Leadenhall Market is famous among the tourists. Today it offers a Luxurious Dining setting and inquisitive shopping centres to its visitors. Thus, it tops the chart of the best-visited place in London and also as the best Harry Potter filming locations.

harry potter filming locations
photo by Herry Lawford/Flickr copyright 2022

How To Access The Market

Metro Stations
  • Monument Stations
  • Liverpool Street Stations
Railway Stations
  • Liverpool Street Stations
  • Fenchurch Street Stations
Bus Routes
  • 25
  • 35
  • 40
  • 47
  • 48

The dark sides of the movie were portrayed in the Prisoner of Azkaban, for which a serious cityscape was needed. The requirement of the movie made them shoot the scenes in the railway arches of the Borough Market. Borough Market is in the vicinity of the Leadenhall Market.

What To Do At Leadenhead Market

Go For Shopping

Many luxurious items are available in the market, which you can Shoppe, like clothes, jewellery, home decors, crafts and many more.

Have a Look At The Arts Installations

Judicious use of the shopping space is made there, with so many vibrant and neons all over. In fact, they have an exhibition for the same in Walthamstow. However, they kept on changing the arts once they had flags painted all over, which was actually the installations of more than 30 unique flags.

Dig On Any Delicious Cheesy Thing or Gulp Down on Any Cocktails. Some Of The Best Pubs Are As Below:

Important Facts About Leadenhall Market

  • Constructed on the site of the old Roman Basilica, many artefacts were excavated from the site, which is displayed in the British Museum.
  • It’s as old as in the 14th Century. At that time, the land was owned by Sir Hugh Neville, which was later purchased by Dick Wittington. It’s one of the oldest London Market.
  • Sir Horace Jones is supposed to be credited with constructing such historic buildings; some notable ones include Smithfield Market, Tower Bridge, Billingsgate, and many more.
  • Leadenhall Market was the venue for the Marathon Event at the London 2012 Olympics.
  • Annual Pancake races are organised here.

6) King’s cross station-Platform 9 3/4-Harry Potter walking Tour

Remember, Harry and his mates running to board Hogwarts express? Every time they need to cross the pathway of Platform 9 3/4 in the King’s Cross station? The places where the series of Harry Potter was shot has become historic in itself.

harry potter filming locations
photo by Bill Smith/ Flickr copyright 2022

The historic moment remains when Harry and his friends get through the other side of the wall, i.e., from platform 9 to 10, just by vanishing into it. Magical, isn’t it? But in reality, both the platforms have tracks laid between them instead of the magical wall.

The majestic one is the luggage trolley embedded in the wall, giving an impression of vanishing into the wall. The trolley is accessible at all times, without paying a single for it.

Various stores and shops are available where you can purchase your favourites from the Harry exclusives. Professional photographers are also available to click some of your bests between 9 am and 9 pm.

However, the reason for selecting this place as a part of their school journey was a little person to J. K. Rowling. Although she revealed that reason too. It’s here that her parents met for the first time on a train to Scotland.

Major Attractions

The Harry Potter Shop

The Harry Potter fans can buy time turners, Horcruxes, games, Hogwarts school jumpers in House colours, full sets of robes.


You can spend some hours munching in any of your favourite food corners, which are mentioned below.

  • German Gymnasium
  • Vinoteca
  • Drake and Morgan
  • Dishoom
  • Happy Face Pizza
  • Plaza Pastor

There are many more surprises for the kids. Visit Coal Drops for the Samsung Digital Playground. It’s fun to be there. If you are on a guided tour, you can best explore the place.

To ride the Hogwarts Express, you must take a steam train journey and enjoy some of the spectacular Harry Potter views. The Jacobite Steam Train ply between Fort William and Mallaig. You can also make your night stay in and around Fort Williams.

7) Gloucester cathedral-Meet The Harry Potter World

Innumerable Hogwarts scenes were shot in the setting of a beautiful cathedral. Various scenes from the Philosopher’s stone were shot in the Cloisters of the Church. It’s here that Hermoine was trapped, and the scenes of the corridor were also seen in abundance in the Harry series. This corridor led to the Gryffindor common room. The paint “The Chamber of Secrets has been opened” could be seen at the end of the North walk.

harry potter filming location
photo by Paul Hudson/ Flickr copyright 2022

You can also view the place where Harry overheard Snape taking a vow that cannot be stepped back in the series of Half-Blood Prince. It’s this corridor that Moaning Myrtle floods from the girl’s washroom.

One of the Harry Potter filming locations from this Cathedral was Lavatorium which was once used as the washing area by the monks. But in the movie, it’s that Harry and Ron used to hide from the Trolls in the Philosopher’s Stone.

8) Christ Church College- The Pioneer Among All The Harry Potter Filming Locations

Christ Church college in Oxford was founded in 1546. Its architectural uniqueness and awe-inspiring designs rank it at number 1 as a shooting location for many films. Harry Potter is of them. The staircase of the Tudor Great Hall was used as a set-up for Harry Potter filming locations. It’s the place where Harry and Tom Riddle meet first. And yes, it’s again here; Professor McGonagall meets Harry, Ron and Hermoine.

Needless to say, the Marvelous Great Hall served as the fictional dining area in the Harry Potter series. Now, why it’s fictional? It’s because no actual shoot took place over here, but an illusion was created with the photographs of the great hall to give inspiration of the same. It’s here that Hermoine shows the big trophy won by his dad as a Quidditch reward.

However, Christ Church is a working school and a religious institution, so you need to pay to get yourself entry to the same.

Apart from all the above mentioned Harry Potter filming locations, alone Oxford can be credited to making the maximum of Harry Potter films. So many spots made their lucky footprints in the movie and came to the limelight among tourists all around the globe.

The Divinity School is one of the Harry Potter filming locations where Oxford university was first acquainted with Harry. Few wizardly scenes were shot in the series of Philosopher’s stone and Prisoner of Azkaban. It’s here that the students practised for the Triwizard Tournament dances.

Divinity school was also presented as the Hogwarts Hospital. Duke Humfrey’s library was starred as the Hogwarts library. However. The Oxford University’s Bodleian library was featured in the three series of the Harry Potter.

Other than Oxford in London as Harry potter filming locations, Scotland Shall also be credited with the creation of many series of Harry Potter. Important being the Deathly hallows part 1 and 2. Every terrain in Scotland smells of the characters of Harry Potter, may it be Ron, Hermoine, Harry, and others. They became part and parcel of the lives of the kids even after years of their release.

Many teenagers, including me, huh! I started hallucinating those magical happenings in their lives. But yes, the wizardry worlds are far way different from our very own: so many adventures, so many twirls and whirls. Oxford, Scotland, and many parts of the UK find themselves fortunate enough to be a part of such a grand celebration being the Harry Potter filming locations. It has been 20 years since the First Harry potter release, but the adventure, the Charisma, the enthusiasm is still alive in all these Harry Potter filming locations and, of course, in our lives. 

So do you want to live the moment of the wizard Harry world? Then do plan a trip to these Harry Potter Filming Locations once in a lifetime. and Feel the presence of the muggle world, death eaters still in the air and get the goosebumps on all over your body like never before?

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