Great Fire of London Facts for Kids

10Great fire of London facts for kids
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As quite possibly of the most renowned fire ever, the Great Fire of 1666 significant occasion in London’s history and September 1666 won’t ever be neglected.

London was the biggest city in Britain by a wide margin and had been encased in a city wall that the Romans had constructed hundreds of years sooner.

The Great Fire Of London Facts express that during the main long periods of September 1666, London experienced a gigantic fiasco.

Pioneers at the time were totally futile (favouring that later) which implied that the residents of London were essentially left to battle for themselves.

London In The 1660s – History

10Great fire of London facts for kids
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Widen the kid’s knowledge and teach empathy with the great fire of London facts. There were around 350,000 individuals in London before the Great Fire.

It was a gigantic city and still. A lot of people died from the Great Plague and the death toll began after from pudding lane fire darkest day in British history.

They probably felt that next year would be better, but it was even worse. People learn not to build wooden houses and flammable substances called pitch on them and roofed with straw. There is a lot that can be learned from previous occasions, regardless of whether they were dreadful.

When Was The Great Fire Of London?

The Great Fire of London facts says that around 1 is on Sunday 2 September 1666 the great fire of London happened. On a hot summer day, the fire started on Pudding Lane. Thomas farriner bakery fire burn it down!

Cause Of The Great Fire?

10Great fire of London facts for kids
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The great fire of London facts is that the fire began in the home of a baker named Thomas Farriner (Farynor), situated on London’s Pudding Lane near London bridge.

It’s the idea the fire started when a flash dropped out of the oven after the family had gone to bed from making ship biscuits for King Charles II’s naval force. However, Thomas denied this theory until the day he died, claiming his oven was put out properly.

London’s burning!

Great fire of London facts for kids
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The great fire of London facts states that in only a couple of hours fire started, and London Bridge by the River Thames was consumed. Fortunately, the London monument the Tower of London did not burn down during this fire break.

Individuals’ first response was to get away from the raging flames as quickly as possible! In a condition of frenzy, they gathered every one of the effects they could convey and escaped.

Some sprinted to the slopes, while others escaped to the River Thames, where they boarded boats. Thomas farriner’s family was trapped upstairs when the fire started. So they got away through their upstairs window and onto the neighbour’s roof!

There was no proper London fire brigade, which meant it was up to local soldiers as well as regular Londoners who assumed responsibility for putting out firefighting efforts.

With the limited equipment they had – leather buckets filled with water and water squirts. The fire spread through the narrow streets fixed with houses.

Additionally, they also used fire hooks to pull down the burning buildings and create open spaces to stop the fire spread. But strong easterly wind supports the fire’s spread. It wasn’t until the third night of the burst, Tuesday 4 September, that the fire was managed.

The great fire of London facts, small fires continued breaking out and the ground become too hot to even think about strolling on. Just 20% of London was left standing.

Every one of the community structures was obliterated, as well as the fire burnt 13,000 confidential homes were down. “London was, however, is no more,” were the words that Evelyn recorded on paper.

The Fire Was A Punishment

10Great fire of London facts for kids
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The great fire of London facts, Certain individuals felt that the Great Fire of London began on Pudding Lane was an admonition against the city’s eagerness, which is the reason there is a less popular landmark to the Great Fire of London.

The Golden Boy of Pye Corner at the intersection of Cock Lane. Bearing the maxim “This Boy is in Memory Put up for the late FIRE of LONDON Occasion’d by the Sin of Gluttony.

The Lord Mayor Was Not Helpful

One of the most known Great Fire of London facts is that when a fire in London began, the Lord Mayor Sir Thomas Bludworth was called upon for guidance – yet Bludworth was unimaginably impervious to pulling burning buildings down to forestall the fire break and was somewhat pointless, to gently put it.

As a matter of fact, he broadly shouted that the fire was so frail “a lady could p*ss it out,” prior to getting back to bed.

Building Act

The great fire of London facts states that building regulations were introduced as a result of the Great Fire of London. Ruler King Charles II set forward an imperial pronouncement, which expressed that the city was not permitted to be modified until guidelines made lodging more secure.

The 1667 Rebuilding Act ensured that new houses were inherent block or stone (rather than super combustible wood) and water should have been effortlessly gotten to alongside a fresh out of the plastic new fire hydrant framework for the city.

Anglo-Dutch War

Great fire of London facts for kids
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At the time of the Great Fire, London Was at War With the Dutch Republic, Great fire of London facts. The second Anglo-Dutch war conflict occurred between March 1665 and July 1667. The English were battling the Dutch Republic, who subtly collaborated with the French (on account of a partnership settlement endorsed in 1662).

Along these lines, many individuals at the time thought the Dutch were answerable for causing the fire until it was uncovered that it began on Pudding Lane.

Horror Spreads Is Over

33% of the city had been obliterated – a region the size of around 280 football pitches! Around 13,200 houses and 87 places of worship caught fire, as well as popular structures, for example, St Paul’s Cathedral remade by Sir Christopher wren and The Royal Exchange.

Shockingly, just six people died on dry summer days disaster authorities say… however, the genuine figure is probably going to be a lot higher.

As a result of the catastrophe, London was in a position of franticness. With 70,000 individuals left destitute, robbery and different wrongdoings cleared what was left of the city, as well as affliction and sickness.

Temporary buildings and camps were made to shield individuals through the colder time of year, while heaps of work and cash went into reconstructing the torched regions – an interaction that required almost 50 years

The Great Fire Timeline

The great fire of London facts timeline are

  • 2 September 1666

A fire broke out in a bakery on Pudding Lane in London a little after midnight, and the fire continued to spread across the city

  • 6 September 1666

Samuel Pepys wrote the very last fire was extinguished early in the morning by a crew led, Great Fire of London facts

  • 25 September 1666

A Commons Committee was positioned to investigate what caused the fire, Great Fire of London facts

  • 10 October 1666

A day of fasting was held to remember the fire, and assortments were taken up to fund-raise to help needy individuals who had lost their homes

  • 27 October 1666

Great Fire of London facts, Robert Hubert was hanged at Tyburn for lighting the fire – he admitted that he did this, however, it later turned out that he was honest and that the fire was a mishap

  • 22 January 1667

The Commons Committee composed a report about the fire, and the King’s Council concluded that the fire was a mishap

  • 1677

Sir Christopher wren created a monument to commemorate the great fire of London facts.

  • 1668

New fire avoidance guidelines for London were endorsed by Parliament, Great Fire of London facts

  • 1671

Work started on the landmark of the Great Fire of London

  • 1677

The landmark of the Great Fire of London was done

  • 1680

Nicholas Barbon set up the first fire insurance company, the Fire Office

Great Fire Of London Facts 

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10 Great fire of London facts for kids
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The Road To Recovery – Final Word

10Great fire of London facts for kids
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The great fire of London facts, it was a dreadful misfortune – however, it prompted a few positive changes in London. The city was modified in a more secure and coordinated manner, so such a debacle wouldn’t repeat.

Roads were made more extensive, and structures were produced using block or stone (as opposed to wood), with better admittance to water. London’s first fire brigades were shaped to handle any future fire hazard.

The recuperation of the city likewise saw the ascent of various wonderful and famous structures like St. Paul’s Cathedral, which was overhauled by the famous architect Sir Christopher Wren.

Christopher additionally planned the well-known Monument to the Great Fire of London facts, which stands close to Pudding Lane, so this significant authentic occasion could never be neglected.


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