Fragonard: 5 Indulgent Facts To Know About

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Fragonard is an affordable line of perfumes made in France. Established in 1926, it is one of the oldest perfumers. There are different types of perfumes depending on the concentration, the first category being perfume with the highest concentration of fragrance base, and in the decreasing order of the scent lasting effects, Eau de Perfume, Eau de Toilette, Eau de Cologne, and Eau Fraiche. And de Fragonard’s line of products has them all, along with toiletries like soap and skincare essentials, candles, and diffusers.

Is Fragonard a luxury brand?

Advertising and marketing were not a priority with Fragonard, as they were mainly sold inside France. The perfumes are inexpensive compared to others and made from local ingredients, so they have very high quality.

The tourists visiting the French Rivera coast purchased the scents as gifts or souvenirs, a scented memory of their dreamy visit to France. The perfume uses flowers like rose, lavender, jasmine, and lily, for the woody odor of sandalwood, citrusy notes from lime, mandarin, and bergamot, and intoxicating aromas from spice anise and vanilla.

Who owns Fragonard?

The business was set up by Eugene Fuchs, targeting tourists. The perfumery was named after a local painter Jean-Honoré Fragonard, to promote the art and culture of Grasse. Jean-François Costa expanded the business with museums and additional factories. Today the third-generation daughters Anne, Agnès, and Françoise are taking care of the firm.

Where is Fragonard perfume made?

Three factories are involved in manufacturing. The first one, in the heart of Grasse city, was a tannery in the 18th century. Since then though there have been renovations, the traditional equipment and methods are still in process.

The second is in Eze-Village, which was opened in 1968; this factory, along with perfumes, specializes in soap and cosmetics. The third one, Fabrique des Fleurs, is located south of Grasse and has been open since 1986.

Fragonard perfume
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Is Fragonard perfume famous?

It is one of the famous brands, and the organic perfume with exotic scents is a favorite among many. The delicate fragrance with exquisite and intricate packaging are the features that make Fragonard irresistible. Some of the popular perfumes are Belle de Nuit, Etoile, Belle Cherie, Emilie, and Diamant.

Image by nathaly durepaire from Pixabay

Final Thought

The perfumeries in Grasse were an after-effect of the tanneries and glove-making factories that threatened the environment. Some of the very first perfumeries were built to cover the stench. However, the local flower garden thrived so much that many started to follow the same. As the flora flourished, so did the environment. Some of the popular brands in Paris use rose from these areas as they have the most stimulating scents.

A visit to the factory and museums is fruitful, with tours of the entire perfume-making process that allow you to explore techniques like distillation, conditioning, quality control, and packaging.

The apprentice workshop is an experience you will never forget, with an opportunity to create your perfume. Musée du Parfum Fragonard in Paris has a correction of arts and artifacts primarily related to the history and the craftwork of perfumery. There are three museums in Grasse, the perfume museum, the provençal museum of costume and jewelry, and the Jean-Honoré Fragonard museum.


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