9 Amazing Things To Do In Formentera Spain

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If you are seeking a peaceful and relaxing off-season beach holiday, then Formentera Spain must be on your list. The small island is not as famous as Ibiza for partying, but there are plenty of other things to do in Formentera Spain.

Formentera, a serene and bohemian island with gorgeous beaches, turquoise waters, and quaint settlements, sits about 20 kilometers (13 miles) below Ibiza.

Formentera Spain, one of the Balearic islands, offers unspoiled, empty beaches which invite relaxation. This island has a natural beach beauty without high-rise buildings or camping facilities. The majority of Formentera’s top hotels are modest, individually run establishments.

Formentera, the smallest and most southerly of the Balearic Islands, is only half an hour’s ferry trip from Ibiza’s shore. Since there is no airport in Formentera Spain, you should book the ferry tickets from Ibiza in advance.

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A few locations have enough elevation to support cliffs, but for the most part, the coastline is covered in stunning, nearly picture-perfect sandy beaches. The beautiful island of Formentera has a happy-go-lucky and relaxed atmosphere.

How To Reach Formentera Spain?

A ferry ride from Ibiza will get you to the island. You can get from Ibiza Town to La Savina in between 30 and 60 minutes by car.

Once you reach the port of La Savina, there are plenty of options for exploring Formentera. You will be greeted by several scooters and automobile rental businesses. Electric cars and bicycles are offered for rent as eco-friendly solutions.

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Since Formentera Spain is a small, flat island with few steep inclines, cycling is a popular option to discover Formentera and fits in well with the island’s laid-back lifestyle.

Things To Do In Formentera Spain

Formentera, the smallest of the Balearic Islands, is located south of Ibiza in the Mediterranean Sea. The phrase “discreet little sister” of Ibiza is widely used to describe it.

Some of the nicest beaches in the Mediterranean, if not the entire world, can be found on the island of Formentera, which is well known for its magnificent scenery and azure waters.

1. Beautiful Beaches

Swimming and sunbathing are two of the most popular activities in Formentera Spain because of its reputation for having expansive beaches with clear waters.

1.1  Es Pujols Beach

This long, sandy beach is found in the north, near the very well-known holiday destination of Es Pujols. It offers several amenities, including umbrellas, water sports facilities, beach bars, and restaurants, making it perfect for families.

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Es Pujols beach is wheelchair accessible and has a ramp for guests with special needs to enter the ocean easily.

1.2  Llevant Beach

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It is quite a beautifully expansive beach with lovely dunes and is situated on the Es Trucadors peninsula’s eastern side. During the summer, a few gentle winds produce medium waves. It is perfect for people who enjoy isolated quality me time and is nude-friendly.

1.3. Cala Saona Beach

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The small picture-perfect beach situated on Formentera’s west coast is perfect for various water sports like swimming and snorkeling. The best and outstanding sunset views may be seen from the sandy beach, which features sun loungers and umbrellas.

1.4  Migjorn Beach

The Migjorn beach is one of the largest beaches in Formentera Spain, with a total spread of five kilometers. The beach features chiringuitos and beach clubs, beautiful blue water waves, and golden-white sand.

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The beach has small bars where you can enjoy drinks and food. The beach at Migjorn allows for nudity. There are various beautiful hotels on the south coast of the beach.

1.5  Ses Illetes

It has been chosen as one of the best beaches in the world and is situated inside a natural park near the port of La Savina. There are many amenities at the beach, which is great for youngsters. There are places to go where it’s not too crowded, and certain areas are also open to nudists.

The beautiful pink beach can be found on the west side of this sandbar; it gets its color from the combination of fine white sand and coral dust remnants that wash up on the shore.

1.6  Caló des Mort Beach

Situated at the eastern end of Migjorn beach, this charming little bay can get very crowded during summer. To reach Caló des Mort beach, you must descend some stairs carved out of the rock.

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You must carry your belongings (food, beverages, or an umbrella, perhaps to avoid tanning) to the beach because there are no amenities or places to get shade. The area is beautiful because of the charming wooden boathouses used by fishermen, known as escars.

1.7  Es Arenals Beach

The Es Arenals beach is among the most popular beaches on the entire island. This lovely sandy beach lies in Formentera’s southeast. Visitors can take advantage of many services there as a windsurfing and diving school.

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You can have delicious drinks at the Pirata Bus (the popular bar on the beach) while admiring the magnificent sunset at the beach.

2. Lighthouses

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One of its main attractions is the island’s lighthouses, from which you can gaze out over cliffs and take in breathtaking vistas.

One of the most well-known is Cap de Barbaria, thanks to a few movie appearances, and La Cueva Foradada, a rock hole leading to a tiny balcony perched directly on the cliff from where you can take in the scenery.

The La Mola lighthouse is another that shouldn’t be missed. It stands at the highest point of the island and is a true symbol of Formentera.

The surroundings are also breathtaking. The La Savina lighthouse is the last stop. It will be both the first and the final thing you do on the island because it is so close to the port.

3. Sea Floor

The sea floor is equally as beautiful as the beaches. The sea, with its crystal clear waters, is ideal for diving or snorkeling because a magnificent kaleidoscope of marine life emerges just below the surface of the water.

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With the help of Formentera’s diving facilities, you may explore the underwater world, home to numerous rock formations, a vast array of wildlife, and the Don Pedro, the largest shipwreck in the Mediterranean.

The Don Pedro was a cargo ship that was over 140 meters long. You may always start learning to dive if you’re not quite ready for oxygen tanks and neoprene. Snorkeling is another excellent choice for exploring this island’s diverse underwater world.

4. Villages in Formentera Spain

The villages of Formentera are ideal for strolls, especially now that the bulk of them have been totally or partially pedestrianized, with their little squares, attractive churches, and Mediterranean architecture.

Take in the panoramic views while sipping a beverage at one of the inviting outdoor café bars, dining on scrumptious local fare, perusing the artisan market, or all of the above.

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The following Formentera Spain communities are recommended for visits by Ferryhopper:

  • Formentera’s largest village and capital are Sant Francesc Xavier. The village’s principal draws are the Church of Sant Francesc, the Ethnographic Museum, and the Chapel of Sa Tanca Vella.
  • A pine forest borders a little fishing town called Es Caló de San Agust.
  • Sant Ferran de ses Roques hosts numerous musical events during the summer.
  • Es Pujols is a popular vacation spot with lively nightlife.
  • El Pilar de la Mola is a tranquil neighborhood with a magnificent island view.

5. Other Sightseeing Options

Formentera island is one of Spain’s Balearic islands with a rich history. According to archaeological data, human habitation began around 2000 BCE. Due to its size and plenty of noteworthy attractions, the island is simple to tour on a bike.

The following are the top attractions in Formentera Spain to see:

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  • The La Mola antique windmill.
  • The enormous mausoleum close to Ca Na Costa is the largest prehistoric building on the island.
  • The island’s intriguing caves.
  • Additionally, you can visit the Terramoll and Es Cap de Barbaria wineries and sip local wine.
  • The Punta Prima and Sa Gavina defensive towers are from the 18th century.

6. Nightlife Of Formentera Spain

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Formentera Spain is thrilling and fun, even if it is much calmer than the neighboring island of Ibiza. After an exciting day, enjoys the evening by taking in the sunset at the island’s renowned chiringuitos while sipping a cocktail.

On the island, you can enjoy the night at the well-known and amazing pubs and nightclubs (Banana’s & Co. is the most well-known). The Es Pujols is the center of nightlife on Formentera, where you can party till daybreak.

The Formentera island’s capital, Sant Francesc Xavier, has more relaxed atmosphere and hosts regular live jazz performances in the town square.

7. Food Of Formentera Spain

Formentera’s food is delectable and bursting with Mediterranean tastes, just like in the Balearic Islands. The booking will be better if you visit Formentera in the summer because restaurants and cafes may get very busy.

There are various restaurants, and one such amazing place is El Mirador, where you should go if you want to enjoy the most amazing views.

Here are some regional specialties and cuisines you should try:

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A salad prepared with lettuce, onions, fish, and peppers known as payesa salad, Botifarra, and sobrassada (traditional Balearic sausages), Honey with thyme and rosemary, dried figs, cheesecake with goat milk, and Botanical drinks. In most places,  you get to enjoy the seafood prepared differently.

8. Where To Stay In Formentera Spain?

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There’s not a lot to do, so there are many reasons just to unwind. You can enjoy the time by cycling, snorkeling, sailing, or fishing.

Even though this tiny island is tranquil, it is still a widely-liked holiday spot. Thus, reservations for the best Formentera hotels should be made in advance.

You can choose the Can Tres hotel for a tranquil hideaway island vacation as it is tucked away on serene grounds with beautiful pine trees that are situated back from the coast, just a short walk from playa migjorn.

The other good option is hotel Es Mares, just a boat trip away from Ibiza island, where you can enjoy the yoga classes with the sunrise and relax while enjoying the spa and massages.

Cala soana hotel and spa is a tiny, opulent hotel situated on a stunning beach. The lodging is airy and modern, with simple furnishings, lots of glass, and contemporary artwork. Each morning, yoga lessons are performed.

There is also a trendy outdoor bar, delicious spa, and nutritious food provided in the restaurant. The other good hotels are hotel Blanco, Geco Hotel, and beach club.

9. A Few Options To Explore At Formentera Spain

Because of the island’s distinct ecosystems, lagoons, and wetlands, hundreds of migratory birds visit Formentera in the autumn and spring because it is situated halfway between Africa and Europe. You should visit the Formentera Natural Park to start your bird-watching expedition.

Formentera spain
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Formentera is working to ban non-reusable plastics, promote sustainable lifestyles, and increase visitor understanding of environmental issues.

Since the island is only 19 kilometers long, you may easily tour it on a bicycle and contribute to environmental preservation. Try diving at S’Espalmador’s crystal-clear seas.


Formentera is a small but beautiful island. The locals say it is paradise. The place is nearby the popular destination Ibiza island and is very easy to reach.

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Formentera Spain is a terrific place to go if all you want to do is lay on the beach, eat delicious food, sip exquisite wine, and sleep for hours. Its extraordinary peace has brought everyone there, including Madonna, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jimi Hendrix, and Bob Dylan.

You can travel from Ibiza to Formentera for a day trip or stay there for a few weeks to indulge in deep relaxation. Mass tourism has no place on Formentera Balearic islands.

As the two islands are nearby, many ferry boats are available from Ibiza town. In short, if you just want to relax during your holiday, this paradise is the place for you.



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