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Library In Wembley
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A library is a place that contains a vast collection of knowledge. Nowadays, knowledge is not only about books. It’s also attained through videos, magazines, and so on. However, through these materials, knowledge can be easily accessible. One such famous library in Wembley is “Wembley Public Library.”

A library contains printed materials. However, diversity in languages is also seen. It attracts more visitors. The readable items are available in different languages.

To make the learning process more interesting. People took the help of DVDs and recordings. However, these items are found in libraries.  

A library membership is a must to keep in touch with the books. However, to borrow some of the items, it is necessary.

Additionally, no extra cost is there during membership registration. It’s a key for easy permitting of other materials in the library.  

Library In Wembley
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1. Details About Wembley Library 

Wembley Public Library is the most modern space for books. Identifying this library only for books would be wrong. However, computers, scanners, etc., can also be used by library members. 

Library membership is important. It’s essential for burrowing items. You don’t have to spend a single penny for this membership.

However, many events are also organized over here. Family events are the main attractions. Additionally, craft activities are done too. Adult education is also provided.  

Library in wembley
Source: Wembley Public Library

Visitors are also allowed to use the free internet services. Nonetheless, digital formats for many resources are available, too. Members can use the resources both remotely and digitally.

The Board Members of the Wembley Public Library include:

  • Becky Ketchum, Chairperson 
  • Martina Brewer
  • Brandy Adams
  • Richelle LaCoste 
  • Shaun Baker
  • Natasha Boileau
  • Jessica Blake
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1.1 Additional Information 

 Address: 9719 – 99 Avenue Box 926 Wembley, AB T0H 3S0


(Timings are subject to changes. Please visit the website before visiting for the updated timings)

  • 10:30 AM – 8 PM (Mon-Fri)
  • 10:30 AM – 5 PM (Saturday)
  • 12:00 PM – 5:00 PM (Sunday)

Official Website: www.wembleypubliclibrary.ab.ca/

2. How To Reach To The Library?

There are several ways to reach the Wembley Public Library. However, each of the transport modes helps the visitors to arrive near the library.

People can go here via car, bus, train, or any other means of transport. 

2.1 Bus

There are a few buses that stop near the library. However, Olympic Way stops 206, 440, and 92 can reach the destination.

These buses will help to reach the nearby location of the library. 

2.2 Underground Public Transport

Underground transport medium can also help in reaching this library. The nearest stations include: 

  • Wembley Park (Metropolitan and Jubilee lines) 
  • Wembley Central (Bakerloo line and London overground)

2.3 Car

Visitors can also reach here by private car. Nonetheless, the Brent Civic Centre will be the nearest location. There are a lot of parking plots near the civic center.

Moreover, parking locations near Wembley Park are also available.  

2.4 Train

The train is another transport option. Wembley Stadium (Chiltern Railways) is the nearest location to the library.

3. Library Access

3.1 Primary Accessibility

Without any additional charges, visitors are allowed the use of certain areas. However, parking and washrooms are the primary ones.

Additionally, using computer stations is also on the list. 

3.2 Library Services 

Numerous members can’t read the traditional language. This occurs due to visual and learning disabilities.

However, to make those scripts readable, a measure is taken. These measures are

  • CELA (Centre for Equitable Library Access) 
  • CAEB (Centre d’accès équitable aux bibliothèques) 
  • NNELS (National Network for Equitable Library Service)
Library in Wembley
Source: Wembley Public Library

3.2.1 Centre for Equitable Library Access (CELA)

The Canadian public libraries founded it. However, it’s prompted to allow the reading of ancestral prints.

Reading traditional prints easily is not possible for everyone. To solve this problem, CELA was established. 

CELA is funded by 

  • Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB) 
  • Canadian Urban Libraries Council (CULC). 

To borrow items from CELA, taking a CELA membership is compulsory. However, requesting items is also done. The CELA membership has broad access to braille, video, e-text, audio, etc. 

However, these members will have access to Bookshare. It’s an online library. The members can download books and documents from this Bookshare. It’s accessible on computers, smartphones, iPads, etc. 

3.2.2 National Network for Equitable Library Service (NNELS)

It’s an online library for Canadians. However, it’s applicable for books with printing disabilities. NNELS presents digital formats for print-disabled books. Moreover, it focuses on Canadian literature. 

Collecting recent knowledge is insisted on by NNELS. The digital formats by NNELS include E-text, PDF, EPUB, DAISY, and MP3. After requesting for any one of the formats, the member can read it.

Moreover, taking an NNELS membership is most important for accessibility. All the documents are on the NNELS website in different digital formats.

Library In Wembley
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4. Facilities Provided By The Library

Requesting and borrowing choices are there for every book. However, books for all age groups are available. Rental books are found in Polish, Arabic, Urdu, and Gujarati languages. 

Apart from books, DVDs, audiobooks, and newspapers are available too. A vast reading space is also arranged. However, self-service machinery is also held. These are for texturing or borrowing items. 

The library members can have free access to Wi-Fi. However, the members can use scanners, photocopiers, and printers too. 

Library In Wembley
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5. Library Membership

For borrowing any book, one should have a membership card. Moreover, this permit is provided by the library authorities.

To get the membership, one should bring some authentic documents. Nonetheless, ID proof with address evidence is required.

Additionally, rental agreements or driver’s licenses are important for registration. In case the member is a minor, then parental concern is required.

Moreover, the guardian’s signature with all valid ID proof should be attached. 

The members don’t have to charge any monthly charges for borrowing books. However, the Wembley Public Library doesn’t add any charge for the library card.

An outstanding amount should be paid by the members annually. Moreover, these charges are updated yearly. 

Library in Wembley
Source: Wembley Public Library

5.1 Other Additional Points 

5.1.1 Duration Of Loan Products 

There are specific loan periods for specific products. However, this library provides books along with DVDs, audiobooks, etc. Moreover, video games, CDs, and magazines are also on the list. 

5.1.2 Fine Amounts 

Like the loan periods, the fine amounts also differ. However, a proper replacement amount should be given for damaged and lost products. Moreover, if the fine reaches a certain amount, then borrowing is suspended. 

5.1.3 Items Renewal 

To avoid a late fine, the items should be returned on time. However, renewing the same item can be done. People can log in to their accounts for a renewal request. On TRACpac, people can place their requests.

Moreover, this request can be placed by calling (780) 766-3553. An item can be renewed more than once. But under one condition. If someone has requested that item, then renewal might not happen. 

5.1.4 Placing A Request For An Item

If someone can’t find any particular item on the library shelves. Then, they can place a hold request. However, this request can be placed online or by phone. The person can log in to his account at TRACpac and place the hold request. 

Moreover, a person can hold a specific number of items at a time. The authorities inform the person after the item is available. However, extending the pick-up period choice is also there. 

The hold item will be suspended if the person can’t take up the item in a definite time. Nonetheless, holding items for a long period is not acceptable. 

For cancelling the holding items, one can do it over the phone. Although logging in at TRACpac, this process can be done. 

5.1.5 Lost Membership Card

If someone has lost his membership card. Then it’s important to reach the library. However, this should be done immediately for security. The authorities will take action so that others can use it. 

If some unwanted action occurs, the person with the membership card must face the trouble. Nonetheless, a certain amount is requested to replace the membership card. 

6. TRACpac

TRAC is The Regional Automation Consortium. It has partnerships with many libraries. However, it creates easy access to the library.

Wembley Public Library, Marigold Library System, and Yellowhead Regional Library are associated with TRAC. Moreover, these are members of TRAC.

TRACpac includes more than 170 libraries. However, it retains almost three million and other items. These materials are available for reading and borrowing. 

Moreover, creating an account on TRACpac is necessary to proceed with borrowing. The TRAC card will make the borrowing process smoother.

Registering in the TAL Cards can be done free of cost. To do so, one can request it from the library staff. However, the cardholder will have the loaning facilities.

Returning the borrowed item can be done via an online process. The TAL members can use the local library too.

Library in Wembley
Source: Wembley Public Library

7. Takeaway Message 

A library is an information sphere. It creates a place to acquire knowledge. However, it also permits reading traditional scripts. Several associations are involved with it.

They bring up a better form of disabled printed items. A readable document is provided for a better understanding. This is done for better communication as it helps to spread knowledge.  

Wembley Public Library has created this path for its members. They have provided a vast range of materials. It’s done to gain knowledge.

The other facilities are much superior. Moreover, it’s much more engaging.

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