Famous Farm in Kent: 5 Places to Visit

farm in Kent
Image by: Frances Gunn| Unsplash, Copright 2015

Looking for a farm in Kent countryside to explore on your day off? You must visit these five amazing farms as all the family is welcome.

5 Most Famous Farms in Kent Countryside –

1. Hop Farm Family Park

The Hop Farm has many amazing loads to present every year around. It is known for its different attractions, unique and exciting events, performances and concerts.

Here, you get to be up close to miniature animals like cows, horses, donkeys, goats, pigs, guinea pigs, rabbits, birds, alpacas, and many more. 

They also have fake-designed dinosaurs wandering around the park for family fun. They also have premium new summer boats.

Additionally, they also have a huge playground area with ladders, slides, ropes and bridges.

farm in Kent
Screenshot taken from: The Hop Farm – Kent’s leading event venue and campsite – The Hop Farm

If you need or are looking for some indoor enjoyment, there’s a place called The Magic Castle. Here you can try magic tricks, experience the maze made of mirrors and enjoy a generous amount of puzzles to solve.

Moreover, you can enjoy lunch at Hopper’s Diner which is near to the indoor soft play area. 

You must also surely visit the authentic museums there which feature unique exhibitions and arts of varieties made in the past.

2. Rare Breeds Centre

The Rare Breeds Centre has plenty of outdoor activities and adorable animals for everyone to enjoy in a massive area of around 100 acres.

They’re working towards ensuring and protecting the future of the becoming extinct, rare and native breeds of farm life. The Rare Breeds Survival Trust approves this.

farm in Kent
Screenshot taken from: Farm Attraction, Family Day Out Kent, Activities | Rare Breeds Centre

The list of animals here includes guinea pigs, owls, donkeys, ducks, rabbits, sheep and lambs along with Lady Rhona the Shire Horse.

Families after petting the animals can take a little break and then head inside the new indoor play area or visit the outdoor play areas with swings, playgrounds and tyre snakes.

You can also enjoy some pig racing or peaceful walks to experience seasonal fruits, vegetables and wildflowers as well. Side by side, you will spot rabbits, hens and even tortoises thereabout!

3. Kent Life Heritage Farm Park

Kent Life is a 28-acre farm, open 7 days a week all around the summer when it’s time for holidays.

It is motherland to adorable farm livestock, both big and small, and the has indoor and outdoor play parks, all-time live entertainment, captivating gardens and a village full of vintage and history.

farm in Kent
Screenshot taken from: Home – Kent Life

Kids of all ages can visit this perfect place and feed animals like goats, pigs, llamas, horses and many more.

You also get to explore The Kent Owl Academy present on the farm which is home to 12 owls and a meerkat family.

They have many thrilling and exciting activities for little ones to keep them busy. These include a jumpy castle, scavenger hunts and paddle boats.

Families and individuals who want to relax and spend time enjoying performances, some unique and attractive animal ramp shows, circus and magic tricks, are also there in addition to the Big Top arena which is a fun place to explore.

4. Woodland View Alpacas 

farm in Kent
Screenshot taken from: Alpaca Treks | Woodland View Alpacas | Kent

Woodland View Alpacas Farm is known for its Alpaca adventures and it also has Pony Play Sessions.

You can enjoy a 90-minute walk with a lovely and pleasant alpaca around the park. You can take photographs along with the new alpaca friend you make, and also can feed them with your own hands! 

They have a pre-booking option available for Alpaca adventures with time slots, especially during the summer vacations.

Your children, if they are of age from 5 to 16 will be excited about playing with a pony and feeding them.

Also, they are groomed, and then at last they are allowed to take them along for a walk.

There will also be practice sessions where they can learn about animals, how to take care of them, and what they are fed.

Afterwards, kids can enjoy the outdoor play attractions like Watering Hole and relax.

Moreover, the whole family can dine on local produce sandwiches, croissants, cake, loaves and freshly brewed tea or coffee. There’s also pre-booking afternoon tea available at the Café.

5. Huckleberry Woods

farm in Kent
Screenshot taken from: Huckleberry Woods | Micro Animal Adventures in Faversham, Kent

Huckleberry Woods is a farm that focuses on micro animal experiences. It is located in a fascinating orchard which is private and you can visit for a designated time slot of 2 hours every Thursday, Sunday & Tuesday.

It is a great place to find micro pigs, sheep, miniature donkeys and alpacas. You can also take walking, feeding, or pampering adventures with the animals.

It also includes miniature chickens and ducks and a miniature donkey walk.

At Huckleberry Woods, photos can be taken, questions can be asked. Also, during the walk, you can surely stop by for a greet and meet along with feeding the farm animals. 

Furthermore, children can relish the outdoor play area which has a tree swing and other slides and swings.

You can also take a relaxing walk along the woodland nature trail. Afterwards, you may head to a private orchard treasure hunt.

Moreover, it also has a perfect place and spot for afternoon tea at the Summerhouse Café. You can book your experience online on their website.


If we believe that together we can accomplish more than working in disconnection then the amount of the gathering can become more significant than its parts. Farmers and land managers can accomplish more for wildlife and the environment.

They collaborate with ecologists and other members of their community through farmer clusters.

At the landscape scale, this entails carrying out actions that support long-term farming and wildlife restoration. So you must visit and enjoy the farm life of Kent till it exists with a whole lot of experiences.

Don’t forget to carry your sunscreen, sunglasses, hats, wellies and raincoats when enjoying the outdoors.

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