Famous City Hall in Cardiff: 7 Things to Know

Famous City Hall in Cardiff
Screenshot from the official website of Cardiff City Hall

Cardiff City Hall is not only a famous city hall in Cardiff but also in Europe, as it is an exceptional civic centre in Europe. In addition to that, this historic building is famous for its marvellous exteriors and breathtaking interiors.

Cardiff City is very well known for its historic and impressive buildings, landscaped gardens and broad roads with avenues of trees. And Cardiff City Hall is a state-of-art building which represents all these together.

About Cardiff City Hall 

1. History

Inaugurated in 1906, after Cardiff received its Royal Charter as a city in 1905, this city hall is one of the most impressive civic buildings in the world.

As it is located at Cardiff’s civic centre, many impressive buildings and attractions surround Cardiff City Hall.

It is the fifth town hall of Cardiff which is serving as a local Government centre. This city hall replaced the 1853-built fourth town hall, which was situated on St Mary’s Street in Cardiff.

Above all, Cardiff Register Office is also inside Cardiff city hall.

Interestingly, Cardiff City Hall is built with Portland stone in French and English Renaissance styles. Also, it was constructed with fully electricity-operated construction work which was, indeed, the first of the kind in the world in the nineteenth century.

More importantly, Cardiff City Hall is world-famous architectural work for its magnificent exterior as well as interior.

2. Exterior

2.1 Clock tower

This 194-foot-high clock tower is the most significant landmark for Cardiff.

Furthermore, the clock has one hour bell as well as four quarter bells, all made up of pure copper-tin alloy.

2.2 Memorial Monuments

There are memorials on the right and left of the Cardiff city hall for the second world war victims, as well as for saviours.

2.3 Pool and Fountains

Additionally, at the front entrance of the city hall, you can witness fountains and a huge rectangular pool. Indeed, they work as a cherry on the cake for the Cardiff city hall exterior look.

Above all, you can also soothe your eyes with its avenues and landscaped gardens.

3. Interior

Cardiff city hall has 7 major attractions inside it, which are its elegant rooms.

If you are in awe just with the impressive exterior of this city hall, then get ready to get awe-struck by its interior.

3.1 Entrance Hall

First and foremost, this is the first hall from where you will start your memorable journey. The reception desk and visitors’ seating arrangements are there.

3.2 Marble Hall

Marble  Hall Cardiff City Hall
Screenshot from the official website of Cardiff City Hall

From the Entrance Hall, you can go upstairs towards the Marble Hall. It is on the first floor of the city hall. 

Here, you can have a look at Sienna marble pillars and stained-glass windows.

Moreover, there is an extensive art collection over here. It can accommodate 500–600 guests at a time.

3.3 Ferrier Hall

Cardiff had a Lord Mayor named George Llewellyn Ferrier. So, it is named after him.

Furthermore, it is a stand-alone venue due to separate access and a kitchen.

3.4 Assembly Room

It is the largest room. Thus, it can accommodate 500–600 guests at a time.

Assembly Room Cardiff City Hall
Screenshot from the official website of Cardiff City Hall

Most importantly, you can reach here through the Marble Hall. Moreover, its main attraction is its state-of-the-art ceiling.

It also has other magnificent interiors, like giant bronze chandeliers and murals.

3.5 Council Chamber

Formerly, it was the debating chamber of the Cardiff council, where many passionate debates occurred for many decades.

Council Chamber can accommodate 100–150 guests at a time with seating arrangements.

Council Chamber Cardiff City Hall
Screenshot from the official website of Cardiff City Hall

You will surely be mesmerized by its pillars made of marble and panels carved from oak wood. Apart from that, it also has stained-glass windows.

3.6 Lower Hall

The next one is Lower Hall. As the name suggests, it is on the ground floor. You can directly access this room from the Entrance Hall.

Most importantly, it has many elegant pillars, yet there is a lot of space for gatherings. Lower Hall can accommodate 200–400 people at a time, which depends upon the type of occasion.

3.7 Syndicate Rooms

Syndicate Rooms Cardiff city hall
Screenshot from the official website of Cardiff City Hall

There are 15 Syndicate Rooms inside the city hall. All vary in size, and so can be used as per requirement.

Most importantly, they all have their own networked computer systems and telephone lines. So, these rooms are idle as meeting rooms and press conferences.

4. Art Collection and Events

Gladly, it also has an extensive art collection inside. Have a look –

Cardiff city hall Art Collection
Screenshot from the official website of Cardiff City Hall

Furthermore, you can also explore the whole art collection here.

Apart from exploring it as a visitor, you can also consider it as a venue for various events. For example, you can book it for intimate functions as well as business meetups.

Moreover, you can also arrange exhibitions and fun sessions too.

Cardiff city hall
Screenshot from the official website of Cardiff City Hall

In fact, they also have a great catering service. Explore their in-house delicacies here.

5. Location 

City Hall, Cathays Park, King Edward VII Avenue, Cardiff CF10 3ND.

You can reach here by regular bus or train or by your vehicle. Most importantly, parking is not available at Cardiff City Hall, but you can use nearby paid parking like Castle Mews or Alexandra Gardens.

6. Visiting Hours

Tourists and visitors can visit the city hall Monday to Friday between 8 am to 6 pm. But you should remain in touch with the official site.

famous city hall in Cardiff
Screenshot from the official website of Cardiff City Hall

Also, contact them first before your visit, as you may feel restrictions to some rooms due to bookings for the functions and meetings.

7. Accessibility

Except for the Council chamber, which has limited access, all other areas of Cardiff city hall have wheelchair access.

Actually, there is a wheelchair lift through which you can go to the ground floor as well as the first floor. Indeed, the city hall has disabled parking and toilet facilities.


In brief, Cardiff City Hall is the famous city hall and civic centre in Cardiff as well as Europe. The Cardiff City Hall is located at the heart of the city, and it is surrounded by many impressive buildings.

Cardiff City is well known for its impressive buildings, landscaped gardens and broad avenues of trees. And Cardiff City Hall represents altogether in one place.

Indeed, the city hall has historical yet exceptional exteriors and interiors, and more importantly, it is open to all. Moreover, you can not only explore it but also live your day out there by booking it for different occasions.

So, plan your visit to this famous city hall in Cardiff or book it for your memorable day or an important event. And don’t forget to capture your memories with this marvellous historical structure.

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