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aquarium in manchester
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Manchester is one of the UK’s most prominent and significant cities. A city so vibrant and exciting that it makes it a great tourist spot. The city is so distinguished because of its people and their achievements. No one is unknown of the city’s contribution to football. However, there is so much unknown to us about this great city.  Thus, discussing one such thing, we have the most famous aquarium in Manchester- Sea Life.

Most Famous Aquarium In Manchester – Sea Life Manchester Aquarium

The most famous aquarium in Manchester is Sea Life. Sea life centre is a chain of sea life-themed aquarium attractions. This chain of commercial aquariums comes under the ownership of a British company- Merlin Entertainment.

They have a total of 53 aquariums. The sea life aquarium chain is spread all over the world. From Thailand to Berlin from Turkey to Manchester. This is an in-hand guide to everything you need to know about Sea life, in Manchester. 

Sea life aquarium Manchester is situated in Baton Square within Trafford Center. It can be found right beside the LEGOLAND Discovery Center in Manchester.

The Legoland discovery centre Manchester is your one-stop to cover yourself with millions of LEGO bricks and get creative. It is an experience of excitement. For example, the Miniland, 4D cinema and other exciting rides. 

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1. Tickets and Visit 

You can visit with general tickets, multiattraction tickets, adult+toddler tickets, student tickets and annual passes. It is important to note, in the multi-attraction option you can book a ticket for the Legoland discovery centre and Sea Life and save up to 33%.

You can visit this attraction in Barton Square for various occasions as well. Such visits include school groups, group visits, birthday parties and gift vouchers.

Moreover, you also have the luxury of experiencing the VIP experience. It includes turtle feed, sharks after dark, snorkelling with sharks, and the VR experience. 

It is important to note that if you book your entry ticket online you can save more and book the ticket without any hassle. However, the earlier you book the more you tend to save. However, the tickets have a 90 days validity.

Moreover, it gives you the luxury to visit at your leisure. Unquestionably the entry ticket when booked online saves you a lot of time on the service provided.

Click here to book your tickets. 

there is a variety of fishes you can see at Sea life.
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Pre-booking is essential before you visit the attraction. Thus, it is advisable to book your tickets online before you go.

No cash is accepted at the attraction. Thus, make sure you only pay with contactless bank cards.

Furthermore, make sure to keep in mind the hygiene measures like face covering and hand sanitizer. 

2. Attractions  

At sea life, you will encounter some of the world’s most magnificent and incredible animals. It has different zones and areas to explore. All the zones are mentioned below: 

2.1. Zones

There are different interactive and themed zones to dive into. it has a view of the amazing underwater world.

  • Turtle Beach: a 3D projection showing the entire life cycle of green sea turtles from the land to the sea. It is an educational experience for young kids

  • The Rocky Hideout: venturing through underwater caves and immersive tanks little ones can look at the display of some wonderful species. Furthermore, it is a very wholesome experience for your little ones as well. 

  • Jellyfish Seas: the sea nettle jellyfish lie inside a colour-changing tank. Furthermore, you can select a colour and watch these mesmerizing creatures.

  • Ocean Tunnel: experience an incredible ocean tunnel. You will find yourself fully submerged in the wonders of the sea. It is a wholesome experience where you find yourself surrounded by amazing creatures and the sea.  

  • Shark Shipwreck and Coral Reefs: a kaleidoscope of colour. The coral reefs and shipwreck set up busts with life and activity. 

2.2. The Creatures 

There are thousands of spectacular creatures. Varying from huge sharks to tiny goldfish you can experience all. Furthermore, there are a lot of creatures to see for the first time. 

The creatures include sharks, clownfish, green sea turtles, Japanese spider crabs, sting rays, seahorses, jellyfish, starfish and other creatures. Moreover, you get astonishingly close views of all the creatures. 

you can view some spectacular sea turtles at this aquarium in manchester
image by: Belle Co from Pexels

2.3. Events 

Sea Life organizes various events to always keep it engaging. Furthermore, you can have your kids take a bag full of fun and knowledge. The events include: 

  • After-Hours with Mermaids– an interaction with dreamy mermaids.
  • Quiet at the Aquarium: quiet sessions for people with autism and other sensory sensitivities. 
  • Canal Clean: a social initiative to give back to mother nature. Besides that, it has pirate treasure hunts and many more.

Moreover, you can get souvenirs at the shopping centre and gift shop.

3. How to Reach? 

As it has been mentioned Sea Life Manchester is situated within Trafford Palazzo. It can be easily reached through Trafford Palazzo via an indoor footbridge. However, it is just beside the Trafford Palazzo car park (a.k.a Trafford centre west car park).

Furthermore, you will only have to take a short walk to reach this fascinating location.

3.1. Travel by Tram

The Barton Dock Road tram stop is near the Palazzo. The line runs from Manchester city centre. 

3.2. Travel by Car

Next, we have, the car park near the Aquarium provides free parking all day and every day. Located off the M60, via junction 9 or 10. The centre has space for 11,500 cars (including disabled and parent spaces).

However, it must be noted that the car park is not well-suited for bicycles. Moreover, bike racks are easily accessible around the centre.

The car park provides easy and safe access to the centre. Parents visiting with kids can enjoy direct access to the venue.

Moreover, you can find reserved spaces in the car park for disabled people. However, you need to have the disabled badge in front of your car at the time of parking. 

3.3. Travel by Train/ Bus

Finally, Manchester’s biggest railway station: Piccadilly Gardens is very close to the Trafford centre. You can take a 250 bus from the station. In addition, the centre is in direct view from there.

4. Social Initiative

Jellyfishes are kept in a color changing tank , so you can set the color of choice at this aquarium in manchester
image by: Alain Frechette from: Pexels

SEA LIFE TRUST: a charity established back in 2014, this trust is dedicated to global causes. The trust provides vital practice care for marine animals. In fact, for this purpose, they have set up sanctuaries. It is to fund conservation projects and deliver campaigns that make a positive impact. Moreover, since 2014 they have created new marine protected areas, reduced marine litter, protected sea turtles etc. 

It has currently two marine animal sanctuaries; the old first’s Beluga WhalSanctuaryry in Iceland and the Cornish Seal Sanctuary in the UK. Furthermore, the Beluga WhalSanctuaryry is a revolutionary project. However, the purpose is to provide formerly captivated whales a with safe and more natural home.  

The conversation program consists of a system of care. Moreover, it is combined with best-practice animal husbandry. 

To know more about the trust and to donate visit their website

Address: Trafford Palazzo, Trafford, Manchester, M17 8AS



in brief Sea Life at Manchester is a great place to spend your time at. It has a fantastic range of animals.

One of the main attractions of Manchester, sea life is fit for all ages. To conclude here you can have an astonishingly close view of the animals. Explore the underwater world at its peak.

Furthermore, you can come with your children and have a great time. Visit their website to get all the required information.

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