Famous Aquarium in Lisbon: 5 Reasons to Visit

Famous Aquarium in Lisbon
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Life underwater has always been a mystery to humans. People of all ages get wonderstruck by marine life. So if you also plan to visit an aquarium with your family then include the Aquarium in Lisbon in your list. This huge aquarium in Lisbon will surely leave you delighted.

Before we discuss the 5 reasons to visit the aquarium, it is important to get an idea of the place.

1. An Introduction to Aquarium in Lisbon- Oceanário de Lisboa

Located in the Portuguese Capital, Lisbon, Oceanário de Lisboa is one of the world’s largest aquariums. This aquarium is the architectural design of Peter Chermayeff.

It resembles the structure of an aircraft carrier and was created as a part of the World Expo 1988 (a kind of world fair).

The aquarium mirrors natural conditions. It divides species of different habitats into different tanks. A central tank is separated from the other tanks with invisible acrylic walls.

The central tank is as huge as four Olympic-sized swimming pools. It houses a range of colourful fish of all shapes and sizes. Indeed, the tank will provide you with a window to a different world altogether.

2. A List of 5 Reasons to Visit

The aquarium provides a range of activities to make the experience even more interesting. Following is a list of 5 good reasons to visit this Aquarium in Lisbon.

2.1. A Wide Variety of Marine Species

Firstly, the place has a lot to offer with hundreds of marine species and thousands of creatures. It is a thrill to watch the flora and fauna.

For example, imagine coming face-to-face with a shark. Along with this, visualize the otters playing among themselves.

You can also spot not only colourful tropical fishes swimming together, but also deep sea organisms. Moreover, a wide variety of plants and algae can be found.

Following are the different species which you can spot at the aquarium:-

2.1.1. Birds

The place hosts a range of bird species. A few of them include-

  • Common Murre
  • Atlantic Puffin
  • Magellanic penguin
  • Inca Tern

Without a doubt, Penguins attract visitors the most!

2.1.2. Vertebrates

The vertebrates at the aquarium include-

  • Strawberry Anemones
  • Vermilion Stars
  • White- Spotted jellyfish
  • Bush Coral

2.1.3. Fishes

The Fish Species at the aquarium include-

  • Bignose Unicornfish
  • Atlantic Cod
  • Boar Fish
  • Chinese Trumpetfish
  • Zebra Shark
  • Moray eels

The sunfish in particular is one of the main attractions of the place.

2.1.4. Mammals

In mammals, you can spot sea otters. They are famous for not only being the cutest but also the smallest in the category of marine mammals.

You must have heard these names for the first time but at this place, you get to see them all.

2.2. Exhibitions at Aquarium in Lisbon

Exhibitions at the aquarium provide an insight into the biodiversity of both land and sea. These include-

2.2.1. One Planet, One Ocean 

This exhibition is a combination of different habitats which include tropical, temperate and cold waters. It also features species from four major areas. The following areas are included in the exhibition-

  • Antarctic Coast
  • Pacific Kelp Forest
  • North Atlantic coast
  • Indian Coral Reefs

2.2.2. Forest Underwater 

This is a presentation by Takashi Amano, which displays the tropical forests inside an aquarium. It is a great source for understanding the forest ecosystem.

Moreover, it is said to be the world’s largest natural aquarium. Without a doubt, this exhibition will surely speak to your senses.

2.2.3. ONE, The Ocean As You Never Felt It

It is a creative presentation of life underwater. Moreover, it directly connects the viewers with the ocean.

2.3. Ocean Education

Various educational programs in the Oceanarium are centred around the ocean. The programmes aim to inculcate a sense of responsibility in humans and teach them sustainability.

Clearly, the aquarium aims to conserve the marine environment.

The educational programmes include ocean literacy for schools, a workshop for teachers and a SOS ocean booklet.

An SOS booklet is a list of suggestions for ocean sustainability. As a result, it guides humans on responsible consumption.

2.4. Organizing Themed Birthday Parties

The best gift you can give your kid is organizing a birthday party at the aquarium. An ocean-themed party will provide all kinds of thrills to the children. Along with this, they will get insights into the marine world simultaneously.

The various themes offered include shark party, sea party, Operation Penguins and Sleeping with Sharks. It will be a party filled with entertainment along with fun activities that will teach the kids about our oceans.

2.5. Interesting Activities at the Aquarium in Lisbon

The aquarium hosts a variety of activities for the entertainment of people of all ages. Activities at the Oceanarium include-

2.5.1. Dolphin-Watching Programs

The aquarium provides you with an opportunity to watch dolphins at the Tagus and Sado Rivers. An educator will guide you on this 3-hour-long activity. It will certainly be a fun activity to watch these playful creatures.

Dolphin Watching Program at Aquarium In Lisbon
Screenshot Captured from Oceanário de Lisboa

2.5.2. Sleeping with The Sharks Activity

An interesting activity for children and families to get friendly with these fierce creatures. Make sure to spend a night sleeping with sharks for an amazing experience.

2.5.3. Concert For Babies

The concert for babies is an activity for kids under 3 years old. The concert features live music with the backdrop of a heavenly oceanic setting.

Music aids the mental growth of babies. Above all, it is essential for the development of the senses and the brain in toddlers.

Concert for Babies
Screenshot Captured from Oceanário de Lisboa

So if you are a parent, then definitely visit the place for this amazing activity.

2.5.4. A Dip in the Sea

A diving programme by the aquarium to explore the biodiversity of the Portugal coast. An expert guides the programme.

In addition, you will get a digital guidebook for clarity on local habitats and species.

2.5.5. Ocean For All Ages

The place is not only meant for young people and children but also for senior citizens. Ocean for all ages is a senior citizen programme to explore life underwater.

To clarify, only people above 65 years are permitted. Besides, they will be provided with a guided tour of the exhibition.

3.  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is the Aquarium in Lisbon worth the visit?

The aquarium has an array of various species of both land and water. Additionally, it also provides numerous on-site activities. It is certainly worth the visit.

2. Can one book a ticket online for visiting the Aquarium in Lisbon?

Yes, the tickets can be booked online. Moreover, online tickets will help you skip long queues.

3. What is the name of the Aquarium in Lisbon?

The name of the Aquarium is Oceanário de Lisboa.

4. In Conclusion

In summary, the aquarium is one of a kind. It is undoubtedly one of the best aquariums in Europe. Besides, it is relevant for people of all ages.

It provides fun activities for people of every age group. Moreover, it is the first aquarium to feature different ocean habitats in a single environment.

A family visit to an aquarium is a great activity to get insights into the aquatic world. Make sure to visit this Aquarium in Lisbon with your family.

Further, take home the knowledge and the experience of the visit. The kids will surely be enchanted by the beauty of the lifestyle underwater.

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