Colleges in New Hampshire- 9 Best Colleges to Study At!


Colleges in New Hampshire can be difficult to find sometimes. Usually, the sense of freshly graduated school students and the overwhelming feelings of choosing Colleges and Universities sometimes pose difficulty in selecting the right one.

The wishful thinking of getting the right college from the beginning is what everyone strived for.

Every freshly graduated student wants to pursue their interest in chosen subjects and wishes to invest appropriately in their study. If the graduate wants to pursue their interest in the state of Hampshire, this article will help you find a college in New Ham.

Best Colleges in New Hampshire

Hampshire, a state located in England, US, famous as a Granite state, consists of a huge variety of several colleges.

The location possesses the colleges ranked under the Ivy League to the colleges known for being the most religious schools. A wide range of colleges in Hampshire are in the southern part of the state.

There may be a wide range of colleges to choose from, yet here are some of the best colleges in New Ham to invest in as a learner, and those are listed below:

1. Dartmouth College

One of the best-known colleges in New Ham is Dartmouth College. This private institution was founded in 1786.

This college ranked top in Best College Edition, which is the rank of 22 out of 2241 colleges and universities in the country.

The admission rate at this college is 9%, with 96% as its graduation rate.

The college offers a large number of courses with more than 40 departments for academic purposes.

Dartmouth College is also known for providing access to research for graduate-level students. The student-faculty ratio of this college is 7:1.

colleges in new hampshire

This campus gives the lodging offices such as dorms for coed, lodging for the debilitated, society, and lofts for single understudies.

The courses available at the college are Economics, Political Science. Computer Science, Engineering, General Biology, General English Literature, History, Neuroscience, Static, etc.

2. University of New Hampshire

The location of this university is in Durham, NH. It is ranked the best public school in the country.  The University of New Hampshire holds the rank of 323 out of 2241 colleges and universities in the country.

The admission rate of the university is 85%, and the graduation rate is 78%

All the courses offered at the UNH are Business Administration and Management, General Biology and Psychology, Media studies, English Literature, PoliticalScience, Engineering, Nursing, etc.

The Student Faculty Rato is 16:1, and a wide range of on-campus clubs and organizations are available as well.

This university is known for its Space Science Program.

3. Saint Anselm College

This college in New Hamp is located in Manchester. It is a private institution founded in 1889. Saint Anselm is considered the best Catholic Institution.

It got the best rank in National Liberal Arts College and stood 4 out of 17 colleges in New Hampshire. The admission rate is 76%, and the graduation rate is 79%.

The Child- Faculty Ratio is 11:1.This college provides a wide range of academic courses, counting up to 45.

All the courses available at this college are Nursing, Commerce, Criminology, Finance, Psychology, Teacher Education, Media, General Biology, and Political Science.

It also provides the opportunity for volunteer projects and mission trips.


4. Keene State College

The campus is best suited for international Students. This college of New Ham is located in Keene, and it is a public institution founded in 1909.

This college follows a semester-based calendar. It holds the rank of 1101 out of 2241. The admission rate in this college is 91%, and the graduation rate is 62%

All the courses provided at this college are counted up to 40, including architecture, films, theatre, and computer science. B. A. in Holocaust and Genocide Studies, Teacher Education, Media, Psychology, Business Management and Administration, Sociology, Criminal Justice, etc.

The faculty-child ratio of the college is 13:1.The school has exchanged partnerships with institutions in Europe, Asia, America, and Australia.

5. Southern Hampshire University

Southern Hampshire University is located in Manchester. It is a private institution founded in 1932. It follows the semester system calendar.

The rank of the university is 434 out of 2413, and it stood 3rd in position out of 17 schools in New Hampshire.

This university strongly supports military personnel and their families. Scholarships are granted to students affiliated with the military.


The Admission rate is 94%, while the graduation rate is 40%. The Child Faculty ratio at the college is 21:1.

All the Courses offered at the college are Business Management and Administration, General Psychology, Liberal arts, Health and Medical service, Nursing, Criminal Justice, Accounting, Public Relation, Writing Studies, etc.

6. Colby-Sawyer College

Colby- Sawyer College is a college in New Ham which is a privately owned institution founded in 1837 and follows the semester system calendar.

Colby- Sawyer College ranks the highest in nursing courses.

The overall rank of the college is 1540 out of 2242 in 2023.  It stood in 11 positions out of 17 in New Hampshire state.

The college’s admission rate is 91%, while the graduation rate is 58%. The Child -faculty ratio of this college is 12:1.

This college provides various courses, including Nursing, Business Management, Health and Physical Education, General Psychology, Public Health, Natural Resources Conservation, History, Allied Health Professions, Interdisciplinary Studies, and Media Studies.


7. Plymouth University

Plymouth State University is a public institution that was founded in 1871. It is known for its customizable program, which means the college provides customizable degrees where the learner can create a program that matches their interest with ambitions.

This university holds 1426 out of 2241 and stands 9 in position out of 17 in New Hampshire state.

The child-faculty ratio of this university is 17:1. Moreover, the admission rate is 89%, and the graduation rate is 55%.

The courses provided at the university are General Businesss, Teacher Education, Marketing, Health and Physical Education, General Psychology, Criminal Justice, Media Studies, Nursing, and Interdisciplinary.

8. Franklin Pierce University

The University of Franklin Pierce has a dynamic community where veterans, adult learners, international students, and traditional college-going students can be spotted.

Franklin Pierce University, which ranks highest in the major of the Health and Medical Administrative Service, is a private institution founded in 1962.

This University land on the 1622 spot out of 2241, ranking 14 out of 17 in New Hampshire state.


The admission rate of this university is 85%, while the graduation rate is 54%. The child-faculty ratio at this university is 12:1

This university’s popular majors are Health Service, Business Management and Administration, Accounting, Criminal Justice, Nursing, General Psychology, Biology, Media Studies, and Natural Resources Conservation Studies.

9. New England College

New England College (NEC) is another college of New Ham, a privately owned institution founded in 1946. It uses the program-based academic calendar.

The overall rank of the college is 1491 out of 2241 colleges.

Admission in this college is daily high with an acceptance rate of 96%. The child-faculty ratio in this college is 13:1.

All the courses the major provided in this college are Business Management and Administration, Criminal Justice, Designing and Applied Art, General Psychology, Clinical Counseling and Applied Psychology, Information Technology, Fine and Studio Art, General Biology, Human Services, and international relations and National Security course.


The Universities and Colleges in New Hampshire provide a dynamic range in terms of courses and majors with diversity in the range of students’ environments.

The location of those universities and the colleges in New Ham are appropriately designed for the student’s interests. There is high scope in getting high packages after pursuing the majors from the above-mentioned list of universities and colleges.

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