Christmas Market in Munich: 8 Things To Do

christmas market in munich
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The event of Christmas is a festival of light and excitement, and Munich, a city in Germany, gets lit with very bright Christmas markets. The Christmas market in Munich is a way of adding more joy and entertainment.

During Christmas, if you visit the Christmas markets, you can do a lot of amazing things in the market. Here we will give you a complete Munich Christmas market guide.

Top 8 Things to Do at Christmas Market in Munich

If you are looking for a place to spend your winter or Christmas vacation, then Munich is a very suitable place for you.

The Munich Christmas market is one of the best events in Europe. Instead of having a winter season and very cold temperature during Christmas, Munich is still able to maintain the spirit of the festival.

christmas market in munich
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During Christmas, you will see the city’s completely new look. The Whole of Munich dresses up and welcomes the biggest event in the world, and the street markets of Munich cover the street of the city.

The street cars also make the way of transportation beautiful as well as the snow gives the city centre a new look and makes it like a branch of the North Pole.

The month of December and January are the coldest in the whole year. During these two months, the temperature maximum reaches up to 5 degrees. However, the minimum temperature is minus 4 degrees centigrade.

As a result, snowfall goes on continuously so don’t forget to keep your winter clothes during luggage packing. You must need to keep these items with you during the trip winter coats, waterproof boots and gloves, thermal socks and fleece, woollen hats and sweaters, and fleece pants.

christmas market in munich
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So given below is the complete list of the top 8 exciting things to do in the Munich Christmas market

1. Take a Trip to Christkindlmarkt Christmas Market of Marienplatz

You can see a lot of Christmas markets in Munich, but the Christmas market of Christkindlmarkt is something beyond your expectations. It is the largest market in the city as well as the most valuable one also.

The Christmas market of Christkindlmarkt was started during the fourteenth century, and near about three million visitors come to visit the market each year.

The Christmas market is situated at Marienplatz, which is the heart of the city. Marineplatz is a historic centre of Munich.

The Marienplatz Christmas market offers food stalls, the permanent music shows of Bavarians, and the biggest Christmas tree that was placed right in front of City Hall.

christmas market in munich
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This Christmas market is an instance of Christmas Eve as well as a meeting place for local people who go there to eat yummy foods and drink glühwein, also the delicious mulled wine.

This spiced mulled wine is consumed in Europe for the advent of Christmas. 

2. Visit the Viktualienmarkt Food Market

An exciting thing you can do is to visit the Viktualienmarkt Food Market, a very popular place in Munich. This food market is located behind St. Peter’s Church.

It is an open-air fair; you will find 100 stalls. Various fruits, poultry, spices, vegetables, flowers, cheese, and other traditional products are offered by the stalls.

Unlike some other flea markets in the city, Viktualienmarkt market is open during the whole year.

christmas market in munich
Screenshot from Simply Munich

Viktualienmarkt food market is a gastronomic flea market; you can buy beautiful gifts from the stalls. The Christmas Carols are played here as well as the gastronomy turns to unique Christmas food.

You can find a beer garden that is added to the best gastronomic tours of Munich, also a section on Italian food. 

Like the Marienplatz Christmas market, you also don’t need to pay any fee to visit the market. 

It is situated at Viktualienmarkt 3 in Munich. You can go to the Viktualienmarkt Christmas market by subway lines U1, U2, U3, U6, U7, as well as U8. You have to get off at Sendlinger Tor Station.

3. Go to The Nativity Market in St. Peter’s Church

The Nativity market is also known as Kripeermarkt. It is also one of the largest markets that are specialized in nativity scenes.

The Nativity market is a local tradition since 1757 and opens its doors overnight at the time of Christmas. 

This market is a bit different from other Christmas markets like Viktualienmarkt and Marienplatz. The main goal of the Nativity market is the decorations of Christmas trees and scenes of the Nativity.

The nativity market is situated just beside St. Peter’s Church. Here you will see more than ten shops that provide handicrafts, handmade Christmas decorations, and various sizes of dioramas.

christmas market in munich
Screenshot from Simply Munich

As the size of Kripeermarkt is very small, you can complete visiting the whole place in a very short period, as well as can easily access it.

The place is situated at the centre point of traditional Munich. The address of Nativity market is Rindermarkt 1, in Munich.

Like the other Christmas markets in Munich, you don’t need to pay any fee to visit. To reach the market, you can go by subway lines U3 and U6.

Except for subway lines, you can go there by train from Marienplatz station. The train lines you can take are S1, S2, S3, S4, S6, S7, S8, S27, SP1 and SP2.

4. Take a Trip to Christmas Village Weihnachtsdorfs at The Residenz Palace of Christmas Market Munich

The Munich Residenz was the former royal palace of the Bavarian Kings. This former palace is currently one of the most illustrative and decorated museums on the continent. The place is most significant for its beautiful leafy courtyards.

It is one of the traditional Christmas markets in Munich. The palace recreates the scenario of an alpine village in Weihnachtsdorfs.

It is an amazing place to enjoy the music and staging. Here, you will find some beautiful places to spend time with your family.

You will see stalls of food and drinks and Christmas gifts for sale. As the Christmas market is situated in the inner courtyard of Munich Residenz palace, you will always be sheltered from cold due to the huge walls beside it.

christmas market in munich
Screenshot from Weihnachtsdorf Maria-Theresien-Platz

You can go to the agricultural village with its small chapel situated at the centre of the market. The place is wonderful and embellished with the lights of Christmas as well as a life-size bell tower.

The atmosphere of Weihnachtsdorfs Christmas market is quite different in comparison with other markets. No fee is required to pay to visit the market. 

The Christmas market is situated at Residenz, Residenzstrasse 1 in Munich. You can go there by both subway lines and train.

The subway lines are U3, U4, U5, and U6, and you need to get off at Odeonsplatz. The train lines are S3, S4, S6, and S8.

5. Enjoy the Tollwood Winter Festival and The New Year’s Eve Party

From December of every year at the Theresienwiese field, The Tollwood winter festival takes place.

At the time of this festival, the site is filled with art tents. The different kinds of art tents are cultural, political, climatic, and atmosphere themes.

christmas market in munich
Screenshot from Tollwood Sommerfestival

Since 1991 Tollwood has become a reference point in the city.  Every year from September to October, the Oktoberfest is also held in this field.

Besides, these cultural tents, near about fifty or more stalls of food, attractive items for children, musical shows, and various kinds of external activities are available.

The Tollwood New Year’s Eve Party is one of the most visited events at the time of Christmas in Munich.

You don’t need to pay any fee to enter the field during Eve Party. The market is open 24 hours on each day of the week. The park is situated at Spiridon-Louis-Ring 21 in Munich.

You can visit the park by subway lines U2 and U3 from the station of Olympiazenture, else by bus line 173 also.

6. A Ride to ChristkindlTram

During the time of advent season, the Christkindl Tram is the vehicle to use, made up of wooden seats.

The tram travels through the iconic centre of Munich. They serve mulled wine as well as gingerbread.

christmas market in munich
Screenshot from Total Munich

The streetcar goes through the same route as it was at the time of operation. But on Sundays, the path includes magical shows and great surprises for kids.

Things you will see during the ride of ChristkindlTram are Sendlinger Tor, Isartor, Maxmonument, National Theatre, Theatinerstrasse, Lenbachplatz, as well as Stachus.

This tour is a great opportunity for you to see the iconic sites of Munich. All these places are covered with the lights of Christmas and provide you with an awesome atmosphere. You can book the tickets for ChristkindlTram from their official websites.

You can also buy tickets offline from Sendlinger Tor. You need to pay two euros to book the tickets for ChristkindlTram. The tram runs several times daily from 3:30 pm to 7:30 pm.

The tram starts its journey from Sendlinger Tor metro station and ends there too. To go to Sendlinger Tor station, you can use metro lines U1, U2, U3, U6, U7, and U8.

7. A Trip to The Medieval Flea Market at Wittelsbacherplatz

This is a beautiful Christmas market in Munich. During Christmas, the atmosphere of the market is very pleasant.

christmas market in munich
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The goal of the market is to redeem the actual spirit of these regions. In medieval times it started to build as a tradition so that nobody alone would wait for Christmas.

You will be offered Christmas decorations and dresses from the middle ages. The dresses will make you feel like you are a citizen of the middle ages.

No fee is required pay to visit the Wittelsbacherplatz Christmas market.

You can reach the place by subway lines U4, U5, and U6 and need to get off at Odeonsplatz. You can also go to Wittelsbacherplatz by train S3, S4, S6, and S8

8. Enjoy Ice Skating At Muenchner Eiszauber

Ice skating is a very popular event at the Christmas market in Munich. Don’t miss this event during the trip to the Christmas market in Munich. During winter, the market is turned into an ice skating rink.

This is the biggest moveable arena in the entire Europe. You don’t need to be an ice skating pro to do skating, because a lot of fun lies here in the Muenchner Eiszauber.

christmas market in munich
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If you move towards Dirndl or Lederhosen, you will get into the Wies’n Hits for free. Here you will get many food and drink stalls nearby.

Other Things to Do in  Christmas Market Munich

1. Take a Look at Munich’s Christmas Pyramids.

There is no particular location to see the Christmas pyramids. All over the market, you will see the Christmas pyramids. These pyramids are a tradition of Germany and Munich.

These pyramids are built with wood, and on top of it, you will see a crown by the blades of a windmill. The pyramids are an age-old tradition, and when you notice them, they normally mark food stalls and drink stalls.

So, if you are searching for a place to eat or drink, just find these accolades. The biggest Christmas pyramid is usually created around the Nativity market.

2. Bayerische Staatsoper

Bayerische Staatsoper is the most popular venue in the world for opera and classical concerts. Enjoy an incredible evening at a beautiful opera house.

christmas market in munich
Screenshot from Bayerische Staatsoper

3. Alte Pinakothek

Visit the most reputed museum, the Alte Pinakothek, in Munich. Here, you will find the various arts of the middle ages to the modern ages. 


The Christmas markets in Munich are the most popular events in the nation. Therefore, you will find some of the best Munich Christmas markets. 

Here you can do many things and also enjoy food, drinks from the stalls. In fact, the tasty mulled wine in the cold temperature.



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