Cardiff Christmas Market—A Dazzling Venue For Every Christmas Lover

Cardiff Christmas Market
Image by Foulon Richard.Pixabay Copyright 2022

Christmas…We all love it, don’t we? Yes! we all admire the colorful string lights winded over trees, houses, shops, everywhere. The happiness on people’s faces, children’s expectations of Santa! (rather gifts I would say), Christmas music, along with tingling winters- all these are the elements of the ambiance created by this festival.

One more thing that gets us excited about Christmas is “Christmas shopping” and visiting Christmas markets. Well, The Cardiff Christmas Market, organized every year during Christmas in Cardiff- the largest city of Wales, UK becomes the best place for Christmas shopping if you live in Cardiff or are visiting it during Christmas. Let’s know more about it,

What is Cardiff Christmas Market?

The Cardiff Christmas Market is a CraftFolk event organized in the Cardiff City Centre every year during the time of Christmas for almost 30 years under the guidance of the Cardiff Council. It helps to keep alive the original artwork of the local artists by exhibiting their artwork and bringing new as well as returning exhibitors every year.

Cardiff Christmas Market
People doing Shopping in Cardiff Christmas Market. Image by 昕 沈 .Pixabay Copyright 2022

Cardiff’s Christmas Market Locations

The market stalls will be located at Trinity Street, Working Street, The Hayes, and St John street officially.

Dates for the Next Cardiff Christmas Market

The officially announced provisional dates for the Cardiff Christmas market 2022 are from the 10th of November (Thursday) until the 23rd of December (Friday).

What does the Cardiff Christmas market Offer?

The Cardiff Christmas market offers its visitors a beautiful shopping experience where they can enjoy the festive season by shopping a plethora of products from various stalls associated with-

1. Arts and Art Products

Cardiff Christmas Market
Santa For Sale! Image by S. Hermann & F. Richter.Pixabay Copyright 2022

You will find there several stalls where several exhibitors (e.g CIB Art, Antoinette’s Arts, and many others) showcase their products for sale such as ceramic sculptures, pencil drawings of famous personalities, Photographic art, Urban art, artworks on Canvas, prints, framed cards, wall art, pebble art, etc.

Some exhibitors such as “Bespoke Pet Portraits by Sarah” offer you cute pet portraits made with watercolors which are a part of her original artwork, trinket boxes, pet baubles, etc.

Several Antique collections, foreign coins, history guides giving knowledge about British Art, hand-painted ceramics, and astonishing wire art that will entangle your mind!

2. Clothing, textiles, and fabrics

Cardiff Christmas Market
Hanging Snow Caps. Image by Rudy and Peter Skitterians.Pixabay Copyright 2022

Beautifully designed apparel such as blankets, scarves, printed bags, hats, coats, tote bags, placemats, handmade knitwear, traditional embroidery of Craftspeople, leather jackets, denim, bandanas, handmade peg bags, etc.

Several stalls present Vintage Welsh Blankets, meticulously woven tapestries, vinyl T-shirts, etc.

3. Jewelry, Ceramics, Home Decor, Glasswares, and Kitchenwares

Several exhibitors such as “Cloverzone”, “Ye Green Men”, “Joon Silver”, “Tracey Baker Ceramics”, “Gift of Glass”, etc exhibit appealing products such as ceramic jewelry, glass jewelry, clay Jewelry, fascinating silver and gold jewelry, and other ornamentals.

Cardiff Christmas Market
Tea Light-Home Decor. Image by moni quayle.Pixabay Copyright 2022

Handmade flowers, cushion covers, etc are also exhibited in the Cardiff Christmas market.

Other wearables such as pendants, beaded jewelry such as beaded necklaces, bracelets, and also intricate metalworks are also available for sale there. You will also find there other wooden products such as wooden hearts, wooden utensils such as wooden bowls, spoons, picture frames, bird boxes, bird feeders, vases, etc.

Several home decor items such as flower candles, candle sticks Wax melts, scented candles, vintage cup candles, Celtic figurines, flower bouquets, pottery, lamps, coasters, and other Christmas decorations are exhibited in this Christmas market.

4. Captivating Food Stalls, Delicious dishes, and beverages

Just looking at the ongoing steamy cooking over any of the food stalls in Cardiff Christmas market is truly mouth-dripping! Yes, you can’t resist those food stalls there such as the “Melted cheese company” or “Samosa & Sauce Ltd.” or “Oh My Goodies” offering some delicious cupcakes, and these are just a few of the many.

You can go for some cheesy garlic bread, hot dogs, mouth-watering fruit cakes, cookies, samosas, cupcakes, chocolate brownies, roasted nuts, resins, tasty gluten-free flapjacks, marshmallows, handmade chocolates, and traditional foods such as appetizing hot Welsh cakes also.

Cardiff Christmas Market
Sweet Confectionery. Image by Mahdi Fleckner.Pixabay Copyright 2022

If you are fond of exotic wines, then your search will definitely come to an end as there are also stalls that serve fruit wines, rum, gin, whiskey, poteens, mulled wine, and also apple ciders, apple jellies, etc. Cheers!

You will also find them there selling spices, and herbs along with several other food items like fruit jams, pickles, chutneys, etc.

5. Cosmetics and Self-Care Products

Scented soaps, shampoos, bath salts, natural body scrubs, hair oils, and other hair accessories such as hair clips and hairbands, bath bombs, massage oils, and a variety of creams along with a large collection of facial makeup products are exhibited there.

Some companies like “Bees Delights” showcase their wide range of natural cosmetics such as moisturizers, natural lip balms, bath melts, etc. Many more traders offer similar interesting products such as bees waxes, gel wax melts, spa soaps, etc.

Not just only the above type of products that were discussed above, there is so much more to the product list of Cardiff Christmas market, which makes it worthy of an actual visit.

Timings, Map, and Other Info

The market generally runs from 10 AM to 6 PM on weekdays (also Saturday) and 10 AM to 5 PM on Sunday. To know more Visit the Official Site for Cardiff Christmas Market.

Click on Market Map to get the complete idea of the Cardiff Christmas market.

Now, are you interested to be a part of the Cardiff Christmas Market 2022 and want to showcase your products by exhibiting them? The Cardiff Christmas market will also love it. Click on Participate.


The Cardiff Christmas Market is organized annually during Christmas in the Cardiff city center in Wales and can be counted as one of the most jubilant and enchanting Christmas markets in Europe.

The next Christmas market will be provisionally starting from Nov 10, 2022, and will last until 23rd Dec 2022. St. John Street, Trinity Street, Working Street, and The Hayes will be the primary locations for this event. Various local businesses, as well as businesses all around the world, exhibit there a wide array of products such as artworks, Jewellery, food products, wines and other beverages, home decor, clothing, fabrics, cosmetics, ceramics, etc.

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And also, don’t forget to pin down your lovely Christmas moments and your thoughts on this article by commenting below. Wishing you an Early Merry Christmas! See you soon.


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