How Many Cities in Wales?

How many cities in wales
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When you plan to travel to get away from the daily hustles of your busy life, the first thing which must come into your mind is where to travel. Wales is a tourist destination that has not been hyped and spoilt by the tourists yet. So, tucked away from all the city horns and thriving tourist hotspots is this beautiful and serene country. But, the question which must arise in your mind is how many cities in Wales and where you should visit? Let’s find the perfect destination for you!


Wales is a little beautiful nation yet has a lot to offer. The landscapes vary wildly and getting around is simple. It takes roughly five or more hours to explore Wales from top to bottom. All the visitors wonder how many cities in Wales will need to plan for photo sessions, tea shops, and local diner stops along the way as they travel through highlands, down to the coast, small towns, and small towns, and through cities.

There is indeed a lot to learn and discover. Wales boasts 4 breath-taking UNESCO World Heritage Sites, 12 fantastic tiny steam railways, 3 national parks, small towns, and more than 600 fortresses. Additionally, there are other vibrant little towns, award-winning coastlines, and Cardiff, Wales’s capital featured city. So, how many cities in Wales? And what to do here?

The more daring can take a surf session at the very first overland surfing lagoon or rappel down the biggest or quickest zip wire in the globe at speeds up to about 120 mph. Ascend or slide on a few of their mountain peaks while admiring the views of the surrounding landscape from one of their hiking, walking, or biking trails.

A few of the must-visit destinations are the national waterfront museum, Dylan Thomas Centre, Newport transporter bridge, south wales valleys, Wales millennium centre, National Museum Cardiff, gaining William Morgan’s bible insights, and many more.

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There is a distinct sense of community because about 20% of the population speaks Welsh as the first tongue. Visit classic bars, restaurants, and cafes to enjoy domestically sourced meals and drinks. With a Welsh beer, wine, champagne, or one of the many soft beverages, try a Welsh pastry, salt marsh chicken, or Welsh black meat, you will love it.

There is much to discover in the wild, diverse, and gorgeous countryside, but don’t settle upon a busy city when exploring how many cities in Wales. There are clear streams and waterways, peaks like Snowdon that may be climbed, world-class resorts, and shoreline pathways. Wales is a biodiversity haven if you look in the right places.

The numerous ponds and meadows are home to butterflies and dragonflies, and the seashore is home to starfish, snails, and other sea life on the rocky shores as well as whales, dolphins, and seabirds in the sea. If you are planning a long tour, have a look at a quick guide to the main cities of Wales.

So to answer the question of how many cities in Wales, it has seven urban areas. England, Wales is frequently disregarded in favour of its bigger and more well-known neighbour. Wales is a nation of breathtaking scenery, pleasant atmosphere, and reasonably priced living, as anyone who has been there will attest.

Wales and the majority of Great Britain have a lot in common historically, but the natural grandeur of its terrain and the kind attitude of its people set them apart as a tourist site.

The tongue-twisting Welsh dialect is by far the most noticeable distinction among both Wales and the other countries in the United Kingdom for first-time tourists. This article will be very helpful if you are considering relocating to Wales but are unsure of how many cities are there in Wales.

In search of the ideal location for you, the article considers both well-known urban areas and remote rural communities. Also, plan where to stay prior to visiting, and explore the most comfortable hotels in Wales.

How many Cities in Wales?

Now that you know about how many cities in Wales, let’s delve deeper.

1. St Asaph

Nestled amongst Denbigh and the seaside destination resort of Rhyl is the city of St. Asaph. On the shores of river bank Elwy, it has the tiniest church in all of Britain. Wales’s Denbighshire has the city and settlement of St Asaph.

It was the second-smallest municipality in Britain in respect of both population and urban territory in the 2011 Census with a populace of 3,355. The dwellings in the major thoroughfares are sandstone, often small but well-built, and the sidewalks are kept tidy.

The vistas of the city from several locations around it are particularly so beautiful and striking that you will want to gaze at them for hours. Its ideal position on a prominence near the end of the Vale of Clwyd, with the Church perched on top of the mountain and the local church at its bottom, makes it a prominent point from every angle, and the lush meadow of trees, where it is passionately cocooned give it a pleasantly dreamy aesthetic look.

The elevation upon which the city is constructed, as well as the higher grounds around, provide excellent stunning views of the numerous landscapes, which are abundant with interesting and beautiful features in every aspect.

Visit the infamous St Asaph Cathedral to explore the culture of the city centre better. The Cathedral has a complex and frequently violent history, involving invasions by activist locals as well as foreign enemies. It has previously been completely destroyed twice by fire.

St. Asaph is a peaceful rural community with a lot of stunning nature, to put it briefly. Its stunning scenery and relative vicinity with a few of the most incredible sites in the area account for this wonderful place’s appeal. When talking about how many cities in Wales, it is the most peaceful one.

2. Cardiff Bay in Wales – The Capital City

Fun fact: With much more than 400 fortresses still intact or in rubble, Wales boasts so many fortresses per square mile than just about any other European nation. Castle Coch, Cardiff Castle, and St. Fagans are the three castles located in the Welsh capital city. Naturally, the most well-known landmark in the city is its namesake castle.

The sovereign Legislative Body for Wales is located in Cardiff. It serves as a significant industrial powerhouse, a center for business, law, higher learning, journalism training centers, and independent movie productions, with a focus on the food industry, manufacturing, and other minor businesses.

Wales’ federal capital and biggest city is Cardiff. It ranks as the eleventh-biggest in the UK. Cardiff, the principal city of the historical province of Glamorgan, is situated in the southeastern region of Wales and is part of the Cardiff Capital Area.

Cardiff Castle, where you may explore 2 centuries’ worth of years of culture in the city’s centre, is among the most well-liked tourist attractions. St. Fagans and the National Museum are two fantastic exhibitions in Cardiff that are open to the public without charge. If you enjoy being outside, wander along the lovely Cardiff Bay Torrent or plan a ferry ride to Flat Holm Islands.

3. Newport

Newport is well known for its shipyards, the surrounding Roman ruins in Caerleon, and its connection to the 19th-century Revolutionary socialist agitation. It is undoubtedly a Welsh town on the ascent.

Towards 12 miles of northeastern territory of Cardiff, on the banks of River Usk near the point, where it meets the Severn Estuary, is the city of Newport, a beautiful county and city borough in Wales.

This city is the third-biggest jurisdiction with municipal council status in Wales and ranks as the seventh-most populated area altogether, according to the 2011 census, which counted 145,700 people.

With its well-regarded schools, breathtaking scenery, and vibrant recreational and nightlife scenes, Newport provides a high standard of living. New homes, businesses, offices, and recreational facilities are being built in the city centre as a result of the investment. With home prices at about 59 percent of the national rate, real estate is inexpensive.

Whether you want to visit contemporary art museums and Roman ruins, explore North West Wales, North Wales, and South Wales or go hiking, or enjoy animal viewing in a natural reserve, there is something amazing for everybody, don’t just stick with the list of how many cities in Wales.

The Newport Gallery and Art Museum is a fantastic location to explore the history and culture of this British city. The museum, which is based upon John Frost Plaza, features a variety of exhibits, which would include historical context, art, historical background, and museology.

4. St Davids

The tiniest city in Britain, St Davids in Pembrokeshire, has long been a popular destination for pilgrims. Little St. Davids is considered an outsized city because of the St. Davids Church, which was constructed in the 12th century on the foundation of far more ancient religious structures.

It is among Wales’ most recognizable religious structures and is built from dark purple granite. It is hidden away in a protected valley next to the River Alun. Explore the amazing Treasury exhibit, take in the heritage of St. Davids, and dine at The Refectory where you can devour home-cooked fare made with regional ingredients.

With a little over 1,600 residents in its urban area as of 2011, St Davids is a city in the United Kingdom. As a well-known missionary, St. David (patron saint) established monasteries and cathedrals in the southwestern region of England, Wales, and Brittany, possibly even the monastery at Glastonbury.

The wisest choice to do in this area is a stroll around the seaside path. Everything you may need for fun exists in Treginnis Head. A huge variety of birds, seals, and seabirds, including a few of the most breathtakingly beautiful vistas in the world, such as the gorgeous vistas of St. Justinians and Ramsey Island, may all be found there. Known for its surf and is located only five minutes from the city.

Walk around St. David’s Head’s precipitous cliffs. Upon this Carn Llidi cliff, you may locate the burial place and ramparts. Additionally, you will be in the oldest region of the British Isles. There are six million-year-old rocks here. Spend the evening in Pembrokeshire’s woollen mills, where you can purchase exquisite traditional-made rugs, wraps, and pillows. Don’t pass up the chance to purchase one. On a chilly evening, they are perfect for curling up under.

5. Swansea

On Wales’ southern coast, Swansea is both a city status and a province. Swansea ranked as the second biggest city, additionally to answer how many cities in Wales, and without a doubt is a must-see for any tourist with its famed nightlife focused on Wind Avenue and the freshly constructed SA1 district.

If you are a fan, Dylan Thomas was born in Swansea, which is also the abode of the Swans, a Premier League team that played there until quite lately. Formally renowned as the county and city of Swansea, it constitutes a significant territory.

Now that you know about how many cities in Wales, the twenty-fifth-biggest city spot in the UK is given to this city. It is a portion of the Swansea Bay region and the ancient province of Glamorgan and is situated alongside Swansea Bay in the southwestern region of Wales, with the main area spanning the Gower Coast.

Due to its abundance of parks and gardens, Swansea offers all the conveniences of a city along with the peace and quiet of the woods. Swansea has many parks and outdoor recreation areas where you can play with the kids, get some clean air in your chest, and stretch your legs.

6. Wrexham

How can one leave out Wrexham from the roster of how many cities in Wales and the most amazing ones? In this amazing city, you may expect to find fantastic shopping, wonderful regional cuisine, and a wide variety of intriguing diversions. Grab your suitcases and explore this bustling metropolis. Wales’ Wrexham City Borough’s legislative hub and commercial centre in Wrexham.

It adjoins the English county of Cheshire and is situated between the Welsh highlands and the deeper Dee Valley. If you are on a hunt for a great home, Wrexham is a great place to be relative to the rest of this country.

It is not simply this, though, that renders it a desirable place to live. It is a fantastic base for touring both the downtown and the countryside because it is close to many stunning natural places and is near the Welsh borders. Why not visit and find out yourself?

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A Message to Take Away

Wales will be a fantastic use of your effort and funds if you enjoy hearty meals, the beautiful countryside, snug pubs, and learning about new ethnicities, and old traditions. In reality, there are more than a thousand attractions to travel to Wales’ numerous cities, but the article has tried to condense them for you and answer your question of how many cities in Wales.


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