Botanical Garden in Amsterdam: 5 Places You Must Explore

Botanical Garden
Photo by Ryutaro Tsukata from Pexels. Copyright 2020.

Amsterdam, the capital of North Holland, is rightly considered the Venice of the North. However, this place also offers many scenic locations to its visitors. The beauty possessed by each botanical garden in Amsterdam is simply a sight to behold.

But in this article, we’ll discuss the top famous Botanical Garden in Amsterdam that you should not miss while visiting here.

We’ll try to cover every important detail that you should be aware of before visiting there. So, go through the article to not miss any details regarding the place.

1. Hortus Botanicus

Hortus Botanicus is a top-notch place that offers many things at once. However, you’ll get to know about its offerings one by one in this article with details.

This place is considered best for nature lovers, and if you want to spend some time with yourself, this place is all yours. You’ll find many places to explore in Hortus and is also a great place for kids.

Here, you’ll get a chance to learn about many interesting and unique things. Therefore, this place is considered for education purposes too. You can also do adventure activities apart from relaxing and exploring.

Having a companion during adventure activities will be so much fun. Furthermore, having a companion for exploring is not a bad idea too.

Therefore, whether you want to spend alone time or want to create memories with your loved ones, visit Hortus Botanicus.

1.1. Location and Parking

Located at Plantage Middeniaan, you can reach the Horus Botanicus garden by public transport such as trams, metro or buses and private transport such as bikes.

Moreover, Amsterdam is a busy city, so parking problems here are very common. Therefore, you should use public transport while visiting here.

Botanical Garden in Amsterdam
Photo by MabelAmber from Pixabay. Copyright 2016.

1.2. House Rules

The Hortus Botanicus has prescribed a set of orders to ensure the best experience for all the tourists visiting.

However, a valid ticket is a must for all tourists who would like to enter the garden.

While visiting here, always walk on the path. Don’t try to enter the plant area because a few plants here are poisonous and have spines. So, if you enter there, you might get affected by them.

Balls and frisbees are not allowed here. Therefore, you must be mindful of it while visiting here, otherwise, you might get punished. Even, they can restrict your entrance here.

1.3. Some Remarkable Attractions

1.3.1. The Glass Room

The glass room is the leading education space in this garden and is used for various purposes ranging from school visits, research, drawing classes and several other activities.

In addition, it helps them to experience botany through all their senses, making it an extremely enriching experience. The wide variety of exotic plants housed within the greenies is also an attraction of their own.

1.3.2. Snippendaal Garden

During the early years, medicinal plants were given extreme importance and several medicinal practitioners used to study and give their examinations there.

Johannes Snippendaal had managed to catalogue all the plants in the collection of this botanical garden. This resulted in the Hortus Medicus Amsterdam’s very first catalogue.

In addition, several plants in this herb garden at Hortus botanicus have been there since the 17th century. This place’s beauty will touch you, and you’ll start loving nature even more.

Visit Snippendaal Garden to gather more information.

1.3.3. Wollemi Pine

Wollemi Pine
Photo by Arvind shakya from Pexels. Copyright 2017.

Witnessing Wollemi Pine is one of the exciting things to experience here. This tree is the oldest one which will be a treat to watch. However, it is considered the loneliest tree.

One such specimen grows here in the Hortus botanicus to show to the public which is worth watching. Therefore, while visiting Amsterdam, don’t miss the opportunity to experience Wollemi Pine.

1.3.4. Canopy Walk

Canopy walking with your loved one will be a mesmerizing activity to do here.

While walking, you can go from the tropical to sub-tropical region directly by enjoying the respective fauna of that climate.

Furthermore, the height of the walk ensures that one can see the trees up close and touch the roof of the glass house.

1.3.5. Gympie 

Dendromacrolidesroides, commonly known as Gympie, are commonly seen in rainforests of Australia. As a member of the nettle family, this species has stinging hairs on its leaves and stems.

Most people haven’t seen this plant, and by visiting here they get a chance to witness this painful yet unique plant.

1.4. Education at De Hortus

Educating kids
Screenshot from the official site of Hortus Botanicus Garden.

For primary schools, the Hortus offers an English lesson program, ‘The shopping basket tour’, the students are taken in groups of at least 30 with adult chaperones.

Students go around in groups of 5, and every group will have one adult. The staff also extend their timely assistance to the children and guardians alike.

1.5. Additional Activities

Other things that you can experience here are the wood-shaped mermaids floating on water bodies within the garden, and various stone statues are only some of them.

The butterfly greenhouse, herb garden and collection of carnivorous plants are some locations within the Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam that tourists must try to visit.

The Hugo de Vries laboratory within the Hortus botanicus houses some of the most exquisite plant species, including tropical plants.

In one of the oldest gardens in the world at the heart of Amsterdam, one can rent a location at Hortus Botanicus to fit any event ranging from photoshoots, meetings and weddings.

Wedding Function
Screenshot from the official site of Hortus Botanicus Garden.

2. FAQs

2.1. Can You Bring a Wheelchair in This Park?

Yes, the Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam is wheelchair-friendly and easily accessible by people with special needs. Here, you can get wheelchairs that are specially available within the Hortus. Entry for wheelchair users is free.

2.2. Do I Need to Make Reservations to Visit the Hortus Botanicus?

No, you don’t require any special reservations here. However, you need to buy tickets before the visit and this can be done via the official website. And, if you have a museum, LU or ICOM card access is not necessary.


While Amsterdam has several attractions and picture-worthy tourist sites, the Hortus Botanicus is in a class of its own. Being one of the oldest botanical gardens, the Hortus Botanical Garden in Amsterdam is a must on any visitor’s itinerary.

However, adhering to the rules and regulations stipulated by the garden, everyone can ensure that their trip to what is rightfully known as ‘Venice of the North’ remains a memorable experience forever.


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