8 Best Restaurants In Cornwall

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Cornwall is located in Southwestern England, and this county mainly exhibits forestland and sand. Cornwall of England is known for its best restaurants, sandy beaches, pubs, and bars. Cornwall is perfect for the ones looking for incredible views. The beautiful views of this county make the visiting experience even more fun.

If you are visiting Cornwall, this place will not be boring you from anywhere, but it’ll instead make your travel tour unique. It is believed that the restaurants here are famous for their local and organic food and incredible views. There are also many pubs here for you to have the best nightlife, along with shopping, restaurants, and other entertainment.

We will show you the best restaurants in Cornwall and their fantastic menus, ultimately tempting you to try them out during your trip around the county.

best restaurants in cornwall
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1) Prawn On The Lawn, Padstow

Prawn on the Lawn is Cornwall’s breathtaking seafood restaurant, which is known for its local produce of fresh seafood. People come to this restaurant and enjoy the delicious food with a beautiful view. This place is liked the most by those who like fishing and partying with friends because this place is well-known to give you all these things.

When you look at this restaurant from the outside, it does not look so attractive, but you will feel as if you are in heaven when you go inside it. Seafood lovers enjoy dining here because of its refined taste and flavour. Many people believe that seafood tastes better only when its food is tasted with wine. In this restaurant, you get all types of seafood, which you can enjoy according to your choice.

The menu is the life of this restaurant. Here you get to see so many tasty items that you will be confused about where to start. It can take a while to decide what to eat when you first come here to enjoy the best seafood.

Here you can park your car near the gorgeous River Camel and experience the county’s beauty. This makes this Seafood Restaurant Riverside unique in Cornwall.

T.V. chef named Rick Stein first opened Prawn on the Lawn Seafood Restaurant with his wife in 1975. It quickly became popular around the county as it allowed people to taste fresh fish along with shellfish caught by the fishermen.

But, Stein did not work in this restaurant for a long time, yet this Seafood Restaurant became famous because of the influence of the head chef. This restaurant is quite well-known for its Indonesian Seafood Curry and Singapore Chilli Crab dish.

People believe that this restaurant became a big hit because there is magic in the hands of the chief owner, who cooks the food often on a charcoal grill and serves it, which makes people get lost in the tasty food, and many of them keep coming back for more.

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2) The Sardine Factory Looe

The Sardine Factory Looe is one of Cornwall’s most popular seafood restaurants. The staff at The Sardine Factory Looe provide all kinds of services to the customers, which will make your visiting experience unique and comfortable.

Legend chef Benjamin Palmer started this seafood restaurant in 2018, and it’s been thriving since then. This restaurant is also a Michelin Star one with an exquisite menu that will entice you and a lengthy wine list to entertain you.

Here, you can also access local produce, fresh fish, and pub food. And you can take advantage of it through Michelin Guide. This Michelin Guide tells you all you need to know about the best restaurants in Cornwall and their location on Google Maps, where you can find the best local pork, crabs wontons provided with roast hake, lemongrass, sauce of lime leaf, and many more captivating dishes that will keep you coming back.

This restaurant is located near the West Looe Harbour attraction. Around this area, you’ll find places that give you the best breakfast and tasty scones.

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3) Restaurant Nathan Outlaw

Nathan Outlaw, the owner, worked in the restaurant for T.V. chef Rick Stein before starting his restaurant, giving him a headstart, and thus Nathan Outlaw became quite popular. After this, Nathan Outlaw opened two Michelin stars restaurants in his name in Port Isaac. Nathan Outlaw has presented its menu to the masses in a significant way, making this restaurant one of the most loved restaurants in the entire U.K.

This restaurant in Port Isaac comprises some of the most quirky white interiors that are calming to the eyes. This restaurant provides you with relaxed, small plates of delicious, fresh fish, all types of seafood, and the best quality service. Michelin stars restaurants attract more people with their local seafood, meat, and fish.

Nathan Outlaw’s Chef combines fresh fish with unlikely ingredients to beautifully design its menu so that the taste of its food is the most unique.

Like Padstow restaurant, it also provides an excellent service popular amongst customers here, which means you can taste all the exquisite seafood here with ease. This restaurant is perfect for the whole family, and they can enjoy the views by going on Sunday lunch with the kids.

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4) The Victoria Inn

Victoria Inn is considered to be one of the best restaurants in Cornwall. This cosy yet beautiful restaurant is only a few miles from Mount’s Bay and the South West Coast Path. The Victoria Inn restaurant is accessible from the Minack Theater, St. Ives, and the North Coast of Cornwall, only 10 miles away. This restaurant will supply you with award-winning food such as their popular local seafood, natural wines, and local pork.

It’s also famous for its excellent service, friendly staff, and beautiful ambience. These various qualities of this restaurant make it one of the best restaurants in Cornwall. Here you can enjoy the best crusty bread, caramelized whipped butter, deep-fried oysters, and various types of fish, and accompany your meal with a tiny glass of local cider.

Its menu is perfect for you as the menu provides affordable food for most locals and tourists alike that you can enjoy with your family. The dishes are carefully crafted with love and vigour, so you’ll be satisfied and keep coming back for more. There are also rooms available at this establishment if you need somewhere to stay for a bit.

People come from far and wide to enjoy its bar and excellent cooking. And there’s a garden to eat in during summer and a roaring log fire to welcome you inside from the howling winds during winter.

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5) The Old Quay House Restaurant

The Old Quay House is one of the best hotels in Cornwall, where you get to see the fabulous beach and indulge in the luxury lifestyle. Old Quay House gives a unique addition to your travel destination as here you can feel the cool breeze from the luxury bedrooms that will provide you with incredible views of the beach.

The Old Quay House, which overlooks the Fowey River and Fowey Harbor, is unique to all hotels in Cornwall.

The Old Quay House gives you some of the best locality dishes such as oysters that you can find at the Fowey River, sirloin of beef that’s popular in the West Country, and of course, roasted sea bass served with mussels and broth made of calm that you can enjoy with your whole family.

The Old Quay House is a traditional waterside Cornish inn with an ideal setting at the head of the Hayle tidal estuary. The set menu of this hotel offers you a variety of foods, wines, and cuisines. Near Old Quay House is the English Family Fish Hotel, which offers you Restaurant Pub With Seafood Sunday Roast.

And, it gives you stunning views over the water, which will make your family lunch and dinner perfect. Fresh fish is served here in a modern British way and together gives you the best hospitality you can find around Cornwall.

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6) Porthminster Beach Cafe

Porthminster Restaurant is known for its fantastic views, beach dining experience, good food, and vibrant atmosphere. This place will offer you some of the best views possible of the incredible St. Ives Bay. Porthminster is the perfect place for you and your family to enjoy incredible beaches, cornish pasty, and fresh fish. This place is affordable and cosy.

This restaurant is known for its relaxed and chilled cafe service. Here you can enjoy some of the best seafood with fresh local fish. This unique feature makes it one of the best restaurants in Cornwall. Here you get to eat fantastic food and enjoy the beachside. There are also incredible options for vegans and vegetarians alike.

7) Kota Kai Kitchen Bar

Kota Kai Restaurant is considered to be one of the best restaurants in Cornwall. This place is set on a 300-year-old harborside mill; its menu combines classic spicy food and traditional fusion flavours. Kota Porthleven is run by Jude Kereama, the head chef of half Maori and half Chinese-Malay descent. Jude takes care of its dishes like magic, and they offer the best locally produced food from Asia and New Zealand.

Kota’s food is an expert in attracting anyone to fall in love with their food from the first bite itself and satisfies your hunger. Jude first started his restaurant in New Zealand and won the A.A. Rosettes Award. Jude then brought this service to Cornwall, where he offered his best dishes, and everyone loved its cuisine.

Kota has added vegetarian and vegan cuisine to the menu so that people can enjoy the cuisine here, no matter their personal preferences. And for this, Kota provided the facility of the wide selection of real ales in Good Beer Guide and pub.

Kota has added several dishes to its menu to attract more tourists and locals alike. They’re often adding more dishes and experimenting. Jude presented some of the best dishes you’ll find all around Cornwall and won two AA Rosette Awards.

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8) The Hidden Hut, Roseland

This restaurant was found on the coast path of Portscatho, which is in the Roseland Peninsula. This place is famous for its special spots, fresh cooking, bar, and sea air. Hidden Hut Seafood and Porthcurnick beach provide the best service to its customers, due to which it’s popular amongst the people here.

Many who have visited this place often say that it’s like heaven, perfect for your family get-together parties. This little restaurant is enough to make your day and night journey around Portscatho wonderful when you are in Cornwall. You can enjoy this destination to the fullest by taking a snack in your hand here, giving you a magical feel. The dishes here are great for lunch and late dinner.

Hidden Hut was invented by chef Simon Stallard and is famous for his unique cooking abilities, which he prides himself upon. Many people who visit this cafe and restaurant often consider it to be U.K.’s favourite beach restaurant.

You can learn to surf around the beach in the middle of this, giving you extra fun. Most people come to this restaurant to enjoy the sea bass with smoked garlic mash and the intriguing sweet-curry plate for dessert. The location will give you a great view of the beach.

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