Best Indian Restaurants in Munich – 12 Picks for The Best Indian Cuisines

Indian restaurants in munich
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Germany is a great diverse country. You can find people from various cultures and various ethnicity. The same goes for the food here too.

Munich- one of the largest cities in the Country is a centre of diversity. The variety of food found here is interesting.

Indian Cuisine is loved by all. While it can be a little spicy and tangy, it has all that makes it appetizing and soul-satisfying. Locals and tourists of Munich love Indian food.

Indian cuisine extends from Kashmiri cuisine to the south-Indian cuisine. You can find non-vegetarian and vegetarian options too.

You can find the best Indian foods here in Munich too. There is an array of great and popular Indian Restaurants in Munich. You can find different types of Indian foods that go from garlic naan to dosa.

Indian restaurant Munich
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Given below are some of the 12 best Indian Restaurants in Munich.

1. Best Indian Restaurants in Munich – Top 12 Picks

As said above, Indian food is loved all across the world. The same goes for the people in Munich and thus, given below is the list of the top Indian Restaurants that are so worth visiting.

1.1. Indian Mango Restaurant

This is one of the most loved South Indian Restaurants. If you want to get a break from the spicy heavy curries and big thalis and have something light, then you should try the South Indian Dishes here.

It is in the city center at Zweibrückenstraẞe 15, right next to Isartor, 80538, Munich. Authenticity and tradition are what make it the best restaurant. It is a haven for Indian foodies.

Indian Restaurant Munich
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They offer a huge range of south-Indian foods, including a variety of dosas, idlis, upma, chutneys, sambhar, a variety of rice, and some north Indian dishes.

Everything here is prepared freshly from the batter to the dishes. You can also get vegan options here.

This budget place also offers alcohol and wines which is great too. This restaurant is also very budget-friendly compared to others.

Indian Mango is mostly closed on Sundays and Mondays. It has a 4+ star rating.

1.2. Restaurant Natraj

This Indian restaurant is one of the best ones with great Indian artwork. The ambience and the vibe are cosy.

They serve authentic Indian cuisine that includes non-vegetarian and vegetarian dishes.

This best Indian restaurant is at 26, Nymphenburger street, Munich 80336. Make sure to plan accordingly as it can get really busy here.

The wide selection of dishes here is made most traditionally. Most of these are Ayurvedic recipes. They have a different extensive menu for dinner and lunch.

Indian Restaurant Munich
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The restaurant serves dishes like lamb curry, Biryani, chicken curry, garlic naan, vegetable, rice, and various thalis. This restaurant is a great place to go with your family and friends. You can also sit outside and dine in the garden.

While it can be a bit expensive, it is considered the best restaurant in Munich. It has more than 4+ star ratings.

1.3. Swagat Restaurant

This is one of Munich’s top Indian restaurants. Just as you enter the restaurant, you are welcomed by the aroma of garlic naans and spices.

The hospitality and the ambience of the restaurant are commendable. The colourful walls are covered in amazing paintings.

This Indian restaurant is 22 or so years old. Swagat is in Prinzregentenpl.13, Munich 81675. It is open the whole week at a certain time. It can be a bit pricey.

The menu here has both non-vegetarian and vegetarian specialities from all across India.

It includes the best Indian food like paneer tikka, mutton seekh kebab, fish curry, chana masala, arhar dal, chicken tikka, Gulab jamun, firni, fluffy naans, and much more.

It has more than a 4+ star rating.

1.4. Ashoka Indian Cuisine

This best restaurant is one of the favourites in Munich. Due to its great location and accessibility, it is also one of the busiest restaurants.

They serve the most authentic Indian meal. The food here is all about the perfect flavour and spices.

The best Indian food found here ranges from vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. These dishes are the favourites in India.

You can find Gujarati dhokla to South Indian dosa here.

Indian Restaurant Munich
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The spices used here are brought regularly from India. The long menu ranges from appetizers, main courses, drinks, and desserts.

For the Indians here, it can feel like a small home far from home and can be satisfying.

Ashoka restaurant is in the core of the city, Wolfgangstaẞe 19, 81667 Munich. It can be pricey, but the food can be great.

1.5. Ganga Restaurant

If you are craving some dosa, idli, and upma then this is the perfect place for you. This restaurant has a calm ambience and a comforting environment.

The food here is also very tasty and satisfying.

You can also find various dishes besides South-Indian food from Asian and Indian cuisines.

They include Biryani, pulao, thali, appetizers, and much more. There are also dishes made from chicken, lamb, and more.

Indian Restaurant Munich
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Situated in Baaderstraẞe 11, Munich 80469, It is also a great place for kids, family, and friends. It can also be a bit expensive. It has a 4+ star rating.

1.6. Mataji’s Kitchen

This is one of the best restaurants in Munich. The name means ‘mother’s Kitchen’. They have an excellent range of vegetarian and meat dishes.

It is a perfect place for Indian food lovers.

You can find appetizers like Bhaji, soups, salad, main course, thalis, Biryani, sides, beers, and desserts.

You can find chicken, beef, lamb, and fish dishes. The food prepared here is with no artificial colouring and has a fresh taste to it.

It is located in Schleiẞheimer Str.121, Munich 80797. It is one of the most affordable Indian restaurants in Munich. It also has a great 4+ star rating.

The cosy restaurant has dishes that are made as per traditional family recipes.

1.7. Garam Masala Restaurant

This restaurant that serves north-Indian dishes is one good Indian restaurant in Munich. The flavours of the food here are just perfect and authentic.

The spices are so good that even the place is named ‘Garam Masala’, which is a spice mix.

They make the Indian dish here with utmost care and modern techniques with traditional recipes.

This place is so worth visiting for everyone. You can find both vegetable and meat dishes here.

Indian Restaurant Munich
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It is located in Radlsteg 1, Munich 80331, and has more than 4+ star ratings.

People tend to return after their initial visit for its memorable food. It can be a bit pricey.

1.8. Dhaba Indisches Restaurant

To fulfil your craving for tasty Indian delicacies, this is a top Indian restaurant in Munich. Along with its beautiful interior with Indian statues, paintings, and sandstone reliefs.

Situated at Belgradstr 16, Munich 80796, Bavaria, is a pricey restaurant. It is one restaurant with 4+ star ratings.

Indian Restaurant Munich
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This restaurant can satisfy all your cravings for Indian food. Dhaba restaurant’s vision is all about the variety of spices, a feeling of wholesomeness, and balance.

They are all about the fine dining and the taste of India at the heart of Munich.

The Indian dish found here goes from Fritters, starters, soup, main courses, drinks, and desserts.

Dhaba Indisches Restaurant follows the subtle connection between Indian home cooking and craftsmanship.

1.9. Surya Restaurant

This restaurant is one best South-Indian places in Munich. This place gives you the experience of fine dining with authentic Indian meals.

This place should be definitely on your bucket list.

This affordable place is situated at Max- Rothschild- Straẞe 10, Munich 81825. There is a certain time to get lunch and dinner.

The dishes found here range from idli, dosa, thali, and sambhar, upma.

Indian Restaurant Munich
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The interior screams Indian culture, ie., Indian paintings, walls, and statues. The ambience here is preppy.

The place has a 4-star rating. This is an affordable place.

1.10. Taj Krishna Indisches Restaurant

This place is known for its famous dishes. The Indian meals found here are just delicious. It is loved by its customers.

You get to enjoy the evening on the terrace and enjoy the city views. The ambience is calming.

The menu has an extensive list of traditional curries, paneer, mango lassi, palak paneer, biryani, chicken, tandoori, and thalis. fast food, starters, desserts, main course, and soups are also included.

This is one of the priciest Indian restaurants in the city.

It is the best restaurant with Indian and Asian cuisine in Munich. This best restaurant is located at Nymphenburger Street 145, Munich 80636.

This place is also a place with a 4-star rating.

1.11. Shiva Restaurant

This place is for core Indian foodies. It has a great place for friends and family to come together and have a great time. The menu here is huge and extensive.

Shiva is located at Augustenstraẞe 96, Munich, Bavaria. The menu offers food dishes like dal makhani, paneer butter masala, various thalis, pulao, and desserts like Gulab jamun, Kulfi, Jalebi, carrot halwa, and much more.

Indian Restaurant Munich
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The simplicity of the place is what is so different about this place. This place also offers Indian street foods that give tourists a unique feel.

The place has a 4+ star rating. The price is a bit high.

1.12. Kashmiri Inn

The best place is kept for the last, this restaurant is all about Kashmiri cuisine, a part of India’s Cuisine. Kashmir, a part of the J&K region, has a rich cuisine with spices and dishes that can’t be found anywhere else in India.

The chefs in this restaurant are all experienced in cooking this cuisine and this is the perfect place to expensive the culture and authentic Kashmiri dishes.

This is also one of the least explored cuisines.

It is situated at Rosenheimer Street 4, Munich 81669, and is quite expensive. There is a certain time for lunch and dinner.

The menu has traditional dishes that contains Saffron and almond that ranges from Wazwan(a full-course meal), jalfrezi, Rogan josh, yakhni, pulao, and Biryani, to starters like bhaji and much more.

2. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1. Does Munich have great Indian food?

Ans- Yes, you can find great Indian food in some of the top Indian restaurants in the city. While the opinions can vary among people, some places get the best place.

Q.2. Can you get a South-Indian dish in Germany?

Ans- Yes, you can get some great South-Indian food dishes in Munich and Germany.

Q.3. Is it costly to have Indian cuisine in Munich?

Ans- The Indian restaurants in the city can be classified as both expensive and affordable.

Q.4. Which Indian foods are famous in Germany?

Ans- Some of the famous Indian foods include Chicken Biryani, Dosa, Idli, vada, chaat, chole-bhature, Pav-bhaji, and Uttapam. People in Germany love India’s cuisine.

Q.5. Is Germany cheap for Indians?

Ans- Germany is Quite cheap and affordable for Indians as compared to the other European countries.

3. Conclusion

Germany is a great place for Indians. Most Indians immigrate to Germany. This in turn as caused Germany and its main cities to be an Indian hub. There are many top-rated Indian restaurants in Germany.

Munich, one of the country’s main cities, is also famous in Indian communities. There are many Indian restaurants in Munich. Most Indian restaurants are top-rated and loved and adored by locals and tourists alike.

Make sure to eat the great variety of India’s cuisine and meals and have a great time in Munich, Bavaria, Germany.


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