Best Falafel Restaurants in Germany: Top 14

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Middle Eastern cuisines are the most scrumptious and well-loved dishes all around the world with delectable foods like baklava, falafels, shawarma, kebabs and dolma. When it comes to trying these dishes, it’s important to pick and choose the best restaurants in terms of authenticity, high-quality standards and undoubtedly, the ambience. Find the best falafel restaurants in Germany by looking through our perfectly curated list of restaurants.

Best Falafel Restaurant in Germany

1. Cedar Berlin Shawarma Falafel (Schawarma)

Source: Cedar Berlin Shawarma Falafel (Schwarma)

Cedar Berlin Shawarma Falafel restaurant is a very simply take-out venue with limited outdoor seating serving delectable Jewish and Lebanese cuisines like falafels, halloumi, shawarmas and sandwiches.

Try their popular dishes like the Cedar house platter, chicken halloumi sandwich served with fresh lettuce and sauces and kofta sandwich served with a choice of hummus, mutabbal, tabbouleh, tomatoes and more. Their Falafel Platter, Pita Bread, Falafel Teller, Beirut Teller and Teller Shawarma Hāhnchen are worth trying.

LocationSkalitzer Str. 102, 10997 Berlin, Germany

2. Falafel & Mehr

falafel & mehr
Source: Falafel & mehr

Falafel & Mehr is an exceptional falafel restaurant in Frankfurt with an incredible menu serving delectable Middle Eastern food. If you are looking for a perfectly cooked Falafel that is both light and crunchy, Falafel & Mehr is your dream place for a fantastic meal!

LocationBerger Str. 146, 60385 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

3. Hito Falafel

Hito Falafel restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Germany that serve delicious falafels according to popular reviews. The elegant and modest setting along with mouth-watering specials like falafel balls, handmade rolls and decadent desserts makes Hito Falafel a great dining spot for every Middle Eastern cuisine lover.

LocationChauseestraße 4, 10115 Berlin, Germany

4. Uni Falafel

Photo by Suad Kamardeen on Unsplash

Uni Falafel restaurant serves the best Döners and Falafels in Dortmund that will surely leave you impressed. With exceptional customer service along with catering, takeout and delivery assistance, Uni Falafel is blooming with business in a short time.

Uni Falafel is not your typical fancy restaurant, it is a small falafel shop that focuses on bringing the best dishes to your table in a very limited and intimate setting. Try their signature Falafel Teller, Falafel Tasche, Döner Dürüm and Kebabs.

LocationStockumer Str. 407, 44227 Dortmund, Germany

5. Sesam Falafel Restaurant

falafel sandwich
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Sesam Falafel is one of the best falafel restaurants in Munich serving excellent Middle Eastern cuisines in a cute and cosy setting.

Try their infamous Falafel Teller with Hummus, Falafel Sandwich, Shawarma, Sesam Teller and Baba Ghanoush which are prepared to perfection by their talented chef. The long queues awaiting to try their dishes are an indication of the delectable menu they serve.

LocationTal 32, 80331 München, Germany

6. Falafel Sababa

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Falafel Sababa is an elegant falafel café with a beautiful terrace serving mouth-watering Mediterranean comfort foods like falafels, hummus and kebabs.

Don’t miss out on their Chips Pita Bread, Hummus Falafel, Sababa Aubergine, Sababa Falafel, Matbukha with sides and Malabi dessert.

Location: Kastanienallee 50, 10119 Berlin, Germany

7. Libanon Falafel Restaurant

Libanon Falafel restaurant is one of the nicest Lebanese restaurants in Germany serving the best falafels and shawarmas at a very affordable and minimum price.

Libanon Falafel is not a fancy restaurant, it’s more of a grab-and-pick niche where you get to buy the most delightful food at the cheapest prices as low as 1 euro. Grab more than one of their luscious Falafels and expect a long queue ahead of you!

LocationFlughafenstraße 34, 12053 Berlin, Germany

8. MorgenLand Falafel House & Baklawa House

MorgenLand Falafel House serves some of the best Middle Eastern food that is fresh, crispy and extremely drool-worthy!

Their freshly prepared falafel that is moist on the inside yet crispy on the outside is worth every penny. Don’t miss out on their Falafel Sandwich served with toppings of your choice, Mixed Platter with bowls, Chicken Döner, Baklawa and Halloumi Teller.

LocationBerg-am-Laim-Straße 59, 81673 München, Germany

9. Dada Falafel

Dada Falafel is a high-end falafel restaurant located at the heart of Berlin with outdoor seating and a cosy ambience that makes you feel at home. According to yelp reviews, Dada Falafel is reasonably priced and serves the best falafel you’ll ever have. Their popular items on the menu are Falafel Sandwiches, Shawarma, Fried Aubergines, Hummus Teller, Pita Bread and a bowl of salad of your choice.

Location: Linienstraße 132, 10115 Berlin, Germany

10. Kiez Falafel Restaurant

Drop by Kiex Falafel to try their incredible Jewish cuisine in an elegant atmosphere with an outdoor patio and beautiful interiors. Kiez Falafel restaurant owns up to its authentic flavours and spices to give you an extraordinary culinary experience. Some of their most popular items are Falafel Halloumi teller, Kiez Sandwich, a bowl of Falafel salad and Kiez Teller.

LocationRosa-Luxemburg-Straße 49, 10178 Berlin, Germany

11. Walee-Falafel & Hummus

Visit this well-loved restaurant in Freiburg and indulge in their perfectly prepared Falafels and delicious Hummus in a laid-back setting. The restaurant offers great vegan options at a reasonable price.

Location: Agnesenstraße 1-3, 79106 Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany

12. Falafel Beirut

Falafel Beirut is a family-owned falafel restaurant serving authentic Middle Eastern cuisine in a cosy setting with outdoor tables. Do check their official website for more info on the restaurant’s description, menu, timings and other reviews.

Location: Dammstraße 1/1, 74076 Heilbronn, Germany

13. Just Falafels

Just Falafels is a top-rated falafel restaurant in Hamburg that is a one-stop destination for every falafel lover out there. Be it their falafel bites or their delicious Hummus dip, this restaurant has got it all to satisfy your cravings!

LocationPezolddamm 40, 22175 Hamburg, Germany

14. Falafel Haus

If great food, great ambience and even greater service are something you fancy, look no further than Falafel Haus to have an incredible dining experience.

Location: Maria-Montessori-Straße 20, 81829 München, Germany

Final Note

As you reach the end of this article, we hope you have found the best falafel restaurant that fits all your dining standards ranging from authenticity and flavours to the ambience and setting. Whether you are looking to explore the finest Middle Eastern cuisine in a luxurious setting or a laid-back and cosy atmosphere, Germany has got it covered for you!

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