9 Best Colleges in Brighton That You Should Not Miss

Colleges in Brighton
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Are you also exploring colleges in Brighton to study? Well, it’s a wise decision because this place offers some excellent colleges that will give you a new experience, especially if you are an international student. Don’t you think deciding to study at Brighton College will open new opportunities for you?

Selecting an appropriate college is difficult for students. Therefore, we have listed the 9 best colleges in Brighton in this article that you can consider. But, before jumping there, don’t you think you should have basic information about Brighton?

1. An Introduction to the Brighton

Brighton is a widespread seaside city that is located in the county of East Sussex, England. It has climbed a good position and got ranked under the top hundreds in the world for education. 

Due to the spectacular weather, open-minded atmosphere, and relaxed attitude, Brighton has been enhancing into one of the UK’s most delightful and well-known cities for students.

The percentage of overseas students at Brighton’s two highly esteemed universities is significant, and more than 25% of students are from outside the UK. If you want to be one of these students, don’t worry because we have listed a few colleges that will guide you.

2. What Are the 9 Best Colleges in Brighton?

Brighton is a place that offers several delightful colleges and every college is special in its course. Therefore, be mindful to choose the college where your course is available because it may reflect your future.

2.1. Brighton College

The college is an ideal model of an independent education system. It is also a public school suitable for boys and girls between the ages of 8 to 19. The inspirational teachers of this college make this college more distinctive from the other school.

You’ll be thrilled to learn about, “The Brighton College Prep Kensington School” is opening in the heart of London soon. It would be an enormous opportunity for the children and the adults.

In addition, this college offers many graduation, studentship, and certification programs. Don’t think twice before getting into the college, for further inquiry see the official website.

2.2. University of Sussex

University of Sussex: one of the colleges in Brighton
Screenshot from the University of Sussex.

One of the most popular universities, reclining in between the city limits of Hove and Brighton. The college has a broad campus because of its nearby locale, “South Downs National Park.”

Some of the undergraduate programs available in this college are law, marketing, sociology, engineering, and many more. In addition, this college offers postgraduate programs such as MBBS, MBA, and so much more.

Around more than 20,000 students are involved in the programs at this university. The University of Sussex is an excellent option for those who want to get higher studies and a successful career. 

2.3. Brighton Metropolitan College

Brighton MET College is a large public university that has two campuses: Central and East. It is located on Pelham Street and Wilson Avenue.

Since its opening, this college has received a good QS ranking. You’ll get many perks, for instance, certification, higher education, and university degrees. Also, it dispenses courses to 16-year-olds or more.

BMBS(Bachelor of Medicine Bachelor of Surgery) is the most popular program here. In addition, if you are looking for an undergraduate program related to technology and art, you can give it a shot.


England is the place where the Brighton, Hove and Sussex Sixth Form College, shortened as BHASVIC, is located. It is a most relevant college for those who want their career enrichment between the age of 16-19.

This sixth-form college provides critical thinking training, creativity, practical, and career enhancement opportunities to the students. The teachers of this college are way professional and have extreme knowledge of their subjects.

BHASVIC provides many undergraduate and postgraduate courses to pupils in art, business, science, computer, criminology, health, social care, and many more.

Wait no more if you are willing to apply for it. The instructions are accessible on the college’s official website. And don’t think your money is wasted because this college offers excellent career options to their students.

2.5. Hove College  

Hove College has tutors with high qualifications and experience. It is a significant pattern of not-for-profit but a high education provider. This university is based on practicals for students’ skill development. Besides, it provides academic skills in a generic proportion to achieve success.

The quality of bachelor courses at this college is quite superior and they offer web design, internet marketing, motion graphics and films, and many more. You can visit here quickly if you stay in London also because it will take an hour to reach.

Hove College indeed has a secure, peaceful, and soothing environment for the students. If you get admitted into this college, it will give you a prominent action of course.

2.6. The University of Brighton

The University of Brighton got university status in 1992. Around four campuses are available in Brighton: Falmer, City, Moulsecoomb, and Eastbourne. The focal point of this university is to provide practical training, innovation, and higher education to all students.

Do you know more than 20,000 students are currently engaged in this college? The University of Brighton has numerous subjects: business, science, pharmacy, computing, architecture, sports, and many more.

The teachers are vast friendly and experienced at their work. Also, they pay attention to every student. This college has commendable placements. If you want to do any of these degrees, this college is a suitable choice for your career.

2.7. Northbrook College

Northbrook College is a part of the Chichester College Group that is associated with the name Great Brighton Metropolitan College (MET). It was named Northbrook College Sussex in 1986 and built three campuses: West Durrington, Shoreham Airport, and Broadwater Campus.

The Northbrook is a broad-ranged high school for higher education and studentship. You will learn more practical knowledge, community learning, personal development, and extra-curricular activity here.

Northbrook College
Screenshot from Northbrook College

The teachers of this high school always try to fulfil individual needs by maintaining the quality of the classes and courses. This college aims to train students to discover, enhance, and research more and more about the skills they are developing.

While talking of the teaching quality, this college is a significant example and can become an assistant for the student. If you want the life of this college, you should contact the college administrator without any delay.

2.8. Varndean College

Varndean College, on the hilltop with an incredible view is a sixth-form college. It also offers higher education to its students. 

While talking about the subjects of this college, you get art, biology, business studies, computer science, engineering, and many more options. It is a college with a dynamic culture for the student as well as for the staff.

Teachers are helpful, and their assistance is impactful for the students because they don’t have any experience. Here, the teaching method is commendable, and you can easily understand them.

You can contact the college through their official website for admission-related queries. Don’t miss the chance to enrol and fulfil your needs after getting here.

2.9. Brighton and Sussex Medical School

Brighton and Sussex Medical School is associated with two universities— the University of Brighton and the University of Sussex. BSMS is a medically associated school that offers many courses to students. It also helps them to build their careers and achieve success.

You get a broad range of campuses here for relaxing, and professional teachers are also available in this college to assist you for progress in your life.

Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (BMBS), Master in Surgical Studies, and child health are some of the courses you can consider.

3. FAQs 

3.1. Which Are the Well-Known Universities in Brighton?

All the universities in Brighton are excellent, yet the top two are the University of Sussex and Brighton University. These two are the top universities that always got ranked by QS. We should not compare them because they have their specialties in different subjects.

3.2. Is Brighton Expensive for International Students?

If you are studying only for the weather, seaside, hilltop and secure education system, it’s expensive. Undeniably, it is one of the finest places to study owing to the availability of the facilities it provides.

3.3. Is Brighton College Private or Public?

Brighton College is a private independent school and the most successful one in the country. They provide high-quality education and launch several programs for students.

3.4 Is London Cheaper Than Brighton for Students?

Brighton is cheaper than London and can be afforded by any student because the day-to-day expenses of London are way higher than those of Brighton. Therefore, many students from London takes admitted to their nearby Brighton colleges.

Wrapping Up

These were the 9 best colleges in Brighton, and every college/universities listed above are principled on its own. All the colleges discussed in this article are the QS top ranking, and you can choose any of them for higher study.

Additionally, they are reasonably priced for both overseas and domestic students. These schools accept applications using the contact information shown on their website.

I hope this post about Brighton’s colleges was useful to you. Now, you must have things clear about choosing the college you are getting in.


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