Explore 17 Best Beaches In Croatia

Best Beaches in Croatia
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Croatian beaches are found along the Dalmatian Coast and the Adriatic Sea. These coastal portions are as diverse as the many different islands they call home, ranging from tiny coves with only short pebbly strips between rocky crags to large expanses of sandy coasts lapped by calm, dazzling blue waters.

Croatian Beaches And Their Peculiarities

Some of the Croatian beaches are surrounded by olive groves and fragrant pine trees. And many beach bars are also there. 

Numerous coves and beaches with excellent water quality may be found along the 2,000-kilometer Croatian Adriatic Sea coast and more than a thousand islands. The majority of the best beaches in Croatia have bestowed the Blue Flag for their purity and tidiness. 

Many of the best beaches in Croatia are attractive pebble beaches, but Croatia also has some magnificent sandy beaches and tranquil beaches. In addition, the northern Adriatic Sea islands of Ugljan, Pag, Susak, Vir, Murter, and Pasman, as well as the southern Adriatic Sea islands of Korcula, Vis, Brac, Mljet, the Elaphiti Archipelago, the Peljesac Peninsula, and Hvar have several bathing coves with sandy beaches and sandy seabed.

A Tour To The Best Beaches in Croatia

Here we have the 17 best beaches in Croatia are. They are;

1. Paradise Beach

Best Beaches in Croatia
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Rajska (Paradise) Beach is Lopar’s largest and most well-known sandy beach in Croatia. It is about 2 kilometres long and is located on the northern tip of  Rab island. The beach has been regarded as one of the best beaches in Croatia. It even made CNN’s list of the top 100 beaches in the world. Paradise Beach has also been awarded the prestigious “Blue Flag” for its consistent efforts in ecological sustainability, sanitation, and water quality.

Aquaparks, Beach volleyball, parasailing, beach parties, water slide, and as well as a variety of other water activities and sports are available.

2. Queen’s Beach

best beaches in croatia
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Queen’s Beach is in Nin, a small and lovely town located 17 kilometres northwest of Zadar in Croatia’s Dalmatia area. And the history behind the name of the beach is according to folklore, the wife of the first Croatian king, Tomislav, loved this beach and frequently brought the royal family here; hence the name Queen’s Beach was given.

Nin’s vast natural sandy beach, Queen’s Beach, is stretched for 8,000 meters. Queen Beach Nin has it all, from the close neighbourhood of the beach to the city centre and the lovely sandy lagoon. From here we can enjoy the view of the Velebit mountains. It is a perfect beach for kids as well as for couples.

While coming to the availability of food in Queen’s beach, which is significantly less, only a few fries like French fries and burgers are there.

3. Dubovica Beach

best beaches in Croatia
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Dubovica beach is situated on the island of Hvar, and it is one of the best beaches in Croatia. It is one of the long pebble beaches. We can go to Dubovica by boat from the Hvar harbour or by automobile. A picnic spot with an attractive pebble beach and a fascinating underwater landscape, it is one of the best beaches in Croatia for diving lovers.

Dubovica beach is known for its long countryside history. It offers a vacation away from the city noise with a view of the Kasandri family’s countryside residence from the 18th and 19th centuries. And for lovers, it is one of the best beaches in Croatia.

We could hear the crickets shouting behind the pine trees. And they also offer good hotels on the beach where we can get delicious food.

4. Banje Beach

Best Beaches in Croatia
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One of the best beaches in Croatia because of the place Dubrovnik. The beach is located in Dubrovnik’s Old Town, next to the Lazareti and Ploce Gates, built in the 17th century.

The sea is a striking blue-green colour because the beach is made entirely of little spherical stones. The colourful beach environment adds to the visual charm of Dubrovnik Banje Beach.

People often regard beach sports are a way of life here. Water sports like water skiing, wakeboarding, and parasailing are similar. Beach parasols and beach lounge chairs are plentiful for those quick enough to claim them.

At Banje Beach, which fosters a healthy boating culture, you may have banana boats and kayaks from there. We can get a drink at one of the many beach bars that line the beach.

5. Valun Beach

Best Beaches in Croatia
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Valun, a little fishing community three miles south of Cres island harbour, has two magnificent sandy beaches in Croatia. Cres Island has a plethora of small hidden coves with the most stunning white pebble beaches.

They are bordered by thick pine forests, and there are also some hidden coves nearby for individuals who want quiet and private and don’t like crowds.

6. Adriatic Beach

Best beaches in Croatia
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On Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast, Adriatic Beach is located at the foot of a pine-covered mountain with panoramic views of the warm Adriatic Sea and Hvar Island.

It has only a Beach Bar, located on the Adriatic Beach, a private luxury beach with a breathtaking view of the Adriatic Sea. It serves light nibbles, nutritious snacks, cold beverages, cocktails, mocktails, pizza and mussels, desserts, ice cream under the pine trees.

7. Golden Horn Beach

Best Beaches in Croatia
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It is located on  Brac island, near the resort Bol, and is regarded as one of the best beaches in Croatia. And it is also known as Zlatni Rat Beach. Bol is a well-known windsurfing hotspot all around the world. In a canal between the Hvar and Brac island, the “Maestral” (summer wind) blows.

There are self-service restaurants, cafes, jet skis, parachutes, banana boats, pedal boats, four windsurfing schools, beach volleyball, an SSI scuba diving school, and many other activities available at the beach.

Only the tip of the beach is open to surfers and is protected from the water by safety netting; numerous international races and cups are held here.

8. Brela Beach

Beaches in Croatia
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In 2004, Brela Beach was named one of the most beautiful beaches in Croatia and the top ten in the world. On the postcard, Brela’s symbol is a pine-covered perilla stone. It’s only 20 minutes from Brela in the Biokovo Nature Park, and it’s the ideal spot for a scenic day trip.

9. Podaca Beach

Podaca is a town on the Makarska Riviera’s southern end, beneath Biokovo, 36 kilometres southeast of Makarska. Podaca, as part of the Makarska Riviera, is primarily a tourist destination. It has a population of roughly 660 people and more than 1100 beds in private lodging. Podaca, a popular beach in the same town, lies about 2 kilometres distant from Zaostrog. It is the most attractive pebble beach.

10. Sakarun Beach

Beaches in Croatia
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Sakarun Beach, sometimes known as Saharun Beach, is a 300-meter stretch of white sand nestled inside a tight cove on the Dalmatian island of Dugi Otok. Saharun beach has a beautiful turquoise sea.

Only two bars are present on the beach; it serves cold drinks, ice cream, coffee, and snacks. The Amarcord Beach Bar’s wooden deck is particularly lovely with its wonderful views.

11. Nugal Beach

Best beaches in Croatia
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Nugal is one of the famous nudist beaches in Croatia. Nugal Beach is a hidden beach popular with naturists, located about 2 kilometres from the town harbour; the beach lies between Makarska and Tuepi. It’s at the bottom of a cliff, and when it rains, a lovely waterfall cascades down from the cliff.

As per world media, it is one of the most acclaimed beaches in Croatia. It is only accessible by boat or by walking through a forest.

12. Saplunara Beach

best beaches in Croatia
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Saplunara beach is home to one of the most beautiful sandy beaches in this area of the Adriatic. It has unspoiled nature. Saplunara remains isolated and generally undisturbed, although every white sand beach on a pine-rimmed cove has long been occupied by sea-seeking visitors. Saplunara is a protected terrain, making it safe for nature enthusiasts, peace seekers, and quiet seekers.

 From the sandy shore to a little village inland, a forest of Aleppo pines and Junipers grows. There are no hotels or restaurants, although there are a few places to stay privately.

13. Divna Beach

best beaches in Croatia
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Divna Beach is located at the very extremity of the Peljeac Peninsula, Croatia’s second-longest peninsula. It is 10 kilometres from Trpanj, one of the Peljeac Peninsula’s oldest towns.

It is one of the beaches in Croatia which has a turquoise blue sea. The tranquil seas are perfect for swimming, and the pebbly seabed appears to stretch as far as the eye can see.

If you need a drink, there is a nearby bar and restaurant, which is the only spot on the beach where you can buy something.

14. Sunj Beach

Best Beaches in Croatia
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Sunj beach, near the southern end of the island of Lopud, is one of Croatia’s most famous sandy beaches in the Dubrovnik region.

It is encircled by a lovely pine forest and is accessible on foot, via small electric cars, or by sea. It is the best place for those who love swimming because the depth of water here is 100 meters. In this place, we can have a variety of food under the natural shade of hills.

15. Njive Beach

Njive Beach is located on the just west side of Cape Kamenjak, near Njive Cove. It is near the national park called Kamenjak national park, which is in the southernmost portion of Istria, close to the picturesque seaside towns of Premantura.

Kamenjak is one of Croatia’s top tourist destinations, with its long rough coast, uninhabited islets, surrounding cliffs, lovely beaches, shallow bay, and a chill Safari Bar.

The beach’s shores are stony and flat. Gravel and small stones cover the central section of the beach. The sea’s entry is rather shallow, making it excellent for families with little children and senior citizens.

Njive Beach bars are located above the beach and serve drinks and cuisine. If you want to unwind, there is a massage parlour near the beach.

16. Blue Cave (Bisevo)

Bisevo is a tiny island situated off the southwestern edge of Vis, measuring about 6 square kilometres and home to only 20 permanent residents! Although the island has 26 caves in total, it is best known for the beautiful Blue Cave or Blur Grotto (Modra Spilja in Croatian) at Balun Bay. Mesmerizing silver-blue light illuminates the cave’s interior when sunlight meets the surface of the ocean through a rift or arch (natural aperture) in the arching roof and reflects off the seabed.

Since 1884, when a boat-sized entrance was created by blasting a hole in the rock, the cave has only been accessible to non-divers. The greatest rays of the sun passing through an underwater hole fill the cave with a luminous blue light between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. on a calm sunny day, while items beneath the surface shimmer in silver and pink.

Best Beaches in Croatia
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17. Golden Cape Beach

best beaches in croatia
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Golden Cape Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches of Brac Island’s beaches (Zlatni Rat). Although the colour change from “golden” to “white” isn’t dramatic, seeing an already lovely coastline dressed in the snow is fascinating. Brac is one of Croatia’s sunniest places, making it all the more spectacular.

The Golden Cape is a stunning white pebbly beach located in Bol, a village on the Croatian island of Brac. It is one of the most fascinating in the country. The sight of a tongue-shaped land encircled by a turquoise blue sea will take your breath away.

Have you found what you were looking for? What do you think? Comment below to let us know if the article helps you find some of the best beaches in Croatia. If you love beaches and planning a vacation, book your tickets to Croatia and enjoy your trip.

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