Best Aquarium in Plymouth: Everything You Need to Know About

Photo by Airam Dato-on from Pexels. Copyright 2021.

One of England’s magnificent ports, often known as an ocean city, is Plymouth, in the country’s southwest. The city is well-known for its open trade with other nations but is also one of the most picturesque locations that may draw a lot of tourists. Talking about the best attractions, the most popular aquarium in Plymouth, is located near South Devon. It is the place that has often taken the eyes of many tourists while planning to visit the city.

The city is also referred to as the Waterfront City and Britain’s Ocean City because it offers visitors a variety of places to explore.

Travellers will never run out of things to do in the city, whether it’s admiring the natural beauty of Dartmoor National Park or learning how the beautiful town grew from its past. Things don’t only end here, you also get to explore attractions like the waterways in the city.

Many options are available to you as a traveller, and we strongly advise you to take a vacation that lasts several days rather than just one so that you can visit all of the city’s notable attractions.

However, if we make a list of the best tourist attractions in the city, the aquarium will be among the top.

1. Best Aquarium in Plymouth

Talking about aquariums in the city, the new National Marine Aquarium is the only aquarium that has consistently ranked among the top tourist attractions.

The new National Marine Aquarium is the UK’s largest aquarium, and it serves as more than just a destination for tourists.

Here, you can discover all the intriguing and infrequently seen aquatic animals.

1.1. National Marine Aquarium

The aquarium, which soon became one of the so-called “UK’s largest native exhibits”, was first inaugurated back in the year 1998.

Today’s date, it serves as a stunning location that presents the ocean’s world, allowing visitors to witness all the aquatic creatures, both on land and offshore.

The Aquarium has been preserving more than 5000 creatures, including stingrays, jellyfish, octopuses, and even stingrays.

Also, you will get to see aquatic animals like a very cheeky turtle which attracts a lot of children.

The new Marine Aquarium is a part of the Ocean Conversation Trust; a charity dedicated to connecting people with the ocean and preserving aquatic animals and plants for the future.

Photo by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay. Copyright 2012.

Not only part but the National Marine Aquarium’s proceeds to receive funding for its operations from Ocean Conversation Trust for decades.

This self-funded charity has been a part of the aquarium for decades, and the main aim of this charity is to preserve sea life and animals and plants from the underwater world.

Besides preserving the aquarium, it also serves as a great tourist place. You can visit the official site of this aquarium for information related to bookings and all.

1.2. What Are the Exhibits You Get at the Aquarium?

The whole aquarium has been spread across acres of the area to make it easier for tourists to explore, these exhibits are sub-divided into four main zones, listed below.

1.2.1. Plymouth Sound

Plymouth Sound is among the first exhibits you see when visiting the aquarium. The place has been spread across 17 more giant tanks, serving the lives of more than 80 different species of aquatic animals.

Aquarium in Plymouth
Screenshot from the National Marine Aquarium.

1.2.2. Eddystone Reef

The next exhibit is the famous Eddystone Reef, among the biggest exhibits you can find in the aquarium.

This exhibit is the home of different varieties of aquatic animals ranging from conger eels to mullet fish and pollack bream.

1.2.3. Atlantic Ocean

The real exploration starts here with the Atlantic Ocean zone, where you will be getting to see varieties of fishes like jellyfish and Japanese sea nettles.

The ocean also has a bigger tank, which is the home of the Caribbean fishes and sharks, which includes the nurse shark, lemon shark and sand tiger shark.

1.2.4. Blue Planet

After exploring all the other three zones, you get to visit another new zone within the aquarium, which is the Blue Planet zone; where you get to visit two different zones, including the Bizone and Great Barrier Reef zones.

This zone is home to many species, including longhorn cowfish and lionfish, and also you will be getting a chance to see the Enteroctpous, which is the most enormous Pacific octopus.

We would recommend you explore all zones one by one starting with Plymouth Sound to Eddystone Reef, then the Atlantic Ocean, and at last, you can go with Blue Planet, which is a great way to explore the whole aquarium.

1.3. What Are the Facilities You Get at the Aquarium in Plymouth for Disabled Visitors?

Facilities at National Marine Aquarium
Screenshot from the National Marine Aquarium.

The whole aquarium also provides some great facilities, especially for disabled visitors. The facilities include:

  • Access to free wheelchairs
  • Areas being accessible to Disabled Visitors
  • Guide Dogs are also permitted

Talking more about the facilities, here you also be getting a dedicated Parking area for Disabled visitors.

1.4. Other Facilities in the Aquarium

The aquarium is not only meant for watching aquatic animals but, if you are visiting with your friends or families, you can also avail of other facilities.

Here, you can plan to spend your time in a wide garden, having home-cooked food, then visiting the picnic area will be the right place to spend your time with your family and friends.

Photo by khangptruong from Pixabay. Copyright 2021.

In addition, you also get the time to spend with your family and friends, where you can have food together and spend some more time having conversations.

If you are looking for restaurants outside the aquarium, you can enjoy some great restaurants listed below.

1.4.1. Rockfish

Rockfist is among the most famous restaurants, which have not been accredited by many travellers who have visited the restaurant.

However, this place has also won awards for its amazing and healthy food served to the guests.

Here, guests will get a chance to enjoy the local seafood with the best quality and freshness. Furthermore, you also get a wide variety of food options to try out when you visit the restaurant.

1.4.2. Mombay Brasserie

Mumbai Brasserie has been existing for decades and has been known for serving the best high-quality food to its guests.

With its existence for years, in today’s date, the Mombay Brasserie has become one of the restaurants. In addition to the quality, this place is a favourite for serving fine and authentic Indian Cuisine in Plymouth.

Screenshot from the Mombay Brasserie.

You can make a booking in advance at this restaurant if you don’t want to miss this place at any cost.

1.4.3. Lockyers Quay

Lockyers Quay is another option where you get to take your family and friends for an amazing dinner, lunch or breakfast.

In Lockyers Quay, you will get a chance to enjoy some amazing food styles, and you can also enjoy the dedicated monthly special menus in the restaurant.

The restaurant has not built its reputation for its food, and many guests have appreciated its special atmosphere, which makes it friendly for any type, whether a solo traveller or a family guest.

1.5. Events in Aquarium

Along with giving visitors the chance to learn about a variety of fish species and other aquatic animals.

The National Marine Aquarium has taken the initiative to come up with some fantastic activities, you can enjoy with your friends and family.

Here is the list of all the upcoming events you can enjoy with your family and friends in the aquarium.

Events at the Aquarium
Screenshot from the National Marine Aquarium.

1.5.1. Fireworks

You may also take in the aquarium’s nighttime fireworks display for an unforgettable way to round off your trip.

However, the fireworks display is not scheduled every day and is often only arranged during the busiest season.

1.5.2. Sunset Sails with the Ocean Conservation Trust

If you are someone who loves enjoying sunsets, then in Plymouth also you can get a chance to enjoy the amazing sunset within the ocean with your family and friends.

1.5.3. Sleeping with Sharks

Another occasion where you have the chance to discover and explore the aquarium world with friends and family is Sleeping with Sharks and many more interactive displays of other types of Sharks.

You can also enjoy participating in the games and other activities or taking pleasure in a midnight snack.

Events at the aquarium
Screenshot from the National Marine Aquarium.

1.6. What Are the Accommodation Facilities You Get near the Aquarium?

If you are planning to visit Plymouth for an extended vacation; then you can plan a visit to the town without fearing getting accommodations.

Nearby to the National Marine Aquarium, you can find some great options for accommodations including:

  • Leonardo Hotel Plymouth
  • Hoe Park House
  • Fox Houe Studios

2. FAQs

2.1. How Long Does It Take to Go Around the National Marine Aquarium?

The National Marine Aquarium is spread out across a vast area, so if you intend to visit, you may easily spend 3 hours seeing the entire aquarium. However, to fully appreciate and experience “Ocean,” we strongly advise that you spend the entire day in the aquarium.

2.2. What Fish Are in the Plymouth Aquarium?

The National Marine Aquarium located in Plymouth, UK, is the biggest in the UK and is home to a wide variety of aquatic species—more than a thousand of them.

Amazing aquatic creatures include turtles, nurse sharks, lemon sharks, sand tigers, zebra sharks, sandbar sharks, barracudas, southern stingrays, and tarpons. You can get to know more if you visit the official National Marine Aquarium website.

2.3. How Old Is Plymouth Aquarium?

The National Marine Aquarium located in Plymouth was first built back in 1888, and it has been serving as a home for many aquatic animals for decades.

2.4. Does Plymouth Aquarium Have an Octopus?

You may find numerous aquatic animals in the aquarium including jellyfish, sharks, stingrays, and, yes, octopuses as well!

Aquarium Plymouth, also known as the National Marine Aquarium, has been the home to a variety of aquatic animals.


In conclusion, we just wanted to say that the National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth is an amazing place to visit.

You may visit as a solar traveller or just plan out with your buddies or family this city has got you covered with all.

Plymouth is a place filled with many amazing places like the aquarium, beaches and even historical places. So, visiting Plymouth won’t be a regretful choice for you ever.


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