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aquarium in hull
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Looking for the best aquarium in Hull? Keep reading to find out!

Kingston upon Hull, popularly known as Hull, is a port city and unitary authority area located in the East Riding of Yorkshire, England. 

Where does this place get its unique name from?

This port city lies upon the River Hull at its confluence with the Humber Estuary.

In fact, Hull also has a great number of parks and green spaces. The East Park, Pearson Park, and Pickering Park are some of the popular names.

Pearson Park comprises a lake along with a Victorian Conservatory housing several birds and reptiles. Also, East Park possesses a large boating lake along with a mesmerizing collection of birds and animals. 

Therefore, this place is a perfect paradise for any nature lover or zoology enthusiast.

Indeed, a perfect beginning to exploring this port city will be the amazing aquarium here.

Read on to find out everything required about the amazing aquarium in Hull.

The Deep – Famous Aquarium in Hull

aquarium in hull
This image is a screenshot of the official website of The Deep.

Location – The Deep, Tower St, Hull HU1 4DP, United Kingdom.

The Deep was inaugurated in the year 2002. This amazing aquarium in Hull operates as an education and conservation charity.

In recent times, the Deep has emerged as an international player in marine conservation.

1. About This Amazing Aquarium in Hull 

The Deep is one of the most remarkable aquariums around the globe.

It is situated in Hull, East Yorkshire. Also, the dramatic building overlooking the Humber estuary was designed by world-class architects.

In fact, in the first year of its opening, this amazing aquarium in Hull welcomed numerous visitors.

aquarium in hull
This image is a screenshot of the official website of The Deep.

The Deep has won many accolades including the Gold Award for Green Tourism Business Scheme 2008 and the Gold Award in Sustainable Tourism in Yorkshire 2008 (White Rose Awards).

The Deep has also won the Silver Award for Large Visitor Attraction of the Year 2009 (White Rose Award) and the Gold award for the Enjoy England Access for All Tourism Award 2011.

Mumsnet voted The Deep as the Number One UK Aquarium in their Best Awards 2011.

This aquarium was the winner of the Trip Advisor Travellers’ Choice Awards in 2014 and 2015.

This splendid aquarium has also won the Gold Award for Accessible and Inclusive Tourism category 2019 (White Rose Awards).

Furthermore, the Deep plays an active role in conservation. It is involved in breeding and culturing programs, student projects, animal care and many more.

Also, the Deep promotes educational programs and activities that are not only beneficial but extremely interesting.

2. The Animals In This Aquarium in Hull

aquarium in hull
This image is a screenshot of the official website of The Deep.

Tourists, visitors and students have an amazing opportunity to observe amazing sea creatures in this landmark centre for marine research.

It is home to splendid sharks, penguins, turtles, and the United Kingdom’s only Green sawfish.

In summary, here are some of the zones waiting to be discovered by the visitors:

2.1. Lagoon of Light

aquarium in hull
This image is a screenshot of the official website of The Deep.

Want to meet colourful tropical fish, and splendid corals along with big mangrove trees?

This is the zone where rainforests blend in with the reef representing the versatile aquatic life in the western Pacific Ocean.

The children visiting this place will be delighted by the Magic Pool. A marine biology student will cherish the opportunity to take a close look at the filtration system of the corals.

The visitors also have the opportunity to be a diver at the Bubble Heads to have a close interaction with their marine buddies.

Tourists will be delighted to observe the Moorish idol, Regal tang,  and many more creatures in this zone.

2.2. Awakening Seas

aquarium in hull
This image is a screenshot of the official website of The Deep.

Want to explore the history of the ocean? This is the correct zone for any visitor wanting to dig into the history of the sea floor.

Discover splendid marine organisms that lived in the ocean along with the fossil wall telling a story about the ocean’s past.

Certainly, visitors cannot miss the brittle Starfish and the Kuda seahorse here.

2.3. Endless Ocean

This image is a screenshot of the official website of The Deep.

Indeed, 2.5 million litres of water along with 87 tonnes of salt has made this amazing display home to several marine organisms. This zone depicts the vast life of the ocean.

In fact, the major and most popular attractions here are the sharks.

The aquarium is home to White tip reef sharks, grey reef sharks, Nurse sharks, Zebra sharks, and Honeycomb whiptail rays.

Green sawfish – the only pair in the United Kingdom is present in this aquarium. It also serves as a home to a pair of rescued Loggerhead sea turtles. 

2.4. Slime

This image is a screenshot of the official website of The Deep.

Simon the Snail is ready to take all the visitors on an amazing journey through this slippery zone in the amazing aquarium in Hull.

This bright and exciting area is perfect for children to have a fun time. In summary, tourists can meet animals here who use slime to catch their prey, move around or even create poisonous mucus.

Also, the visitors will be delighted to see the Blue poison arrow frog, garden eel and scribbled pipefish in this zone.

In fact, children will be extremely delighted to meet the common clownfish if they are big fans of the movie ‘Finding Nemo’.

2.5. Kingdom of Ice

This image is a screenshot of the official website of The Deep.

If the visitors are in the mood for a chilly tour then this is the perfect zone to explore. Visitors will have the chance to touch the real ice walls and also meet the amazing Penguins here.

Visitors have the opportunity to observe the penguins from different areas. It is an absolute delight to watch them swim and play.

The zone has been designed keeping in mind the climatic requirements of Penguins. Also, the enclosure is well-maintained and kept clean all the time.

Gentoo Penguins are eagerly waiting to welcome all the visitors here.

2.6. Deep Blue One

aquarium in Hull
This image is a screenshot of the official website of The Deep.

Certainly, preserving the rivers of the world is one of the most important parts of the conservation of flora and fauna.

Deep Blue One brings to life the world’s splendid river systems along with their surrounding habitats.

Indeed, students of marine biology, botany and zoology will find this place completely amazing.

Visitors can experience a series of aquatic and terrestrial live exhibits. Also, visitors will be delighted to find the Amazon tree boa, Axolotl, and many marine organisms here.

Red-bellied piranha and garter snake are popular attractions here. 

In fact, the game, Piranha Peril is an adventurous treat for visitors and tourists.

Certainly, no one would like to miss the amazing chance to observe the interesting leaf-cutter ants journeying to and from their nest.

Also, visitors can create their creatures with Digi: Sea within the digital ocean available around them.

3. Other Facilities in this Aquarium in Hull

aquarium in hull
This image is a screenshot of the official website of The Deep.

Group trips and Coach trips are available for visitors and tourists. The Deep Café is here to fill the tummies of visitors with excellent delicacies.

Also, this amazing Aquarium in Hull provides many kinds of support and facilities. These facilities make the experience of visitors an enjoyable and comfortable one.

In fact, exciting events and activities keep coming up now and then to keep the visitors entertained.

The Deep also provides the facilities to celebrate special occasions. Visitors can celebrate birthdays, proposals, anniversaries or announcements.

Moreover, this aquarium also provides an opportunity for an amazing sleepover.

Penguin Breakfasts, private Christmas Parties and The Deep Business Centre make this place even more splendid and amazing.

Also, visitors can check out the versatile online shop. They can buy amazing mementoes, books, clothing, stationery, gifts and many more interesting products here.


This amazing aquarium in Hull is a top attraction for conservationists from all over the globe. Students, teachers as well and researchers will love this place.

In summary, the diverse collection of marine organisms along with the excellent facilities are a delight for everyone.

Indeed, a visit to this aquarium will be a cherishing experience for a lifetime.

Also, this aquarium is a top attraction for family visits.

Certainly, Kingston Upon Hull has several places worth visiting for nature lovers. The experience of exploring this port city is a treat to the magic of nature.

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