A Guide To Amerikanisches Restaurant

amerikanisches restaurant
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Have you ever been to an Amerikanisches restaurant before? Or it could be you are not exactly familiar with the word itself. But, that is hardly a problem because we will give an insight into the said word.

The word “Amerikanische” is a German word that translates to “the American way of lifestyle“. Or, you could call it the American standard of living live. So, that is pretty much about the word itself. But, how does an Amerikanisches restaurant fit into all this? let us see.

1. What Is An Amerikanisches Restaurant?

amerikanisches restaurant
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In German, natives often refer to an American restaurant as an Amerikanisches restaurant. Fortunately, these food places often serve typical American cuisine and fast food items. So, if you are in any city in Germany, you can still get good American delicacies in your location.

You will also find the Amerikanisches restaurant vibe in fast food chains. For example, McDonald’s and Burger King are two big joints in Germany. But, we will give you a list of good Amrikanisches restaurants to get good American cuisine. So, look out for the location or city you are staying at.

We will cover Amerikanisches restaurants in Berlin and Hamburg for now. So, take up the suggestions if you are visiting these cities.

2. Top Amerikanisches Restrurants In Berlin

amerikanisches restaurant
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Berlin has some top Amerikanisches restaurants in most places. So, here is a list of some that you can visit.

2.1. Tony Roma’s, 10243 Berlin

Tony Roma’s, near the Berlin Eastside Gallery, is famous for its quality ribs. This Amerikanisches restaurant offers some of the best American BBQs in the city.

So, you might want to save this location as it also has free Wi-Fi, Air Conditioning and a good atmosphere.

2.2. Route 66 Diner, 10707 Berlin

The Route 66 Diner in Pariser Strasse is a rock-n-roll-themed Amerikanisches restaurant. They bring the 50’s rock ambience to life.

The restaurant serves excellent food like drinks, desserts and lip-smacking burgers. So, get your Amerikanische cuisine with free reservations today.

2.3. Hard Rock Cafe, 10719 Berlin

Talking about Amerikanisches diners, we cannot forget the Hard Rock Cafe. The international restaurant chain is a top spot for American food that you love. The restaurant could be from your location but anything for good food.

Hence, don’t leave Berlin before trying true American food classics.

2.4. Chicago Williams BBQ, 10789 Berlin

Well, the name itself justifies the Amerikanisches restaurant. Chicago Williams BBQ in Marburger Street is an American food delight.

Additionally, the restaurant has special Memphis-style BBQ options that you will love. So, you don’t have to be unsure what American food you can access.

3. Top Amerikanisches Restrurants In Hamburg

amerikanisches restaurant
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Unsure of where to get good American food in Hamburg? Well, don’t sweat it. So, here are the top Amerikanisches restaurants with the best prices in Hamburg.

3.1. Theo’s, 20148 Hamburg

Theo’s is by far one of the best Amerikanisches restaurants in the city of Hamburg. The restaurant is best known for its NY steak and other food items you will love. So, even if the Amerikanisches restaurant is away from your location, it is worth the drive.

3.2. Mamalicious, 22769 Hamburg

This Canadian-owned Amerikanisches restaurant Mamalicious is the best breakfast place. Additionally, you will get all the American classic breakfasts like bacon, pancakes and more. So, spot this location and dig into delicacies.

3.3. Peter Pane, (Five locations in Hamburg)

Peter Pane should be your safe choice for an Amerikanisches restaurant in Hamburg. The huge burgers and refreshing drinks are to die for. So, now you don’t even have to worry about your stay location. The Amerikanisches restaurant chain is open in five locations.

3.4. Louisiana, 22083 Hamburg

Lousiana is best known for its beers, dressed salads and delicious burgers. Additionally, they also have a great grilled food menu if you can try that. So, get your grilled Amerikanisches platter at the best prices in Louisiana.

4. Best Amerikanisches Dishes To Try

amerikanisches restaurant
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America does have a good range of favourite foods all over the world. So, if you are in Berlin or Hamburg, you can still try them out. Hence, here are some Amerikanisches delicacies you can try.

4.1. Breakfast Sausages

amerikanisches restaurant
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Who does not love the intricate smell of sausages? So, if you were in America, pork sausage is the best way to go about it. But, in Germany, people love all sorts of breakfast sausages. So, chicken, lamb or pork, you name it.

4.2. Pancakes

amerikanisches restaurant
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No American breakfast is as Amerikanische as pancakes. You cannot help but love pancakes. They are fluffy, soft, sweet and delicious all in one. So, if you miss pancakes in Germany, you can still get them in most restaurants.

4.3. Burgers

amerikanisches restaurant
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Well, most of the locations mentioned here serve Amazing burgers. The best thing about burgers is that they taste better with every topping. Be it pickles, onions, lettuce or cheese, burgers never fail. So, you don’t have to miss a Big Mac or Jumbo Whopper in Germany now.

4.4. Mac and Cheese

amerikanisches restaurants
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Talking about Amerikanische food and not mentioning Mac and Cheese? That would be a crime, to say the least.

So, if you want the real American feel, then try out Mac and Cheese in Berlin. The city has great places that serve great Mac and Cheese. But, making a bowl of Mac and Cheese is so much easier than purchasing it.

4.5. New York-Style Hotdogs

amerikanisches restaurant
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New York hotdogs have a fair legacy of their own. They could look pretty much plain at first glance. But, one bite is all it takes to love the taste of cheese and sausages. So, if being in Germany makes you miss some hotdogs, some food joints serve them great.


This was your handy guide to an Amerikanisches restaurant. So, please give it a good read while in Hamburg or Berlin. And, if you want an update on your preferred location, do drop the location in the comments.

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