A Guide To Food Festivals In London: 14 Must Visit Festivals

a guide to food festivals in london
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Food festivals are one of the best ways to spend an amazing time with your friends, family and loved ones. Just eat, drink, taste and admire everything while you have the best time with your friends.

If you are in London and want to enjoy the food festival to the fullest, this is the article for you. Read along to learn more about the food festival in London.

A Guide To Food Festivals In London

London food festival is ideal for tasty street food, craft beer, and live cooking demos. It does not have a particular area; this fest is celebrated in many locations. People from many countries make this festival stand out for its best food, beers, ice creams, exclusive dishes, non-stop live music and whatnot.

Here is a guide to food festivals in London.

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What Is A Food Festival

Food festivals are huge occasions filled with music, fun, crowd and, above all, food. The main goal of a carnival-like this is an opportunity for restaurants and eateries to expand their businesses directly to potential customers. It is like any other Carnival, but for food. It also includes a lot of food detractors and influential media persons who can promote some of the displays boosting their reputation in the industry.


Food festivals allow newcomers to extend their business in the market. Another motive is to educate people on eating in season and motivate them to have regionally grown nutrition.

Here are must-visit food festivals.

1. Estrella Galicia’s Gastronomy Month

This month-long Spanish cuisine festival is reimbursed for the second time this September. This festival takes place at numerous locations across the United Kingdom, customers can get access to the food workshops, try outstanding small plates for guests, and savouring orders from the list of food items available. London whereabouts with Bar Daskal Spanish wine bar, Barrafina and Parrilla at Borough Yards and Brindisa in Battersea.

Venue: Various areas

2. London Halal Food Festival

An announcer of London halal associations has combined a live cookery area, shopping counters, and 100-plus food stalls accentuating halal’s burgers with a variety of other fast food. Various intercontinental cuisine, sweet dish stalls, virgin cocktails, food rivalries, spice challenges and eating competitions await at this event, guests get a chance to prove their eating power in front of the viewers.

Venue: London Stadium, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park E20 2ST

3. Chinese Food Festival

Along with workshops, demos, and market booths, cookery from various regions of China is accessible at the food fair to display Chinese values. Restaurants, encompassing Master Wei Xi’An, Chilli Legend and Rice Coming prepare a choice of famous dishes from Hubei, Hunan, Sichuan and Shaanxi.

Venue: Bedford Square Gardens, Bloomsbury WC1B 3ES

4. Meatopia

You can find 70 worldwide best deluxe dishes cooked right in front of you at London’s fire cooking carnival, using good quality wood for live fire cooking, along with responsibly exerted elements and charcoal. Beverages come from craft brewers, craftsperson distillers, and mixologists.

Venue: Tobacco Dock, Tobacco Quay, Wapping Lane, Wapping E1W 2SF

5. Pub In The Park

Pub in the Park celebrates everything about the British pub. Commonly, this suggests pub food, chef cooperation, beers, and countless music. The touring celebration kicked off in May, with dates schemed around the region until September.

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Venue: Various areas

6. Yam Carnival

By the founders of Afro Nation, Yam Carnival is an honouring of the civilizations of the African emigration, including the Caribbean as well as Latin American presentation. Plus live music of African jazz, reggaeton, Rhythm & blues, hip hop, African swing dance, and the popular music of Jamaica across three classes; expect food trucks inspired by African food culture, Caribbean cooking, food options inspired by Americans from New Orleans creole, cooking in Cajun-Acadians style to southern spirit rich food and Latin American tacks.

Venue: Clapham Common, Windmill Drive, Clapham SW4 9DE

7. Rumfest

A bonus of food tastings, meetings and presentations from combustors and food processes both the latest and conventional marks the culmination of London Rum Week, which starts from 10 — 17 October. Food and alcohol pairing courses are going to be announced by numerous traders, who are also going to serve a variety of snacks and banquets based on cocktails as a complement and content.

Venue: ILEC Conference Centre, 47 Lillie Road, Earl’s Court SW6 1UD

8. Rosé Garden Party

Six pop-up bars and liquor trucks gush rosé wine in all its frothy, forms, flat, blended into mixed drinks and cool till it is frozen. A large number of piazza restaurants also get involved, with Ave Mario competing for the summer’s most wonderful terrace, currently spilling Italian pink wine on an alley flourishing with coral spring flowers.

Venue: Covent Garden

9. All Points East

It will relapse to its original format in 2022 and will be celebrated for over more than one weekend in Victoria Park in east London. Close by a different melodious line-up, you can look up to an area of delicious food trucks from carnival veterans, East London traders and a collection of mixed drinks.

Venue: Victoria Park, Grove Road. Bow E3 5TB

10. La Piñata

This weekend festival of Cinco de Mayo has everything Mexican, with an enormous taste of tequila and mezcal giving you a ride of joy. Twenty inventors on hand transmit twelve or more interpretations to the equipment, and there will be a breakdown to understand how everything works. You will find a lot o things to eat and drink here. Make sure to carry a bunch of your friends to enjoy this place.

Venue: Tobacco Dock, E1W

11. Junipalooza

Presented by a similar team as La Piñata, this team does an identical thing only for gin, it’s relatively bigger. A large number of distillers, which can contain an additional 300 liquor, can get access to administering complementary samples (everything is included in the ticket which cost £30), with a key to the workshops and an opportunity to get introduced to the industry’s biggest names. This year, fast food items from Feast It is going to be available, close by a pub area along with a live concert for the first time.

Venue: Tobacco Dock, E1W

Photo by Elevate on Unsplash

12. Gin And Rum Festival

Without having any doubts this region is little of a laugh without any exception: £6 alcohol mixers, dancing and music splashing the whole night by DJs. There is loads of rum and gin found in the bars, but tequila is also included this year, and those who want a short time out from the heavy junk – Prosecco and beer for those.

Venue: St Mary’s Marylebone, W1

13. Urban Village Fête

While it’s not relatively cabbage-of-the-year tournaments and Morris dancers, there’s sufficiently in that vein: collage club, paper hat making, coaster marbling workshops. But come too for free talks and music from Bradley Zero and Cosmo Murphy, local freeway food vendors doing their thing.

Venue: Central Park, SE10

14. Wing Festival

London variant is the biggest chicken wing fest in this world, and you will barely see someone getting a title uncontested. Nonetheless, this looks like tremendous joy: tons of live concerts and chicken wing tournaments for the people who think themselves to be the champion.

Venue: London Stadium, E20


If you love food, then this is heaven for you. You will surely get confused by the number of food and drinks available in this place.



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