9 Finest Gyms In Manchester to Enroll your Name

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Europe is home to approximately 74 crore people, and most of them are quite aware and careful about their health as well as physical fitness. This is why gyms and fitness training centers become a vital part of any city.

Here we have compiled all the best gyms in Manchester to make it easier for you to decide which one to choose.

1. Pure Gym

With multiple branches across Manchester, Pure Gyms have to be one of the most popular names when it comes to gyms in Manchester. Their gyms are generally located in the city center, making them accessible to everyone.

Pure gyms in Manchester consist of fully-functional equipment for all sorts of training, they offer a mix of free weights, plate weights, fixed resistance machines, cable, cardio equipment, and two studios.

Gyms In Manchester
Courtesy: Pure Gyms

They offer a variety of group fitness classes throughout the week, which are included in your membership and also provide qualified personal training as well to help their clients achieve their fitness goals faster.

Facilities like separate female changing areas with individual showers and hairdryers and toilettes are available as well. The best part about it is they are open 24 hours every day which means the client can work out at a convenient time, even if it’s midnight.

2. Nuffield Health

Nuffield Health is a name that’s known all over Europe for its health services. Their Manchester outlet is located in its city center and many good things about this gym make it a perfect destination for you to achieve your fitness goals.

They offer monthly memberships and a lot of other activities to make your fitness journey equally fun. They also have a wide range of qualified personal trainers as well as physiotherapists to take care of your exercise routine.

Gyms In Manchester
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Along with the gym, they offer facilities for other sports activities as well as swimming. It has a real-life swimming pool which is considered a luxury when it comes to the city center, which makes it stand out among other gyms in Manchester city center.

Along with this, the gym in itself has lined up assault bikes and treadmills along with separate free weights and functional rooms.

3. Barry’s Bootcamp Manchester

Barry’s is a place loved by everyone, including the Kardashians and other celebs from LA. These US-based franchise workout studios are popular throughout the world.

Its signature ‘Red room’ can feel quite intimidating at first but once you get the hang of it then there’s no going back. Barry’s gym in Manchester is located at Spinningfeilds which to an outsider would look like a high-tempo club night due to its loud music.

Gyms In Manchester
Courtesy: Barry’s

It has HIIT workouts which can, as per their claims burn up to 1000 calories with their workouts and they also provide a wide variety of classes throughout the week that will surely get your heart pumping.

They have lined up treadmills and free weights with one mirrored wall. Barry’s is the definition of luxury with the facilities that offer luxurious spaces, restrooms, showers with haircare, free towels and cloth bags, and most uniquely, their fuel bar which serves scrumptious protein shakes. They also offer their gym wear.

4. Blok

Blok is simply one of the most visually pleasing among all gyms in Manchester. It is one of the few boutique gyms in Manchester which is, ironical to its aesthetic, very community-centred, and humble.

Blok established itself in Manchester at the Ducie street warehouse in 2018 after its massive success in London. It is popular among the locals as it offers a wide range of classes to choose from.

Gyms In Manchester
Courtesy: Blok

So on the days, you don’t feel like working out according to your usual routine, you can try incorporating something new into your workouts as their classes offer.

This class-based gym has three studios, and all types of activities like group yoga classes, pilates and barre classes, strength conditioning with free weights, endurance building through boxing and cardio, HIIT circuits, meditation, and other things, which are all overlooked by professionals.

And along with all this, they offer equally luxurious changing rooms as well.

5. V1BE

V1BE was an instant hit since it was established as a boutique gym at Mosley street. V1BE is a child of the collaboration between the Trusted Lifestyle Fitness Group and the Boutique Gym V1BE.

As the name already hints, it’s really all about the “vibe” at this boutique gym.

They took the concept of the community supporting one up a notch by literally having a board that displays the members’ heart rates to everyone at the gym, which is not found at any other gyms in Manchester.

Gyms In Manchester
Courtesy: V1BE

V1BE has different types of classes, like 1gnite and Str1ke which offer body-weighted exercises followed by treadmill sprints, and strength training with boxing drills respectively.

They have enough space on their gym floor if the person wants to train independently on their own, unlike other class-based gyms in Manchester.

Also, if you join in January with a special code, they charge no extra joining fee which makes it one of the best gyms in Manchester to visit

6. Bannatyne Health Club And Spa

Located in the city center, Bannatyne is widely and especially known for its swimming pool, which is unique for gyms in Manchester city center. Although the mural of the Victorian gentleman is likely to creep you out. 

This gym among other gyms in the city center draws more attention for, one, its good quality swimming pool and two, the other notable features like sauna, jacuzzis, and steam room.

Gyms In Manchester
Courtesy: Bannatyne

Along with this, the gym has well-maintained changing rooms with ventilation which are also odour free. The class schedule includes some absolute hits like Les Mills workout, HIIT, and many other workouts. 

They also have a spa, which would help you with the sore muscles you’ll have after the workout. 

7. The Gym

Located in the great northern warehouse, the name in itself might come off as a bit ambiguous. That is because it changed its associated gym group, from Virgin Active to Lifestyle fitness to the low-cost nationwide chain The Gym Group.

And as a result, the client gets an average-spaced gym with very decent equipment at a budget price which sounds like a fair deal when talking about the gyms in Manchester.

Gyms In Manchester
Image by Irina L from Pixabay

It features a huge studio space with some or other classes like yoga or pilates every day, callisthenics, and a huge array of resistance machines and multiple benches in the strength training area.

Hence even in peak hours, you won’t have to wait for the other person to complete their set and most importantly, their specialty, which attracts quite a population is their high-specification equipment at a decent price.

8. The Y Club

The Y Club has a dedicated client group as it has been successfully keeping its clients happy for a long time.

Located at Caslefeild, it has a huge dedicated gym space with free weights, a functional training area, and cardio training equipment.

This all comes with certified personal trainers for a customized workout plan that meets your fitness goals.

Gyms In Manchester
Courtesy: The Y Club

Along with all this, the Y club is popular for its 20m swimming pool, along with other sports facilities like a sports hall, running track, sauna rooms, and a jacuzzi among other gyms in Manchester.

They have classes for Mui Thai, yoga, badminton, Les mills spin studio, and much more. They even offer an off-peak season discount.

9. Hero Training Clubs

Hero Training Clubs has to be one of the most popular gyms in Manchester as it features four different fitness studios, which means it has something for everyone.

It has the all-cardio spin studio, boxing, and other drill class in the athletic room, mobility drills, yoga and post-workout stretching in the rejuvenating space, and strength training in the strength section.

Along with that, they have a good number of squat racks.

Gyms In Manchester
Courtesy: Hero Training Clubs

They also focus on assessments and offer sports massages ad other counseling services. Hero has some of the best personal training and qualified physiotherapists available to help you achieve your fitness goals in your life.

And the cherry on top, they have delicious post-workout smoothies available as well.

Our Take on the Gyms in Manchester

The gyms in Manchester are surely some of the best according to the global standard. It has something to offer for every individual seeking to better their physique and overall health for a better lifestyle.

It has every type of gym ranging from gyms with sports facilities to everyday commercial gyms to highly specialized gyms and even the new boutique gyms. Hence, for the people in Manchester looking out to better themselves, you know where to go.


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