9 Best High Schools In Uxbridge, London

high schools in uxbridge
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Education is of paramount importance in the current generation. It is not just related to academic subjects like physics, mathematics, and chemistry. But, it is also about life skills, values, and beliefs that carry a person through their entire life. High schools shape our future. Therefore, the best present for kids today is to ensure they get the proper education. These high schools in Uxbridge will help nourish your child and open new opportunities.

1. Why are Secondary Schools Important?

High schools are the first step children take in understanding the real world. They give children time to work on extracurricular activities and find their passion in life. It is a time when they begin to discover their passion.

To clarify, high schools teach children to be organized and manage their time effectively. And it helps them apply their critical and creative ideas in real life. They learn to communicate and stand up for themselves in a team.

It is a place where they try different fields of interest until they find one for themselves. Then, they work on it and improve their skills. It is the time when they decide the path they are going to pursue.

2. Here are the 9 Best High Schools In Uxbridge

Let’s check out some of the best high schools in Uxbridge for your children. These schools will help provide the necessary guidance to your kids.

2.1 Uxbridge High School, Uxbridge

Previously, it was named Uxbridge Lancastrian School. However, the institution redeveloped, relocated, and renamed itself.

Soon, it became the Uxbridge High School as known to us today.

This institution in Uxbridge accepts disciples from ages 11-18. And, it earned the ranking ‘Good’ in its last Ofsted Inspection.

The learners made success happen and the academy was rated in the Top 17% nationwide list for A-level applied value-added scores.

Uxbridge High School, high schools in uxbridge
Screenshot from the official site: Uxbridge High School / Check out their website for more information.

The institution has a 15:1 pupil-to-teacher ratio. It is considered a remarkable percentage of staff. This makes the academy take a place in the Top 10% nationwide list.

They also have good A-level – academic value-added scores. It lies in the Top 27% list nationwide.

Uxbridge High School is one of the top choices for you. Among all the high schools in Uxbridge. It is on the top list because of the environment the students grow up in.

The community in the institution consists of students, staff, and parents. This community works together and respects each other.

This co-educational high school prepares students for life after Sixth Form. They guide students through comprehensive enrichment programs, charity work, etc.

The faculties help guide students towards a range of Post 18 Programs and develop employability skills.

2.2 Vyners School, Ickenham

Vyners School is a state secondary academy in Ickenham. The academy has a sixty-year-long history.

This sixth-form co-educational institution holds value for its longstanding role in the local community.

The academy is shaping the future of more than 1300 pupils currently. The eligibility criteria in age for the students are 11 to 18 years.

The institution aims to be the best in the country. Therefore, it provides the best to its students.

Vyners School, high schools in uxbridge
Screenshot from the official site: Vyners School / Check out their website for more information.

The school has a Hearing Impaired Resource Base (HIRB) board that supports deaf students. They aim to help with communication skills, and social skills, and boost confidence in their learners. The board helps to succeed in curriculum and extra-curricular activities.

Pupils receive help from highly trained Speech and Language Therapists. They design their study programs to guide them. Overall, these programs meet their needs throughout their academic year.

The school has a 15:1 pupil-to-teacher ratio and is marked in the Top 8% nationwide.

The learners have a good Attainment 8 score. It lies in the Top 11% nationwide list. They also exhibit amazing Progress 8 scores. They are marked under the Top 28% nationwide list.

The academy ranks in the Top 20% of all schools nationally. Their performance in GCSE exams is outstanding and they are in line with national expectations at A-level exams.

The institution has also been rated ‘Outstanding’ during its Ofsted Inspection.

2.3 Bishopshalt School, Hillingdon

This academy, established in 1907, was named Uxbridge County School. This co-educational secondary academy takes in pupils ranging from ages 11-18.

Currently, the institution guides more than 1300 young minds.

The institution has an English Baccalaureate (Ebacc) pass rate of 24%. And it is in the Top 25% nationally. The institution ranks in the Top 27% nationwide list of A-level applied value-added scores.

Bishopshalt School specializes in the fields of music and performing arts. The school has a large playing field and an ornamental gallery for its Sixth Form disciples.

Bishopshalt School, High Schools in Uxbridge
Screenshot from the official site: Bishopshalt School / Check out their website for more information.

Exam results reveal that the academy receives above-average results at GCSE and the third-highest A-level results in Hillingdon. The school earned the rating ‘Good’ in its last Ofsted Inspection.

The institution also runs a highly famed Dramatic Society. It is named the Bishopshalt Operatic and Dramatic Society (BODS).

Pupils of the tenth to the thirteenth academic year work together to produce annual productions. These various clubs run by learners produce great skills in their respective fields.

The school also focuses on and cares for the mental health of learners and staff members.

2.4 De Salis Studio College, Hayes

The De Salis Studio College is located at Wood End Green Road, Middlesex. It is certainly another one of the co-educational state secondary schools that fits the list.

This studio academy is much smaller than the average secondary school. And it specializes in Business and Commerce related courses. The core curriculum consists of subjects English, mathematics, and science.

Leading pupils with the motto, ‘Education means Business.‘ To clarify, this institution is where learning and working are considered to be at the heart of everything.

It prepares young minds with the necessary business and commercial experience during their school term.

As a result, the students are certainly ready for today’s highly competitive job market.

The academy provides for Sixth Form and Post 16 Programs. It also pays attention to the mental well-being of its candidates.

For example, the facility offers parenting classes and self-care ideas. The academy pays attention to grief recovery after a loss and provides additional mental health support.

The institution was rated ‘Good’ in its last Ofsted Inspection. It earned the rating with the support of parent reviews and amazing teachers. Together, they worked tremendously hard for good results for their pupils.

This is an institute that focuses on education from a business point of view. It will hone your business and commercial skills. If you are searching for such an academy, this is the place.

Learn more about them on their official website. Do go through their website here: https://www.desalisstudiocollege.co.uk/

2.5 Swakeleys School for Girls, Uxbridge

Swakeleys School for Girls is a state secondary school and Sixth Form. The academy admits girls from ages 11 to 18 years.

In fact, out of all the high schools in Uxbridge, it is the only all-girls school. And also the fifth-largest school in the London Borough of Hillingdon.

All the students at this academy receive wide curriculums. They also get to take advantage of the many clubs and after-school activities.

The school has eight houses named after famous women from history.

The academy also helps them build skills beyond the classroom. They guide through enriching opportunities in super-curricular and extracurricular activities.

The school also takes care of a lot of Special Educational Needs or Disabilities (SEND) girls. The faculty helps them to fulfill their academic potential without external intervention.

The academy received an ‘Outstanding’ rating in its Ofsted Inspection. The institution has a 35% English Baccalaureate (Ebacc) pass rate. This makes for a place in the Top 13% nationwide.

Their learners have an outstanding Progress 8 score too. Their score lies in the Top 3% nationwide list. This academy makes the list of best high schools in Uxbridge.

The girls grow up in a studious and hard-working environment. Their Attainment 8 score lies in the nationwide list in the Top 11%.

The school leads its girls with the motto, ‘Enjoy, Achieve, Aspire, Succeed.’ It maintains a nourishing and supportive environment. The academy also fosters high aspirations in the girls.

Finally, if you want the safety of same-sex surroundings, this is the choice out of all high schools in Uxbridge.

For more information, go through their website here: https://swakeleys.hillingdon.sch.uk/

2.6 Moorcroft School, Uxbridge

Moorcroft School is a co-educational state secondary school and Sixth Form. It works for special needs kids from ages 11-19 years.

It is one of the best high schools in Uxbridge and a part of one of the UK’s largest special multi-academy trusts, the Eden Academy Trust.

The highest priority of the academy is to develop its learners’ independence. They help kids with autistic spectrum disorders (ASD), profound and multiple learning difficulties (PMLD), severe learning difficulties (SLD), and other complex needs.

Moorcroft School, High schools in uxbridge
Screenshot from the official site: Moorcroft School / Check out their website for more information.

The academy was rated ‘Outstanding’ at its last Ofsted Inspection. And rightfully so, because the kids involved get state-of-the-art resources for their educational, sensory, and social needs. Even the curriculum is according to the individual needs of every student.

The education and support help the children greatly. They develop life skills, social skills, and confidence to communicate with others.

The academy provides multi-sensory learning, family, and therapy services. One of the best high schools in Uxbridge, the pupils here properly learn, achieve, and thrive.

2.7 The Douay Martyrs RC School, Ickenham

Established in 1962, The Douay Martyrs is a Roman Catholic Secondary School and Sixth Form with academy status. The academy serves around 1500 pupils currently.

The academy accepts mixed-gender pupils from different social backgrounds of ages 11-18 years.

Furthermore, The Douay Martyrs RC School is known for creating a Catholic educational community. It centers on individuals fulfilling their true potential.

The academy proudly follows its motto, ‘Through Faith To Success.’ They combine their traditional values with the latest technologies to teach their disciples.

As a result, the kids grow up to reach excellence academically. And also learn values about serving and giving back to their community.

The Academy earned the rating ‘Good’ during its last Ofsted Inspection in 2018. The disciples have above-average GCSE results.

The school’s Progress 8 score is 0.69, which certainly is more than the national average.

The academy has a 62% Maths pass rate. It lies in the Top 23% nationwide list. The school has an adequate number of staff for the children.

It has a 17:1 pupil-to-teacher ratio. It falls under the nationwide list in the Top 21%.

To learn more about them, also check their website here: https://www.douaymartyrs.co.uk/#

2.8 Northwood School, Uxbridge

It was established in January 1934 and was formerly called Potter Street Senior Council School. Northwood School is a state secondary co-educational institution. And an official Sixth Form entry academy.

However, the academy is smaller than regular high schools in Uxbridge. As a result, the teachers focus and give more time to the individual talents of the learners.

The academy has an extremely good pupil-to-teacher ratio. It lies in the nationwide list in the Top 8%. The academy accepts disciples from ages 11-18 years.

Northwood School, High schools in uxbridge
Screenshot from the official site: Northwood School / Check out their website for more information.

The students enthusiastically engage in the numerous events arranged by the institution. They benefit from expert faculties, cutting-edge facilities, and a contemporary curriculum to finally bring home success.

As a result, the institute has a Progress 8 score. It is ranked in the Top 2% nationwide list. The disciples also achieved outstanding results in their A-level exams.

The institution creates a happy, safe, and friendly environment. Therefore, the learners flourish in academic and life skills.

The students performed well in the Attainment 8 score. The score lies in the Top 19% nationwide list. Finally, the academy fulfills its motto, ‘Achievement Through Support,’ extremely seriously.

2.9 Rosedale College, Hayes

The school first opened as Hayes County Grammar School. And then, it was renamed Hayes Manor School. Finally, it opened as Rosedale College.

In 2011, it earned academy status upon partnering with another institution.

The academy specializes in the fields of applied learning and technology, out of all high schools in Uxbridge.

It provides a building dedicated to the teachings of technology, mathematics, science, and IT. Alongside other additional resources for the specializations.

Rosedale College. High schools in Uxbridge
Screenshot from the official site: Rosedale College  Check out their website for more information.

The academy accepts mixed-gender learners from ages 11-19 years. The academy ranks in the Top 9% nationwide list for its Progress 8 scores.

Furthermore, the Attainment 8 score lies in the Top 28% nationwide. The school has a 16:1 pupil-to-teacher ratio. It is in the Top 12% nationwide list.

To clarify, this academy in Uxbridge creates a culture promoting optimism and confidence in its learners.

They are proud they have created a safe and efficient setting. Because, in this academy, everyone certainly celebrates each other’s efforts, participation, and achievements.


High schools certainly mark a crucial timeline during our lives. Therefore, the research for the correct one can never be too much.

These institutions provide for their learners in the best way they can. They are prepared and fully equipped for their needs. Be it extracurricular activities, cultural clubs, and a respectful and safe environment.

Do check out more of these high schools in Uxbridge. For example, Guru Nanak Sikh Academy, Barnhill Community High School, Harlington School, and The Global Academy.

Read more about their catchment areas, parent reviews, exam results, and overall performance data.

In summary, we have made an effort to narrow down the list of best high schools in Uxbridge for you. Nonetheless, you should take your time in deciding which school fits best for you and go for it!

Life moves on and on. Soon, the next step after high school for you would certainly be preparing for higher studies.

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