8 Leading High Schools in Greenford

high schools in greenford
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Finding high schools for your children can be quite a challenge, but today we are here to help you in finding the best high schools in Greenford.

In this article, we will look into 8 of the top high schools in Greenford for your children and the important features of these finest high schools in Greenford.

1. Where is Greenford?

Greenford is a suburb in the London Borough of Ealing, located in West London. The population of Greenford is about 46,787.

Greenford is a lovely place to live with all amenities such as schools, shops, etc nearby and is known as the cradle of the modern ecological industry.

High Schools in Greenford
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Greenford is considered the birthplace of the cutting-edge organic chemical industry, as it turned into William Perkin’s chemical factory in North Greenford, at the Grand Union Canal, where the world’s first aniline dye changed into discovered in March 1856. Perkin is known for his wonderful discovery of “mauveine”.

Many high faculties in Greenford served first-rate in instructional and extracurricular activities.

2. Top High Schools in Greenford

Right here is the listing of all of the excellent high faculties in Greenford if you are moving to Greenford and seeking out the best high schools for your youngsters.

2.1. Greenford High School

Greenford High School is a secondary school that is mainly located in the London Borough of Ealing and provides a wide range of educational courses and extracurricular activities.

The motto of Greenford high school is “Learning to Succeed” and the Principal of this school is Mia Pye. The curriculum is innovative and flexible to meet the needs of each student.

Here, students have a choice of various subjects, including languages. Students are also provided with sports and cultural events.

High Schools in Greenford
Courtesy: Greenford High School

This high school in Greenford is one of the most ethnically mixed high schools in Ealing, which includes students from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds such as Bangladeshi, Somali, Indian, Afro-Caribbean, Pakistani, English, etc., and includes students of many faiths such as Sikh, Hindus, Muslims, and Christians; and therefore makes it such a special place where students can understand the different cultures around the world.

The high school grounds include 9 buildings and is one of the very best high schools in Greenford.

2.2. William Perkin Church of England High School

William Perkin Church of England High School is one of the top-rated high schools in Greenford and the main mission of this institution is to create a wonderful atmosphere of learning for the local community.

This school is great for its academic level, but still enriches creative ideas and curiosity. This high school in Greenford was established in 2013 and is sponsored by the Twyford Church of England Academic Trust.

High Schools in Greenford
Courtesy: William Perkin Church of England High School

The school is named after well-known scientist Sir William Perkin, a pioneer of the chemical industry and discoverer of the dye mauveine, whose factory was nearby. The school, therefore, has a purple school uniform as a tribute to him.

2.3. Brentside High School

Brentside High School is one of the famous high schools in Greenford and is a co-educational elementary high school, located between Hanwell and Greenford.

Brentside High School is known to have a House System which encourages students and instills teamwork, sportsmanship and in all areas of school life.

Also, the school has an extensive library that is accessible to all students and the goal is to increase reading habits and increase the creativity of school pupils.

High Schools in Greenford
Courtesy: Brentside High School

The school also has the support of its e-book library. Admissions and important school-related information can be obtained from the local authority or submitted directly through their website.

The school offers its students various extracurricular activities. Also, the school offers many clubs and enrichment activities and is undoubtedly one of the best high schools in Greenford.

2.4. St. Albans High School for Girls

A private girls’ day school, St. Albans High School is associated with the Church of England, and the school was founded in 1889 and also has an active house system.

The preparatory school, St Albans High School Prep, is situated on 18 acres of parkland in the village of Wheathampstead and the extensive grounds include a playground, adventure playground, woodlands, and an outdoor classroom.

High Schools in Greenford
Courtesy: St. Albans High School

Amenities include an indoor pool and fitness center, the Ringwood Conservatory, a new theatre, and a design and technology building.

2.5. Roundwood Park School

Roundwood Park School is a secondary school located in Harpenden, Hertfordshire and the age limit for the school is expected to be around 11-18.

The vision of this exceptional institution is the aspiration to be the best version of yourself be it in academics, programs, or sports and the school focuses on the success of its students and motivates them to excel in every field.

High Schools in Greenford
Courtesy: Roundwood Park School

Roundwood Park School’s governors are trained volunteers and the board represents the school’s key stakeholders, which include elected staff, elected parents, and the local community.

Admissions to Roundwood Park School could be achieved by visiting their website.

2.6. Ashlyn School

Ashlyn School is a co-educational secondary school. It is situated in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, England.

It is one of the popular high schools in Greenford, established in 1935 and the school aims to provide the perfect atmosphere for its students to achieve the desired success in life. The headmaster is James Shapland.

The history of the school dates back to the 18th century as the Nalezenská Hospital and the school is immensely proud of its heritage.

High Schools in Greenford
Courtesy: Ashlyn School

The school accepts all students over the age of 11. The number of schools for admission is 240 places or such number as the Governors may agree.

The school has been used as the setting for many films. These include Son of Rambow, which was primarily filmed around Berkhamsted and the Ashridge Estate.

Ashlyn was also a special filming location for the BBC TV drama Call the Midwife and the soap opera EastEnders.

2.7. Northolt High School

Situated in the Northolt region of the London Borough of Ealing, England, is one of the most well-known high schools in Greenford.

Northolt High School was established around 1974 and the high school was initially a combination of Vincent Secondary Modern (est. 1953) and Eliots Green Grammar School adjoining each other on Eastcote Lane in Northolt.

This school aims to bring its students an amazing educational platform and an exceptional field to exercise their talents.

High Schools in Greenford
Courtesy: Northolt High School

The school has a large campus with buildings and a strong vision and history. The staffs are very helpful and friendly.

This high school in Greenford became comprehensive in 1974. In a famous documentary series called The Choir, this school was featured which was aired on the BBC in December 2006.

In terms of the school buildings, it consists of the Sports Hall and the refurbished Sixth Form Centre. The school’s admission process can be done directly through its website.

2.8. Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School

Commonly known as Cardinal Wiseman School, it is one of Greenford’s comprehensive secondary and sixth-form Catholic high schools which allows students aged from 11 to 19.

This high school in Greenford is known to be named after the Catholic Cardinal Wiseman, Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster in 1850 and originally opened in 1959 but has been reorganized several times since then, including a merger with Cardinal Newman School in 1986.

High Schools in Greenford
Courtesy: Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School

This high school in Greenford is situated on Greenford Road near Greenford Broadway and is mainly associated with, the Roman Catholic Primary School of Our Lady of the Visitation and the Church of Our Lady of the Visitation.


Finding the best school for your children is always a stressful job, but in this article, we have discussed the 8 best high schools in Greenford, England.

Choosing the best school for your children is always an important task and the high schools in Greenford that we looked at here, provide one of the best education and activities for your kids.


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