8 Fascinating Glass Igloos in Finland

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Do you wish to see the northern lights while traveling in Finland? If yes, then a glass igloo would be an ideal choice to stay in. Glass igloo rentals can be easily found in Finland because glass igloo Finland stays is offered by hotels as rentals. Generally, they are situated in a place away from the city’s noise and light pollution so that one can see the northern lights aurora with a clear view.

Northern night lights are a cosmic phenomenon that can be seen in the sky near the north pole and south pole- Alaska, Antarctica, and Canada. But, they are also seen occasionally near the equator like in parts of Europe, where one can see colorful lights in the sky from August to April during late night.

They are also known as polar lights or Aurora borealis. The particles from the sun travel to earth and get in contact with the earth’s magnetic field that protects people from these particles. The particles travel towards the earth’s poles. As these particles travel in the earth’s upper atmosphere in the form of lights, people get to see the night lights in the sky.

northern lights
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Glass Igloo

Igloo is a glasshouse with glasses either on walls or ceiling or both and is in a dome shape, traditionally built by the inhabitants of a snowy place. The structure is such that it protects the residents from cold. In Finland, hotels have used this structure for building an attractive space for watching the northern skylights.

These igloos come in various shapes, sizes, and range from small glasshouses to accommodate 2 people to duplex resorts. It is a warm and comfortable stay to view the sky and nature everywhere and look for aurora lights from the comfort of your bed. Igloos are warm from the inside and have facilities like a shower, toilet, kitchen, fire log, and other necessities. Here is the list of places to find glass igloo rentals in Finland.

glass igloo
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8 Major Places to Find Igloo Rentals in Finland

  1. Saariselka
  2. Rovaneimi
  3. Pyhatunturi
  4. Levi
  5. Kemi
  6. Ranua
  7. Torassieppi
  8. Ruka

1. Glass Igloo Finland Rentals in Saariselka

Saariselka is one of the 2 major areas where you can find most Igloos. It will act as an ideal place to watch aurora lights in the night in igloos of all kinds, shapes, and sizes. Choose a glass igloo Finland rental that works best for you. Here is a list of glass igloo rentals in Saariselka:

(a) Klaksaunatten Igloo Resort

Klaksaunatten is the first and most famous glass igloo Finland rental with a chain of hotels for rental in Saariselka. Igloo houses are situated in a quiet place, away from the city hustle and light pollution. They have built hotels in east glass igloo village and the west village in Saariselka. Let’s take a look at other glass igloo Finland hotels in Saariselka.

(b) Northern Lights Village

Stay in 29 square meter wide aurora cabins by Northern lights village hotel. It is spacious enough to accommodate 5 people, with glass on one side of the cabin and a beautiful view of nature all around you to enjoy night skylights.

northern lights village
Photo by Go ToVan from Flickr

(c) Muotka Igloos

Muotka series of glass igloo Finland hotels has aurora cabins and panorama log cabin with a glass roof to enjoy northern lights in the night, away from the crowd, located deep inside the forest, for people who want to spend some time alone.

panaroma log cabins
Photo by 12019 from Pixabay

(d) Aurora Village Ivalo

Choose from 28 glass igloo Finland rental cabins to stay, perform winter activities like traveling on snowmobile and horse led, and search for the northern night lights in your bed. Aurora Village Ivalo offers a refund if you don’t get to see the northern lights for those who have booked for at least three days’ stay.

aurora village
Photo by Giuseppe Milo from Wikimedia

(e) Nellim Igloos

Choose Nellim Igloos for an enriching experience of watching northern night lights. A comfortable glass igloo Finland stay with first-class services that start with your arrival at the airport until the time you leave. They have 4 resorts that give a great natural view near lakes, rivers, and forests along with tasty food and a lot of activities to perform like snowmobiling, ice fishing, snowshoeing, and traveling on Husky safaris. 

Photo by Tarja Mitrovic from Wikimedia

(f) Star Arctic Hotel

An exciting place that offers the vision of aurora along with the whole Saariselka town as the Star Arctic Hotel is located on the top of famous mountains of Europe. Glass igloo Finland houses with glass on sidewalls give a magnificent look to the sky and nature around in a peaceful environment away from the city’s noise. One will have fun watching northern lights from inside of his cabin.

glass igloo houses
Photo by Greenland Travel from Flickr

(g) Revontulikota Cabins

Located 250 km away from Finland but only 29 km away from Ivalo airport, Revontulikota glass igloo Finland cabins are easily accessible. Book a visit for two in the aurora cabins to witness aurora borealis in the starry sky from the comfort of your bed, enjoy self-catering in the kitchen, own bathroom, shower room, private sauna, fireplace, wi-fi, TV, and a telescope. Travel on reindeer safaris and snowmobile safaris in the daytime.

private sauna
Photo by Nkaminetskyy from Pixabay

2. Glass Igloos for Rent in Rovaneimi

Rovaniemi is another major area where you can find numerous glass igloos for watching the northern lights. The area remains populated, popular for Santa village, and always heavily huddled around Christmas. The major glass igloo Finland hotels in Rovaniemi are:

santa village
Photo by Timo Newton-Sims from Flickr

(a) Arctic Glass Igloos

An arctic snow hotel with 360 degrees view of northern lights from inside the glass igloo Finland cabins has a laser-heated glass roof to keep all the snow clear, along with a private bathroom, a locker, and a restaurant for a comfortable stay. One can enjoy all forms of snow and winter weather while searching for northern lights while staying in this hotel.

360 degree view glass igloo finland
Photo by Uri Tours from Wikimedia

(b) Santa’s Igloo Arctic Circle

It caters to a unique combination of three different kinds of arctic snow hotels with various facilities. Premium igloo along with premium igloo with sauna and premium igloo with alcove bestow three different kinds of staying experience for the visitors. They administer a total of 71 glass igloo Finland rentals to accommodate masses.

All igloos have separate entrances but they can also be combined for larger groups of people staying together, at the same time keeping their privacy intact.

Enjoy excellent services available nearby. Boast your stay and look out for the aurora lights in the night from the glass ceiling. Don’t worry if you fall asleep as the aurora alarm will never let you miss the lights.

northern lights
Photo by 12019 from Pixabay

(c) Arctic TreeHouse Hotel

The arctic treehouse hotel is a blend of comfort and luxury. The arctic snow hotel has a clear view of the northern sky from inside the glass igloo Finland cabins with an aurora alarm to make sure you don’t miss the northern lights. The unique Scandinavian design and nest-like cosines inside the hotel will leave a beautiful impression on your mind.

(d) Snowman World Glass Resort

A glass igloo Finland resort with glasses on the wall and ceiling to feel connected with nature, forest all around, and northern lights view from inside the sky view cabins. They have a total of 24 resorts in a single area in case you are traveling with a group. You get your log fire, private hot tub, private sauna, and other facilities to make your stay comfortable.

log fire
Photo by William Warby from Flickr

Have your breakfast, lunch, and dinner in a beautiful nearby glass restaurant with a serene setting. Experience your private hot tub, shower, and kitchen inside original glass igloos. In the daytime, visit the Santa Claus village nearby, retain husky and reindeer safaris, ice fishing with many other traditional activities in the fresh air.

reindeer safari
Photo by Greenland Travel from Flickr

(e) Apukka Resort

Apukka resort is a nice place to spend your vacation. Fancy your search for the northern night lights in the sky under the glass ceiling from the comfort of your bed or in an exciting trip on a snow train. You can also make your vacation memorable by doing certain arctic activities like riding husky, reindeer, and horse sleigh, getting on a snowmobile safari or visiting the Santa Claus village nearby.

husky sleigh
Photo by TriplexAdventures from Pixabay

Apukka resort is the last frontier of Rovaniemi city after which the outback begins. Book a Kammi family suite for the best experience with your family. Have an adventurous vacation and take away nice memories with you from this glass igloo Finland resort.

3. Igloo Hotel in Pyhatunturi 

Next to Rovaniemi is Pyhatunturi, at an approximate distance of a 1.45 hour’s drive. This area has two glass igloo Finland resorts for spectating northern lights from igloo hotels while you enjoy best-in-class services. This place is near the oldest Pyha-Luosto national park for additional activities and more fun. 

(a) Piha Igloos

Stay in designer rooms in Pyha Igloos. Every room is equipped with a kitchenette and a microwave oven and an electric kettle to prepare breakfast and other meals. You can stay comfortably and view the northern lights in the night through glass ceilings inside your cabin. Have more fun by visiting the Pyha-Luosoto national park in the daytime.

(b) Pyhan Asteli Aurora Igloos

A perfect spot to search for northern night lights with a glass ceiling decorated Igloos on the northern side and a perfectly staged bed inside the glass igloo Finland aurora cabin. IT is a splendid place recommended for couples to spend some time alone with each other under the glass dome.

One can relax all day and enjoy their services. The only thing between you and the northern lights is a cloudless sky, fog-less weather, and some geomagnetic activity in the atmosphere.

4. Glass Igloo Hotel in Levi

Photo by Michael Ranzau from Flickr

Levi is another popular location for viewing northern lights in the sky inside a glass igloo Finland rental. Here is the list of hotels where you can find Igloo resorts in Levi:

(a) Golden Crown Levin Iglut

It is an amazing experience to see the northern lights inside the Golden crown Levin Iglut. After all, this igloo is rooted on the slope of a mountain that is situated at the height of 340 meters. It is a luxury glass igloo Finland resort with a heartfelt service. The center of service is nearby, just at a distance of 10 km. The view of the sky on a slope is elegantly memorable.

(b) Northern Lights Hut

A 4-star suite with a guest capacity of 2 and 4 guests in their 6 glass igloos. Suitable for enthusiastic people who want to see aurora lights. All glass igloo Finland hotel rooms have aurora glass cabins and twin beds beneath them to comfortably wait for the aurora lights in the night. You can further ask for extra beds, a private bathroom with a bath, shower, and hairdryer in every room.

5. Kemi Igloo Rental near Snow Castle

Kemi holds a combination of viewing northern lights at night and traveling nearby places during the day. It becomes a perfect spot for a vacation. Here you can visit the nearby snow castle, stay in the snow hotel in the daytime, and travel a cruise at ice breaker Sampo nearby.

After spending a day full of recreational activities, you can enjoy the night lights in the sky. Here is a list of major glass igloo Finland rentals you can find in Kemi:

(a) Okolo Mobile Nest

Okolo is like a glass igloo hotel with space for one person. It is warm inside, has glass boundary walls and a ceiling that gives a great view of aurora borealis. This is a series of glass igloo Finland hotels near a coastline, so you can enjoy the frozen lakes and ocean view as well.

It is recommended for friends traveling together because they can communicate with each other through the glass window and enjoy the night lights in the sky. Visit the snow castle for reindeer sleigh, husky safari in the husky farm, ice fishing, dog sleigh, and other activities.

(b) Seaside Glass Villa

The seaside glass villa offers a comfortable and luxurious stay for two people, where they can watch the aurora lights through the glass ceiling and enjoy the ocean view in front of the Seaside glass villa. They have amazing resort services as well as restaurants with tasty food available within a walking distance. 

An individual can obtain nature’s view all around the year and night lights view during the winter and autumn season. He can travel on dog and reindeer sleigh, do snowmobiling, ice fishing, and much more during his stay. All these features make the Seaside glass villa a perfect spot for a vacation.

6. Ranua Igloo Rental near Wildlife Park

Ranua is a peaceful small town with a low population and just an hour away from Rovaniemi by car. It is a great spot to explore northern night lights and is also suitable for those who are looking for a peaceful vacation. People can search for night lights from the comfort of their bed inside the glass igloo Finland cabins.

(a) Lapland Igloo Hotel

Staying in the Lapland igloo hotel will give an enriching experience because the hotel provides glass igloo cabins to see the nature beneath the sky view and witness northern night lights under the coziness of the glass igloo.

If you are looking for some fun then don’t be disheartened as Lapland offers traditional activities too, such as jumping in the horse sled, dog sled, and reindeer sled, and visiting the wildlife park nearby for adventure.

7. Igloo Rental Near the Torassieppi National Park

Torassieppi is a major tourist attraction in Finland. You can enjoy your vacation splendidly in this place. They cite caravan parks, husky farms, reindeer farms, and a museum too. A cabin village of aurora dome luxury igloos to make the visit astonishing for northern skylight hunters.

Want more adventure? Visit the nearby national park on your vacation and enjoy all kinds of nature-friendly activities because Aurora Dome is near Torassieppi national park.

(a) Aurora Dome Torassieppi

Aurora dome is an igloo-like structure in which you can see the northern skylights through a thermal glass wall to prevent snow assortment on the glass. This is a stay for two people with a double bed, a pleasant decoration towards inside, and bathroom and shower are 50 to 100 meters away from the dome. Therefore, the Aurora dome contributes a different kind of experience.

8. Igloo Hotel near Winter Resort in Ruka

Igloo hotel
Photo by Bob Keefer from Flickr

Visit Ruka to enhance your vacation experience and enjoy cross country skiing and participate in fun activities. Relish in the Ruka winter glass igloo Finland resort that is the center for all kinds of activities, stay here and spend nights searching for the northern lights from the comfort of your glass igloo.

(a) Lissaki Igloo Hotel

A comfortable glass igloo hotel for two people with glass on the ceiling and two side walls along with a shower, a kitchen, and a toilet. Enjoy the northern night lights and the beautiful scenery around from the comfort of your cabin.

If you want more fun, then visit the nearby Ruka winter ski resort and engage in all kinds of Lapland activities viz. cross country skiing, traveling on a snowmobile, and roaming on the safaris.

(b) Eagle’s View Suite

Eagle’s view suite provides a feel in the lap of nature with a fancy tree in the center of this duplex suite with glass walls and a glass ceiling for a fabulous view of nature, surrounding hills and forests, and northern night lights. Also, interestingly this place has more chances of viewing the midnight sun than other places.

A relaxing bath in the jacuzzi with the view of nature around, bathroom with sauna, living room with sofa bed near the cozy fireplace to make some memories, and experiencing watching night lights from inside the glass igloo Finland cabin is going to be fun.

(c) Phoenix Suite

It is one of the finest suits in Lissaki, Finland. You acquire a spectacular view of the nature around and the sky above and get a fine spot for watching the northern skylights while you relax inside your room by the fireplace.

One can have a marvelous view from the top of the mountain, indulge in a private sauna, warm up in the steam room, get inside the hot tub to enjoy the winter season, relish the magical view of the night sky and natural surroundings from inside the suite.

(d) Bear Cave Suit

The rooms of the bear cave suit are made with natural materials like pine, stone, and lichen. Hence, it can provide an experience of the comfort of a king-size double bed, two saunas, and a sofa next to the fireplace.

Usually, people spend luxurious nights and marvelous days in Bear Cave Suite, watching stars in the night and witnessing a breathtaking view of the valley during the day through the glass windows on the north and east sides of the walls of the suite.

(e) Kalle’s Inn Glass Houses

Kalle’s Inn glasshouses give a dreamy view because they are beautifully decorated glass igloo Finland hotels with glass walls and ceilings while offering an astonishing view of the northern night lights in the sky.

You also get two beds in a glass cabin that provides a 180-degree view of places around the rocky island. There are heated glasses inside the cabin that give a clear view of the outside, where you can see night lights in winter and confiscating the midnight sun on summer nights.

(f) Northern Lights Ranch

The Northern Lights Ranch offers a comfortable stay by connecting you with the beautiful nature around through the glass walls and watching the unbelievable night lights on your double bed.

One can enjoy being a part of the outdoor hot tub, warm fireplace, dinner at the dining table with your friends or family, and cross country skiing to travel from northern lights ranch to the Levi ski glass igloo. 

A Message to Take Away

Northern night lights are a natural phenomenon that is worth watching and the glasshouses made by hotels and resorts ensure a fun experience for visitors to hunt for the night lights in the northern sky. They keep you warm and the glass ceiling lets you become a part of the sky and nature around you.

The glass igloo Finland, aurora cabins, panoramic log cabins, and resorts give a wide variety of options to choose from for spending a memorable vacation. Although most of the igloos are situated away from the city and crowded places, they provide A-grade services. Many igloos also offer various activities during the daytime.



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