7 Best Theaters in Sheffield

best theatres in Sheffield
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If you are a drama or dance lover and currently planning to go to watch the drama in the theatre in Sheffield with your friends or family, but don’t know which theatre is best for you.

Then here we will help you to know about the best theatres in Sheffield and guide you to choose the right one.

1. Details About 7 Best Theaters in Sheffield

You will find many theatres across Sheffield but you want a lovely environment to watch a movie. So maybe it happened that the theatre you have chosen is not appropriate for you.

It may spoil your excitement about watching the performance. But we don’t want you to spoil your excitement because of it we will give you a complete list of the top 7 theatres at Sheffield with great offerings.

1.1 Lyceum Theater

This is the best theatre in Sheffield. Only three theatres at Sheffield are maintained and operated by the city, Lyceum is one of them. It is very popular because of its fabulous productions. You can choose this place to watch a program with your loved ones.

theatre in Sheffield
Screenshot from The Lyceum Theatre

The amazing performance of Lyceum will take you into another world where you may feel like you are not watching the movie, but you are present in the movie. The theatre was first established back in 1879.

This wonderful theatre was designed and architect by William G.R. Sprague. The seating capacity of the theatre is 1077, it is combined with various stalls, an orchestra, a circle and a balcony. By giving a feel like an old world, you would surely enjoy various drama, comedy, musicals and dance.

These all programs are held in the theatre on regular basis. You can also get updates from their official website. Through the website, you can receive updates on the latest programs that will be going happen recently.

From the website, you can book your tickets and can enjoy those programs and experiences them. They will guarantee to provide you with the proper comfort facility whenever you visit. You can also get varieties of choices for your refreshments.

The services provided by them are- musical concerts, drama, comedy and dance. The exact location of the Lyceum Theatre is 55 Norfolk St, Sheffield City Centre, at Sheffield S1 1DA. You can also contact them through their phone number 114 249 6000.

Other than the phone number you can also search about them on their official website www.thelyceumtheatre.com. The theatre has very good reviews from the viewers.

1.2 Lantern Theater

The Lantern Theater was established in 1893. It is a very small community like theatre. It was built to provide various performances of artistic talents and other programs that will give entertainment to the local people of Sheffield.

theatre in Sheffield
Screenshot from Lantern Theatre

This theatre is a mid-scale theatre that has varieties of musical and comedy programs on regular basis. You will love to go to Lantern Theatre due to the different programs offered by them.

They host professional as well as various touring shows. Never think twice to get a performance in the theatre. You can also support the various groups whose goal is to provide amazing productions that will give entertainment and provide satisfaction to the spectators.

You can book your tickets online from their official website. Besides that, you can also contact them on phone from 9 am to 7 pm anytime between Monday to Friday. If you have any enquire to do you can call them on Saturday only between 9 am to 5 pm.

Lantern Theatre accepts booking in-person at the theatre on the night of the event from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm. If you visit the theatre then you must appreciate their offerings. Your visit will also give a symbol of support for their talents and hard work.

The provides the service of production. The address of Lantern Theatre is 18 Kenwood Park Rd, Nether Edge at Sheffield S7 1NF. Their official website is www.lanterntheatre.org.uk

1.3 Merlin Theatre

Another best theatre in Sheffield is Merlin. It is a thriving community theatre in Sheffield. It is not only a theatre, it is an art center also. It provides a beautiful haven that will enhance the creativity of various people who are in performance art.

theatre in Sheffield
Screenshot from Merlin Theatre

It is a little theatre that operating for 50 years or more from now. They offer a beautiful place where groups of local people can participate and take part into verities of drama, dance and musical performances.

A year-round program is also organized by them such as conferences and festivals. The goal of these conferences and festivals is to enhance the ability of children as well as the communities of youth.

You can contact them through phone calls or the website and can get updates on different programs that will be going happen recently. You will surely like their performances and it will freshen your mood.

You can take your family or friends along with you can spend a memorable day there. They organized their performances in such a way as to bring good enjoyment and provide support to various causes as well as charities.

The services provided by the theatre are Book the Theatre and Arrange a Visit. Matlin Theater is located at Meadow Bank Rd, Nether Edge at Sheffield S11 9AH. Their contact number is 151 264 6100 and their official website is www.merlintheatre.org

1.4 Theatre Deli Sheffield

The Theatre Deli Sheffield is the best place for talented artists and performers to show their talent in front of many peoples. Different offerings of the theatre are dance, drama, comedy and more.

They guaranteed that they will offer some best performances and will give

theatre in Sheffield
Screenshot from Theatre Deli

 great joy and entertainment to the audience. Except for various shows and events the theatre have different workshops and activities.

This workshop cultivates and creates an artistic flair for various artists. Except for all these shows Theatre Del Sheffield have a studio for rehearsal and events space. You can get an update about all the shows from their official website as well.

For any kind of query, you can send an email or make a call to them. The services provided by them are What’s On, Book Space and Shop.

The address of the theatre is 202 Eyre St, Sheffield City Centre at Sheffield S1 4QZ. Their contact number is 114 278 6500 and their official website is www.theatredeli.co.uk

1.5 Drama Studio

It is a very small theatre in Sheffield. The seating capacity of Drama Studio is just 200. The theatre consists of various kinds of stalls and seating circles. The main performance art community in Sheffield is local events and university events.

The events are held regularly for the entertainment of various individuals in the community. For many years this was a home of different programs that include drama, dance and music.

This is also the main theatre of that Enable US Festival which is held twice every year. It provides an amazing avenue for speeches, debate, expressions as well as development. It boosts verities of talented people and a group of people.

The theatre creates a secure environment where the individual or group of individuals can feel free and confident to show their talent in front of the audience. You can make a plan anytime to charge yourself and light up your mind from regular activities.

The services provided by them are concerts and hire spaces. Drama Studio is located at Shearwood Rd, Broomhall, Sheffield S10 2TD. Their contact number is 114 222 8888. You can also sign in to their official website www.dramastudio.org

theatre in Sheffield
Screenshot from Drama Studio

1.6 Crucible Theatre

Another theatre amazing of Sheffield is Crucible Theatre. It was established in 1971. It hosts many regular theatrical performances. It also hosts professional snooker, a very prestigious tournament.

The name of the tournament is World Snooker Championship. The tournament was first held in 1977 and still goes on. It gets its name from the local steel industry. The capacity of the theatre is just 980.

The address of Crucible Theatre is 55 Norfolk Street, at Sheffield S1 1DA. To get regular updates you can sign in to their official website www.sheffieldtheatres.co.uk Their contact number is 44 114 249 6000.

theatre in Sheffield
Photo by Mike Hindle/Unsplash Copyright 2023

1.7 The Montgomery Theatre

This theatre is an Arts Centre and is providing service for 200 years. It is a community venue in Sheffield. It was built in 1886. It gives the audience a secure, inclusive and friendly atmosphere for the children, professional performers as well as local children.

The seating capacity of the theatre is 420. Montgomery Theatre is also a social hub, they celebrate diverseness of young persons in the South of Yorkshire. They bring people together and formed a community space.

The goal of the community space is to provide learning to children and grow along with other children. They also try to inspire young future artists and provide them with the facility of cultural education.

The theatre opens at 9 am and closes at 5 pm from Monday to Sunday. The theatre is located at 27 Surrey St, Sheffield City Centre, in Sheffield S1 2LG.

You can get regular updates from their official website www.themontgomery.org.uk you can also contact them through their number 44 114 272 0455.

theatre in Sheffield
Screenshot from The Montgomery Theatre & Arts Centre


These are the details about the top 7 theatres where you can go with your family or friends in Sheffield. The theatres provide a lot of great performances all over the year. We guarantee you that if you visit these places once you will want to go again.

For any kind of questions or queries, you can contact them on the given numbers. You may also sign in to their official websites where you will get regular updates and email them as well.

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