5 Destinations For Cheap Weekend Breaks Under 200 USD

cheap weekend breaks
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Cheap weekend breaks in European cities are a wonderful idea, however, ‘budget‘ is a burden to get rid of before touching down at a wonderful European city, so there are no worries about financial protection regarding a budget-friendly exciting city break.

But, who has the energy to research all the great deals offering a budget-friendly short trip after a tiring week?

More than half of us spend our whole week waiting for the weekend break while battling against the monotony of the 9-to-5 corporate job routine throughout the week.

Will the chosen city break make your bank account go bankrupt?
Will the local cuisine suit your taste?
Will you get to experience the vibrant nightlife, iconic sights, and outstanding natural beauty?
Is the new city offering the holiday you want?

All the parts of these questions are answered in this article highlighting flight-inclusive holidays.

1. Which City To Choose For a Cheap City Break?

Here’s a list of 5 locations promising an exhilarating and cheap weekend away:

1.1. Istanbul

by xxoktayxx/Pixabay 2016

Budget: 276 USD per person per day approximately.

The best time to visit- is mid-april to june and september to october.

Turkey is much more than just your favourite drama series. Visiting the ancient city of Istanbul will give you the chance to witness the beautiful locations that have mesmerized you in all the Turkish movies you have watched.

This city, alongside the hustle and bustle, creates a full palette of diverse enjoyment with the perfect colours of the ancient history of Byzantine-Ottoman history and modern city life.

The city is highlighted by luxury restaurants offering spicy Turkish cuisine which will leave you craving more.

Starting from cultural sights to refreshing cruises, here are 3 sites in Istanbul to visit during the stay of 2 nights where tourists discover a rich experience without burning a hole in their pocket:

1.1.1. The Blue mosque

blue mosque
from the Blue Mosque official website.

A boundless sightseeing delight is wandering amid the gardens inserted between the Blue Mosque and the Hagia Sophia with their duelling domes in twin glory.

Behind the Blue Mosque is the Arasta Bazaar; a popular destination for a shopping stop with handicraft shops selling high-quality souvenirs.

The Great Palace Mosaic Museum, present between the Arasta Bazaar and the mosque is another delightful place to visit with the 250-square-meter piece of mosaic pavement that was exhumed in the 1950s here.

1.1.2. The Bosphorus Strait

Bosphorous Strait
by chengtzf/Pixabay 2017

It is impossible to avoid hopping on board a Bosphorus tour ferry and cruising the city’s celebrated waterway, which links the Black Sea to the Sea of Marmara– sit back, relax and enjoy.

The most attractive tour is the Long Bosphorus Tour heading from Eminönü ferry dock daily channelling up the strait to the village and fortress at Anadolu Kavağı, into the Black Sea.

The Short Bosphorus Tour operates daily with two-hour afternoon sailings from spring to fall. This return ferry cruise heads up the Bosphorus and turns around at the Rumeli fortress to return.

1.1.3. The Spice Bazaar

Spice bazaar
by foursummers/Pixabay2017

The Spice Bazaar or the Egyptian Market gifts a spectacular foodie shot of lokum (Turkish delight), dried fruit, herbs, nuts and spices.

Next to the Spice Bazaar’s chief entrance is the splendid Yeni Cami (New Mosque with a richly decorated interior showcasing tilework and generous use of the gold leaf.

The Grand Bazaar of Turkey is another tourist attraction inviting a huge crowd of visitors throughout the year. Innumerable aspects of Turkish artistry are showcased here through phenomenally detailed carpets, clothes, show pieces, sculptures, wooden decorations and cookery items. Restaurants offering delicious delicacies are also present here.

1.2. Prague

by Julius_Silver/pixabay 2017

Budget: 92 USD per person per day approximately.

The best time to visit- late spring or early fall.

Prague, popularly called ‘the City of One Hundred Spires’, is the capital city of the Czech Republic decorated with sumptuous buildings, proud beer culture and an inexpensive tourism industry.

To spend a long weekend, Prague is an enormously photogenic city with its colourful constructions lined with red rooftops, medieval gothic churches and shrines creating a magical experience.

Indeed, it is a perfect place for last-minute city breaks.

This modern metropolis offers a friendly crowd, different destinations with cheap beer and an openhearted atmosphere.

Make sure to visit these 3 places here:

1.2.1. The Prague Castle

prague castle courtyard
from The Prague Castle official site.

This 9th-century castle, located on the hillside, is the largest ancient castle and the official office of the President of the Czech Republic.

The Crown jewels of Bohemia are hidden here- a treasure box full of mysteries.

This castle also has precious Christian relics, Bohemian antiques and numerous documents related to the political history of the country.

This location is popularly used for festivities and parades.

1.2.2. The Prague Zoo

Prague zoo
fromThe Prague zoo official site.

The Prague Zoo is spread over an area of 140 acres and is extremely favourable for family holiday outings offering pony rides, a huge adventure playground and occasions to feed the animals.

Tourists discover the native Przewalski’s horse which is unfortunately an endangered species.

With more than 4200 animals of approximately 650 species in this zoo, it is a paradise for animal lovers, zoologists, botanists, researchers and biologists all over the world.

1.2.3. The Charles Bridge

charles bridge
from The Prague Bridge official site

It is the most familiar bridge in entire Europe with an ancient Gothic stone structure. It connects the Lesser Town and the Old Town.

It is one of the most popular destinations for its fine long-standing statues of Holy Roman Sovereign Charles IV and the country’s most respected saint, John of Nepomuk.

It is aligned with the setting sun and the grave of St. Vitus on the equinox. The visitors enjoy the remarkable views of the brilliant Gothic gates and the River Vltava.

1.3. Rome

by Nimrodins/pixabay 2019

 Budget: 142 USD per person per day approximately.

The best time to visit- april, may, june, september, october and early november.

Have you heard the fascinating story of Romulus and Remus? The Eternal City, Rome, presents its historic glory and cultural richness to visitors in a splendid way with its absolutely famous Italian delicacies, aesthetic galleries and lively bars.

After spending 2 nights in Rome, anyone will accept that it is a top city for financially protected short breaks.

These are a few unmissable tourist attractions that would give any visitor the experience of a lifetime:

1.3.1. Colosseum

from The Colosseum official site

A fine monument of classic proportions has hidden stories of gruesome battles between warriors, slaves, convicts and wild animals that arise from this Flavian amphitheatre with a seating capacity of over 50,000 people- the largest one in the world for mass slaughter.

This is a compulsory visit for history enthusiasts and the supreme starting point to take in the Roman remnants of the city: the astonishing Forum, the Pantheon and the Domus Aurea.

1.3.2. Musei Capitolini

Official site
from The Musei Capitolini official site

This city proudly boasts about being the origin of the art of Michelangelo. The Capitoline Museums are held in twin palaces on opposite sides of his piazza del Campidoglio.

It is the oldest public gallery around the globe mesmerizing visitors since 1734.

One cannot help but admire the paintings by Veronese, Titian, Caravaggio and Tintoretto.

The Borghese Gallery and the Palazzo Barberini Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Antica further add to its glory. Many travellers fall in love with the stunningly crafted statues by the Baroque mastermind, Bernini.

1.3.3. Musei Vaticani and Cappella Sistina

musei vaticani
by Musei Vaticani official site

Want to meet the Pope?

Visitors can join an audience with the Pope on Wednesday mornings. If fine weather conditions, he’ll hold this overall audience in St Peter’s Square.

In unfavourable weather conditions, it happens in the Sala Nervi audience hall. The clusters of Catholic devotees and flocks of camera-waving tourists form a splendid audience.

Visitors get the magical opportunity to stroll through St Peter’s Basilica and appreciate Michelangelo’s striking frescoes in the Sistine Chapel.

Tourists visit the celebrated ‘Belvedere Apollo‘ and ‘Laocoön’ located at the Museo Pio-Clementino among the Vatican Museums.

1.4.  Amsterdam

by millionaire-mob/pixabay 2019

Budget: 148 USD per person per day approximately.

The best time to visit- is between may and august.

It is the capital city of the Netherlands celebrated for its special cultural heritage, magical art, fantastic infrastructure, mesmerizing museums and an immaculate canal system- perfect for a magical short break.

For a foodie, this city is a paradise with its rich cuisines- a treat to taste buds.

These 3 places can make anybody’s weekend memorable:

1.4.1. ARTIS Royal Zoo

from The ARTIS Royal zoo official site.

This place has been an attractive tourist spot since 1938. It is popularly celebrated as the Natura Artis Magistra.

Alongside a zoo trip, this place also offers an aquarium and a planetarium to its visitors.

The zoo habitat comprises the African savannah and the tropical rainforests. Visitors sight of reptiles, jaguars, giraffes, elephants and a lot of primates.

An attractive feature of the zoo is the Micropia– it introduces the visitors to thousands of microbes invisible to the naked eye. A paradise for microbiologists, isn’t it?

The chances of kids getting bored here are bleak due to the presence of a petting zoo for children. thereby, it is a good place for a family trip

This zoo offers educational lessons and worksheets for academic purposes, thereby, inviting zoologists, botanists and biologists from all over the world.

For all the foodies out there, the fabulous delicacies in the Restaurant de Twee Cheetahs or the Planetarium Café are a treat to the taste buds.

1.4.2. Van Gogh Museum

from The Van Gogh Museum Official site.

Vincent Van Gogh needs no introduction. His work is considered a blessing to the realm of art throughout the globe. A short break spent exploring his work is a fine investment of time and effort, resulting in one of the best city breaks.

This museum introduces visitors to Van Gogh’s letters and his artistic works. The most spectacular attraction is the 3D experience walk called ‘Meet Vincent Van Gogh Experience‘ here.

The library takes visitors to an absolutely different world with its rich collection of books.

This museum offers workshops for children- hence, no worries about the amusement of kids.

1.4.3. Jordaan

by djedj/pixabay 2017

Want a taste of slender canals lined by swanky streets?

This locality around central Amsterdam is a calling for all the party animals out there.

For all those planning to go on a shopping spree, this place offers chic shops, boutiques, pubs and eateries. The Noordermarkt square market is highlighted with excellent jewel shops, antiques and organic food products.

De Looier is another shopping hotspot here with antique art markets.

A light dose of afternoon tea with delicious pancakes and apple pies at Winkel 43 is an unforgettable treat here.

If a grand Dutch feast is desired, then ‘De Eetkamer van de Jordaan‘ is the perfect place to visit here.

‘The Diary of a Young Girl’ is famous all around the world. The ones who have read it can get a closer look by visiting the famous Anne Frank House where Anne Frank hid with her family from the Nazis.

1.5. Barcelona

by JoaquinAranoa/pixabay 2015

Budget: 131 USD per person per day approximately.

The best time to visit- april, may, september and october.

European city breaks on cheerful and sunny beaches are always welcome. Beaches have been a favourite for short breaks forever.

Are you in the mood for a Spanish tour alongside a break on a pretty beach?

If yes, then, this diverse city of Catalunya is the absolutely perfect destination for a cheap city break with its vivacious beaches and the wonderful modernist architecture showcasing through the spectacular buildings and structures.

Make sure to visit these 3 places here:

1.5.1. Basilica Of The Sagrada Familia

from The Basilica of Sagrada Familia official site

This UNESCO-listed unconventional European church, located in the northern part of Barcelona, is one of the best places to visit here.

Enclosed by 18 colossal spindly towers beaming with Gothic charm, this church depicts the birth of Jesus Christ and the events of his lifetime. The visitors are awe-struck at the detailed ceiling and the unmissable spectacular Crucifix.

1.5.2. Casa Mila

casa mila
from The Casa Mila official site

Locally popular as La Pedrera, this is one of the hidden gems of the architectural work of Antoni Gaudi. Strangely, it looks less like a building and more like an excellently sculpted piece due to the presence of articulately curved facades, beautiful round windows and plant-shaped balconies.

It houses Fundacio Catalunya, the celebrated cultural centre that organizes events throughout the year- a perfect place for the amusement of children.

1.5.3. Bogatell Beach

bogatell beach
by creativeriskbcn/pixabay 2020

This Spanish beach is an asset to Barcelona inviting tourists looking for cheap city breaks to enjoy windsurfing, kitesurfing, kayaking, playing volleyball, socializing, sunbathing and relaxing.

This sandy beauty provides sufficient hospitality with excellent restrooms, showers, parking facilities, many lifeguard towers, a beachfront promenade, snack bars and ice-cream parlours.

2. Why is a Cheap Weekend Break Important?

Great little breaks are necessary for our mental health.

Short breaks provide a chance for us to get away from all the stress of our daily lives- an excellent opportunity to recollect our thoughts and give our nervous system a much-needed rest.

A trip to a different city gives us a chance to discover its different culture and lifestyle.

Reading about European city breaks may be exciting, but to live the experience by having a weekend away in these destinations is an inexplicable feeling.

More precisely, these short city breaks act as an antidote to our mundane lives.

3. Top Tips to Take Care of While Taking a Holiday During a Weekend City Break

  1. The travel services listed on the official websites determine the booking conditions of holiday destinations for a short trip, so it is better to keep oneself updated about it from authentic sources.

  2. Travel services offered by these cities keep changing over time depending on many factors affecting public transport.

  3. Therefore, to grab the best deals it is better to look out on the official tourism sites.

  4. It is better to plan city breaks while keeping financial protection in mind, making a to-do list and noting down all the local laws of a particular city.

  5. For safety reasons, carrying proper documents for identification purposes is a must.

  6. In the case of bus tours in a city, hiring a guide can make exploring an unknown city a lot easier. 

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