5 Famous Farms in Cardiff to Visit

Famous Farms in Cardiff
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Do you ever wonder about what the lifestyle at a farm looks like? Tune into this article to get an insight into the 5 famous farms in Cardiff and what they have to offer.

Farms are a window to a sustainable lifestyle. With the world battling climate change crisis and resource crunch, a visit to a farm will surely bring you closer to nature.

It is a great way to get educated on the natural pattern of Earth. Moreover, animal farms are a great place for children to enjoy their first animal experiences.

Indeed, a day’s visit to a farm will make you more empathetic towards animals.

Here is a List of 5 Famous Farms in Cardiff

Cardiff, a Welsh capital and an integral part of the United Kingdom offers an array of farms to visit and get educated on-farm practices. These farms will fit into your plans with ease as they provide perfect avenues for a brilliant day out.

Here we have listed the 5 famous farms in Cardiff so that you may save yourself the effort to select the perfect one.

1. The Meadows Farm Village

If you want a perfect countryside experience then you should not miss The Meadows Farm Village. This farm in Cardiff provides you with ample space to move around and explore.

There are provisions for fresh outdoor space seating and picnic benches.

To keep the kids engaged, there are numerous activities like bush crafts, ice skating, and Christmas Day activities during December.

However, if you visit during festivals like Halloween and Easter, you may find themed decorations that young people will undoubtedly love.

The farm also provides outdoor play areas for the kids to remain entertained throughout.

The Meadows Farm Village
Screenshot Captured from The Meadows Farm Village

Here is a list of fun activities you can do at the farm village:-

1.1. Petting and Feeding Cute Animals

An unparalleled experience to play and feed the farm animals. Take your kids with you and watch their first interaction with animals.

Cuddle with Alpacas, play with Lorikeets, feed Meerkats, hold guinea pigs and take Pygmy goats for a stroll.

Farm Animals at The Meadows Farm
Screenshot Captured from The Meadows Farm Village

1.2. Organizing Birthday Parties

For an exceptional experience and once-in-a-lifetime memory, plan your child’s birthday parties on the farm. The farm provides an on-site cafe which serves snacks, drinks, cakes, ice cream and whatnot!

The farm will take care of all the arrangements so that you can enjoy in peace.

1.3. Educational School Tours

There are separate provisions for bringing a group of students for an educational visit to the farm.

2. Cefn Mably Farm Park

Cefn Mably Farm Park is another countryside farm that is designed while keeping both children and adults in mind. In fact, it is a toddler-friendly park with both indoor and outdoor play facilities.

The farm boasts an all-weather family attraction and fun activities for all the family members.

5 famous farms in Cardiff
Screenshot Captured from Cefn Mably Farm Park

Listed below are some activities you can explore at the farm park.

2.1. Cefn Mably Train Ride- A Major Farm Attraction

Unique, Isn’t it? You can take a round of the farm on this train and watch animals inside their enclosures.

Cefn Mably Train Ride
Screenshot Captured from Cefn Mably Farm Park

2.2. Soft Play Area for Kids and Mini Golf

Cefn Mably is undoubtedly a children’s farm. If you are a parent, you can relax and let your kid have a ball at the indoor soft play area.

In addition to indoor and outdoor play areas, a crazy golf area will provide you with good recreation.

2.3. Play and Feed the Farm Animals

Give your family an interactive animal experience by playing, feeding, and petting different farm animals. You will find guinea pigs, sheep, alpacas, ponies, horses, cows, and even ducks and geese.

Likewise, Pony Ride is another attraction that sure will leave the kids amazed! You will find all the animals in good health. Indeed, the love and care of the farm staff is evident.

2.4. Stop by the Cafe for Some Refreshments

After a day full of activities what could be better than enjoying a meal with your family? The well-spaced and clean indoor cafe will serve you one of the best pizzas.

For a visit to the farm, you can either book online or turn up at the site and pay. For further details on the farm, click here.

3. Forest Farm Country Park

Owned and run by Cardiff Council, Forest Farm is a lovely escape from city life. This nature reserve is about 150 acres and includes the Glamorganshire Canal. This country park is perfect for people who enjoy long strolls through nature.

The Taff River borders the park, and at the same time, you can also find little ponds and wetlands. This place is a beautiful integration of abundant flora and fauna.

Things to do at the Forest Farm Park:-

3.1. Birdwatching

This farm hosts a plethora of bird varieties. Not only terrestrial but also aquatic birds can be found.

Bird watchers can trace many colourful birds like Kingfishers, Herons, Dippers, Grey Wagtails, Cormorants and many more.

3.2. Visiting the Orchard

The highlight of the farm is certainly its orchard area. You can find more than 60 fruit trees which include apples, pears, cherries, medlar and many more.

There are also provisions for adopting trees, which in itself is a noble idea.

3.3. Volunteering

If you want to indulge in farm activities and contribute towards the growth of the forest farm, then you can opt for volunteering at the farm. You can also take young ones with you to educate them about farm practices.

Volunteering activities involve checking on overgrown vegetation, looking after orchard trees, maintenance of footpaths and sowing activities.

3.4. School Tours

For group visits and school tours, you can directly contact the farm and organize your event.

4. Garth Farm

Garth Farm sits on Garth Hill and provides a perfect countryside experience. Located on Cardiff hilltop which is also the highest point of Cardiff, this farm provides you with enough green space and scenic landscape.

The farm is centred around sustainable practices and community involvement.

Listed below are the things that you can do at Garth Farm during your visit.

4.1. Observing Native Livestock

The farm animals that you can spot at the Garth are Welsh pigs, Welsh Black Cattle and Welsh Mountain Sheep.

You can also get an insight into native animal breeds and livestock patterns here. Spend time observing these animals and teach your children about them.

4.2. Organizing Weddings and Events

This sure will blow your mind. The farm is a lovely place for weddings as it provides just the right setting for you to take your wedding vows. Make your special event exceptional by renting this place for a wedding.

With hilly terrain and scenic landscape, your guests will certainly be rejuvenated. Besides you can also rent the farm for all types of special events.

4.3. Attending the Annual Garth Country Fair

The Annual Garth Country Fair is a kind experience wherein people can indulge in numerous activities. From tractor rides to archery, a plethora of entertaining activities are provided at the fair.

It is a family-friendly event with stalls and farmer markets. Furthermore, live music will add to the beauty of the fair.

Locally produced food is served, with options for both vegetarians and vegans. And then, adding to the festive vibe, a Barn Dance is also organized to wrap up the event.

4.4. Filming Videos

The farm provides a breathtaking view and an extensive landscape. Filming activities can be undertaken by people and organizations interested.

Big names like BBC and BT Sports have already done filming projects here.

5. Amelia Trust Farm

Amelia Trust Farm, a Welsh countryside working farm, at a distance of a few kilometres from Cardiff, is an abode of serenity. To clarify, this farm is a registered charity and provides aid to vulnerable sections of society.

With the noble vision to provide for the disadvantaged section of people, this farm is a must-visit for people who believe in extending a helping hand.

Fun activities at the farm:-

5.1. Animal Experiences

If you are an animal lover visiting the farm for being around animals then you have made the right choice.

This farm has over 20 species of different animals. which include Alpacas, Guinea pigs, donkeys, ducks, geese, ferrets, sheep and many more.

5.2. Sponsoring an Animal

Take home the love and empathy for the farm animals by sponsoring an animal. Generally, the money you pay is used for the maintenance of the animal.

This idea certainly bridges the gap between just playing with animals and actually caring for animals.

5.3. “Be a Farmer” Activity for Children

The best way to educate your kids about farm practices is by letting them be farmers for a day. Yes, that’s right.

Amelia Trust Farm provides an opportunity for children to experience life as a farmer, attending to animals and feeding them.

Amelia Trust Farm
Screenshot Captured from Amelia Trust Farm

Apart from the farms listed above, other renowned farms close to Cardiff also include Margam Country Park, Greenmeadow Community Farm and Walnut Tree Farm Park.


In Summary, a visit to a farm, even though a very small step is a great way to get educated about nature. Therefore it is essential for young people with impressionable minds to get closer to Mother Earth and participate in its healing process.

So, if your definition of an ideal day involves the activities listed above, make sure to plan a family day out at one of these 5 famous farms in Cardiff. Because it will be a fantastic retreat for the whole family and an unforgettable experience for children.

Finally, make sure to take home the experience of the farm and incorporate that empathy for animals and nature into your daily life.

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