5 Best Steakhouses in Glasgow

steakhouses in Glasgow
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You’ll find a few of the best steakhouses in Glasgow, whenever you’re experimenting with this wonderful place. It’s true how every once in a while, we all crave some juicy bites of the finest roasted steak at any steak restaurant, and Glasgow fulfills that wish.

Whether for a grand special occasion or a particular meat time, you’ll discover beef tucked best steaks with amazing service at a stone’s throw distance from wherever you are, to any Glasgow restaurant.

Today, we’ll talk about the most outstanding and most delicious steakhouses in Glasgow, that everyone needs to visit at least once, for a delicious best steak, best beef, or rib-eye time. Find the finest steak menu with all the trimmings at these wonderful steakhouses in Glasgow, listed below.

1. Best Steakhouses in Glasgow

1.1 Alston Bar & Beef

Being one of the famous steakhouses in Glasgow, the Beef Alston Bar is surely worth a mention, due to its juicy steaks and exotic food. Situated at the Glasgow Central Station, near Gordon Street, the Alston Bar Beef is renowned for having the most beautiful and calming ambiance among the restaurants in Glasgow.

steakhouses in Glasgow
Image from Alston Bar & Beef

Specifically, since this place is a bar with a wide collection of cocktails especially involving Gin, the Alston Bar also focuses on offering the finest and most tender steaks among the steakhouses in Glasgow. Their steak meat is exclusively imported from John Gilmour Butchers – an independent meat business that delivers the best steaks from Scotland.

Expect some delish bites of the juiciest steaks at this place. You can try the dry-aged steaks which are 35 days old, for experiencing the best flavour you can have at this fascinatingly yummy restaurant of steaks. No wonder the steakhouse is so popular in Glasgow Central Station.

1.2 Miller & Carter

Miller & Carter has the most popular chain of steaks which are strewn all over the UK, in different locations. If you’re looking for a charming location to spend a birthday, anniversary, first date, or a memorable event – then this place is a brilliant choice to go for!

steakhouses in Glasgow
Image from Miller & Carter

Situated at Vincent and Buchanan Street, this steakhouse in Glasgow has been booming with local crowds and tourists ever since 2016. It is hard to beat the flavour, ingredient combinations, and taste of the steaks and the food here, since everything about this place is exquisite. It is one of the best Glasgow restaurants for steaks if you’re looking for a group spot.

The best big steak item that you can order is the delicious Butcher’s Block, which is the hallmark of Miller & Carter. Anybody visiting this place for steaks must have to try this heavenly delicious item, which is packed with a top-notch aged steak, a high-quality fillet, prime rib-eye, and marrow bone. Try the fascinating cocktails along with this, as well.

1.3 The Butchershop Bar & Grill

Situated at Sauchiehall Street in West Glasgow, the Butchershop Bar is one of the most well-known steakhouses in Glasgow, which still stands tall and sturdy among the steak competition in the UK.

steakhouses in Glasgow
Image from The Butchershop Bar & Grill

Regarded as one of the beloved steakhouses in Glasgow, this place takes its Scottish beef to perfection, by adding well-cooked flavors and hand-cut quality beef steaks like the Porter House. It is always top-rated for having the best service, a great atmosphere, and top-notch cocktails with its delightful menu.

This Glasgow restaurant is an ideal steak restaurant for family time, friends gathering or a get-together with work colleagues since the ambiance and service are always appreciated here. From the juiciest steaks to the varied lunch and other menus, the Butchershop Bar surely knows what they are doing among the steakhouses in Glasgow.

1.4 Porter & Rye

Porter Rye is another one of the finest steakhouses in Glasgow, which is hard to beat when it comes to the variations and flavors of the steak. Located at Finnieston at Argyle Street, this Rye Porter steakhouse is a serious restaurant in Glasgow for hardcore meat lovers.

steakhouses in Glasgow
Image from Porter & Rye

If you’re ready to dive into the burst of flavours, textures, and meat, this funky and small steakhouse is ranked among the top-rated steakhouses in the entire UK. This restaurant and the John Gilmour Butchers are business partners who work alongside, serving the best Scottish steaks to Europeans and tourists.

Not only famous for its steaks, but Porter Rye is also a fine dining restaurant and bar which specializes in incredible drinks and cocktails, which are chef-tasted. So, expect a heavy burst of outstanding flavor from the tender and roasted steaks along with a fine cocktail, right after – undoubtedly it is among the best places to eat steak in Glasgow.

1.5 The Spanish Butcher

Located at Miller Street, the Spanish Butcher is a stylish and chic steakhouse situated at the heart of Glasgow City. It is famous for its Galician Beef which is popular and demanded in the UK, for its tender and juicy texture, flavor, and taste, when it is derived from Spain.

steakhouses in Glasgow
Image from The Spanish Butcher

The interior decor of the steakhouse is luxurious and intimate, with a dim-light setting along with classy long tables and fancy chairs, which signifies top-notch elegance and sophistication. It has the perfect setting for romantic dates, a birthday party with friends, a high-class business meeting, or even grand family gatherings.

One customer can also satisfy their alone time while immersing in the ambiance and the taste of the quality food, they serve. The place is popular for its seductive atmosphere, with dim lights and gorgeous interior decor. It is impossible to leave the place once you enter this outstanding steakhouse.

Their food menu is generally inspired by Spanish and Mediterranean dishes, along with delish steaks and seafood. A few of the crowd-favorites here are – The Galician Fillet Burgers, Cured Iberican Meats, Chargrilled Squid, Roast Rump of Lamb, and, Sliced Roast Sirloin Beef.

2. Conclusion

There are several amazing steakhouses in Glasgow, apart from the top-rated ones mentioned above. A few of the other great choices can be – Mini Grill Steakhouse, Bar and Block Steakhouse, Tiffany’s Steakhouse, and Hutchesons City Grill.

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Steaks are always a deluxe meat item on the menu, which is impossible to resist. So, if you’re craving some top-notch steak meat on happy weekends, don’t forget to visit these outstanding steakhouses in the city of Glasgow.


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