34 Amazing Belgium Facts I Didn’t know Before!

Belgium facts
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A book can be written about Belgium facts. There are so many interesting facts about Belgium that are shockingly amazing. Famous for its chocolate and beer brewing, cheese, and so many different things, you cannot expect anything more from this beautiful country. Belgium, a country in Western Europe, has a deep culture bursting with history, art, food, and amazing beers.

The information and facts about Belgium keep piling up and with its spree of striking our hearts with unknown facts and narratives, let’s see some amazing Belgium facts.

Top Interesting Belgium Facts to Know Before!

1. The invention of the Body mass index, saxophone, and Plastic

Belgians invented the body mass index, saxophone, and plastic. Now it is one of the critical Belgium facts, and not only these but many other inventions are made by Belgians that are just amazing.

Adolphe Sax discovered the saxophone and made an unprecedented step toward different kinds of musical instruments.

Leo Henricus Baekeland found plastic and made the first basic plastic called Bakelite. Looking at the present modern era, difficult to imagine a life without plastic

2. The invention of Asphalt

Invented by Edward de Smedt, a very significant invention for this world cause it introduced us to modern roads. Today’s streets could have only been possible because of this very invention. Other important Belgium facts have also contributed to this modern world.

3. The invention of the French Fries

The American soldiers were offered French fries or fried potatoes when they were in Belgium. So french fries are invented in Belgium; they are not French. The origin is dated around 1600. W, the American soldiers.

Belgium facts
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French fries or Belgian fries can be found very easily around you. They are served mostly with mayonnaise in Belgium, which might sound strange but tastes pretty good.

Some restaurants are solely dedicated to french fries.

4. The Longest Tram Line in the World

Named by the Dutch population, the kusttram connects different cities and towns along the Belgian coast. It runs between De Panne and Knokke-heist. The distance is around 68 kilometers, and the ride is beautiful and exciting for all the tourists visiting.

5. The art of Music Festivals and the Capital city

Music festivals and other musical activities are prominent in Belgium, the best. This is one of the commonly known Belgium facts that if you are looking for a music festival, it will probably be in Belgium. From Tomorrowland to Carnival Parade, the music lives in Belgium’s heart.

Many events are held, and a special carnival is also stored in the capital city of Belgium. The food and the dances are all memorable.

During summer, you can find events happening daily and enjoy them every day as your heart desires. Different kinds of carnivals are held around the city. Hop on and enjoy the music and life.

6. The Belgian Beer

There are more than a thousand different types of Belgian beers, and it’s just amazing the amount of Beer brewed every day in Belgium. The varieties Belgium offers in Beers, chocolates, and many other sweets are astounding. Amongst the common Belgium facts, this one comes in the top 5.

More reasons to visit Brussels, Belgium, for the different varieties of Beers and cafes for the taste of exceptional Belgian Beer. You can live in Belgium for more than 4 years and never have the same beer twice if you want.

The place is filled with breweries and cafes where you can try different types of beers per your needs and taste. The Belgian beer will not disappoint you once tasted on your tongue.

Belgium facts
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7. Belgian Chocolate

Please take all the chocolates of different origins and rank them. Belgian Chocolate will take the top. The best Chocolate is Belgian and one of the commonly known Belgium facts.

The Chocolate of Belgium holds pristine quality, exclusive taste, and wide varieties that should not be missed by any chance.

8. Belgian Waffles

More than 35 different Belgian waffles are available for you to try in Belgium. This is one of the crucial Belgium facts because, with Chocolate, waffles, and beer, you can see how important food is to Belgian people.

If you go around an average Belgian supermarket, you will find a good number of varieties of waffles that are super exciting and tasty.

9. The diamond Capital

One of the famous Belgium facts is that it has the world’s diamond capital. Antwerp is the diamond capital. Most of the major diamond mining companies are here in Antwerp, and all of the export and import is carried out here.

The world’s rough diamonds are handled here, accounting for nearly 85 percent. Antwerp has come a long way in the diamond business and holds the position of king in the monarchy of diamonds.

10. The Big Bang Theory

It is said that before Edwin Hubble, another physicist, Georges Lemaitre, gave a theory regarding the universe’s origin. The physicist was Belgian, and he published it before Hubble around two years before his published papers.

11. Three Official Languages

There is no official language in Belgium. This is one of the fun Belgium facts: no Belgian language exists.

The official languages are Dutch, French, and German. You will find many who speak french.

Different countries speak one of the three languages mentioned. French-speaking citizens are present more, but duo linguistics are less, which can express both or all three languages.

12. The National Symbol

The Belgian NationaL symbol is a boy peeing, Manneken Pis. Well, this is one of the fun facts the emblem is a peeing boy. The boy is generally not clothed.

Different kinds of clothes are available for the boy based on the type of occasions happening around the country.

13. The Highest Point

So there, like every other country, it has the highest point, and the interesting fact about it is that it is lower than the world’s tallest building. The energy in the Fens plateau is 694 meters (signal de bot range), which is shorter than the Burj Khalifa standing string at 929 meters.

14. Same-sex marriage

So one of the crucial Belgium facts is that Belgium is the world’s second country to legalize marriage between the same genders. Introduced in 2003 and been in effect till the present. Belgium always shows progress in everything.

Belgium facts
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15. Some Famous Belgians

    • Peter Paul Rubens

      A famous Flemish Artist and a diplomat. The artist is considered a very prominent figure From the Flemish baroque. His art showed Christian History, and he was an exceptional artist.

    • René Magritte

      In the world of art and painting, this man has made his name. He is one of the famous Belgians whose art can be found in museums of Belgium. One of his most famous works is “The Pipe,” also called The Treachery Of Images.

    • Carlota Of Mexico

      So a Belgian princess became the empress of Mexico. It is said she was a people person and was loved by all. This can be one of the Belgium facts that a person from Belgium ruled in Mexico.

    • Georges Remi Hergé

      This guy had his mind around many famous comic strips, one of them being Tintin, one of his many famous works. His works had made a global impact when released and were one of a kind.

    • Eddy Merckx

      The athlete is a true legend. He is one of the famous cyclists who won the Tour de France five times. He was called “The cannibal” for his monstrous stamina and strength.

16. World Wide Web

So it is not one of the commonly known Belgium facts that the world wide web, when designed, had the help of a Belgian person who is the co-inventor of this. Rober Cailliau, without help from this person, it would have been impossible to make this amazing tech.

17. The Belgian Highways

Now, this is one of the fun facts about Belgium the maximum speed limit on the Belgian highway is around 120 kilometers per hour. In Brussels, it is about 30, but it is common for Belgian people to drive a little faster than normal people.

18. The historical Belgian beer

This one is from the history that even children were allowed to drink beer; they had a special beer called the light beer or table beer, which was later replaced. But still, the obsession behind the beer can be seen even throughout the history of Belgium.

19. Europe’s oldest shopping Arcades in Belgium

So this one is called the Galeries St Hubert, which was opened around 1847 and held a lot of history for the Belgian people.

20. The Vertigo

Vertigo is the car name that holds the Guinness world record for the fastest acceleration.

21. A glass for every Beer

Now there are different varieties of Beers available in Belgium, but did you know that every beer has a special glass of its own in which they are served? So if I am in Brussels and at this amazing cafe, I order Duvel, a kind of beer with its special glass, and, similarly for the other beers, different glasses.

22. North Atlantic treaty Organization

North Atlantic treaty organization, or NATO, has its headquarters in Belgium. This is one of the Belgium facts that holds quite a value because this organization and its members serve democratic values and help each other in the security-related matter when it comes to it.

23. The Smurfs

One of the fun Belgium facts is that the Smurfs were invented in Belgium. The comic- strips of Belgium are world famous ad holds a special place in our hearts with lucky luke and Tintin. The comic strips in Belgium have always found their way through animations, and we can see the movies and series coming up for these comic strips.

belgium facts
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24. The town of Spa

Yes, there is a town with a spa in Belgium, and it is said it has excellent health and healing purposes. The word itself ‘spa’ has its origins in Belgium from a health resort that was opened in Belgium a long time ago,

25. Belgium and the Sports

Belgium is famous for there interest in sports. They are crazy about their teams and players and support them like every die-hard fan. The most popular game for them is soccer, and then comes Hockey.

They helped found FIFA. The Belgium soccer team is exceptional, and it is just amazing how supportive the country is of sports.

They also compete in hockey leagues and are a pretty strong team there.

26. The Kingdom Of Belgium

Did I say it right? Yes, I did, the official name is The kingdom of Belgium, and this is not one of the common Belgium facts. King Philippe is the present king of Belgium and has been reigning since 2013. There have been a total of 7 kings.

Romans named Belgium after the inhabitants before them, Celtic and German Belgae.

27. The Belgian Government

If the country does not have a federal government, it will still work cause there is a king. This constitutional monarchy has a complex structure but works very well. So overall, the country will still be running smoothly and fine if there is no government.

The people have no problem with it and accept it the way it is. There is government, and there is the King and the royal family.

28. The Tallest Men

Belgian Men are considered to be the second tallest men in the world. So, yes, if there is a place you are searching for tall men, Belgium might be the country for it.

29. Leading Exporter of the Billiards Balls

Eighty percent of the world’s Billiards balls are exported and made here in Belgium. The chemical plants and everything are already established and used extensively for production.

30. Ohh!! The Taxes

Belgium pays the highest tax compared to the rest of the nations, and the place is expensive. Because the taxes are collected at the local and state levels, the amount of income tax received is the highest amount you can account for. It is expensive.

31. The comic strip artists

Comic strip artists are more present per square kilometer in Belgium than in any other country. The amount of comic strip artists in Belgium is just oozing off the roofs. With famous series like Tintin and Smurfs getting all the attention, Belgium has some of the best comic artists in the world.

32. Sand Sculpture Festival

Like always being the center of attention, Belgium hosts the world’s largest Sand Sculpture Festival. People from around the globe visit Belgium to showcase their art and talent. They test it on the sands of Ostend or another designated place. Amazing sculptures are made, and they just aww struck your heart.

Belgium facts
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33. The Compulsory Voting

The citizens of Belgium must vote. Very few countries have this enabled, and Belgium is one of them implementing it.

34. The largest Court in The World

The law court of Brussels serves as the largest court of justice and has an area of about 26,000-metre sq.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Do you need to learn another language in Belgium?

Not necessarily, people know English and are very fluent in it, but it would not go to waste if you knew your way around a little bit of French or Dutch.

Q. Where is Belgium Located?

It is in Northwestern Europe and shares its borders with the North sea, the Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg, and France

Q. What is special about Belgium?

Everything, from being the safest country in the world to its deep culture and history. Belgium is special with its Belgian food, amazing beers, music, strong economy, and quality of living.

Q. Who is the most famous athlete from Belgium?

That would be Eddy Merckx, rumored to be the best cyclist in the entire world, who won the tour de France five times and was a beast regarding strength and stamina. The man just kept on winning.

Q. What is the name of the national anthem of Belgium?

‘La Brabançonne’ is the name of the national anthem of Belgium and was written around 1830.


There are many facts about Belgium. This country from western Europe is full of surprises, and facts about Belgium will never be over with the new set of records. This beautiful country sets daily from the capital city’s music to Tomorrowland and Belgian cities with amazing foods, chocolates, and cafes.

Glasses of beer clinking against one another are a paradise for anyone who plans on living in this beautiful and hard-working country in Northwestern Europe. The people are amazing; Belgium facts are just too many to fill this page.

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